[There was a baseball scene in ‘Twlight’, the music is strong, the girl tossing the ball was so fucking cool… Scope just can’t help doing nothing about it. If you think this CGP is easy, it’s a time-chewer to do. I was pondering about doing a blue glowing pair of eyes when… well, I suppose leaving it this way is much much much better. What do you think? Anyway, it’s not up to you… LOL~]

Who in the right mind goes left when everything is right…

The new LCD is now in place, so I can expect more CGPs to come soon. It’s about $270 22″ 1080p, and I can’t afford to wait another 3 months for COMEX since I have a few hundreds of graphics to finish processing. One can’t blame me for being extremely unhappy to the shop owner who sold me 700:1 contrast ratio claiming that product to be 1000:1 then 10,000:1 ratio, and that was at the final day of COMEX! Since he has refunded me in full without the box and more hassle, I’d leave the shop identity out. Actually, Sim Lim is getting a notorious reputation for consumer cheating not unlike what are happening in the private education sector.#1 Not mentioning as well that at least 12 CGPs are on the cards so far.

[As of 26 March 09, this is placed here for the fun of stats for those who love playing with figures. Actually, stats online can’t be trusted. That’s how Scope sees it.]

Recently, MINDef (A HQ for Singapore Armed Forces) demanded me to go for RT#2 because I failed the IPPT. I was pretty shocked because this will be the first RT and in-camp after so many years since NS. Given the current situation in Singapore, it’s not really conducive to be involved in this. But much as I am reluctant to return to camp that given my overseas dealing which can help me disappear from Singapore till 40yo, as a blogger… it actually thrills to check out a reservist experience#3. But I am still pondering about applying for deferment. NS experience shows me SAF is a dirty hellhole littered with skunks and defiling creatures… But Scope has no idea about doing reservist in SAF.

Should I apply for deferment?

Can somebody up there review the need of RT at least?

Scope has some private matters which require him to be best in Singapore for some time, though he also would like to check all those monies in China’s accounts are safe. From China, you can also check the monies and other accounts in all over the world. Not to say, there are movies to be made…

Half-jokingly, Scope told Jia to just burn down the hospital in Guangzhou. It’s partially a joke because in real, it is actually one viable method of seeking redress in China. And after a few years of Casinos in Singapore, it’d probably be conducive as well for such options to be available here. If Jia’s Dad is really powerful enough, but by the right of way, he’d have to still check with the powers in Guangzhou if the hospital is covered. You just can’t blaze things which are covered, so usually a tea session precedes. Be it Edison’s or Jia’s or whatever injustice, it’s not just about blazing as you like.

I am not talking about MP Seng’s unfortunate event. And Singaporeans should just stay out of what they don’t understand. Is it easy to do business in China? It depends on how you understand it… My uncle turned black face when he presumed during businesses in China is as what the media reported needing alcohol and cigars. I only drank once in Shan Xi where I could have declined if not for the sake of the host, and I had a little recently with a group in Singapore. Scope doesn’t drink usually despite that he won’t get drunk easily.

Scope doesn’t understand why Singaporeans usually hold such rigidness even in things they never really handled…? It’s pretty standard conclusion jumped in this cultural desert but… in real, it’s not like that. There are other tycoons at the tables, and I knew many didn’t drink much as they talked about deals in various places. Fact is, when I met big brother in one of this apartments, alcohol was not an issue.

A number shows up and… it’s pretty surprising, yet regretably it’s not striking 4D#4. 3280 is now the new daily height of this blog; A pretty much ridiculous but welcomed hits count especially when I was not really around, thanks to Cheru. So this blog flies past 65,000 hits all in a flash. Three thousands hits… Xiaxue’s blog started years back claiming a three thousands daily hits to the then 20,000 daily hits. I have no intention to be the Singapore’s blogo-prince, so don’t get me wrong. But it’s pretty touching if we take the earlier heights of 100 then 700 into consideration. But getting a height of 200,000 hits a day is not something that unusual anymore since our WordPress sugar, Raincoaster, does alot better than that.040409stats
[Look at this… a real daily record, as of 04/04/09! It’s about 1/3 of what 30,000hits Xiaxue’s blog registered. LOL~ Something new for every fucker. Scope doesn’t even know how to plot the lines… Yo yo~ 3280hits was a sweet thing of the past.]

If one comes into Scope’s blog of fantasies, one can easily find that the element of Singapore is much lesser than those of foreign’s. This is actually ok if not only natural because Scope’s blog originates not from Singapore. But checking the IPs shows an increasing interests towards this blog from Singapore locations. It’s might not be a blessing given the notorious ways of Singapore blogosphere; it’s probably already world famous for this… nest of hornets#5.slowdance
[This is an attempt to make use of a software… It’s Scope sitting on a pretty old old old… what’s that called? I kind of like this feel, it’s like so… in the past when things were pretty rosy.]


