Procastination is better when even bears hybernate, and not all are blessed with that ability.

Scope has been wanting to change the theme, the direction or the way of the blog and we’d talk about something different this time. I might be showing stuffs totally unknown to the non-scientific folks if I feel like it. With an IQ of over 190, when I was studying physics in college I was pretty depressed. Know why? Because I was interested in certain scientific issues and the current textbooks weren’t really correct.

Scope visited the Science Park tonight to see for the first time the objects in space, and he was deeply disappointed. The best scope there could only yield dots of lights instead of even showing gases and other details. The people down there knew the names of the celestial bodies but offered very little physical understandings in them. I am not interested in the locations and names of the stars#1; I am interested in the workings of stars, and when somebody mentioned blackholes, I’d like to share something here.

The reason why I lost interest in academic physics is very simple… the space calculations of the force cum energy… by sixth sense are pretty illogical. Using all those calculations you’d get a very… stupid scenario of the real celestial pictures.#2 And many theories are pretty ‘unlinked’, which means they challenge my belief of physics in a way so stupid to be imaginable. Regretably, we now know it’s hard to get funded into this area of research in Singapore.#3

In Singapore… Forget it. And if you were to score an A for such nosenses,  what does it prove about you?

In theory, the measurements of everything in the current academic galactic physics almost go under the concept of infinity#4. This is ok when we are viewing things from small to large scale because if you differentiate this and that, everything else becomes insignificant… as what you are. However, in real, interaction of outer space energy, physical contents and the lights will be different. For instance, where is the right point of infinity?

The more you differentiate the more you dump into the bin assuming flaws don’t matter. But they do, because it’s like a small angular deviation means a huge error in asserting anything far away into space.

Considering this, if you take the space as endless, but each system of planets forms a larger system in actual, and becomes balanced after many many lightyears. Each system would be one reflective mirror of power and at times creates huge fluctuations of limits. Given that, say, a meteor crushing into the solar system from some point of infinity, but at various point of travel, it will have to be taken into account of the mass of cosmic dust and the various gravitational or planetary or systematic pull in the course of its travel.#5 Which is, the energy of which it starts or being slowed down makes the ‘starting’ of any infinity heavily flawed for calculation purposes. Which is to say, any calculation made won’t be accurate beyond the diameter of the (eg) solar system when one assume vacuum or a zero-frictional course.

Let us assume that a meteorite crushing from a source that  the energy released if from a planetary explosion… by right, such meteorites would be very forceful like a bullet if we assume a direct course with nothing in between#6, and such mass or density can actually penetrate the moon or even Earth given constant. But is that the case?

Before we go even further, Scope would lecture about the basis of certain things and eventually even show you how absurd is John Hawkins’ Theories of Everything.#7scopesci1

[See how planet Bunny ‘stored’ energy and emitted (or relay) them in turn, other than reflecting lights? Earth’s own dimensional constrains and mankind’s compositions is just one grouping of existence. Those energies lost to space from Bunny will undergo transformations and travel similarly as light does. Whatever you see is like a myopic looking at a far far distance. Many spots don’t necessarily mean many stars. But the order of existences (eg) in lights will create many unknown dimensions with the help of powerful galactic forces. The path of universe is merely an illustration. Who cares what the fuck shape it is?]

[Our Atomic World] Assuming, with the fact that all atoms are charged, we start by looking up a simple fact… that the rotations within the solar system are in ellipses, but most importantly, Earth’s own rotation has resulted in a very steady pattern which maintains a gravitational pull internally for man to stay on the ground but to have itself not entirely round. Which means, the rotation itself is a very significant force in shaping the shape of Earth but not enough to depress it further. We’d see why later.  But it means also the apparent presence of another force… unseen. Which is, if a meteorite is being projected direct into the path crushing towards Earth… by right, its path should be influenced by the elliptical pull patterns of the planets along its course. Whereas if the force is huge enough to crush pass the planetary gravitational pulls within the system direct into Earth and dents a hole…

It makes little sense. Something else bigger must be setting the path of the system.

The answer actually lies in the structures of those hidrogen and helium particles, and the milky way… observing the entire setup of the cosmic structure so far is a must.

When I was before 11yo, I was very curious about one thing… If my box contains my apple, what contains my box, and what contains the universe?#8 I used to get a headache trying to figure that out. The answer actually turns out to be the solution similar to what comes first, the Chicken or the Egg. If you are a retard with an IQ level of 160 and below, you’d have to figure a lot of things from here on to catch up.

The theory of this is actually very simple. It is impossible that the end of the universe is concentrated with either charges, because that would be inequilibrium#9 and there must be a stagnant focal point… a huge pillar of divine energy that cannot have existed in the first place, ie. What can be agreed upon is that the celestial bodies are not themselves stagnant systems, where in fact they are part of certain wave patterns. It’s hilariously similar to the particle motion patterns at the atomic level. Which is, the solar system itself is moving constantly for the every short lifespan of mankind’s existence to detect efficiently. And what actually contains everything? Would you like to make a guess?

