[Actually, Scope has intended to do something more explosive than this one. But the intended beauty of the the intended version will take alot of time. I have no mood to, so here’s a ‘cute’ and super lazy version of Scope. Scope is also awaiting for erection election… LOL~]

The mortals fill up the church to make the holy confessions that they have sold their souls to Satan… so that God forgives all their sins, laughs, and sends them all to hell.

There have been a couple of happenings in Singapore for hot blogging but when even CGPs are dragging my feet, I don’t really have much libido for sexy issues such as the torched MP#1 and the argument on the fate of the fire-starter or this (News of Scope, courtesy from China). Remember, neither politics nor laws are topics for this blog… Scope has his loads of shits on laws blogged here and it shouldn’t surprise any folks that a politically apathetic online old bird doesn’t fuck political bees.

Spotted an imposter using the name I used for checking things out at ERC commenting in TheOnlineCitizen with a not so diplomatic tone in those comments. Perhaps Scope has indeed become so popular and important that impersonating#2 has become available online.

Should I be happy with such free publicity? 😀

Put it this way, a better suggestion is that people pretend to be Kathryn, buy out her photos and start a fake blog of her using those photos. You can certainly draw many erotic quotes from Scope online, why not? You think Scope’d even care? At least Scope would thank those idiots for her photos. Frankly speaking, Scope doesn’t care if even a JC friend I met recently still laughed at me for lusting after Kathryn all these dog years and hugging so many pretty others; why should I be bothered about imposter activities at TOC? Now the issue is this, Scope WILL go on to hug and kiss her#3 to illustrate the point here: He can’t be bothered.

Scope may be agitated, but he can’t be bothered about all these possibilities online, no matter if it’s the imposter at the massive anti-incumbent site when he can’t be bothered about declaring his everlasting lust after Kathryn, ie. if that’s the term that JC joker would like to coin. Blogging is personal to me, and it remains personal to the man. That’s all.

Loving-tender shit… So much for it.

Talk about lust… Look west look west~ Scope is taking after Xiaxue. This Valentine’s Day… can anyone suggest a way to grab a beauty from any part of any western states? Love love here I come, don’t wait for me since I’d catch up with you! Wink Wink
[It doesn’t matter if Scope doesn’t understand politics for the blog needs a CGP here… But this is yet another lazy piece because… as one can tell, it’s just a simple reliance on some special effects, and you got to see the one and only Scope anyway. A more… elaborated one for this theme is coming. So watch it!]

Scope: Bloggers into Politics.

This is a very interesting topic, but it’s not more important than to celebrate the blog’s flying past of 50,000 (or 51,000 hits soon) hits. If Xiaxue’s not entering politics with her daily 30,000 hits, Scope is probably more interested with the sexy butts of beautiful women, if 50,000 hits can be transacted as 50,000 euros… getting chicks would be so much easier, isn’t it?

Well, laugh~

Scope doesn’t understand local politics because it is far more complicated and could be far more dirtier than people could even have imagined, not to say of Scope the obvious idiot. Scope would be so foolish to generalise that the government actually knows everything, hence certain issues may appear more than meets the eyes to the leaders especially if they are old. Especially in the internet age. But bloggers going into politics is no longer new, online force has brought Obama his needed success and of course, our Northern neighbour had a recent fair share of political phenomenon in blogging as well.

Yawnz… Why do I always feel so sianz when it comes to ranting about puzzling issues? I might as well mutate into a monotaur and fuck the maze. Won’t that be alot easier? The more you know, the more you’d feel sick. The more you look, the more you know many things need to be done in all these complications#4 and… of course, by then Scope would already be in a nap hugging his girls in his sweet sweet wet dreams.

It could be easier to convince myself of the ugly world than the smart dogs barking up the wrong trees.

