Euphemism is actually the rudiment behind this blog, or just about the other way round that alot of times people were to be shouting and banging the tables and yet so ever euphonic. The presentation of a blog dealing with creative-writings or simply presentations with no regards to credibility, boundary and how anyone would be perceiving has been the Scope-ic way since the time from Sohu, cyberspace. So when some jokers saw a CGP showing Scope in a tabloid with another girl and started to seriously point a finger… Simply hilarious.

How people see this blog has never been an issue to me. Since even hits to Scope is never an issue.

There isn’t even a need to explain.

Fuck~ You don’t really believe you are part of the Matrix, do you? Then why do you believe Scope even exists?

Oh yeah~ You are the fucking Oracle. If you are roving in this Matrix, keep things inside the Matrix in. Which is why I don’t think a Jason Chan has done the right thing in bringing Eastcoastlife to court to fight Janet Wong. He doesn’t seem to understand the risks upon the court of Singapore. And since the Pedra Branca judgement, when have blog materials become credible court evidence? Nonetheless, Eastcoastlife’s blog is one based on the thrill of publicity plus the pursue of credibility, which is against the number one rule of Scope’s blog. Actually, that’s right… The Singapore Court doesn’t actually has the basis of dealing with the case, since doing so would have to legalise the credibility or validity of blog contents which are mostly rubbish. Don’t misunderstand this…

For those blogs which remain mainly personal or purely talking nosense and having fun, trying to validate a joke book as serious is illegal a demand in itself. If I am not wrong… the credibility of the Singapore Court in rationlising the princples within its justice system will be undermined with this case. I have no interest to go too deep on this issue. By the way, given the interest of the State, who should win? A citizen raising doubt of Durai, or Durai fending  for himself using the court? Never have I here infered Janet Wong is Durai, since firstly Janet is not an apu ne with a dangling golden tap. I opine Jason has ‘committed a serious innocently wrong move’. Anyway, as a goodwill, Scope has already suggested to Eastcoastlife before…

Yes. PM is the boss. So?

Singapore’s Cap 75 doesn’t mean you can assert a fact upon a piece of rumor. Which is, if you are going to run around with a fake thousand note, make sure it got a ‘sample’ stamped upon it. Bad news. But there is an unwritten rule that… whateven you do, since the judgement is always in the basis of ‘in the interest of the society, state and people’… Such a tort with regards to a civil servant can also be defended ‘in the interest of the State’ since the direction of the judgement of a judge cannot go like:

The court judgement against the interest of the state and sticking to my bloody book rules that… …

Yes. Courts are indifferent to the political sphere, but Courts are merely a tool in the interest of the State, to maintain the interest of the State, to ensure the order of society and such.

Alamak~ Dragged too far. This blog doesn’t actually deal with such super-big-brain things. This is the Ministry of Love and Justice! We should talk about Love and Justice! Let us continue to talk cock and crap… Sometimes, if not most of the time, justice is like crap. It’s as lamented, with the court around, more and more badies, and with more and more hot judgements, Durai’s cases made more stories… about how he won so many times using the court to hit his opponents and such. So how wrong can it be if Scope places a pile of crap in front of the Justice? And since nobody really bothers about love anymore… It’s just about cock… 

Perfect euphemism, with no need for explanation, with no need to even think about it.

I am… very much disgusted by humans; many are as pigs with thick cosmetics on.

The reality of such pathetic creatures forming a society means one thing: If they don’t leave, you don’t stay.

Scope’s parents won’t be around forever. Scope won’t be around forever, and I have my target in sight.

Quite true… In a way, this is the Ministry of Cock and Crap. See fit as your asshole would think. Frankly, most of mankind utilise their cocks or assholes to analyse, to argue and to assure themselves that this is the reality of the world. Simply put, hence there is no reason as to why we shouldn’t expect so much shits in this fucking world. If people want to know the real guy behind the fictitious Scope… He just can’t be bothered. He goes to big restaurants, travels, he plays games, and Scope is the dummy used to entertain… himself. You can see how Brandon Routh looks like, that doesn’t mean he can fly.

When Scope learns that MM Lee may find Singapore daft… I think he spots on. Since when Scope is a bad guy? Recently, some people may be thinking Scope is a bad guy. Alright, ‘男人不坏,女人不爱’ (In Chinese: Girls like Bad Guys), but Scope is a good guy. Scope has a beautiful mind since in his mind are full of fucking beauties! In spite that it is also quite true that when you girls become old hitting 30yo and becoming ugly… but in Scope’s mind, they are always beautiful. And I even invite all the beautifuls to come work with Scope to help Singapore boost populations~

Scope is claiming best online citizen of the year. Honestly speaking, those cyber-rabbles out there will never appreciate the presence of such hononrable cyber-figure as Scope.

I don’t deem it bad to be in love with four main characters and tens of many other girls, and the order is not based on the number of sexual encounters. But of course, those who never had that wonderful moment with Scope… they would have become too fat or skinny or ugly pretty soon. Which is why Scope prefers Alice Cullen. She’s a vampire,  she stays forever that bloody sucker way of young and appealing… Just look at her… Irresistible. Knowing her existence has caused me plenty of nightmares… in which everytime I only nearly got to kiss her. Fucking disasterous… Can you imagine every such instance, my room is flooding with sliva…?! The next thing Scope can pray for, would be the return to the caveman age whereby ‘good guys’ can go and knock Alice unconcious and… … … Which was a totally socially acceptable way of being a man!

