Chinese772014wpI came across this woman’s article (, and there had been some discussions on this… I mean, whether you think men are pigs or your fathers and grandfathers and Jesus Christ or even Buddha are pigs, Scope is fine with women’s assertion of this.

After all, why do men have to cheat if those women who believe ‘all men are pigs’ could be any practical at all. Mostly, day in day out their ‘piggy’ fathers are celebrating with them on occasions due to the pig nailed to the cross in the church, and everyday thousands of such women made their confessions to pigs, waiting for pigs to cheat on them by telling them how forever lovely they are, how they are the one and only, and how many such women eventually come to almost begging to be fucked by a pig via dating agencies.

Helen is right, not all men are pigs. But it doesn’t mean a man will only love ONE woman. Men can be pigs even if they only have one woman each.

I don’t actually care if women really think so, because the ability to believe or to produce such idiotic sweeping statement shows how much smarter those women are really as compared to men. See? Scope is pretty benevolent and readily generous to such attitude of women… All women are troublemakers to others and themselves. Devils may cry, Scope’d joke about it.

So how many women out there are really thinking all men are pigs, with or no exception to Scope?

Why? Because men can’t tolerate your irresponsible unreasonableness in refusing to think? Or your inability to accept the men you love? Or your lust for a better life with some rich old ugly fat dirty-minded? Or what?

There is nothing wrong to call all men pigs.

Women’s tongues… other than for the pleasure of kissing, can’t be taken too seriously most of the time. In order to be a real man, you have to accept that they’d call you pigs, they will still hug you and jump into your bed and the pigs still go on with what have to be done in bed.

No sense getting offended .

I literally welcome any beauties to call me a pig while giggling in my arms. You can seal their juicy lips with yours, and no harm inviting them to dance around hugging a pig. Women… they can’t live without pigs, pigs can’t live without them.

I actually find such women adorable.

This is womanly thinking, which defines most women. Innocently bothering about the men around them, ignorantly knowledgeable about the men they want for all the world’s attention. This Dr Helen won’t say all men are pigs… No no no, let it be all men are pigs.

If I get to kiss and hug, the woman can tell me that in my arms…

Mars is a pigsty.

Face it, Venus is dying to crush into this pigsty.