[If only CIA is really that intelligent… The agency makes a great ingredient for movies, plenty of mysteries, the aliens of the world, and put it this way… Just cool. When you can live forever, you’d know why God wants mankind in hell. God doesn’t need CIA, because angels are already inflitrating this hideous world, and heaven is closed. God is the biggest stakeholder in disasters, but CIA can’t nose around God… So man prays.]

Power allows mortals alot of things, you know… to steal, to rob, to kill, to bully… and last but not least, to have it lost.

This is the Ministry of Love And Justice, of course it lives forever for love and justice. Scope decides not to post the part about his fortune telling story, but he is in a pretty bad mood.

He likes ‘Twlight’ but this sensual statement is about asking you: Do you love vampires?

I was reading and come across a news regarding Minister Mentor’s encouragement to new migrants about the economic performance Singapore can expect. I have no reaction to the news… Simply, what do I expect I to say?#1 The government is full of the best-of-the-best scholars, and everything they know. So Scope always play the clapping part when I come across chim chim news. Like this do, you offend no one… and we can go on shopping for cheap luxuries in town later.

Hurray! Economic crisis is in town!#2

Long time never being to Xiaxue’s blog, and I was drooling at those Lumix as well. However, no matter how she promoted Lumix, Scope is buying a HD video camera… Look at it this way, baby Xiaxue… a few hundreds more and you can get a Panasonic HD new version camera (What do you think I mean by this? Kekeke~). And you can shoot pretty backsides with it, you can play the backsides video with it, and it’s HIGH DEFINITION backsides you’d be getting! (And yeah, it’s… Kekekeke~)

Goes very well also with my 1080p LCD somemore, so can anyone sponsor a Quad Core 2.66 4mb ATI-card system… Then I can be on my way to do some videos… on blue screens somemore! Scope is so fucking excited.

Xiaxue’s site also mentioned this fella… who like fucked 30 girls#3 in two months and went on papers to want teach Singaporeans how… Xiaxue never mentioned the name but I knew the girl she is refering to is probably Dawn Yang#4. LOL~ And what’s so surprising? That Ah Tian just shared the same girl with a dead SAF scholar as reported. I mean he is teaching us how to fish for universal chio boos (Singlish: Pretty females) who are shared among guys? Keep the money, just wait for your turn at pubs or functions for the same girls…

And this Ah Tian like also now in Today’s Column talking about his expertise… I thought the dead SAF scholar got Dawn Yang first… and how come Tom Yam likes man who go around boasting to have 30 women in two months… LOL~

Titillating… If I generous type, I go Geylang I’d have more…

Ah Tian boy boy, normal girls where got jump boats like changing underwears? Maybe he thinks PM Lee prefers this sort of chio boos… for Singaporeans. LOL~

I think Xiaxue’s blog getting more boring… and maybe she’d curse Scope if she reads this but… Damn, she’s getting so boring.#5 Xiaxue MM, you can do better than that lah! She used to be very funny one, maybe the pale face has educated her wrong way. It’s so boring I see the S$10,000 cheque in her blog my eyes still can’t 见钱眼开 (Chinese Bochap Translation:  See Money Eye Opens).

Anyway, I also read Tom Yum’s blog after I finished with Xiaxue’s… Still very hollow, but nice pieces of USA. Thanks to the Wire God, with internet you can see other countries’ pictures easily. The thing I like about Tom Yum’s blog is you get to sometimes see many sexy USA babes.

Before I go reservist#6, I am about dry as to what to blog rubbish about… Then a ‘Lynn’ dropped by talking about ERC and Andy Ong’s blog. The only thing I know about Andy Ong is what Lynn mentioned, ‘over-promised + under-delivered’, or simply misrepresentation, and the infamous legal threat. You promised 10,000:1 contrast ratio, I expect not 9,999:1 contrast ratio, else… deal’s off,  I want my money back.

If anyone wants to trust this chap, go ahead.#7

Nowadays, Singapore is full of such notorious happenings… Sim Lim is packing a whole bunch of them as well. The shop owner who lied about the mere 700:1 ratio told me:  I don’t teach my son to be so rude. I feel like telling him: You are teaching your son to cheat and expect nice nice reaction?! I pity his son to have such a ridiculous father.#8

Singapore, getting super ridiculous~

Please Lynn who-the-fuck, please don’t associate me with Andy Ong. I am a good guy.#9

For love, and for justice.








