[The Hathaway image in this CGP is the ultimate attraction, and inspite of her sucking ****, she’s still a babe. It’s the same fetish for Hikaruko, when you heard plenty of news of the actress sleeping around… Good women… very hard to come by. You love them, yet you know no man is perfect. Recently, violence happened in the North. Scope reads those bloody news like so sianz already… This CGP is dedicated to World Pissed Peace.]

The rascal receives a bullet only when mail service is available.

[Singapore] Of late I was told that this chap (曾渊仓, said to be a professor) said something about those who slashed at the rich’s lavish spendings being communistic#1, and the joke was… Obama who slammed those corrupted CEOs whereby a simple chair could have cost $15,000 would probably be the new leader of communism. Maybe USA is indeed going to be a communist state with Obama’s leadership if people who voiced out anger at local lavish spendings by the elites… including those who have obviously led Singapore into a great golden era with so many sweet bargains nowadays were to be communists, ie in accordance with the professor’s view. Even the restaurants are so empty that Scope doesn’t even need to call for reservations nowadays.

Of course, perhaps he was merely joking.

How can there be such a wonderful era whereby my new dining table could be bought for merely $10,000? This Spanish made costs $25,000 in usual times without the talented elites helping to bring in such a wonderful era, and now the package comes with 6 chairs instead of 4. Good job, elites!

Friends were marveling at the new bed Scope has bought alongside with the majestic bedsheet and pillow cases, and not forgetting the silk quilt#2. So cheap! What used to cost $4500 now cost only about $3000. The ‘communists’ the professor has in mind should have the big brains to thank the talents even when many of them are going to become jobless soon. If everyone becomes jobless, it’d be like a huge holiday on national basis for everyone!

I thought Singaporeans always complain no holidays?#3

After all, we have billions and billions of reserves. Obama must be crazy and must learn from that professor, there are so many more beautiful things to admire, including TT Durai’s small ikan bilis golden tap. What’s the big deal if a single cabinet of a corrupted CEO is $150,000?

Singaporeans must learn to appreciate being jobless is about having a good rest and big party after building up so much reserves as a nation, and you can have $200 in March 1st and in July as well#4. What more can a poor ikan bilis have asked for? Or do you really want to be labelled as a ‘communist’? Just be grateful.

Don’t follow that crackpot Obama going around insulting such heavenly talented#5 elites for their well deserved exotic furnitures and wanting such a few puny affordable planes. If a professor doesn’t drill the idea into Singaporeans, Scope shalt remind all Singaporeans of their rightful places that Obama or USA can be communist but Singapore shouldn’t be. Who do you think Singaporeans are? Just a bunch of unmotivated crackpots who day-in day-out go green-eyes of the talented elites who have helped bring many of you out from stressful jobs into resting moments and they bring in so many bargains in as well#6

This morning, Scope had his breakfast… it’s about only $20. So cheap~ See? Even Scope is saving. But of course, my lunch later in town may cost a bit more… about $104. But it’s considered cheap, because yesterday’s breakfast was buffet at a hotel and you can guess for yourself how much it was.

Let Obama be a communist, Scope has to rush out for lunch. You see, my personal health consultant has seriously ‘condemned’ my lifestyle of taking in so much meat after 8pm… and insisted that I follow his program. So… before I rush out for a moment, I’d like to inform the kpo readers that Bugis OG is on sales. I got myself a new pair of leather shoes at 27% discount. It was orignally $155. Scope was happy like fuck~

By the way, people can’t blame me for missing in action for so long since… really, Scope was over-reacting from too many bowls of sharkfins lately… The heat got me, and I was down with a sorry flu#7. And what happen when you got a flu? Does anybody take photos just to look like a pile of drooling shit…?#8

Anyway, I’m back!

Sorry, Spidey. I steal your line…

Busybody Haunt: Familiar Face At Geylang.