Chui Harn sms-ed me just now that she is changing phone numbers… So did ole Kelly did such thing back then. Scope just went with the flow and sms-chat with Kelly. Naughty me… Anyway, it was quite fun. My suggestion is still, don’t try those people from Friendster, if you want exciting juice, try having Kathryn sms me that her mobile changes number. If I am in the mood, I don’t mind the fun#5.

Talking about Friendster… the number of ‘friends’ has been cut since its major technical revamp back then and that’s just too bad. I thought they say the affected head-counts will be reinstated? No? Some upgrade that was…

[To be or not to be] Scope sometimes read TheOnlineCitizen#6, and recently… yet another case of injustice exposed at UTR whereby we all read the police response. Online is a wonderful place where you can also pick up Major sued SAF alongside with parents whose child got hurted in two respective cases, plus Scope got to see Mr Mark Balakrisnan (online rumor says that’s son of Dr Balakrisnan, a Singapore Minister) in such a cool stylish outfit out of a green box, and many many others. Indeed, sometimes Scope when very boliao would also browse through all those sites by random to read the wonderful stories in Singapore. In spite of the fun, understanding them is hardly easy because… come on, do you expect Scope to go and waste fucking good time to figure out where Mas Saladman is now?#7

Come on, I don’t deal with rumors… but women.#8

Quality time should be spent understanding which underwears would bimbos prefer to go along with their airports… That makes good business sense, eh? What people need to burn their brain cells on are things including how to build an even larger circle in Singapore and make it turn forever and also build the first ever castle in the air.

Seriously speaking, Scope doesn’t think Xiaxue is going into politics with her 30,000 hits a day, nor should Scope be… his last few days’ daily hits only about 500~600. You ever see constituency only 1200 people one meh?

Scope is very happy citizen that if he asks government for $1,000,000 government gives $10,000 a month. Like this can oredi. How can so ambitious go politics when the trend is go overseas…? Interestingly, today surf upon this site, cannot even go cos very du-lan (Singlish: A casual term means not shiok. Pronounce similar to Durai.) every time page cannot load one. Scope very sad… this IPS (Institute of Policy Studies) is Singapore think tank, since Scope is idiot so if can load the think tank site then can be a bit smarter what~

You heard the old people said or not? You went to temples, you saw those dummies made-in-wood, you touch touch their heads will make you a bit smarter.

Even such Think Tank site got technical problems, hardly possible that there are no problems in Singapore lor#9~ But Scope grabs a ‘close-door topic’ and it’s about ‘Emigration of young Singaporeans‘. The solution? Very simple lah! You read those government approved or associated smarties out there showing people how to make BIG money and so on? All IPS got to do is get Singapore to use reserves to pay for every single Singaporean to make big money, to reach promised pinnacles, everyone so fucking rich, where then got people want to migrate? Singapore face also shines in the world!

Then Preston degrees will also then become hot cakes…

Frankly speaking, Singaporeans should not be worried, with so many government approved genius mongers running amok in town, other economies will become -2%~1%, our economy sure +20%~100%! You know why? Because many geniuses are here to help Singapore ‘avoid the investment mistakes other people made’!#10

So where got bloggers got chance to enter politics? Singaporeans will be very happy in the era of seeing gold raining at their faces, many people would be weeping with joy, so grateful that our PM would be shouting ‘Medeka’ from the claws of poverty that even those who have migrated to hell by jumping the MRT tracks would want to migrate back into Singapore! Scope can already imagine MM Lee’s face shining with glorious pride as Singapore goes down history in such a manner.

Scope is feeling so proud to be a Singapore citizen that I feel such urge to join the great PAP! Where can I sign up? Where can I sign up?! I want to learn how to lead so that I could be a good leader shouting ‘Medeka’ in Russia learning how to cook by disappearing for 12 months#11.