The physics that we know is very much determined by the rules of this world, the changes of energy or celestial acts of this moment in space’s time… an era enough for the existence and extinction of mankind for many times. The reason is very simple,  the existence of the space is about a flow. Which is in summary, whatever is of inertia is because of a momentary existence of Nth dimensional interactions… a moment the speed of which Mankind’s lifetime is too short to witness. The condensation of all energy and particles into planets and systems is always the beginning of a balance lost. Given Quantum theory, I can safely conclud one thing that this world… this universe’s universe is nothing but the interaction of waves at a very humongous level. It’s like a huge cable of electrons’ movements which provides digital images in order. Our existence is actually a very short moment of universe’s order or arrangement. Which is to say, if mankind can survive in outerspace and live forever indeed, he’d eventually seee the effect of the invisible force crushing upon Earth beyond any known calculation methods and theories so far… because that is, or to be precise, the order of forces are the limits or the environment which creates the known world at this time. It’s neither diminishing nor growing in relativity…

[Entry Into Dimensional Elementary] In fact, it’s just constantly suppressing and it is so huge that (eg) helium particles floating out there are seemingly not responding to it for apparent lightyears. It’s in fact easier to illustrate that when you smack the basketball, the ant on the ball will travel as if very little is felt by the ant when the ball is just before hitting the ground. You can imagine yourself a resident on an atom that vibrates in relatively high frequency, that you must be living very ‘fast’ in your world. You can consider mankind’s era as a ‘freeze’ of some sorts, and the calculations which are based on very short era’s datas will be inaccurate after very huge amount of time. Which is also likely that the current smaller physical presentation within atomic behavior yields the clue to the universe. We are all merely an ‘order’ of a certain balance which is to be reset in the very very far future.

So what is the shape of the universe?

Is it flat? Is it wavy? Or does it resemble a tube? The answer is very simple; it can’t be squarish, it can’t be triangular, it can’t be round either. Similar to molecular characteristics, the shape is the set of its movements, where energy is constantly moving, and new dimensions are defined. This set has no shape, it creates ‘history’ of which in turns create energy or… dimensions. It can be explained pretty easily.

The thing you called ‘You’ is actually the results of condensed energy moving into cells in Earthly scale which are also moving closer and apart anytime, rearranging themselves everyday as the world rearranges itself. You are the shape and the limits of your existence… You are limited by time. Which is to say, your molecular structure may be subjected to Quantum theory, that whatever cells you have will be regrouped as something else and you de-exist. But in real, the more precise you assume so, the more you’d discover that nothing is 1=1, which is, in the universe’s context, 1-1 is never 0.

You forget the most basic of something: Time.

In universe’s physics, time is not just 1s to 2s to 10mins. Time is the energy flow of which very very very tiny amount of additional particle order is changed in relative. Since we now know from Scope that the universe is an order, every quantum of time creates a new order or arrangement of existence of something into this universe. You can’t say it is expanding either.

Use your brain.

Assuming that you die… the condensed potion remains on Earth, but certain energy type cannot be contained by gravitational pull. Which is to say, part of you are created by Earthly components, but a critical part of you could be created from galactic elements: A certain Light energy that does not necessarily being released and retained by Earth’s gravitational field.

Which is to say, the awareness of time as a part of particles actually allows time-travelling to be available. Which is also impossible because man itself is limited by time to make it possible. Accordingly, beyond the efficiency of mankind’s existence to eliminate time, the universe would have the solar system combusted many times.

In which form of thinking, I actually discover that it coincides with a little theory within Quantum physics: Multi-verse. If you can catch up till this point, you’d discover that multi-dimensions is highly possible. You can see this as many many cubes happening and closing up at every period of time… about lightyears and lightyears away. This happens because of what we have just covered. If you still don’t understand, your IQ must be below 190.

When I was studying physics, I actually grew very disillusioned… I was studying all the wrong things with all the biggest silly assumptions insisted for the foolish exams. The reality of stars, when I was before 11yo, was that I observed that distance between the tree and the optical point (my eyes) was appearingly a distortion. Which means that the speed of the moon of which I pointed towards the sky is always faster than my pinpointing. It doesn’t make sense. And when I pinpoint something a pattern exists in this world, and there must be an opposite creation or reaction. Which is to say, by the time I see the stars, the planet might have already been destroyed. But what about the energy of a star that is being projected to Earth? I was very curious because, I knew that when I make a step forward, there must be an interaction… because ‘change’ at that same space cannot allow another existence and a chain of however subtle the event would be would affect another’s existence, hence outcome.