[传奇] 五、六年前在国外的一个晚上,老男人弃了短枪反而挑了一把长枪百发百中令到随行的两名熟人惊讶。其实短枪的命中率不如长枪,而且挑到一把调过的长枪打不中很难。开长枪其中一个要点是呼吸。很多初学者忽视了呼吸那微弱的晃动对长枪的影响。老男人在国家军训时是没开过枪的#6,但其实老男人开AK型号冲锋机关枪和长枪是相当有经验的……而且早在入伍前,老男人已经是个高手了#7。我对着他们笑了一下,继续沉浸在射击的乐趣中……





[子弹的型型种种] 一般上,子弹除了口径就是‘芯’的不同。其实所有手枪的功能就是爆破子弹尾端的化学物,而蛋壳的种类来来去去就只是那回事儿。枪膛中的子弹有普通的回旋式弹头,也有类似子母弹的爆破式12ga弹头,或者7.76mm钢芯弹头,或装有水银等毒气、毒液的也有。不常见的是钉子弹和一排排的C型弹头。这类弹药老男人本身也没见过。基本上,工业使用的气压枪也可以当成短程武器。枪支和弓箭其实没什么大不同,都是用力弹射出去的武器,只是威力和用法上的差异罢了。效果其实都一样#16



[双剑合璧] 枪是令人感动的一件艺术品。因为高手在情绪上必须有所准备,那么对于必须如对老婆般熟悉的枪支需要有相当的热情。所以枪本身是一件令人感动的艺术品,那包涵了枪手本身的素质或射击内涵。#17当你第一次选择用枪的时候就马虎不得。因为要成为高手,你必须找到一把适合自己个性的枪支。虽然枪支可以调适,但最终最重要的还是自己的性格。



 [特工传奇故事] 无论写什么,包括剧本都需要心情。其实要写这类故事并没什么大不了的;毕竟市面上很多剧本都有特工情节,甚至外星人特工也有。虽然新加坡文化沙漠小人很多不妨有对创意文化行文字狱类似的问题但这并不是不写特工传奇的原因。如果要写,就透露一个滔天大案……那就是希特勒其实当年以替身瞒天过海最终逃到北非的故事。









这样的故事不过瘾的话,不如就去当特工好了#21;特工不怕经济危机。 不过,别随便盗用老男人的故事题材…这是忠告。

 #1 I have recently come across one blogger who shamelessly defended a Preston degree holder’s operation as legitimate. Such shameless way has become a point of discontent towards Singaporean entities overseas. I suppose many local operators who are cheating consumers are hoping that consumers who signed are finished when, in real, signed documents can be contested in court… especially with huge publicly released misleading ads and sales pitches. Be it ERC or the shop, there is no such will to cheat that cannot be contested if they misrespresented. The government has alot more to do.

#2 RT is a series of Retraining days if you can’t pass IPPT, a SAF fitness requirement that lasts until one is 40 years old. It’s a policy I’d suggest the older guy to review because it made some sense in the 80s but makes little sense in the 90s. RTs and in-camps take up too much time and this also has complicated implications affecting many breadwinners’ lives. Not to mention that SAF has in recent years made multiple news regarding unnecessary deaths and unfair treatments.

#3  Alright, Geylang is thrilling but I suppose people are also curious in other aspects as well. Scope is no soldier by default so… Yeah, some girls loved Scope in uniform, but Scope hates uniform. Besides, I am a creative personnel… not a boring simpleton.

#4 Instead of working for see-no-up rascals looting shamelessly under the million-dollars-nose of our talented government no less worse than those AIG critters Obama is, gratefully so, furious with, 4D and Toto are two gambling tools you’d have to get familiar with in Singapore. Caveat emptor is dragging Singapore’s reputation into the sorry drain.

#5 If Scope has a choice, it’s serious reluctance to be associated with them. The online politics are pretty radical and tracing them shows very heavy influences by various commercial involvements down right to… … you guess. It’s a huge nest of hornets possible because even if it were to be the Prime Minister, he’d find the stings from where he’d most unexpect them to be. A big round, a big big round. LOL~

#6 In reality, there was only once when Scope actually used the rifle during NS and it was for grenades not bullets. When Scope was issued that rifle… it was as if forcing him to feed with a wooden spoon when he was used to a golden one. Besides, he had no experience in weapon maintenance… and hated them because the unit would use such peanut issues to find fault.

#7 To be true to the story, by the time Singapore called Scope into NS, little did they know a superb sharpshooter was recruited… But we can’t show off, anyway. Scope would pass almost any shooting test with a reasonable score in almost any sort of standard shooting condition. He’s not allowed to join Olympics… Nice story.