[What Kind Of Leader Singaporeans Want?] At the end of the day, this is the sort of question the voters need to ask themselves. Why are you voting? Every vote is a stake placed not on you, but on your family. Because the kind of leader you are voting in is the kind of leader you are getting Singapore to groom for the entire term, and the kind of future you are pushing your entire family plus your sweet children into. So don’t play play… You want God to stop the Earth cracking you don’t vote in pretenders. Pretenders who tell you they are the last ass ace you got only got shits for you in store. The smart alecs will never really bother about your life and death, and they only know how to resort to stupid smartie tricks and nothing solid. #12

So what kind of leaders you want to help you, you must help yourself first! The fucking choice is in your fucking hands, and if your fucking brain is thinking about fucking in Geylang… fuck you. So you vote anyohow the sampan sinks, and you sinks alongside… Do you understand? What? You want to go Geylang to fuck your daughter, your wife, your grandmama? When the sampan sinks, that’s your own choice because you don’t take your choice seriously. And blame your dick and nothing else.

In general, yawnz… …

Vote in the good men, so that fucking God knows heaven is reserved for good souls and don’t kee-siao ending up blessing the mortals with assholes and disasters. If you no know how to tell good men or not, maybe you have checked your dicks too much for an answer whereby they will always tell you: Fuck off.

How to vote like this?#13

Okay, the message here is very simple. If any blogger wants be that 黑人牙膏 Obama, you better wise up. First of all, you need the blessing of 黑人, then you need 牙膏. Without both, you die. Scope brushes his teeth every half year… you know why? Because I heard some people never brush teeth for whole life. I no fucking care whether your blog how many hits because Singaporeans only care you got 牙膏 or not, and if 黑人 all bless you by they going to hell. If they no go to hell, it’s your problem to send them.

Now side tracking too much into toothpaste… You want to go election, you must ask yourself the relevant question: What the fucking fuck do those fuckers want that they will vote for you and fuck care the rest? This is way more important than what those fuckers don’t want of others that they should want you. What they don’t want, they simply don’t care. Which is why you are wasting your time because just because they no want bimbos doesn’t mean they no want the cash (eg) Xiaxue can offer. And obviously, just because they want the cash doesn’t mean they give you their lives or want to die. So bloggers going into politics must first understand what the fuckers really want when they would vote for you.

If you still don’t understand the fucking message, you are more stupid than Scope, and you should join Scope chasing women’s backsides…

Politics… fucking politics… Luckily a goondoo as Scope is too clean for dirty business. Scope is very happy watching the birds and fucking bees humming ‘World Peace’, listening to crap music, and drooling sliva staring at Kathryn’s old photos, and when really sianz maybe complain this complain that. Look, Scope is just a fucking citizen with a brain size slightly bigger than the monkeys’ and less than half of those in the IPS producing chim chim views which he can only yawn at as a retard.

If anyone becomes leader, got any fucking career for Scope then I thank you very much.

Fuck care, fuck care… What the fuck is politics? Stinks more than my Hong Kong big footie.

By the way, if anyone wants Scope to stand for erection election, I’d think about it if people can offer $1,000,000. My legs are certainly very tired, the only part on my tired body that can still stand ferociously may be about as long as any of my legs but I don’t think normal people use that to walk the extra miles. I’d need tonics, and of course I’d need the money to buy the DVD just to watch Stephen Chow’s pointing middle finger in  ‘Big Inside Investigator 007’. If you miss that part, you must try not to buy pirated version.

Bloggers entering politics, eh…?#14

Does Scope look like a fucking leader? Many people said Scope looks  like Tony Leung, Andy Lau and even that 张国荣… nobody says I look like GW Bush~ That’s probably a blessing in disguise. A career in parliament to serve the people is pretty rewarding, high class and high; although Scope has no intention to appear in Parliament because you can expect PM laughs facing me when Scope talks cock sings song, but Scope would not condemn aspiring bloggers for wanting to meddle with the state’s future. After all, my cock is longer than Nile River and my song last till the end of Milky Way, if you nuke Singapore, Scope can always talk cock sing song in his blog in Twin Towers using duo core Pentium or even go USA to join the Highwayman.

