Early in the morning, there was this error in trying to comment at http://jinnykay.wordpress.com where a cute blur girl chants her mundane life of nothing much out of usual expectation. Well, she’s a female specie wearing a cute smile, but rest assured, she’d not my type. Sohu Scope’s blog has a new technical change and… I suppose many updates around my circles weren’t showing up except for those from the entertainment sector.

Many related blogs were updated but I only see some blogs in action from the revamped control panel.

Iconoclasts of the 21st century are probably infesting in great strength online; they have no basis of social order to act but simply due to their technical superiority. In such online disturbances, there is never justice to be insisted. The old faith of righteousness has long gone with the rise of pretenders anyway.

The current buzz online is surprisingly not Nadia Fazlini’s sex video. I am beginning to feel sad for her… She is on the path to be an actress but even sex scandal doesn’t work that much to make her more known to this puny sadistic cyberspace, it is really pityful. However, though with a sexy back and pretty appealing hair, sex has been oversold online for too long. And an air stewardess in sexual scandals is no longer a new theme when many others are involved, exposed or not… Then and again, unless Nadia belongs to the exceptionally hot type, being an air stewardess cum actress doesn’t mean one is that juicy. I for one has no intention to locate such a video.

For fuck? There are simply too many such sex scandals and videos from Singapore to Vietnam to Thailand and even Hathaway was shot for chewing a penis… And Anwar Ibrahim’s ass-cocking business in Malaysia is no news but that still won’t tank the popular online Asian search and his sodomy case blows through to the top search category on Yahoo. And frankly… Scope doesn’t even know why Anwar was hotter than Nadia because upon subsequently doing a search…

His daughter is beautiful when the father is not really that hot.

Then oops! Anwar Ibrahim is a politician! That probably explains why his sex scandal overwhelms Nadia’s online. Can’t blame Scope for this lack of awareness since this blogger knows nuts about politics.

I am now fucking starving… not for sex but for food. Point is early in the morning, a beautiful girl who should be supposedly sleeping next to me took my card this morning and has not been returning my calls. Being a believer of little cash is high security,  my wallet is currently cashless… But I am also a believer in little cash in the bank is high security as well, so the bulk of the liquidity is either overseas or in securities. How much can she spend?

Small matter.

The other time the card was taken, all the cash was spent… Money comes, money goes. It doesn’t occur to her that she should have left some cash for my lunch-seeking effort. And I am looking to enjoy life later in Johor… So how now? I need my card back.

Don’t worry. She has not taken my overseas card. I’d still have the cash for Seoul Garden and shooting arrows at Metrojaya then a nice massage… plus I have to shop for New Year outfits. Such trivialities in another cock-up late morning.

Yesterday, a surprisingly heart-breaking event swept my feet away. The pair of slippers had been damaged beyond recognition due to my walking hobby, and finally… as the pair was injuring my left foot with such a colorful scratch since blood was all over, painting that foot as a caveman’s art stains… I have no choice but to get a replacement at CK Outram Park. It was heart-breaking because the slippers have only endured such short period of time with me before becoming such a state, and it felt as if a companion was lost for nothing…

So I placed that pair of slippers nicely and respectfully next to the rubbish bin on the marble floor… It served me well, and deserved its last moment resting on a clean marble floor instead of being discarded into that bin with all those useless waste…

Farewell, my beloved pair of cheap slippers.

By the way, if anyone is hungry and out of cash, Chinatown has many stalls now letting your bloody mouths on those free samples. They are telling you to sample all the kinds of things they are selling and the number of products per stall for such sampling is astonishing. I particularly love the mushrooms…

I am planning to have a stay at a suite in a hotel this coming Chinese New Year. Or maybe go on a cruise to Thailand?

Anyway, my current manifesto is simple: I need to feed.

So I am heading to Seoul Garden… … right after this. Fuck… … Nothing much for such usual morning and it still worth so much typing. It seems that our beloved President Obama is going to blow up the deficits… That means liquidity is flooding in soon at his expense, but which will also mean inflation is on its way to cover those unproductive business gambles. Which eventually means destability is on its way, but not so soon.

By the time the historical deficits got passed, got spent, got vaporised within USA’s inefficient allocation mechanism and hollow out the balloon… We still have plenty of time to play. It’s sure going to be a nice show of how those struggling European banks will end up in such storm in a condom. China and India can have super-charged inflation at a historical level never witnessed by mankind thus far. Don’t tell me President Obama expects such trillions of deficits to stay in USA…

Will you buy American underwear or cheap China and Indian beauties…?

The dynamics of wrong moves… Solving unemployment by pumping good money is like chasing JAL into its demise. My respect to Obama, he’s doing what Scope will never dare to do. After all, I am only a small time billionaire… I don’t have a trillion to spare.

Good luck, President. You will need plenty of it.