If I were to blog about something hotter than Xiaxue, I almost could. That’s jolly well because the other night while I was patrolling Geylang again for the thrill of it, there was a hooker in all yellow, with a cute hairpin and she stood like Kathryn, smiled like Kathryn and even talked like Kathryn; Of course, she did look like Kathryn. And supposedly, she’d be about S$100#9.

If I had paid her the fucking money, I’d have something explosive enough to blog about.#10

Not that somebody had booked her the entire night. She was standing next to the drive-in carpark in bright yellow… seemingly soliciting independently and was happily chatting with her phone when I first saw her. Closer observation showed that she was younger than Kathryn. It might not have been her lucky night since I decided to cross the road and observed…. … but for hours, she had no business.#11

She just stood there without even a drink for hours, and… while the other hookers may be proactive, she just stood there…

Nay~ I don’t fuck prostitutes.#12 In spite that was pretty tempting and Scope is pretty open-minded#13 about such things, but the idea of paying her to suck a cock she’d probably never feel anything for remains a hilarious notion. No matter how she resembled her, she was just not her.

There were some very sweet beauties in the China lorong trying to negotiate with me to bang them but… I was more curious at the men surrounding two fattie shortie Ang Moh hookers#14. Strange. And the beauties beside me took the chance to solicit as I came to a halt to giggle at the funny sight. Those uncles obviously prefered uglier pale faces than those China beauties. Perhaps it was about fresh experience.

Other than Geylang, nothing usually as thrilling in Singapore… But going to Geylang ever since would mean having to resist temptation from that motherfucker look-alike. Umm… I’d need a virginity lock of some sorts, with solid iron casting. Visa usually lasts merely a month, so perhaps I’d go sight-seeing at Geylang after the month; if she is not a local, she’d have vanished by then.

Edison Chen: The Fucker Is Back!

Don’t really feel like blogging about Edison… I mean, he’s a great AV king, his cock is normal, and Cecilia’s Lucas would probably get to see his mum’s licking skill a couple of years from now and discover a new use for his with other women… What is Edison? He’s just a fucker.

Feeling jealous already?#15

There could be a shamelessly long Q of local ladies hoping to lick his golden cock. And Scope looks forward to more of his AV productions. Come on… this is pretty rampant in the entertainment industry; And as mentioned, the public doesn’t decide Edison’s fate, like it or not. The focus now falls on the growing Lucas and other girls’ future kids’ reactions to Uncle Edison’s cock.

‘This is the infamous sausage our mums sucked greedily…’

So the mother-fucker is back#16. I hope the coming sluts’d do a better show than the previous batch.

What else am I expected to touch on this news? It’s news over-cooked too many times already.

#1 Is he anti-Teo-Chee-Hean? The typical story is refering to the aspiring chef-wannabe who disappeared more than a week from office during crisis to spend some S$15,000 overseas as permanent secretary when Singaporeans as Scope are getting a miserable $200 in March 1st. Minister Teo was heard reprimanding such… insensitive move. Hence the joke that rich must be careful of showing off lavish consumptions ever since. Scope doesn’t think Minister Teo is communist, anyway.

#2 The fact is… silk quilt is really softer, lighter, and way more comfortable than the usual type. It’s not really a lavish spending when Singapore is so hot and it doesn’t make cow sense getting other materials to make things more uncomfortable.

#3 Many China workers in Singapore have complained about the lousy bosses who con no lesser than they being unreasonably barbaric, and poor work conditions. It’s just culture… a culture of no culture, ie. What else? Singapore ranks very high in having a pretty unmotivating work condition whereby workers are highly, hence, unmotivated. The decendents of coolies… LOL~

#4 It’s actually an amount to offset the GST that shouldn’t have existed at all. The problem about this sort of grants is neither the poor feel getting much benefits from the GST introduced nor much allowances out of the poverty cycles with such a meagre sum. And the way the grant is offered is pretty hilarious by international standards… Those jobless in bigger houses will get much lesser than those working and getting big bucks having smaller houses locally and buying big houses overseas. The argument is that you can always sell your big house for smaller ones, but in many cases, this is totally ridiculous because many younger generation Singaporeans can’t even purchase new homes with such heavenly price tags and have to stay with their parents. A point of high discontent towards the highly paid talented government hence grows steadily. Nothing much have been done all these years on such arrangements… $200 is not even enough to pay for the road tax, the fines, the fuel and so on if the poor needs a car to work.