In this, when I was in Primary School I was already testing on and figuring Quantum theory…

The stars which we see rooted to the fact that our eyes absorbed the lights. But doesn’t it mean that our eyes are blackholes?

If light is the most basic of elements, or energy, or it’s just a wave pattern, which means every move or arrangement is a quantified particles in this universe. And if light is an energy that can be reflected, then it can be concentrated, contained, and of course, light would not be always straight.

When you see a star which emits light, the light that can be emitted onto a journey of tons of lightyears must be one from a source of celestial might. Just imagine emitting a ray of lazer at the moon… can that sort of energy even be seen or received by the naked eye on the moon?

Which also means that the lights or waves of energy which can reach our eyes through the layers of atmosphere are not simple. And what is not so simple is actually littering all over the skies in almost every dimension. Which is what Scope is going to explain.

Assuming that everytime you raise sufficiently the power of the telescope in an area of the universe, you can catch the light from a new star. Pushing limits of the power to divine extreme, what would you get: A whole white area, or a whole of brightly illuminated area formed by pixels of stars. What this means is actually very simple, that we are not actually living in a dark world. In fact, it is only because our eyes cannot effectively pick up certain wave patterns that certain light becomes ‘dim’ by the time it reaches earth. This means one thing: Light’s wave pattern does change, and is not uniform across great enough distance. And Scope says so.

Which is to say, if human evolves into a special eye, they can see ‘heaven’, because every night they can see lights as well. It’s just what sort of lights, but it’s still certain brightness.scopesci2

[The interesting part of Blackholes is when the huge energy being resonating in your direction, the direction in which the point you try to view them, the spreading out or pushing out of energies cancel or disrupt what lights or wave patterns you’d need for detection. Just like a fast turning fan, you can actually see ‘motion’ of the blades in slower motions, but those blades are actually travelling at pretty high speed; hence you may even think gamma waves exist or time pauses but… it’s just because of super duper high resonations of energy forcing their way outwards into infinity. Such powerful ‘frequency’ may not be detectable by Earth’s current technology because the values will be ridiculously too huge for parameters to begin with. Notice that the light at such source would be blinding with a very different properties as compared to what lights are around our system. It’s a pity that humans can only sense lights and sounds… of limited types. Those lights won’t really affect how we detect the lights around our system because they form the background. But the energy will definitely distort detectable light we need to see them.] Which is… There is this big fat theory about blackholes that Scope has something to protest upon… Is the blackhole really so powerful that it absorbs/traps light? Studies have shown that the blackhole actually emits slight radiation. But if you read Scope’s so far, just use your cow sense. Given anti-matter, what is created is what is being destroyed… Nosense. Especially if you assume Blackholes to be emitting any radiation at all.

[Blackholes Publishing]

The issue about the published and acceptabe idea about blackholes is tested today on the kids who appeared in the Science Park… most of them began by being smart and suggested the usual knowledge, but when I asked certain questions, they got blurred. Assuming that the blackhole is indeed so powerful that it can absorb or trap all the surrounding lights… Can anyone notice something is very wrong in this theory?

We have a few facts about blackholes… and the most important one is that there are more than 1 blackhole. And scientists on Earth can even detect weak radiation being emitted. Congrats~ But as we all know, lights do change wave patterns over a big enough distance, and that this distance can be infinity. Which is… if the blackhole is so powerful, then by anti-matter, there must also be an opposite and equally powerful reaction in existence across the universe’s time. The change of order must be very very powerful… because light itself is very very powerful, since its travel can stretch across the universe, through the atmosphere and into our naked eyes. You can only imagine the velocity of the cosmic dust, and those helium particles being absorbed the distance of the light’s waves towards the blackholes.  But strangely enough, our sun is still burning in a circular manner. The one way to show this irony is to use many light bulbs emitting on the walls of a small room. If there is a hole so powerful where the lights can be absorbed in the path of the lights to a sensor in the middle, what would you see?

How about this, if there is a powerful resistance that short the network of bulbs, what can you see?

Nothing, because the entire network is being disrupted.

Assuming the blackhole is very powerful, that in order to absorb light, it must be able to distort the path of the light way beyond the escape velocity. And in order to distort the path of the light to the point that we can’t see it, it must be able to be so powerful to such point that everything will be drawn into it… including the mass of another blackhole. In this, we don’t have ‘physical wirings’  to establish the network, but inter-galactic energy is actually an arrangement of networks of power in real. And there is only one reason why the mass of a blackhole grows in appearance to be absorbing lights: Human calculation errors beyond the diameter of the solar system.

Fussion and fission of particles can exist but in the cases of blackholes, the old theory would have meant that the most powerful activities of the space which also implies tons of fissions hence fussions may be in place in a wide area in galactic term to produce that sort of radiation. In the course of condensation, the waves cancel themselves up in all dimensions to reach certain equilibrium.