What kind of leader do you want?

No matter what, you want is you want, you want doesn’t mean you’d get. Because you want I no want, then how?

I will never want small people to push Singapore into hell.

How many bloggers are not small people? #15

I beg your pardon?

[Baby Scope aiming with a real weapon. By teenage, Scope would become a professional sniper. I’d give you my best shot.]
#1 MP Seng was a brave PAP MP who was first punched months back and now… BBQ-ed by another resident.

#2 There are other sites where the same ID appears…

#3 Chok Soon may have said she’s married, but 张柏芝 is also married. But I am no fan of the latter, so… LOL~ I think Chok Soon lied about her… but it’s ok. I don’t trust Singaporeans.

#4 As the old saying goes, if you don’t want the job, there is a Q of people waiting to do something about it. But only idiots will enjoy such jobs in all the complications involved. Smarties will never make things right other than their own. So why are they in politics?

#5 Don’t~ever~trust~anything~online. It’s only fun you are after, so just stay funny and have fun. By the way, if someone sends you a sms saying Scope is changing mobile number… Maybe. He’s changing his address to his house in China… so (eg) SAF can send posting order via Speedpost. You can’t trust Singaporeans, you can’t trust online Singaporeans… except Scope lah~

#6 …plus a slew of other rubbish…

#7 And where, and where… is the bad man~ I don’t blame Minister Wong for his escape. So many Singaporeans looking to escape so very hard job only to take care of foreigners.

#8 Scope is a 100% Man. For the ethernal sake of mankind, Scope adovcates lusting after women… Isn’t the PM still wanting more babies? How to have more babies if Scope fucks assholes…? Biologically speaking, it’s the virginal that counts, since sperms travel through the tube to the eggs then got babies. Scope got a grade B3 in Biology basically by describing how you should fuck the right animal for the right result. He tries to refrain using the word ‘sexual intercourse’ because more bytes mean more carbon pollution and Scope is environmental friendly… besides, his fingers need some rest… so, fuck you.

#9 They have better think of something fast… and faster. LOL~ Maybe Scope should join the think tank. How’s the pay like for being Myron? Myron, Myron, the one and only. LOL~

#10 The government should really do something about all those craps and compensate all the victims… I think the entire Singapore is victimised. Why not? It’s a shame and it is an insult to our wise government and somebody by the surname Lee could say Singaporeans stupid again.

#11 Normally 12 months are needed for obtaining a doctorate, such as one from the prestigeous Preston… cooker academy.

#12 I am definitely making an honest mistake here in saying this… or am I not?

#13 The truth about election may be that men think with their dicks, women are irrational, and hence children inherit the fucking world to be their toy to learn how to fuck using dicks on irrationalism… No mention of condoms here… So we have a disaster baby boom! Ka-boom!

#14 Scope can’t promise anything. Maybe when he had his fun in blogging rubbish, he may find a new playground in politics. If it takes the strength of the Gods to break hell… then you will have no choice but to take up the post offered by heaven. Imagine Scope becoming the champion against the brute might of Satan and his satanic bastards… Burn motherfucker burn… Can’t the world just stay out of trouble for a century or two?

#15 Never forget, this is a cultural desert, and my cock sings more beautifully than the shameless critters’ pillar-crushing giggling. Lucifer has fallen from heaven into hell… that’s his choice the mortals must bear the consequence for. Marching against a horde of evil demon spawns and heartless zombies… are Singaporeans ready for it? You may end up relying on an army of horny sheeps from Geylang to fight for justice. LOL~ Singapore… Who will crusade against Satan’s armies being as weak as the whining sheeps? Satan can create many undead… Scope would like to save the world by inviting all beautiful women to help produce an army of angels… Wonderful idea, a fuck a day keeps the demon at bay. Join the sacred course now! LOL~ Do your part to save the fucking world!