[I was thinking of doing something else with the political theme CGP when, ok… I’d just lump them all together like this. Turns out quite ok to me. This should be the dream team… LOL~ Hot. You should click for a bigger view. From left to right: Scope, 阿部宽, Minister Baby(?), 反町隆史.]

Whatever they are fighting for will be left safely there for the chosen one.

Fine evening strolling down Orchard Road in Singapore to encounter an old old classmate#1, and I am still laughing in my cozy room now about the discussion of getting a trademark in Singapore. Accordingly, if I go through his company, it’d cost thousands of good ole money that before I left I told him forget it, I’m printing my ugly face on the packaging and assume full copyright on my face.

Why the fuck am I paying a few thousands when I have the bloody copyright right on my face?

That was a jest between two legal experts meeting again after so long. If anyone is trading anything with my face or part of it on, I WILL sue you.#2 And I don’t even need a lawyer to do that. That’s about trademarks and copyrights. Even logo has copyright, but you’d need to let the entire world knows that it originates from your creation.

Why do you have to pay anything when the next option is free?

I am getting pretty apologetic towards myself for being slacking with my blog for so long#3, hence here comes another proper posting with a ridiculously short interval to the previous’. Flooding my puny life with seas of words is just so cool… But when I thought of the oceans of small people in blogosphere#4, I feel like vomitting again. Luckily, by the invitation from somebody… Scope is scheduled to visit ole China again!

I sure miss my beloved Hilary#5… Perhaps I’d visit her along the way. Maybe she’s already married, maybe…

But first, I am going for a 40min foot massage. I value healthy lifestyle.

Recently, I went to Sentosa and recently was also caught by myself to having spent S$800 a day, and I was wondering where had I spent them on… Anyway, Sentosa does change alot#6. The spacious feel of old time warmth has certainly been destroyed by the ongoing construction and… the monorail is gone?! And many antique locations are either squeezed or gone as well. I went with a pretty girl, and the lunch that day cost about S$60. The tickets are pretty steep no doubt, but Underwater World remained ok for plenty of flashlights. There were two issues which are worth mentioning: 1. Underworld World lied to me that the Dolphine Lagoon is another company’s when they are of the same; 2. The Rangers did a pretty neat job in hospitality, and they must be commended. Since Underwater World likes to lie that much, Scope decides not to visit Under-World anymore as he prefers more honest company#7. That’s very bad when tourism is a major lifeline for Singapore and you treated visitors with lies, especially when a visitor is requesting for assistance.

Very smart, but I apparently don’t appreciate that.

I’d like to sincerely thank those Rangers, especially a Mr Bala#8 for making life easier when I sought for assistance. Yeah, I know you said it was your job, but that was good job and Scope must mention it. It is very important that customer service standards be maintained towards every visitor to Sentosa because things can find their way into STOMP or somewhere online. And you never know who the visitor might be…

Fuck~ The connection was off and I almost tried to update this posting… The point is, if connection was off and I try to update, the contents will risk vanishing into outer-space.bochapse
[The perfect dress code for a big party to come is be wearing what you are comfortable in. Cheap style can be a million dollars classic… For a super bochap as Scope, it’s just doesn’t matter because what he wears, he is he to himself.]

Reformasi: Here Comes The Ultimate Party 2009!

It is an auspicious year of the Bullshits, blessing the spring of new blossoms… and it’s time for Scope to start a brand new party in Singapore to conquer the world of useless low IQ idiots who are taking wages just to wait for the end of the world#9~

The constitution of the party: To provide fun and excitment to this boring world of crackpots#10~

How about that?

But first, we must have a brand new name for the party.

‘Christmas Party?’

But that’s too usual.

‘Sex Party…’

Exciting but I’d prefer babes to join, and frankly… how many eligible babes are there in Singapore?

‘People Acting Party?’

Scope is not into politics, remember?

‘Workers’ Party…’

I don’t like Monday blues… Besides, who the fuck like to work by default except for crackpots?

‘Singapore Elite X-gen Party?’

Marvelous… SEX Party again.

‘I M Male Party?’

Surely males will tick on that box, but what about females and gays…?

‘I M Singaporean Party?’

Much better, but I am setting out to conquer the world…  And in this world money talks. So..

‘Vote Me Got Money Take Party?’

Too long, too long! Let it be just  ‘Got Money Take‘ Party. Waliao~ Fucking auspicious, and even fools will tick our box lah! For the salvation of mankind, for world peace fucking, for all sorts of sibei strange reasons, we’d start this GMT Party!

“Got Money Take Party! Vote for Got Money Take!”