The funny thing about blackholes eating up planets is that it may be more possible that the blackholes are actually high intensity fissions and/or fussions which corrupts nearby planets and systems, disrupting their paths and forcing them to break up and be moved towards the activities. One must note that no matter what fission or fussion, the per unit of atomic activity and energy involved is probably similar to a (eg) uranium fission or fussion readings conducted on Earth. Which is to say, in such explanation, blackholes’ main problem to other planetary systems is corruption and not really absorption. An absorption would have meant a vacuum created, but a growing mass doesn’t indicate  vacuum but a possible resonating of energy levels of particles which are divided into three sectors: Energy particles being forced into the central and become solid, particles being forced into balance in between the activities, and particles being forced out by resonated energy wave patterns so universe-ly fast that nothing can pick it up to be seen or sensed. And portion of slow energy packets developed to become detectable radiation on the exterior’s condensation.

The inner portion of a blackhole would hence be suddenly very dense to the point where energy would be forced into physical atomic particles. As you know, in Scopic physics, all lights which reach your eyes are bound to be affected by inter-galactic forces spanning in universe’s moments. In relativity, the minute you see the blackholes’ evolution, actually, much details are not visible. This has to be explained by you drawing a circle and concentrating the resonation into every point you stare into the ‘hole’. At which point, everything appears momentarily stagnant. It’s not because time has stopped but because at that point, your eyes can’t pick up the divine frequency since many details are overlapping as well.

In this, lights do travel past the blackholes, but in very distorted fashion as in magic mirrors. When a system melts down and combusts upon itself behind the blackhole, the light energy still travel as its nature would be, and we should be able to pick up the light on a distorted path far far away from Earth. It is very unlikely that when a beam of light has travelled from power source X to point Y when a blackhole is just developing at point Y, when the beam is then at point Z then the beam be absorbed back to point Y. It is impossible to calculate what went in or out  of the blackhole because in this understanding, it depends on the dimensional pull and resonation of the energy within the inner sector and of how condensation is being conducted as a result.

Always simply remember: Galactic light is more powerful than shorter radiation, hence the power to counter a galactic escape velocity should not have surrendered radiation.

Since it only takes a very short while in relative for a system to combust or to collapse upon itself, by the time their light reaches you, the star you are looking at would have been long long long gone. There is a possible sort of planet formed by massive energy circulation within the galaxy, an order regular enough in the lifetime of the human race to be considered a planet.

The later stage of blackhole… Understanding now how the blackhole really works, you will have to discount gravitational energy in work for making the blackholes possible. This is because this effect is never really the issue. The shape of a blackhole takes the shape of its main actors: The atomic components. In truth, gravitational energy is a resultant force generated in relativity. Unlike the sun, blackholes are independent nuclear reactions totally unregulated by the gravitational forces of accompanying planets because of its nature. The super density as a result of the reaction eventually creates a vacuum-like condition surrounding it and drawing the dust to the core amidst residual reactions surrounding the core which are forming cores of their own. This is possible because of superior universal power. The residual reactions eventually cool down into planets and sub planets known as moons, while the ‘sun’ continues to cool with remaining nuclear reactions fueled by floating particles attracted to it. Those new planets will be still hot objects and easier to be shaped into ellipses.

The changes within the arrangements of the atoms happen at a rate actually similar to how Earth is moving, in which every average energy within the atom combines to become the planet Earth of which we can focus on their limits. Earth has day rotation and year rotation, but it is very likely that there is yet another rotation,  a path when the solar system itself is travelling in relative to the other celestial bodies. As we know by now that atoms themselves are made up by further defined particles, and we have travelling electrons which are currently more practical concepts than documented movies. These electrons and anything smaller would be inclined to neo-energy state of ‘matter’. The changes of the arrangements of the atoms are similar to the way of how the universe presents itself to the human’s naked eyes.

[Earth’s Detection Gimmicks] We are actually living in a maze of screens of shadows. This is actually the real concept of hyper-space folds. The reality of current physics is that since we know that the light we see can’t possibly be that of the light from the powerful source , the readings using (eg) lightyears to determine distance is ridiculous. This is because given that we are calculating the source of the emission, corruption of the light’s or packages’ properties must be taken into account. The signals of datas hidden within all those emission which manage to reach Earth beyond our atmosphere or even through other planetary atmosphere or dense cosmic dust which are intensified in radiation themselves to have reached us cannot be a stable constant in calculation.

Assuming a light source is perceived from planet Zeta with the solar system right in the middle of the path, there will be an insignificant angle twisted for path of light that such small angular difference will become significantly big for us to lose the data for a full picture on Zeta because we won’t be able to catch it. This is applied in the same way that Earthlings emitted a signal ‘Fuck you’ with the strongest light emission hoping that light can travel undisturbed within the empty space… But light’s properties are subjected to change by various systems’ influences that we may see or not see beyond a certain distance from the solar system. That by the point any signal reaching the aliens it could be so corrupted that the message may be changed. This is because as what we have covered above. Our naked eyes can only detect certain signals when the whole sky could be actually illuminated day and night. It may even be a momentary blind spot that Earth is in within this era of a trillion years.