1. 龟仙人   光头佬麦嘉、反町隆史
2. 孙悟空 林志颖、織田裕二
3. 琪琪       黄圣依、田中丽奈
4. 乐平       周杰伦、陈国坤
5. 比克       陈冠希、阿布宽
6. 达尔       周星驰、梁朝伟
7. 布玛       张柏芝、黑木瞳
8. 牛魔王   林子聪、吉田新太
9. 孙悟饭   午马、小金井明……




巫婆山:这部片子听说是旧故事翻拍。我个人觉得其实还好啦~只是片子中的The Rock终于找到了自己适合的表演方式。其实这部片子有很多是80年代的情节,包括有一段外星朋友握着大家的手挡子弹。那是80年代‘有意义’的拍摄手法,但根本就不合逻辑。而且那个敌对的外星人若按照小男孩儿的超能力,根本就注定失败。但要到了结尾小男孩才打胜了。要是小女孩用超人力其实也可以赢。综合来说,这部片子还行。


Confession of a Shopaholic:这其实是部很可惜的作品。原因非常简单,这部片子很好,虽然演员应该算是三流,演技也很明显不是很成熟,但女主角虽然没期望中的漂亮,可表现相当的好。故事的内容也非常的不错,这闹剧虽然有以上的弱点却表演得很自然得体。最可惜的部分其实就是宣传,因为此故事本身一般在先天上不吸引眼球。老男人觉得这部片可以和《Knowing》平起平坐。所以你不去看就很可惜了。


最近还有一部是什么《街头霸王-春丽篇》吧……没看,因为看了片花,知道不必浪费钱。也就是如此老男人才看了《Confession of a Shopaholic》;所以我非常为《Confession of a Shopaholic》感到可惜,因为她的片花和海报设计影响了它的宣传效果。当然,我不可能去买票看《七龙珠Evolution》。太差劲了;所以在橱窗看看也就是了。

Gary Ng: The Fucker Who Places Girls Naked To You.

Didn’t Scope ever say… Girls are pretty stupid, and ole Gary Ng GG only helps make it obvious that yes… Local girls are stupid, and sexually generous without needing the element of love#12. So that explains why Scope has no interest in local girls#13. Don’t be sad, bimbos… You always have Ah Tian and Gary Ng at your fucking service.

Any age, any type of holes, anyohow and anywhere, you can simply fuck a local girl if you are not so picky#14… You don’t need to be Edison or as picky as him whose favorite hobby is to get Cecilia and other stars#15 to lick his ‘that thing’. Or in Simplyjean’s dictionary… it’s called a ‘sausage’. You can succeed even without reading David Tian’s Today column!

If you read online, you’d discover something about this Gary Ng… long face and plain Jane… Oops… plain John. You look at the way he looks and the hair style… nabei~ Like this you think where got girls so stupid want to fuck, then you are fucking wrong! This is the type of sausage many local girls rode on! I can say Gary Ng is blessed with a long face because like that he can minus off the facial factor many guys with complexes take into consideration when drooling at the girls they like. This is called ‘不要脸大法’.

Yes, in Singapore, you’d get girls by being shameless. That’s what Gary Ng has done, that’s how you can approach girls!

Put it this way, scientifically speaking, which normal girl will pick up an ugly doll instead of a cute Hello-Horsey? Even those Hong Kong balls suckers picked a chio Edison with plenty of expensive bracelets waiting to be given out. If those local girls are not stupid, how can Gary Ng get them to ride on him?

This has become a fact, isn’t it? In Singapore, good guys lose the chio boos. If you are thinking too much and too honorably and so die-hard on whether your girl’d like or not, the next moment she’d be riding the sausage of another Gary Ng. This sort of stupidity is why smart and better guys in Singapore can’t figure out about local girls. The more you think the girls are smart, the more you are being fooled#16!

From his cousin to the beer auntie, it’s fucking unlimited.