#5 LOL~

#6 Scope seriously thinks the leaders worth that much of high pay this round doing a wonderful job by running many businesses into the verge of collapse or already have collapsed despite so much alarms raised over the years from the public, that without their talented good intentions in bringing us the fire-sales, how can people shop paying lesser? If they have stupidly listened to those noisy alarms and avoided this crisis with sufficient preparations, many won’t have the chance of cheap bargains before they’d migrate elsewhere. Scope hopes the talents don’t overwork themselves if they end up benchmarking their superb performance to the jobless’. Look at the bright side, and you will find the world a beautiful place running amok with talents…

#7 I am getting some bird nest later, that should cool things downIt’s nothing lavish since it’s purely done as medication.

#8 I have to confess, CGPs are slacking in production, but there is a good reason. The terminal for their production is currently facing a monitor failure issue, and a new LCD is coming in next month. Nonetheless, Scope is staying away from heaty food such as sharkfins for a while. Maybe the chef used too much ginseng, or…

#9 The hooker didn’t wear a SIA uniform… she should. Perhaps business would have gone up for her. Still, she was shockingly resembling to Kathryn and the next shock was, I didn’t pull her into the hotel. LOL~

#10 And you actually literally really expect Scope to blog about it if he did fuck the look-alike? LOL~

#11 If you are wondering why, I am more puzzled as well. How could she have no business? Maybe she was not as active as she should have been than her competitors. The shakers get the dicks… LOL~

#12 Factually so, so far. Doesn’t mean Scope is no normal healthy guy with wonderful doses of libido to spread the love around… My resistance to very beautiful hookers is second to none, but that’s only in usual case. This look-alike would be a major challenge to the superb resistance since she disturbed my memory. But Scope has his own superb alternative ‘defence’… if he can stay away from the real thing for a lifetime, staying away from Geylang for a few months is nothing. Which is why it is almost next to impossible to dig a factual Scopic sex scandal. So please continue to enjoy reading about rousing tales…

#13 To be precise… Love matters more than sex in my personal view on sissy relations. I’d readily forgive girls who sleep around not habitually as bitches do, but they must really feel something for Scope. And the problematic part is… everyone wants to marry me, and I should have converted to Islam. But it doesn’t really solve the problem even if I do become a muslim because most if not all of them wanted monopoly… Since females are slaves to social norms, in general, the solution is simply polygamy on national basis. A girl will more likely marry a jerk than the one she loves for the sake of social norm. Stupid but true, that is why you can’t rationalize things with girls… What they love, they hardly want to share. And most love social norms in real…

#14 The perfect example of market supply to stupid demand… Those sluts were merely average looking but they were ang mohs. And those uncles were slaves to ang mohs. You can imagine if Eva Mendes were to be hooking in Geylang… she’d probably never get to rest. LOL~ This hints the demand for white sex workers at Geylang.

#15 There is nothing to be jealous about Edison because you can also DIY. Those girls got pretty expensive items from Edison, if you convert the items into cash… for every materialistic girl Edison fucked, you can fuck a couple more from high-class clubs. Those girls are publicly cursing Edison when it was not him who purposely leaked those juicy contents, so how much love was real for Edison? If you are jealous of Edison, something must be wrong with you when you can produce even more AVs by visiting Geylang. It’s still the cash for sex.

#16 Other than Cecilia… are they any more mothers in his casualty list?