#8 The good old days of shooting in the farm in France were to be missed alongside with the modified sniper rifle. Shooting is an art, not a science… You can’t expect simulator to replace the real thing.

#9 Pistols… piss-ters. LOL~ For those who never have a chance to squeeze the triggers, you should try once and find out why they can one piss off. Whenever Scope sees cops hanging out with the swinging revolvers, the thought usually comes: OMG! They expect to tackle criminals with those pieces of junks… Those revolvers are not only slow and heavy, but beyond 50m… the accuracy is like buying toto.

#10 Normal rifle’s accuracy suffers after 300m, and the most effective end is at most at the range of 400m, Scope’s modified rifle can reach at least 500m. If one cannot aim within an illustrated 20cm target at 300m, he or she’s just trash. The point is to aim at the bottom of a 0.5cm radius of an imaginery circle with the help of the crosshair… because the support usually comes from below. The modified rifle comes with an ultra-violet scope that actually prints digital distance… the top of the cream in the early 90s. And I happily forgot how to tell distance from NS training. Besides, nobody really wastes focus on what the fuck distance the target is…

#11 The usual pacing takes about 7s~8s, the expert can trigger off a bullet after 3s.

#12 The best weapon spreads the love equally…

#13 You see the baby shooting as if bullets are unlimited in ‘The Matrix’? If she can take it, the weapon would have melted… Enough heat to cook an egg is generated everytime you fire off at least 2 bullets consecutively. Besides, you’d need some super strength to maintain an auto-fire maintaining accuracy while running. But that was ‘The Matrix’… Where anything is possible.

#14 The old saying, ‘If you are not cool with your baby, use a knife.’ . In short distance combat, throwing a knife is more accurate than wasting your ole bullets if you are all agitated, enraged, or just nervous…

#15 The whole point about shooting is you just shoot… stay focus and send the bullets dancing beautifully to the target.

#16 It doesn’t really matter what sort of ballistics you got… as long as it suits your baby, why not? Some weapons can opt for varied barrel sizes… avoid such preferences because unless you are so gifted, if a barrel size fits, just stick to it. 7.76mm is pretty fine with Scope; I don’t know why but… I kinda have the best accuracy and ease with this ‘condom’ size… Other things are not important.

#17 Like towards women… every normal guy says he loves the women. But how many really love them other than for sex? It’s the same with weapons… most guys love fire-arms because they feel shiok shooting with it, but that’s not love. After shooting, they left the weapons to rust… just as immature men left women to rot after fucking them for the thrill of it. Interestingly, men who don’t know how to really love their weapons don’t usually really love their women.

#18 Shotguns… very cool in games, but if you are really thinking about the exciting shotguns, they are really troublesome ‘idiots’, and the ballistics can actually be so random at scenes where you can find what you shot are what you get… back into your body. Always use shotguns in open space where the target is at least 20m from you… And imagine when the fucking 12ga explode in your face due to defects…

#19 Look, for ‘home users’, nothing is better than the easy 5.56mm bullets. If you are sooooo boliao, why not just get a .50 calibre… And if you get a .50 calibre weapon, you might as well try a grenade launcher… LOL~ 5.56mm is all you ever need for a lifetime of peace. You can shoot ducks, dogs, fishes, frogs or the straw-men… 

#20 Always get a fog test, especially for ultra-violet scopes. It’s easy, dare the fucker to dip the scope into water… You can’t get a scope leaking here and there, and aim with all the moisture disrupting lights with such expensive investment. And don’t be cheated by getting plastic glasses… and it’s not just the scratches. Just imagine you’d need the scope to spy on the babe next door… and get the bloody feel.

#21 I have never come across an agent in force who was in because of application. Basically, they are all selected talents from all over the world. Highly organized mercenaries who honor their own codes as laws. Agents are not usually engaged in assassination missions, simply because the bill to such request of a move-out is not cheap… And it’s really not cheap. Only paid employees in secret government forces are mostly responsible for such cheap missions. The point is, every task force member is more important to be wasted on petty issues. The rate of move-out was more than USD8m in the 90s. It’s not a big price tag when you consider that we have two submarines to maintain and a whole lot of mouths to feed… Boyz, I am so fucking creative that I can write a better story of how alien forces invade Singapore. Basically, accordingly to the storyline, if a task force is indeed after you… you’re as good as dead already. The fantasy of Scope… read it, and make believe.
sstats0309[In real,there is yet another more aggressive push upwards as seen clearly in this trend. It literally jumps from a few hundreds to a few thousands in a pretty short span in time and stays… The hits count for an anyohow blog as this one is already more than enough. A growth with serenity is better with a sudden hype drawing all the trashes in. That’s the beauty of blogging.]