Probably that’s why when a girl is in love, she becomes stupid. How can she be more clever when her love hormones were overwhelming her and she needed a great sex and here came the club… bang! So girls evolved with a banged head from their common ancestor, the Eve. Hence their brains can’t handle rational decisions, and I am trying to be very understanding. Just imagine, the more attractive the girl, the more likely her brain would have been clubed, hence the genes passed down… Which also explains why girls prefer to have sex with no lights… After you kena clubed and banged, can you see anything? That explains. The mystery of mother-nature, solved by Scope!

It’s Chinese New Year, so… …

Resolution 2010: Beeline To Europe.

China is the place of mystic to those ang mohs, Europe is of course the place of mystic to Scope. I only know European women commonly have breasts the size of watermelons and eyes as beautiful as the green gems, and hair in gold, and… Actually, the Iranian CEO who had mesmerized Scope also has a great figure and a pair of green eyes… I particularly like women with jade eyes, astonishingly erotic. Scope has a pair of brown eyes, which will turn blue at times… Which is also very strange since a couple of people had seen my ‘blue’ eyes, thinking I was using contact lens.

The problem with Scope is, he usually has such a romantic impression of European women’s refined culture that the lure of romance towards Europe has become too hard to resist. The scene of a romantic dinner with tall candles, great music, and a whole table of bacons and fried turkeys and… then a white beauty with bosoms the size of NBA-official basketballs, slender and elegant with long nightgowns approaches Scope with a tease on her full juicy lips and a glance with a pair of green eyes… The long golden hair waves with the dancing flames of the candles, sweeping against her tender skin so pure and smooth…


Angels in the Western part of this dying planet… waiting for Scope to grace upon them.

The corruption in Asia is giving Scope a creep, where fools are singing unshamefully the gospel of petty blatant excuses just as they hang on to their dying regimes… May their Fathers forgive them, and the Mothers forgive Scope for deserting their daughters in the fucking arms of corruption~

Actually, Europe is also rife with abuses… of power and of women. See? Romanticizing.

The whole beauty of European towns lies in the wholesome ugliness of Asian cities. Here, Madison is miracle, is near-impossible, and is sure-doom. Look! Obama is making history with such a huge bloody deficits and Asia is making craps with such enormous level of shameless corruption! And Europe?

Let’s make love.

I need a beautiful town with beautiful scenary with beautiful people, and who will care to greet another folk, “It’s wonderful to see you, Scope!” and not “Have you paid your tax, Scope?”. And I’d love invitations for tea and silly chats with beauties instead of call-ups for useless reservist and getting bills I must be overpaying for. I want to go a town where food are really tasty and not delicious because some assholes who have more taste for advertising money publicly suggest so. I want to go a place where my children can grow up without needing to be conscripted to become free labor and being mocked a second class citizens to the elites for serving an honorable duty. China is now dropped off the agenda…

Ningbo is no longer romantic.

The Tian Yi Square is now loaded with rubbish.  I need a new inspiration, a new goal.

Scope is simply sun-ward. That shall be the place where alot of things can be accomplished. In Asia, it’s a place where a lot of monies can be corrupted. The flood of wealth doesn’t make man more man than that smiling chap on the greenback is. What is the use of dying with so much money to be reborn to see your son hoarding all those resources? I begin to lust after the prospects in Europe. If Madison can do it, Scope has a chance. At least, there is a possibility.

To be honest… I have regrets leaving Beijing. But come to think of it… wasting time all these years is better than being polluted to death already.

As for Singapore… It is losing competition. True blue talents are trying to leave or enjoy wasting time at home. The state is probably hoping those talents to clean the roads and the toilets or join the construction sector. See? I have a curiousity in full respect of how Singapore is going to compete like that. It funds skunks such as that Durai and Ming Yi, hordes of simpletons thrive in such a tiny barren pile of rocks with so many smarties watching over. I find it totally ridiculous that charity management such as Durai could be paid more than $10,000 a month~! Plus all those get-rich-quick schemes littering all over the papers! That’s where all the money is, and that’s how Singapore is to compete…

Scope doesn’t buy such craps unless he chose to think with his asshole.

Europe is competitive… at least Scope is finding it appealing. Because my aspiration is not to be another simpleton working with official media to con people’s solid money and deliver them useless craps by misrepresentations and other sick smartie methods. If people who don’t want to become simpletons want to leave and people who aspire to be simpletons find a home here, then how can Singapore compete?

It has already given up on itself!

So remain small, Singapore. I like greatness. I mean, come on… the average size of breasts in comparison is usually a peanut vs a watermelon between Singapore and Europe… How to compete?

In spite of having found the way to migrate permanently to China, the current resolution is Europe. At least I can date Madison, and she can show me how she managed to get 400 people to shoot for free, and she can show me more of herself if she likes to.