Just because you are blind to certain light intensity doesn’t mean those light forms or waves are absent.

One can say that the Gods have hidden their secrets well behind veils of shadows created by distortions everywhere around the solar system that would take more than the time of the existence of mankind to uncover.

In this, I believe aliens do exist where the IQ level is at least 10,000x that of Scope’s because of their development of brain use in an environment allowing at least longivity in their evolution. Space travel as now you have seen is hence possible because the next habitable system maybe closer than we can see or detect to know. This may likely to  happen when the entire system rotates towards another system comprising of floating energy cycles, when this happen the distance maybe still large, but the planetary energy in a certain direction could be used to propel the traveller so much that lightyears be covered in very very short period of time because in solid matter state, the influence of molecular structure by the planets will not distort existence. Which is actually meaning that in certain era or years or moments, aliens will be able to visit Earth because they know of the behavior of celestial systems currently veiled by the screens of shadows to Earthlings. Knowing the exact mapping methods will allow human acess to the other worlds.

Which also yields one important theory that if the light properties never remain constant from the source of a star over tons of lightyears… it might be very likely that it is travelling in multiple reflections of near perfect state as in the principles of how Newtonian scope works. The distance between the four corners within the space of a Newtonian scope may be a constant, but the reflections of light within such space may end up be many times the distance calculated. Which is to say, the shape of a flying craft would be possibly round, and there could be an alien world closer to our world at various times than we’d like to know. And such crafts are utilising planetary forces and mappings which could be secondarily using nuclear engines fueled by particles found in everywhere.

How Scope wishes he can acess NASA facilities.

Which is, since the we are surrounded by celestial screens of shadows, it is likely that  anything that we can detect with our world’s molecular structures, which includ our eyes, would be presented in flat versions.  Notice that radiations are indeed caught emitted by blackholes which many fear, but such radiation are discovered at the edges… which doesn’t make sense if light is being trapped… because such radiation 1. must happen in all dimensions of the blackhole and we can only detect it in the edges of 2D plane, 2. it is highly impossible for such radiation to escape a trapping force which would be theoretically many times higher than the escape velocity, 3. the radiation detection by Earthlings must have a medium and a medium that the blackhole actually allows… What else but the light sources surrounding the blackhole?

A medium is needed because other waves are also present in this vacuum in all directions, which means that the space that appears empty is actually buzzing with undetectable energy patterns. In order for Earth’s detection of something that far away and in a viewable state, a strong enough wave existence must be present. It is also because of this Scopeic theory that Earth still exists because by conventional theories of relativities, that the combination of light emission from all the celestial bodies will mean one thing: Our solar system would have melted. If powerful light waves are unchanged and they come from all directions towards Earth… Just imagine how powerful would it be. If you leave your magnifying glass on the grass under the sun, you’d likely burn the field!

Current physics is hence full of crap holes.

There hence must be certain variety of light beams which are way more powerful than we know  as tiny humans, and they exist at the very source of planetary combustions, for instance. And they must have decayed over the course they travelled.

[Alien Particles] Many textbooks suggested helium and hidrogen particles are floating within the space to form planets. Given Scopic theory that the black empty universe is actually filled by very high frequency of energy exchanges, the presence of electrons built-up would be likely among those dusts. The existence of energy fluctuations from other celestial interaction would likely to engineer the polorised stream for large scale electronic paths and reactions across an entire plane of universe. Which is also to say, all planets are subjected to randomity when they are created. And creation creates new energy kinds, hence new particles and new molecular structures or materials are possible in various worlds. And the creation of lights being projected onto Earth will mean new ‘motions’ and ‘actions’, or instructions. It’s like some celestial remote controls projected towards Earth… except they work on randoms#x. It’s like an invisible DNA directive. So it is not really wrong that the stars do affect matters, or human behaviors in a way.

The point here is, whereby we detected helium particles in that world, but is the atomic properties really helium in nature? For instance, if we put an astronaut in orbit even within our world: The Solar System. Now, the same person would be subjected under a varied environment, that the bone’s density may change for a start, and eventually a new Mr X astronaut for the space exists. Assuming an atom of helium is helium in properties on Earth and within our elliptical motion, but is that really helium in atomic compositions and charges in other worlds? There may be tons of different types of ‘heliums’ with varied readings out there.

By the time we see the stars, another planet may already have formed in that space with its own time#x.

