[Fake monks, real love… There is no justice in this world. Even sleeping in heaven, mortals will disturb your rest. I love romance stories, but romance itself can actually be very tiring… Don’t fall in love with Scope, if you are not the one. When I am in Europe, I’d want to sleep in the snow, hug the babe… and take a shot. It’d be fantasy on digital. Heaven… what else?]

Farmers want a pepper world, and sow rosy seeds… there is no guess you’d get thornes for that.

Other than a bunch of fake monks howling for more monies for their grand buildings, and to buy horses, buy condominums, buy craps, buy vacations and bla bla bla… Let’s jump to lighter moments. I have brought girls to watch ‘New Moon’, and everyone was excited. Not till they frowned when the movie slapped on the brake with Edward saying:

Will you marry me…?

Dampener… I mean, are you fucking serious…? The condemned are going to get married and seeking the blessing from the church? If they are not, why bother? Just stay together and forever and ever… That’s one line I’m and will not be saying forever and ever to anyone, no matter how fucking desireable. What’s the use of marriage? To claim others as private properties? If girls were to have affairs, without marriage, they can have 1,000,000 times of affairs, who cares? If they are not going to have affairs with any others, just stick together forever and ever…

Cool… so we have a bunch of bloody werewolves, the protectors of a serene town, Forks. How serene can a town like that be packed with a bunch of werewolves and a mansion of trendy vampires? If we throw in some money-sucking fake monks and those sons-of-a-bitches, it’d be a whole lot more sensational as if bites are the only things which kill. So many lives are lost when those pretenders are happily wasting monies on various nosense.

I am, and have to, demanding that the sequence to ‘New Moon’ comes fast. There is going to be a war between those red eyes blood suckers against those golden mosquitoes and werewolves. No guess who will win if they do crash. I hope this war comes faster before we start forgetting everyone already.

Victoria is still that beautiful. But Scope still goes for Alice Cullen… She’s the type of girl, or vampire, he’d love to be sticking with. OMG~ She’s so adorable, and Scope can’t resist gorgeous and adorable female attraction. Alright, I simply love Alice Cullen, not Ashley Greene. After all, Ashley is an entertainer… and in reality, it is always better to remember her as Alice Cullen… Remember the rules of happiness, just don’t look at the real person and keep the best part of her in your memory.

Supposedly, I’d have to fight with that Jasper sticker for Alice’s attention… Isn’t that obviously easy? Just drip all those blood in the toilet and he’d be licking the bowls and sinks and walls, practically jams himself in his toilet pleasure while I can take Alice to see stars, see moons… throw bones at werewolves, whatever.

Gorgeous means erotica to me, adorable means spirit, where one appeals to romance, the other appeals to the heart. So Alice Cullen is very hard to be resisted… Unless she’s got a crack-brain. Wow… so touching, she’s soooo caring for Bella, that makes her even more attractive.

Scope loves women in gowns, in long dresses, elegant and smart… Women with brains, and not filthy wits, are very attractive to man like Scope.

We don’t need a New Moon to howl.

Jasper, the competition is so unfair… You’re after blood, Scope is after Alice. How fair can that be? LOL~

Somewhere, Anywhere.

Catherine ‘requested’ that I should take her away from home, to travel, to have fun… Umm… From Scope’s experience with the female species, I literally tried to understand what’s going on. Well… Her boyfriend walked out on her, because of some minor misunderstanding. So for days, she claimed that he has no intention to care for her.

Catherine doesn’t care about that guy anymore, she wants to leave with me.

Yeah, that’s what she said.

And yeah, people will think that Scope is stupid for not taking the chance.

I know Catherine for years, she’s with this guy whom I don’t exactly see much in for years. Catherine is a beauty no doubt, but a girl is a girl. If she loves a guy, taking her away would only help her creates confusion, and that guy will never come back and in such case I’d risk losing the girl and a friend with all those freaking blames.

In this situation, the guy doesn’t actually love her.

But girls… if you don’t hate this girl, whatever makes her happy, try not to take it away from her… even if it is a guy who doesn’t really love her. She’d complain how badly this guy treats her, how reasonable they should break up but… girls, they will talk till cows come home, they will swear by their last breaths about breaking up, but they will hardly honor their own common sense. They will go for guys even if those guys never really love them in return.

Sounds cruel that I won’t ‘help’ her for those who don’t care if I take the chance to take the girl? Especially when she’s a beauty.

The reason why romance could be so beautiful is that the participants are beautiful. Love can be very selfish… And for Scope, it’s always romance. And I don’t hate Catherine, I’d let her clean up her own mess with that guy. If the guy did return, speaking mature, it won’t be good for Catherine. She may end up having to age so much to discover that she has never been loved. But who knows, maybe the guy could change.

