[In my memory… It’s about time to remember to forget those over-beautified women… I have taken this in an old block. Boyz… The editing part was surprisingly difficult because of the font error… Took years to load and save. The search for love is always based on the hope of something totally unimaginable. Such is life.]

Nobody loves me, hence God sends me.

Xiaxue has gotten very boring… Scope is becoming very sick squeezing the juice out of Geylang to blog about. My blog life is now stuck not knowing what to fuck on. Alright, confession… I have not being to Xiaxue’s blog for dog months… only once recently; to be fair, I literally do the same to Dawn Yang’s blog. And since, I have also been missing from Geylang for a long long time… No girls, no chee-ko-bei (lusty men), no juice to blog about.

Watched ‘Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief’ with a babe; she liked that at the beginning and complained ‘no fun’ in the end. But I reckoned the story was pretty original, but… well, the movie could be indeed alot better. I found it funny that this Percy demi-god had no tears for the loss of his mother at the age of only… less than 20yo, and when that Poseidon chap got his one final chance to talk to Percy, he never even ever asked about the mother… the woman he had fucked ages back. Very supportive father indeed. And the mother had to marry to a skunk all that while just to be sent to Hades as Poseidon was monitoring and… for a man who will wage war against Zeus over his son, the mother had obviously been fucked-care.

OMG~ That was poor fucked… Sad for her. She was just a godly sex toy, and totally forgotten.

The most ridiculous part was… Poseidon told Zeus he didn’t even know who was his son, and next thing… Percy admitted that those voices were there here and then for him… And Athena knew who was her daugther. All these crazy Gods… came to fuck and be fucked and had hundreds of demi-gods littering in the mortal world,  so careless to the point that Zeus didn’t even know who was the joker who stole the bolt. The God of all Gods is just another with Alzheimer’s disease, telling all the godly fuckers to just let their godly sperms run amok with no regards. And Hades… banished to hell could actually find his way to mortal world for more than 5 mins.

And shocking… Athena, the goddess of Justice and Wisdom, saw Poseidon seeking to embrace Percy for once never actually pled to Zeus to embrace her child who had accompanied Percy to meet Zeus. Adding to the insult, she was supposedly Zeus’ favorite daughter. And the most ridiculous part was… Annabeth Chase, Athena’s daughter, was as dumb as her mother. Confident in her wisdom in war and bla bla bla, given Hades coming to the mortal world to seek Percy, wasn’t it wiser to just go to Zeus to complain about Hades’ illegal abduction of Percy’s mother, about his illegal violation of venturing beyond the underworld, and his intention against the Gods that given the supportive Poseidon and Zeus’ favorite child, Zeus should be the one to free Percy’s mother plus the Satyr?

Dumb and dumber.

And the camp for the demi-gods has curfew like with no enforcement. Percy and Annabeth anyohow happy happy just left in open fashion, and then Luke left as well to be defeated by a lump of water… Which was, Luke with the almighty super important bolt in his hand was defeated by a demi-god’s fun with water.  So how was Zeus going to deal with Poseidon with that useless lightning bolt…? And what about Hades? Hades’ banishment was probably due to his stupidity… What is the point with curfew and banishment with totally no enforcement?

Percy Jackson and a bunch of Olympus nutcases plus dimwitted demi-gods…

Obviously, these Gods are a bunch of shotguns ready to fight over a cock-up stick when mankind is already done with hydrogen bombs, plasma cannons and coming next… Wolverine. Pit Wolverine against that Minotaur and no guess who’d win. Put it this way, what was the point fighting over a bolt when you can turn anything into stones with the Medusa’s head? And those idiots were so bothered by the hell-hounds when they had the Medusa’s head with them.

[The Flying David Man] In order to avoid the late noon traffic jam, I decided to take MRT. Met ole David, the SIA air-steward. The train was just crowded, but there there was David whom I could tell some silly jokes and the trip wasn’t too bad observing his facial response. I couldn’t believe he was claiming single… and not fucking around. An old classmate he was back in JC days… decent chap taking a fat pay working with SIA. The wonderful pick of most Singaporean girls, so… I mean, assuming he was being honest lah~ Anyway, I did avoid the traffic jam, but… by the time the movie ended, so was the MRT service.

One joke was about the fat pay of being an air-steward with SIA because of the risk flying, and I joked about the waiter working in Chengdu… Many died in that tragic Earthquake, but how many SIA planes did crush? So who should get a higher pay given the risk? Whatever it was, I had no interest in being an air-steward… and really, the necessary risk in having to encounter Kathryn in that tiny airport would be too much to handle. Somewhat luckily so… when David was applying for his current job, I knew about it and didn’t apply. Not to say, my impression with SIA girls have been falling to rock bottom. Stars and air-stewardesses are n0-no for love interests. Eventually, I’d have to forget all of them and go abroad.

Fair skins ang mohs with dangling water-melons are waiting out there for my golden tap… so that the seeds of love can be fertilised to become more beautiful minds, to make this world a beauty.