I made the same, but valuable, mistake when Scope was young. We all fell in love and tried to approach girls thinking too much too honorably when… fuck, all they want is a dickhead… From brainless to socially-brainful university grads, Gary Ng shows you what I’d take 1000 years to knock into Singaporean guys’ numbskulls: Girls are really stupid~

And he doesn’t read David Tian’s to have covered so many hunts… Good job, Gary Ng. This Gary Ng is way better than the chap doing Free sex, free AVs, sensational headlines, and what else?

But to claim that he has done a better job than Edison is far-fetched lah~ There must be plenty more unrevealed AVs by Mother-fucker Edison, and Gary Ng… you have got to work much harder. One way to do so is to challenge Ah Tian… I think Gary Ng deserves that column more than Ah Tian. At least Gary has some fucking evidences, Ah Tian only use mouth to talk only. Scope also can talk what~

So dear bloggers who are still scoring 2 or 3, you’ve


Hmm… The world has become pretty crazy somehow.

[Love Doesn’t Exist Anymore] I remember when I first met Lih, it was so sweet that when I recall it now… it’s still sweet. And although I messed up I when I encountered Kate, it was also sweet memory. Nowadays,  honor has been a thing of the past. I mean, who still care about old-fashion idea of love and shame in anything…?

It’s like a challenge, a score book, a piece of generic mutations… But girls themselves have a major fault in this because if they don’t fuck those fuckers, without the supply how to accelerate wild demands of such addiction?

The cultural desert… Not surprising. Let’s not deny the greatness of Gary Ng. In what he recounted… his own girls who were foreigners all fucked around behind him. In a land where nobody takes love seriously anymore… How am I to blame this fucker for doing the girls as the girls had enjoyed his sausage?

It’s no farcry that many girls are stupid… Obviously, in this stupidity, it doesn’t matter in local girls or foreign babes.  Some years ago, wives were condemning ‘dragon girls’ for snatching their husbands away. But are the local girls any better? Once the lights are off, be it the beer auntie or the university grad, it’s still the same sausage they were poking themselves with…

This is why Scope prefers sweet memories of local girls and searching for love overseas… In a cultural desert, how much love is still dripping?

You must be an idiot to think Gary Ng can be stopped once he is being exposed… In Singapore, shame doesn’t really matter. We are obviously no short of examples… starting from an apu ne…

Till Gary’s next target is your daughter, maybe shame does matter, after all.

#1 I am proud to be a politically apathetic… Tomorrow is always better than today.

#2 Bochap bochap…

#3 This David Tian even said he was doing so to support PM Lee… LOL~ I believe you…

#4 Is she? Is she? Very funny, why should Singaporeans be chasing after girls who change partners as if changing bras…

#5 Xiaxue really getting pretty boring…

#6 Scope got out-processed the first morning; and that was a right decision because I am more needed elsewhere than lobo-ing in the disgusting field.

#7 I have enough of him. By the look of it, it seems that I am not the only one who have enough of his nonsenses.

#8 I was very nice when I was negotiating with him. Not so nice when I called him about his lies and he actually repeatedly fended with nonsense… and of course, how nice after these would a rational reply be to him?

#9 What? You expect me to be MP Chan Soo Sen II? You nuts…

#10 Common happenings in China… Those silly investors, they should have invested in Scope’s initiatives instead.

#11 This ‘Dragonballs Evolution’ is a Foxy disaster…

#12 The dollar bill is a general acess code to sexual fun in Singapore… It’s slightly better than prostitution considering the lower risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Forget about love, local girls ain’t the cultured type… You’d just like lecturing Confucius to a pen of cows who are only interested in straws. Show them the chips, a bit of sweet talks, and just fuck off.

#13 What Scope wants in a girl… is hardly what a local girl wants of herself. You can’t marvel at the high divorce rate, because people are naturally married for all the wrong reasons here.

#14 According to Chinese news report on a SIA stewardess’ new book, there is a case mentioned: Local leader fucked SIA stewardess… translated from Mandarin. That’d be big news if you imagine a man wearing White fucking away on a flight… LOL~ Can anyone confirm who was the local leading fucker…? Coincidentally, it was only recently that Singapore’s Minister Mentor raised concerns about moral factor in the future leaders.

#15 Put it this way… when your sex videos make it online, you and your girls could be big stars as well… LOL~ So chill.

#16 Tell me seriously, in a cultural desert girls can’t tell right from wrong, and you expect them to tell which dicks are right for them… Time to quit joking eh?