As every planet’s atmospheric compositions is different, they distort or reflect lights in varied manner. Whatever we are seeing wouldn’t be accurate by human-centric approaches. Every reading normal on or just around Earth is challenged when we are subjecting it for farther purposes. We can even suggest that blackhole is nothing but super duper particles’ reactions which are blinding to us and they distort lights around it. Time appears to stop but it never really stop because… the existence of this universe is not based on inertia or balance. While we leave in a momentarily balance of a universe, it’s just only a moment of the universe after all.

Even if an alien would want to send us any message by light waves or whatever waves, they would have become highly corrupted or distorted to be made any sense of, because the straight path is never a smooth one.
[Ignore all quantifiable calculations because they will become pretty meaningless in dimensional understanding. This illustration shows you at least two things, that dimensions are possible and how they are related, plus things about lifeforms. We have to stress on forms because it is the one thing of which every existence is based on, including dimensions. You must have the ability to think in super multi-dimensions and conclud a pictorial understanding in your brain for easy acess of this branch. Time and the order wiggles outside of anti-matter because they go on to effect many effects that creates, and at times… destroy in linked up fashion. Those happen in any given moments within dimensions and they are linked not in total… but linked enough to have effects on us, and reactionarily speaking, for us to eventually find a way to affect them in return. Relativity is a mean, hence, to help us cover as much as tiny human can go like a string to a puppet. Here, when you die, certain energy that cannot be retained or destroyed by Earth is released. It might be ‘souls’ travelling to other worlds or to be reflected back onto another form on Earth again. The energy travelling in this universe indicates a logical circuit is possible. The universe may think but not be aware. Which is why God is blind… to many. Note that in Scopic dimensional study, Time t is not proportionate to per unit energy… since the possible positions (hence relative workdone in overlapped dimensions) of workdone are different. Which is also why given the vast dimensional effect, you may see a tiny spirit at certain interval. Those are forms of energy as well… They can be ‘trapped’ in other dimensions based on their logic pulses or… in your dimension– your body.]
[End Of World]
Assuming that one day that only sun cools down to such a point that its fuel is finishing or finished… It would have meant that Earth would have become so ‘cool’ internally in the core that there would be a volumic diffference due to the temperature or energy difference between the core and its clusters. Would it become a huge meteorite instead of collapsing on its own gravitational force?

The answer actually lies on our furthest planet in this system detected so far; and it’s not even Pluto. The latest discovery of the new member of our system is not surprising in Scopic physics. Put yourself on that planet and look at Earth… when you can see Earth. This member must itself have a grativitation resultant force due to its rotation. I am totally not surprised that it must be larger than Pluto when I am now reading about it. It is very cold, much like a huge floating atom with very little energy. The condensation at the more exterior sector of the system usually results in higher volume lower mass structures which are collecting cosmic dust at the edge of the gravitational pull. Which means in every billions of years, this new planet will grow larger because its energy feed doesn’t come directly from the sun and… OMG! The internet got disconnected at this point.

Once must always take note that light at the source of the stars are very different, hence the escape velocity cannot be applied there.

Eris is a dust-collecting dust in this system, its path shows that another influence is present very close to Earth that Eris may even be a planet being pulled into our orbit from another system setting that may lead that system into certain imbalance. We have started this Scopic physics by mentioning the existence of a scretive force which is related to determining the shape of the universe.

The magnetic pull of planets depends on its distribution of its composition very much similar to the concept of heating up the wires with an AC current to start an motor turning rounds. But no matter how uneven is Eris, the path suggests an unknown neighbor to our system which may even be on a similar plane. Just visualise the entire universe with a matrical web in many dimensions that you can’t touch but you know it’s there. Will Eris collapse upon its own gravitational spin? If a system loses enough energy and inclines towards inertia, it can be destroyed by an eventual internal differences. If the sun were to be suddenly out of fuel, super cool condition actually creates a ‘force field’ in this part of the universe.

It’s like a resistance in the flow of the universe, a huge store of energy waiting to be mircowaved and be released in physical forms. Which is to say, if we are neighboring an alien planetary system, our system’s nuclear reaction would subsequently affect that of the neighbor. The extinction of dinosaurs on the theory that a huge meteor or many of them hit Earth maybe at a golden era when the solar system was younger and a neighboring system aged and exploded upon itself… bringing in new alien species… which evolved into… us. Which is, before that extinction of dinos, Earth would have experienced other such meteor showers carrying DNAs from what used-to-be alien planets… of which such fragments are huge enough to have preserved the species’ manufacturing codes within those rocks.

In order for Earth to self-combust, a huge radiation wave must be effected to introduce some sorts of atomic reactions to such point that it melts through the core of Earth setting off a super pressure that causes Earth to explode… not collapse upon itself. The planetary explosion may in turn creates an enormous sucking power due to the vacuum its compositions have momentarily created. But… here comes the problem… Such huge radiation wave that distorts or mutates atomic properties and behaviors can’t possible only affect Earth… it must be huge enough to have melted through Mars and other planets.

