Honestly, I am quite entertained by the superb cutscenes in ‘Devils May Cry’. And perhaps I’d cosplay Dante in a CGP… with black hair. The point is, Dante and my real personalities overlapped, so ever playful and chaotic righteous in nature. The point about the CGP on this cosplay is that I am considering editing the normal shirts into a Dante-style outfit specially for Scope.

In ‘Devils May Cry 4’, the cutscenes reach maturity, in a way… the quality becomes acceptable as compared to the earlier series. Yes, I like those videos, no… I don’t like the game.

It’s too much like ‘God Of War’ and I am seriously overdosed with plenty of buttons for combos in a tight arena with totally no freedom to choose the fate of the hero or heroine. And ‘Devils May Cry’ is such a genre. There is no consequence, and the end is predictable with the type of thing you do: Slash at those bloody monsters. Period.

Trish is very very sexy, and totally unrealistic. I suppose Nero’s designer decided that he doesn’t fit anyone that sexy as Trish… with a pair of dangling boobs and rolling bottoms. The perfect figure that any beauties would try to achieve, and the perfect face and hairstyle any guys would desire of their girls.

Trish is a creation of a devil, so that probably explains… But she also resembles Dante’s mother, which would hence explain why Sparda would betray the devils for mankind… actually, for a woman. Put it this way, Sparda was a devil, and would one expect a devil to put his interest aside for other devils? So in ‘Devils May Cry’, mankind makes Sparda the God and protector… all because after having sex with Trish-lookalike mother, he needed to protect the half-breeds produced.

Then Sparda sensing he was going mightily insane, sacrificed his beautiful wife to seal his powers up… Which could be just like he had defeated the Prince of Devils, totally wasted and he doesn’t want his wife to sleep around, so he did the only thing a devil could have done before he died to his wife.

I mean, since devils don’t get God’s blessings ceremoniously, so they don’t get married, and Sparda didn’t actually have a wife in the first place. So he ‘sacrificed’ his ‘wife’, died, and Vigil and Dante grew up and that’s the story so far to Nero’s encounter. So if you love a woman and your children, you can choose to kill your woman and let your children grow up themselves in this world as what Sparda had done, and be named God-of-the-year.

Alright, thanks for reading this bullshit…

Fine. Edward Cullen is heading for God’s blessing for his ceremony with Belle Swan that people called ‘marriage’. Bulls… And that’s because Edward is going to make Belle a condemned. More bulls… And God is going to say, “Yeah yeah, go ahead, I’d make you husband and wife…”

Then the bishop faints.

Fine. This is simply the genre of crooked fairy tales written to make money from the innocent, ignorant and erratic brats of the world. If even Monks can fool around like those two in Singapore, nothing is really that bothering.

As for the game… Before Nero, I have tried this popular ‘Devils May Cry’ with Dante, the problem is I don’t like the gameplay. I found that after you got stuck in a room, monsters appeared, you finished them, then another room with more monsters, and a leveled-up-you have to finish off those higher level monsters then we got another room of monsters to clear…

What’s the point? So dumb…

Reservist: Another Fiasco.


This time, it has to be the most incredible fault ever. Is there ANYWHERE in Singapore to complain for an effective result?

How can it be possible that something right becomes something wrong and I have to be expected to find a fax machine everytime to cover all these issues to make things right again?! Yeah yeah, and Scope is supposed to be liable if he really loses the medical cert.

What the fuck…

Ok, this is Singapore. Bear with it, bear with it… It’s only a few more years.

This is NOT the first time we have an admin issue here… NOT the first time… but so many times. And do they expect to tell me that I am in the fault (again) if anything does happen?

Fiasco… No wonder so many casualities with SAF.

Ventilation going on, so… if need be, I’d blog about it.

Basically, I am enjoying a ‘back’ pain… Thank God for the blessing! Visited JMC, and it so happened that the specialist sent me to this ‘rehab’ people to see what’s wrong. And they don’t call those people doctors!? Fine. The rehab beauty gave me a check and spotted the problem, the exercise eased the pain albeit temporarily. Wonderful!

What’s NOT wonderful is, I have told the rehab beauty to tell her finding to the specialist on top… or write something. Ends up no~ She didn’t do it! And I went back to JMC again to face another beauty, the new specialist also doesn’t get the problem… Baah~

Anyway, she wrote a letter for my reservist medical center, and I am going to rehab to fix my back problem. Perhaps I should go to some Mount E specialists. Maybe that’d save more time and money. I mean, how can the non-doctor doing the rehab find the problem and deal with it, but the specialists don’t???

I don’t understand the cock of it~ OMG!

And then we got this camp admin problem… Sounds like very fishy.

Gimme a break~

[M1 Chase] And M1 sent me this letter telling me to pay in installments when… eh~ I only forgot (actually too lazy) to pay about S$100?! And the letter threatens credit action to recover this $100?! LOL~

And that’s getting this letter from Dad a day after I passed by M1 shop and cleared this peanut bill… Hey, I am an OLD customer. No goodies for so long, and last time till a few hundreds dollars than pay also can… Is there such a need to be so gan-cheong?

Nobody cherishes old customer nowadays, it seems. What you don’t cherish, you’d lose it.

[Eastcoastlife Vs Janet Wong] I have blogged about it, then decided to delete this section here. Why? It’s really redundant to touch on this topic again. Given the nature of this case when the issue is Janet Wong as a Civil Servant was mentioned to be corrupted, matters amounting to public interest should be handled by the ministry and not by the court.

This is because Singapore laws probably provide for citizens’ open concern for the state’s business, and Janet Wong in this concern was a state-worker, and Eastcoastlife is an ordinary citizen. So how can the court knowing full well where Janet Wong stands take the case? This is the major interest of Scope in this case… since internet legal issues have been discussed before.

Find that really bo-liao to repeat so many times…