I never believe in hypocrisy, so Scope is pretty honest to himself of whom he feels for. Fine. I see no kick in cheating myself as many are… when they see somebody, they love somebody else and assume they have never loved another. What the fuck is love in such manner? Beats me. Social norms? To the drains, to the bloody drains…

Then and again, the cute old David is now aspiring to be a muscle man… He was going to the gym. Scope doesn’t like the gym… Alright, to be exact, I don’t like muscle women. The thought of muscular women is so… … Baah~ Nightmares!!! The way women burn their fats for muscles is about donating boobs away freely. David, you got one day off… you should go to places where women have less muscles and are proudly showing off their buns~ For goodness’ sake, go to somewhere romantic, do something totally out of the blue… Women love excitment. Some do like muscles but 99% of the women love romance.

You don’t need too much muscles to hug a girl bathing under the stars on a green patch, and whisper to her… “You are the sweetest thing love has found a way to…”. And the stars… are really beautiful.

[System Shock] I have decided to fly an email to good friend Anthony, the guy belonging to the very handsome people, reporting that I have a serious problem with WordPress blogging since the whole bloody page can’t be loaded! The dashboard was not working, the entire stats can’t load, and such… My help messages for WordPress forum just can’t be submitted or they never show! Something must be hijacking the system or eat into their holy server or something.

It works! Soon after I emailed, I am blogging like old fucking Scope again! Which is why you are reading this. I don’t know what the wire-God has been doing, perhaps Zeus the nutcase is really jealous of Scope, or Athena really has lost her underwear in the casino or so has become extremely sensitive… Look, I am just a small time blogger! I sure wish Anthony the great can enlighten me why all those strange things are happening. I find some comments also vanishing or can’t be seen after submitting, or they appear suddenly then disappear, then appear again… … I am totally technical-down-syndrome type in servers and such. Someone must have gotten an idea on what the fuck has happened.

Athena, can your underwear ushers in the truth?

Otherwise, I’d take off your bra as well…

Then your wig… Look, I don’t believe that a woman a few thousands years old doesn’t resort to wig; Especially when you are the God of Justice cum Wisdom. Justice is in itself a big headache already. Do some justice, give me all your love, Athena… I simply love smart beauties.

[Hooking Up In Geylang] People are searching for prices to fuck around in Geylang… Many hookers are now hunting for men in the recently opened Casino. Scope is not the appropriate person to get an answer from because… I had been offered sex for as low as $20, and that was an offer from a very very attractive PRC. The Kathryn-lookalike in the story here quoted $30… the cheapest for her type in town. I reckon the prices of women do vary according to who are doing the bidding. http://womanizing.blogspot.com should be the blog to answer such interests. To be frank, and I swear to the bloody Gods… with utmost regrets, Scope has yet tried an hooker in Geylang. But the price range normally should be about $100 or more for those normal chee-ko-beh, or $80 and lesser for those whom women’d usually pay to sleep with…

From my understanding, bangla hookers are usually much cheaper… around $20. While those brothels… they never give discounts unless market demands so. Scope never visited those brothels, but an online search can yield a clue. Be realistic… I have too many women to entertain myself… too tired to pay hookers to push my limits. If you are really sex-crazy… Look, there are so many many many Singaporean girls who are looking for great sex, more babies, so give them a chance. I know many stupid Singaporean girls falling for guys who are just out for having sex with them, and they are all over this tiny island. And you are paying those hookers to fuck with condoms… A session with a hooker costs around $100, a rose to those dimwitted Singaporean girls to make them feel like princesses only costs at most $20 each.

Do your math. One session lasts usually less than 1 hour, one rose can bring you hours and hours of erotic moments. No wonder MM Lee may suggest Singaporeans are daft. Smart guys NEVER resort to money to obtain sexual favors. Rich women are paying big money for sexual favors but never get it. Don’t equate sex with money… So disturbingly unromantic. Without money, you can still get beauties smitten. Or you can go to pubs and such… so many cheap sluts who will do whatever you want if you offer them a cheap mug of beer. Then you can go on papers declaring you have 100 girlfriends for two months. Problem is, each of those sluts will probably have more ‘boyfriends’ than you have in a week… And a mug of beer probably costs only less than $15.


[Birthday Planning] Very soon will be Scope’s birthday… again. How soon? Well… about within the next 365days. So not really hard to guess. How should I celebrate? What should I wish for? Who will celebrate with me?

In this world of low-lives… Perhaps I shall celebrate alone again. This year, I suppose I’d celebrate my birthday overseas. I’d buy myself a huge cake. I’d buy myself a best gift. I’d go on a cruise. Why not? In this world, if nobody will make you happy, you can still mastabate your day into happiness. Nobody should show you a bigger cock-up than your own, which is… if you don’t try to be happy, few in the world will want to make you happy.

Birthday… everyday is my birthday. The big plan is to be happy.

Don’t worry. I am an expert celebrating my birthday alone already. Actually, I prefer to celebrate alone… Come to think of it, in this world, who really cares about another? Why do I have to put up with a fake smile and fake well-wish when I know nobody will really give me what I want? Since when has anyone really care for what I want?

I want Athena’s underwear. It’s a joke, no doubt. But can anyone give me that?