From one of Pink Miu Miu’s links, I hit upon a Yu Kym’s blog ( Yu Kym was on a story that described her unhappiness of a guy who had repeatedly asked her for sex, hence she ends the friendship. Perhaps the guy read Yu Kym’s blog and thought he’d get a chance to shoot at her… Pink Miu Miu suggested that if a guy really loves a girl, he won’t make such indecent proposal.

Is that really the truth?

For this experiment, we’d pull in Kathryn from the drawer again. Now the reason why I had never made any indecent proposals to her ever was only because Scope was shy lah~ To come to think of it, for a bo-chap guy as Scope, I should have grabbed her into my arms and kissed her… so that she could push me aside and have sworn Scope off to the next underwear. Gross as it would be, instinctively… This is the most likely ‘indecent’ behavior than to make an indecent proposal.

Come to think of it… I am weighing between the options on which would be more romantic…

So far, bedtime stories were made by my eyes, a kiss… Not really any proposals. The only ‘indecent proposals’ come from middlemen of rich love-less women for everything they would hope to find a monetary value in, including sex. Unfortunately, Scope has no intention to moonlight; not even to model in ads, and he had declined roles in shootings. Frankly speaking, if a female specie is attractive in his eyes, with or without money, it’s still kiss and tell.

I placed one silly but direct point for Yu Kym (You Cum???) to consider. Guys biologically would ‘suffer’ wet dreams with or without Yu Kym around, with or without love. Signals from female species cannot be trusted, or the guys will end up easily in another Jean Vs John case when people assume that a girl wishing to share a room means your cock should be real busy soon. Gentlemen such as Scope beg to differ.

For instance, if Kathryn and I went to Genting, and when the others were not around but she came into the room, would that have meant anything? Call me a coward. But the right thing to do is to always take a girl sharing your room as a friend, that  no matter how you like the girl, rather shake off the possible opportunity to fuck than to risk raping. Most girls, unless abnormal, want the ‘feeling’ then sex. Not simply she lies on your bed mean she just wants sex. All she wants may be a simple talk, to enjoy your company, and to find someone she can trust outside the mundane girly circle.

Frankly speaking, unless girls want to really relieve pressures in real life, sex is usually too exciting for them if they have no feelings for you, whatsoever.

Yu Kym’s issue is simple… Perhaps she doesn’t understand guys, or we don’t really understand how appalling that guy really is. However, as I have suggested in my comment to her… He never did rape her. And if for all those while the guy was only making such proposals, it’s probably just a respect better than those who day in day out masturbate at your photo and tell you they have no such intentions with you… Yu Kym can be careful guarding against peer rape by that guy, but she can’t for the latter case.


Many girls demand no hypocrites… Yet between a guy who honestly makes such a proposal and another who pretends he’s not interested, which will be the gentleman here? Beat it, you confusing female egoistic balloons, you will always choose the hypocrite. That’s about how a woman works… to be discreet, to be self-contradicting, and downright irrational. I mean, that’s generally so for women.

Which is why I have totally NO intention to reason with women’s needs. Today they love you, will die for you, will do anything with or without sex… then tomorrow, they can disappear, they can play amnesia that you ever have existed in their lives, and they can tell you all the good solid reasons for anything. That’s it.


I am not hence denoucning Yu Kym or supporting her. I just want to make this clear, if due to misunderstanding of the opposite sex whereby the one you should blame should really be the creator that you lose a friend… Such a pity. But then, what if Yu Kym got raped?

Ain’t we talking about making indecent proposals?

So will a girl not make indecent proposals? To Scope, Marriage is indecent enough a proposal. And women suck after it.

Everyday, millions of virgins and whores pray to their gods that those dicks would propose to them so that they can have those dicks all to themselves. Everyday, millions of used tires want divorce after having taken the vows to go through thick and thin, and beyond rich and poverty… Everyday, when you read someone becomes a bankrupt, this story is usually packaged with a divorce. The reasons of women for divorce also includ their dicks cannot erect, they can’t tahan (Singlish: To stand, endure or get along with) those dicks…

I mean, they become the perfect reasons why pre-marital sex should be encouraged! The vows are taken as jokes, and a girl never checks out the penis cannot just assume that if a man can urinate, the penis will work fine for her! And after the foreplay before the vow then you complain that you cannot get along with the dick… The organsm with such a proposal thus ends in a divorce with decent income for lawyers.

And Pink Miu Miu was talking about Love.

When has Love got to do with sex? Sex is an instinct, sex is biological, sex is just clitoris and the penis… or dick, or bamboo stick, or banana or cock or cucumber or the whatever. It’s simply the biological function of reproduction system, not even a social function. It’s almost the same with eating. Man needs to eat, mankind needs reproduction. Whereby Love is a matter of the heart, the brain… Which is, when you fall out of love, your cock or virginal is not the organ to react.  So I beg to differ again from our beloved Pink Miu Miu.

It is however quite true that for most girls, if they make love to someone they feel strongly for… it’s a better experience. It has to do with hence the words: Make Love. Which… hilariously speaking is when a girl feels something for X, she makes love; when she then feels something for Y, she makes love; when she feels something for Z, she makes love… So what is really love for a girl can be pretty elastic. Which is why BGRs are getting pretty complicated.

So given the difference in understanding between guys and girls, and between laymen and scientists… One can only conclud that if a guy loves you truly, he can still make indecent proposals. And since love is not the issue, marriage is really an indecent proposal. Which is why there is something called divorce… which happens to be an equally silly creation that marks the height of hypocritical superficiality of mankind.

If you love someone, with or without, stay together.

Which is why given the lessons in life, Scope VOWs to the fucking gods on his last piece of underwear that he will migrate to that fucking state which allows marrying Nth wives with complete social support, so that women can love Scope in their irrational peace of minds. So funny ya~

Whilst in Singapore, it is adviseable that men understand the psycho of their pale counterparts… Use your eyes, use the kiss, and don’t speak. Only when women stir inside can you grab them outside. If you are really so very the desperate, there is always Geylang for such proposals. The price is mostly fixed, you can fuck any type and anytime for all you want.

Put it this way, calculate the possibility of outcomes going around the streets asking girls if you can touch their boobs… If you can hit 10 successes out of 100, maybe indecent proposals will work for you. This kind of thing, don’t ask, just kiss and tell.