But in romance, the first rule is: When a guy is incapable of love, it’s usually very unrealistic to expect a change. Don’t believe? You can try.

So inspite of her wish that the guy returns, I told her plainly… better not. Actually, her ‘love’ for the guy is equally unreal. She feels ‘love’ for him, but obviously… she isn’t sure of what he is doing, or has he left with another beauty? Well… She asked, “How do you understand women so well…”

The problem is pretty simple, women are 99% similar creatures, and that probably speaks for Cindy (Soon’s wife), Kathryn, Cat, Hillary, Genie, Sophia, Alice, Melody, June, April, Gina, Helen, Lih… It’s like learning Calculus. Initially, they look so complicated, but when you start doing your ten-years-series you’d discover that they are more or less the same… with solutions all to infinity. No matter how many types of girls or how they will look at Scope, how pretencious they are while they are smiling… girls… the lust and confusion within them are all the same working. No logic can explain, and that’s the definite answer to infinity.

I know what 99% of women wants… so that I can bring more than 50% of them to bed for pleasure. But I am looking actually in real for the 1% of them, and happily pissing off the 99% of them for fun. Those 99% are not the type I am looking for, and I have no problem losing junks. I have thirst for romance… not really sex. Most women are troublesome, illogical creatures which despise thinking to the scale of their love for maintaining looks which they know will wither and dry no matter what they do…

Scope has no desire for petty creatures lest fate sends them crushing into my puny life. My expensive meals are much more desireable than their naked displays… Many girls are very strange, they sort of view sex as an offer for your money, attention, or your reward; and they expect a return for the ‘favor’ they have bestowed on your bed.

I made Catherine faced her own problem…

She should know whether the guy really loves her or otherwise, if her story is true. She thought she was in the wrong, since another guy kissed her… and she does like this another guy a little. Catherine… the same muddlehead with Kathryn. Humans are bestowed with complicated feelings from the likes of barbaric animals. Girls are not machines, nor properties of mine. I used to marvel at Hillary for trying to keep from me her lingering feelings for her ex who was a total hell for her.

I find such perversion hilarious.

Why’d my girls be so immature? Why would adult females be so… silly? They really think that love is just some sort of magic spells whereby they can convert their mates and themselves to cold hard magnets in a specific direction. Funny. That makes Love a religion they subconciously won’t want to ever understand. Which is why I am not really gracious in forgiving Cat, it’s just that I accept my girls for what they are. For good and bad, for this life that I have placed my love upon.

Just like the Jesus Christ of Christianity, men are considered sinners… trash of this world, yet he chose to place his love upon his children who chose to be with him. Jesus just make things easier for me to explain.

I hate explaining.

If that guy just left because somebody kisses you, might as well just let him go. If somebody attracts your guy and you want his attention, you can choose to go… or you can choose to attract him back. Vice versa… if he treasures Catherine, after all these years… if say, Scope were to take Catherine away, what should this guy do? To walk away? Or to want her back? If Catherine is happy with me, he should bless us. That’s considered love. He can also try to win her back, that’s also love. But just because somebody else kisses her and you want to break up, or threaten to break up… Scope’s suggestion to Catherine would be to just say ‘Goodbye’.

To Catherine, that guy has become a habit.

If she cannot understand love, what’s the point of taking her away to anywhere? What’s the point of sticking to a guy who’d never love her? But girls… most girls are like this, they prefer one to one, no matter if that one is capable of love or otherwise.

If a guy takes a girl on romance eventually, and only to have a girl returning to a guy whom you know doesn’t really love her… It’s pretty gross. LOL~ Which is, no matter how… if the girl’s heart is on a pig or a stone, the point is… only she herself can wake herself up. In love affairs, right or wrong is not simply by stereotypes in the society filled by low-lives who have little desire to be enlightened. I’d lose a friend if her guy shows up, and targeting me as a competition. I’d lose a friend all for nothing but a jerk who can’t even handle her girl kissing somebody else.

The point is, this is a beauty, but she’s not for you. Some chances in life are not meant for one to just grab.

One day when she does wake up, before her life ends… I’d take her with me, as I have taken all before her. The best part about relationship with women is not really sex, it’s to see how happy they are and how they know they want to be with you.

Catherine’s guy is a pretty sad case… Catherine, no matter her ignorance about love, does want to be with him so very badly. Instead of winning her back and making her love him, he wants a break up.

I don’t mind losing a friend, but not over a jerk.

Man… are such pathetic creatures… and everyone wants to go to heaven.