[There is a more creative rumor that… I was a gigolo. I have not known of any lovers so far who have that kind of money to ‘afford my service’. Relationships between Scope and beauties are simple: Love affairs. I am not that sort of guy whose look is qualified to seduce any girls either. So gimme a break~]

Eat this much, shit that much… It’s just the way of life.

Scope has been taking a break from cyberspace and… don’t miss him, he’s having a wonderful time wasting time in Singapore. The trips to Malaysia had to be cut short simply because those ‘white papers’ were out of stocks, and I am not too trusting towards having to explain the absence of those papers on my longer trip to Malacca when I returned.

The big news is, after chatting with a Japanese whomever I had decided not to invest a cent in JAL. His exact words were like, “The (Japanese) government cannot go on pumping monies into such insistance to fail…”, and it seems that Japan is only able to fork out about lesser than USD5b for JAL. My imperial broker was also against this speculation. The other investment X brought about 30% appreciation within a month as the entire market crushed with China and USA plus India sending shockwaves. The one doing pretty badly is investment B, though I am not too worried.

Starting year 2010, Scope has upgraded this terminal: A cool dual core 2.93g (E6500), 2mb ram and an ATI 4000++ graphics packed with a 300gb harddisk… This is not really for movie making but for gaming and simple CGP creation.

The choice for such a system is simply because it’s the most cost effective choice for the purpose. Most programs now run on CPU of single core 3.0g, i7 series are slashing the prices of other products to a most comfortable range. I have been aiming to get a dual core system around 3g for a while, and what the fuck will need a i7 series to run? They are selling such dual core 2.93 that can run almost all applications more than nicely like dirt. So it’s time to upgrade.

This terminal will eventually become the experiment section before actual movie making to be made on the much more powerful Quad Core systems. This is necessary since what can run well on Dual Core will be totally possible on a Quad Core. The Quad Core terminal will be isolated from any internet acess.

So now, the focus is on the cameras.

[Gearing Project S Up] In order to carry out Project S, we’d need the manufacturers to cut down those prices… by introducing more powerful models… which we don’t even need.

It’s the same logic with I7 systems turning E6500 junks… these are junks which can work wonders!

The economics of Scope… that is.

In real, we don’t need those cameras selling at S$25,000. What we need are those cameras selling at $2000 a year back to sell at about $500 in the future when we can have as many of them cheap… Anything higher end is useless basically because all the movies can be rendered. As long as it is HD and sharp enough for the files to be projected on big screens, fine.

Of course, if any manufacturers are interested to sponsor Scope those equipment… why not? We need all the REAL helping hands to make beauties possible. As said, I am totally not bothered with competitions…

They are a total waste of time.

[Kept-Boy In The Dark] One joker raised this issue at Sohu Scope’s blog… Frankly speaking, I am not hired to provide sexual service by any, nor was I a cowboy. There are such demands or requests but while I am indeed a lover to some females, those are love affairs and nothing based on money.

To guys as Scope… this is not the first instance when we have such misunderstandings. There were previous accusations which Scope ‘stole’ girlfriends of others whom I have NEVER met; there was another sort of speculation that an actress and I was in a relationship. And then, there is now this silly misunderstanding that I was a cowboy…

Strange indeed, and they are like begging me to sue them…

But no, I don’t sue people.

There is NO basis to such misunderstanding because 1st… all the girls involved with Scope are usually very attractive, and if we’d have babies the babies will be likely lookers as well. Talk about genes. 2nd, none of them I know of didn’t take money from Scope, and they are not that rich and unattractive to gain guys’ attention to resort to booking the same cowboy for months.

Don’t speculate without any solid basis so as to respect your own intelligence.

Rumors… gossips, what else? Internet is a dynamic world, and I have been around for many years. Thanks to those jokers, Scope ‘steals’ girlfriends of others, is a lover to actresses, and a gigolo… Am I qualified to be a gigolo in the first place?

Look at it this way, I don’t fish girls base on money… Conversely, I have my feelings for girls with or without monies. That goes for Kate and Lih whom I have missed for this life. I don’t even love fucking a prostitute because sex… sex is great only when the other has feelings for you.

Isn’t that the way?

For guys like Scope, we go for elegant women who are attractive… Period.

It’s very strange, women marry rich men while they are drawn to men as Scope for sex. If you don’t have the money but are attractive, we’d be drawn to you as well… So~ I’d classify such rumors as misunderstanding. For my great love towards Kate and Lih, never once have I dreamt of raping them.

One have to hence understand the point about Scope… Sex is an enjoyment not an obligation; it’s as the fine wine… it must go with the occassion and not the drunken.

Alright, Scope doesn’t drink.

I don’t really care whether you like me or not… This is my blog, you are not obliged to agree with me, nor am I obliged to agree with you. I am a guy… I am a good guy. I am good to girls… but frankly speaking, none of them really loves me… more than themselves.

So… I am still searching… for the One.

Scope version of love… fuck social norms and all those silly rumors.

Sex is a beautiful thing. It is precisely because of such immature asshole-ic craps which make sex a taboo, a dirty joke and…

If your brains are dirty, everything is unwashed.

If you have a beautiful mind, every fuck is gracing upon the gods.

[The Fattie Looking For A Date] I sort of pick this ‘news’ up recently, and as usual… such innocent request for a blind date can end up such a big mess online. The girl may be plump but not plug-ugly or really that obese.

Put it this way, she is looking for a friend, and whether the date will fall in love with her… Matters of the heart cannot be acertain with simply looks. If it were to be so simple, your Dad and Mum will certainly not be more ugly than Tom Cruise. But the fact remains, looks are skin-deep sexual attractions… and she is not looking for sex, but a date.

And who knows, maybe the guy may end up falling in love with her? Love and sex… they are ever so confusing to the mortals.

Such is the game of fate and who can tell?

Those assholes condemning her public request for a date are simply… immature.

I like her. This is a girl who is willing to give herself a chance.

But I will like her even more if she is willing to give herself a chance in spite of those mean howlings from the assholes.

Of course, I have no sexual interest towards her. Though if she does need my company, I’d join her for dinner if I am free. Scope has plenty of meals with girls from all over the world… Meeting new faces is nothing for a guy who has done sales for more than a decade. In the sales line, we have to encounter all sorts of people…

…the sanes and the insanes… plus tons of troublemakers.

So… Don’t be bothered with those assholes. There will always be someone who will be there for you, there will always be the good guys and they will always be those… ugly noises. But if you hide yourself behind the walls because of those silly noises, you’d miss all the good companies.

When I first knew ‘Falcon’, I even celebrated her birthday by buying her a cake on our first meeting up… Or did I recall wrongly. Was that Christmas? We never had sex, but I enjoyed the company. The reason why this world is so pathetically lonely is precisely because of those silly immature creepy thinking.

So what you are a fattie? So what you ain’t beautiful? If you are a good girl, you deserve good company. Of course, falling in love or not… that’d be another matter.

I don’t understand why Xiaxue’s blog is not within Parental Control but mine is, but the point is this… In the phase of growing up, you either grow up learning the good things… or you grow up learning what you think is good, but what which never will make sense. What Scope is doing here is pretty simple: Make sense.

If you don’t like my blog, it’s because you don’t make sense.