Some people said, if the planets released energy in such manner… we’d have blackholes… But what we’d have is most likely the super explosion pushing fragments of Earth away in all directions slowing down as the fragments come between intergalactic forces… spreading our DNAs in all directions like the mushrooms’ spores. Which is to say, there is a likelihood in meteorites reaching Earth which may also contain alien DNAs fused into the rocks. But if a planet inhabited by high alien intelligent lifeforms were to explode… would we have received their computers…? LOL~

It’s unlikely that Earth would collapse upon its own gravitational force. As one can discover, Earth is slowing down in a way. If it eventually slows down significantly, it just slows down. We might become a patch of dark dead stars in this part of the galaxy collecting dust… Eris is doing. Earth would just break up as it becomes loose. If Mankind has not been busy playing politics and killing themselves, we might have enough time to evolved into an alien form that can provide ourselves with a solution. Remember, no spinning no resultant gravitational force. The change in space is what decides the interaction of densities, of which the force of particles also interact with Earth’s own movements.

In a way, our solar system may end up being absorbed into another system… perhaps of which Eris has come from. But that would be an eventual crush of masses… Just imagine a rotating Earth crushing into another Earth… which has lost significant amount of energy.#x

The mysterious X force could be a whole order of forces generated by a density of masses unknown to mankind so far. There provide the first limits or shapes of the immediate universe which we are aware of.

Assuming this, when the Earth is merely cooling down, and mankind is like a foetus holding onto flows of electrons of which he wasn’t even evolved enough to be able to feel. The floating electrons (we excuse other micro particles here) are the wirings to the body and mankind interacts with nature as if he’s God. Remember, man can think because of pulses of electricity within the brain. But pulses of logical patterns may exist outside the brains in forms mankind cannot detect, as perhaps in the universe. Computer is one physical form for illustration. The nature on Earth and that of the pulses in the universe may have their own logical circuits as well. And people call them: The God.

Mankind maybe the disease of a larger entity.

[Times What Times What] In a way, we can establish that everything in the universe is somehow connected no matter how random things appear to be. And time allows energies to overlap and create multiple dimensions#x or relatively called multi-verse. And we can’t use many properties on Earth to determine the properties in other worlds. Time is the only property that doesn’t apparently obey the anti-matter theory because T1 and T2 don’t necessarily equate or not to T3. And we are all living in a world amidst distortions. The beginning of universe… It’s a chicken and egg issue.

Is there T0 when there is energyo? Or do you have energyo to start off T0?

Whenever I come to this point of thinking… my entire body tends to shake internally. I am so close to the answer…

There must be a multiplier factor for T0… that one expands at the contraction of another. Which is Energy and Time were actually a thing. Then they somehow regroup, as in the concept of charges within atoms.

All these physical reactions and rules must start from an origin. Perhaps the universe begins indeed as an incidence… of randomity that assigns the properties in effectual chains. God is hiding the last key to this mystery.

Last but not least, in summing things up here, I’d like to make a simple point… Humans are studying relativity when they are mostly selfish and think from their minute stance in comparison to a universe so huge that is way beyond the Solar System, and this branch of science becomes a superstition. I am watching ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still‘, and the Earth is only one tiny dust in this… plane.

When I was thinking about T0 and Energy0, the start of the universe at T0 may be the exchange of Energy0, that for every Tn Energy is created without a constant proportion, a new dimension actually serves as the link to the multiplier. This will hold true because only in the imbalance of existence can existence be possible. The Randomity in this game is controlled initially by T. The creation of the universe is because at T0 and Energy0 are ‘awakened’. And a space is quickly evolving itself. It doesn’t really expand nor diminish because there is no opposites. Say, in the simplest concept, that whatever you create at space unit X with time T2, you may consider Y is destroyed in space unit F but with T2, what you are seeing is not anti-matter, it’s the existence of two dimensions… two rooms with a combined dimensional T viables with energy or workdone compounding when humans thought there is a loss somewhere for the gain of another.

If you think carefully, this is how new universes come about… of which the way the first universe begins. A cycle would be eventually be physically possible… It’s like a hole filled up here while another one is busily opening up. It’s unlike what John Hawkins perceived that the world expands and contracted into nothing and history repeats again. The recent why history repeats again is very likely that the universe is spinning actually very very fast in about the same path, which is in the simplest form… You exist in a hole and another hole opens while yours is filled up and you are moving to the new hole and coming back to the old location where the new hole happens…

This part is purely about dimension#x.

Come to think about it… in Scopic physics, dimensions’ creations don’t need the destruction of dimensions in the same Time T in the way of anti-matter. This will have to be explained in another posting… when I feel like it. In order to make this posting concise… I’d need to decorate it with illustrations.