“Vote Got Money Take; Join Got Money Take; See Got Money Take just tick!” So fucking auspicious! Sounds so grassroot-ic. Even ah peh and ah ma type will be also happy like fuck~ How to lose in election like this? LOL~

Then we must also have party appointments setup… The position titles from highest to lowest positions for Got Money Take should be more appealing to the market:
Got Money Take Party Lim Lao Beh, Scope. (Sec Gen, Prime Minister)
Got Money Take Party Lobo King, Vacant. (Chairman, President)
Got Money Take Party Bochap King, Vacant. (Treasurer, Finance Minister)
Got Money Take Party MC King, Vacant. (Public Relations, Foreign Minister)
Got Money Take Party Taiko King, Vacant. (Party Whip, Law Minister)
Got Money Take Party Bandit King, Vacant. (Memebership coordinator, Manpower Minister)
Got Money Take Party Hokkien Beng, Vacant. (Event organizer, Education Minister)
Got Money Take Party Buay Song Beng, Vacant. (Logistics, Environment Minister)
Got Money Take Party Lim Lao Hia, Vacant. (Honorary Member, Health Minister)
Got Money Take Party Ah Gua Ji, Vacant. (Honorary Member, Defence Minister)
Got Money Take Party Bobo Shooter, Vacant. (Honorary Member, Security Minister)
Got Money Take Party Xiao Ginna, Vacant. (Members)

In accordance to the constitution, the new party’s promotion requirements to cadres will be:
1. Must be clean: No AIDS and other STDs…
2. Must be popular: At least have 10 girlfriends in 1 month.
3. Must be professional: Tell joke people must laugh.
4. Must be highly educated: Must know at least 80% of Kama Sutra.
5. Must contribute to Singapore: Must have sex every night or must have 1 baby every month to boost population. 

Got Money Take Party annual fee is $14.99.

Party dress code: Naked.

Join us now! What are you waiting for? The next Lobo King or Lim Lao Hia could be you! Lim Lao Beh Scope welcomes you with open arms to Got Money Take Party! Membership while stocks last. Join GMT now as a proud Got Money Take Xiao Ginna or volunteer to make this world a better place! We are the most transparent party around as our dress code suggests!

Vote for us now! You want Got Money Take!

[Disclaimer] We are not aiming to conquer the world. What we are aiming for, is the galaxy… We are not responsible for any election frauds and etc conducted by aliens and homosexuals sapiens. If any babes are interested to be part of this exciting new party, you are sooooo welcomed.

I feel so bloody powerful… I am he-man~

Fuck~ my steroid, my steroid…

Who in the $%$@* is responsible for hiding my steroid?

[Playing Monopoly] Of course, the above was created to add some excitment in an otherwise boring evening. I have a good sleep the whole day, happy… because I am on my way to walking on China’s land again#11. And I really hope to meet up with Hilary for meals and see if she is ok. Before Scope eventually migrates, I also wish to see Lih#12 again. Having seen Kathryn at Chok’s wedding, the stir forced Lih back in sweet memories. In real, I am really glad to see Kathryn again. I am not a typical Singaporean, so I don’t care about fucking social norms other than what is really right in love.

Love can’t be ordered, and it also means it isn’t or shouldn’t be in sequence. It doesn’t mean you love A and B shows up and you love B that you don’t love A anymore. And you call that loving B when C shows up and you don’t love B anymore… Just because that’s social norm doesn’t mean it’s correct. If you love somebody, that feeling can and should linger for a lifetime#13.

Talking about politics makes me sick. But the old chap, Yaw#14, is playing in Workers’ Party… that is, he is in the opposition camp. Actually the name in the joke up there should not be ‘Got Money Take’ Party but ‘Tick Here By Law’ Party. Imagine those stupid voters read this on their votes and pretend to be stupid as well and tick ‘Tick Here By Law’ Party into power…

Then during National Day…

Let us stand to welcome Tick Here By Law’s Lim Lao Beh, Scope…

Then when I email to Obama…

Your mother must be proud of you!

Yours sincerely,
Lim Lao Beh.

Then a smartie can author a book titled: What if the World is without Lim Lao Beh

If Osama wants to threaten Singapore then: We demand Lim Lao Beh to release JI brothers


Then every Singaporean can proudly tell foreigners who is in charge of Singapore: Lim Lao Beh~

Actually, when I was still a kid I read of this story… There was a titan who was very stupid but managed to reach full adulthood, and he was near a whole cave full of food with a filthy monster guarding. A little boy was very hungry and needed the food. So the little boy drew the titan close to the monster, and the two creatures were locked in a big fight. The fight was so destructive that the peddles and rocks were smashing away that after the injured titan killed the monster, a whole pack of angry wolves appeared to attack the titan. The titan being heavily injured was no match and could not escape into the cave with the rocks sealing up the entrance, so he ran away.

The little boy came out from the hiding place, climbed through the holes and ate happily ever after.

If you think that’s the end of the story, you are wrong.

The stupid titan returned and wanted to enter the cave, so he began removing the rocks. The little boy started to throw some food out from the cave and the stupid titan started picking up the food and eat outside the cave, guarding the little boy inside who grew into a titan himself.

It’s an interesting tale, but not suitable for movie making. The little boy knew he was the weakest, but he got brains the giants didn’t have. He was willing to hold his hunger and wait. He knew two barbaric fools will fight once they saw each other. In fact, the most powerful among the three of them was, ironically, the little boy. The louder the roars, the larger the rocks flying around, the sooner will be the chance to enter the cave. The titan and the monster could only deny the boy no longer than their natural foolishness would allow them to. Once the monster fell, scavengers would come in and open up the way for the boy to enter the cave by driving off the injured titan, a huge chunk of brainless meat.

