[I decided to add in any image/s as and when the stats page shows a post without one. I feel a little sianz… as illustrated. This is taken on 3rd July 2011. How time flies. Rather forever alone in my bed than raping girls at Siloso…]

Because mortals are weak, hence we protect and we are protecting weaknesses.

There is an online question of what would you do if you come across the girl who dressed sexy and danced wild among tamils to be molested severely… This happened at Siloso Beach, Sentosa. I commented at one blog that blogs this story that I’d engage in a brawl for this girl’s modesty…

Yes. I would have fought for her sake, even if I don’t know who she was.

No. I won’t be there at the beach, since Scope doesn’t go to such havoc party.

If people were to be raping a girl in a dark alley and she crying for help, Scope would rescue her. There is no need to thank me, because it’d be pure pleasure to be a hero, a perfect chance to be violent. And perhaps the damsel in distress could fall in love with Scope… But in Singapore, unlikely. It’s ok, Singaporean girls will usually scream at guys as Scope.

But still, if I were to be at Siloso Beach and come across this scene, I’d have saved her.

And I don’t think it’s so right that a girl in sexy outfit and dancing wild should be signals for legitimate molests. Nosense. Just as Jean sharing a room with John doesn’t mean that was the ticket for a sausage to be inserted into Jean’s tea-cup. I was disappointed with those guys interviewed, their responses were so sick… What do you mean that sexy babe deserved that? What do you mean that she should know?

They fuck your daughters then tell me all those craps…

But then and again, Singaporean girls shouldn’t be naive… There are not many Scopes in Singapore, and there are many many critters out there. So dress sexy, dance wild, but do so where Scope can hear you screaming for help. Basic instinct.

I am a man. I fuck lovers, I protect girls, I don’t rape.

And I don’t go to such havoc parties.

I did fight before to protect girls… one was my sister, and the other a stranger. I also rescued a chap from blanket party during NS. There will always be bullies around. While nobody will protect you, a man will try to protect the fair-skins. And I love fighting… just like girls like sex, with the right occassions.

I am angry with those assholes… If you are so fucking poor to visit Geylang, you are making nightmares grabbing buns of girls disgracing men, making us sound like desperate fuckers.


“All men are pigs.”

Two buns and men become pigs. How fucking cheap.

This world is a place of ironies… You know silly girls will usually give Scope hell-o-problems and yet when they are raped, probably it’s our type who will be the ones to save their assholes. All men are pigs… probably that sounds stupid to save troublemakers but, we belong to the old type of men.

Silly girls, we’d protect you as best as possible.