But why should I?

#1 Watching blur dots of lights and a glowing Saturn because of the corruption of lights reflecting from the atmosphere… I might as well watch pixels from LCDs. Luckily I don’t spend S$3,000 for a telescope… I mean, why am I buying something to entertain galactical distortions…? Maybe I should get microscope instead. Any sponsors?

#2 Tell me, for what’s sake… how to appreciate the noises of chimps around you? And when the chimps insist that they are right! The physics are ok when it is applied on Earth, in this moment in time with g still g and with all the properties in detailed observations having their differences differentiated into non-events. But one headache came during college is to accept, and memorize equations and theories I know are ridiculous… How am I to score by being rational…?

#3 Funny, just very funny…

#4 In 2D, your head may be the beginning and you ass becomes the end.

#5 Actually, using anti-space, you can assume many more things are in the path of those lights reaching Earth from… infinity. Our space may end up banging into other dimensions. Anti-space theory can only be used in standalone dimensional basis… to disturb other dimensions. LOL~

#6 Try to imagine an planetary explosion just next to Earth… LOL~

#7 Hawkins is a great man, I think; but there are certain things I don’t really see eye to eye with him on.

#8 Eventually, I figured from the shit that the apple can be contained in another form and another way. Which comes first, the shit or the apple? You can’t think as that shit is from the apple, you must see it as: If I don’t shit, how to contain a (similar) apple in my stomach.

#9 Ironically speaking, while you’d go to learn that it is inequilibrium that many things exist, including this world we are in plus other dimensions, but it is also in equilibrium that we stay existing in this form and order of this range of dimensions… that looks constant enough, but it’s not really so.


#x As Scopic physics is suggesting, that the universe is capable of certain logical thinking on its own by pulse of energy passing around the galactic fields. You can consider that ‘random’ because… is the universe aware of its own existence?

#x The concept of time must be discussed in another posting because it’s a whole concept of its own. Basically, what is our time of this world? It’s measured by the order or arrangement of planetary movements within the solar system in regularity. However, in certain worlds, can such regularity be observed? Would their matters forming the planets not be able to withstand motion 1000 trillion times of Earth’s, hence a super powerful gravitational distortion of time as a result… For instance, a plant’s life is in the schedule of photosynthesis, but the time or lifespan of plants would different as a result of worldly differences. Besides, time is no real constant if we need to assess other worlds using our own in relativity. We’d come back to touch on this field as the way Scope has seen it… with an IQ of 190+.

#x As a kid, Scope has been very curious about energy. It is also in such concerns that before he even came across biology that he figured out the formation of life… from an egg, and he didn’t know there is a word for it: Sex. The issue about energy comes from the books regarding superstitions… or super-humans. The movie ‘Superman’ helped make him think harder. Assuming gas particles can experience diffusion, hence energy can. By the time Scope was in secondary school listening to the teachers’ rubbish… I was figuring… In this universe, if Earth is cooling down and losing energy, sun must be covering up at least a huge part of the loss by radiation. If Earth is slowing… then the ‘diffusion’ must be at a rate somehow bigger than the Sun’s desperate pumping. Note that this loss is not proportionate to time, and the Sun is constantly supplying energy to half of the Earth. The issue about diffusion is you must take concentration into consideration. Which is, the concentration of energy gained is spreaded up… affecting the effect of diffusion. Diffusion here includes energy lost or diffused into outer space. Got it? By now, I am actually in the stage of thinking about ‘time’… If Scope lives long enough, mankind could have one of the biggest mystery solved. LOL~ This is yet another whole branch of thought requiring a standalone posting… Well~ Life, is just a design… but it must have come from somewhere. Remember what Scope has said about a ‘thinking’ universe?

#x If you are totally lost now, then you must be a retard. The discussion of dimension actually is related to Time travelling and… hilariously, to hell and heaven, of ghosts and gods, and of course… of space travelling to your alien kakis. As you can see from this posting, this is actually a very general masterpiece whereby many branches of thoughts within this piece would be schools of themselves. If anyone continues to explore the universe by sticking to Earth’s inference on them… Don’t waste good bloody time of students.  Many constants would be changing where previously thought to consistent. If Earth is indeed slowing down, then acceration g would be eventually affected. If g is affected, other theories will have to be rewritten as well. That’s the main point Scope is telling this world… The physics of other worlds may not be the same of the Earth’s or that within the solar system’s. Assuming you are looking at a Star X and you calculate change using Earth time T… it may have become a new dimension where all the readings are unapplicable. One instance is when the reading is soooo radically huge or small in relative to Earth’s. All the readings on Earth comes from observations. But can mankind acertain what it sees of other worlds would be what it gets? Those worlds may not even have existed, but are created or pieced together by the galactic optical tricks… from the gods to us. If you are totally lost by now,  you are just so lost.