While Scope doesn’t understand all those chim chim politics, he does suck after naive fairy tales. And he prefers to chase after beautiful underwears of beautiful women… having high tea in country clubs and watch the birds and the bees singing sweet nosenses.

Titans and monsters… they are pure fictions; Good to read, not to be believed. When you believe you are that powerful titan, just stare hard into the mirror; you might be just another retard with a monstrous sneer waiting to sink into hell as you find a little boy grinning behind you.

Luckily, Scope is too retarded for politics.#15

I am tried, I need to rest now.

#1 Ah Long said he met Son recently, then Scope few days later met Son massaging at Outram Park, and Son said he still in contact with Peggy and Siping. Siping was about the closest buddy during secondary times other than another chap, and with no sexual elements involved, Scope has been pretty concern about her. It’d be wonderful if all of us can meet up after I migrated.

#2 That’d be a profitable move in Singapore. The issue of copyright has been discussed many times in WordPress forum. Basically trademarks and copyrights do have some differences, but in a way, you don’t really need trademarks if you know how to claim on copyrights.

#3 Actually when it comes to spending nights with a babe in an executive suite vs the urge to blog at home, what would a guy prefer? LOL~

#4 Which is probably why I can’t be bothered with those online critters. From the time of celebrities blogging in Sohu to now, 林子大了,什么鬼都有. That is especially in Singapore’s range of disgusting blogosphere… Doing a simple comparison between the two blogs shows easily. The urge to migrate comes strong again… LOL~

#5 Hilary was a very good woman, an encounter in Beijing. Her abusive partner left her and my beloved left me and we clicked very easily. She was a good assistant but it was a regret that she may be too irrationally smart despite my hints to her not to. She was such a good woman that she becomes one of the four most memorable females… We should have met much earlier.

#6 It’s really a shocker… And the chicken rice cost S$7.90 a plate when you can get it at S$2.00 in the main island! Can you believe that? But you can’t really blame the stalls there because the rentals are rumored to be equally absurd. That’s Singapore.

#7 Don’t tell me the company learns tourism and hospitality from ERC? And I thought tourism is what very important to Singapore… Another myth? How can you lie to a visitor needing assistance? That’s horrendous!

#8 At least the rangers are doing their job, and that deserves a public compliment. But I’d be happier if they can get what I want.

#9 There is nothing in politics but jokes for a politically apathetic chap as Scope, do join the fun of the dramatic new party, ‘Got Money Take’.

#10 Just as Kathryn introduced ‘crap’ into my dictionary, another popular busty beauty with a pretty inspiring decoration on her face introduced ‘crackpot’. The only difference is I have more love for one than the other.

#11 Actually, I was considering. Unlike the Beijing experience, I have been to Zhejiang a couple more times and know it was not as polluted and Ningbo was extremely beautiful. However, things may have changed drastically. China remains a pretty attractive option to raise a family for a talented and aspiring Scope. There are many issues in China, but the people there are more likely to click with talents, and fundings are more rationally possible. Migration will open up plenty of options not available in Singapore… especially at a time when rascals flood the city with eyes closing.

#12 One of the most beautiful or lovely memories came from the awkward encounter with Lih… She’d never know how much I felt for her. It is a story with plenty of stupid Scopic fuck-ups… and I still laughed whenever I recall the times we spent together. But she had subsequently changed in such a way that… I prefer to remember her when we first met.

#13 Sometimes I read my own cousins’ minds and come across also many youngsters’ confusions in relationships. Social norms based on a cultural desert with kids hardly exposed to proper thinking can be pretty dangerous. Many just can’t separate social norms, sex and love, and when they mingle them all up… it’s totally illogical. And hence, man lusts, having sex and remains hollow, while woman loves… and remains stucked in a love she never understands. I have come across too many women who are stucked and become unhappy for as long as they first engaged in romance. Love is not necessarily selfish.

#14 Pink Miu Miu’s cousin happens to be an old school mate, of a primary school in an area of Singapore loaded with plenty of political kids when in the 80s were talking about communism and democracy already. It might be due to it being the area where university people were pretty much concentrated. I was not really surprised Yaw jumped into the opposition camp. Whether he remains somebody worthy is another issue altogether. His mother was extremely proud of him. But politics… to Scope, politics is just too much like an alien subject when there are so many beauties needing my tender loving care.

#15 It’s never too early to be a retard and never too late not to be one. I am only too happy to hide under an umberalla when the skies turn ugly and rain shits. That’s the main use of umberallas, isn’t it? And behind every storm is sunshine, then umberalla can be used to smash rabid dogs. If the umberalla is already damaged beyond repair, I have already a ticket for Utopia by then… Politics is like everyone is trying to play god when the temple would have sunk into shits by the next morning. Besides, I don’t need the world to love me… if all the babes love me, can oredi.