sbochap[Even robots need rest, not to say a blogger should take a break. It would be pretty busy soon after this posting. In any case, this is your darling Scope on a patch of green. When I migrate, I want a field of green with plenty of flowers to watch sunrise and sunset… romantic… ]

I always thank the deaf for listening, that’s probably why I blog for the blind.

There was a quarrel, and I have decided to blog about it after some consideration*; hopefully, this will help those who are at a loss. The anger is one thing, but the quarrel yielded a very fundamental issue: Singaporeans’ typical unreasonableness. Imagine staying in a zoo with a growth of beasts at an increasing rate, Scope has to live among the small people in a family as well. The fortune tellers are very accurate… I have ‘contributed’ to my mum’s health this year, but they would be in huge problems next year…

Already Dad’s condition is getting worse. But I can’t do much. That is particularly because of his own choices along what fate has offered. It’s all fated, with his choices. Can’t explain… too complicated.

I have chosen to return from China to recover instead of heading for Ningbo, because Cathy also needs a chance. And I have become very disappointed with her because she is still not thinking, but the love for my women has never been fake. Deciding to return is not good or bad decision. Despite the fortune tellers’ warning that she would be more troubles than a blessing, it’s a fated choice. It’s very hard to be a good man, especially in a cultural desert with hordes of assholes purposely produced to wreck havoc.

Women… as I told a boy online, they can come, they can go, and they come back again, and they can go again…

Yes. They all are destined for hell, and I am very well aware of it. But what can I do? Other than making them paying back with their elements to enrich mine… it’s all fated. But once the small people‘s elemental caches are depleted… 

My brother is blessed with luck. Accordingly, I prey upon his elemental cache as well. Which also means, he must become one of those small people and own me something. My family’s elemental cache ensures my survival as an infant, and protects my growth, and this tiny island’s elemental cache will obviously cover the rest. Brother’s elemental cache is depleting as well… which means as long as he stays within this family and creates issues against me, he’d end up in a mess eventually. The more unreasonable he is, the more I’d get… while of course, this vampire won’t be any happier either way… he is still my brother in this mortal life.

Before I bank in my dividend, I finally know I have to think even faster before their fate catches up on them. Small people‘s elemental cache is the blood for a vampire, a very benevolent Scope. Singapore is no doubt a good cache. My parents can’t shield brother forever when they themselves are the preys. When Cathy suggested that I invested with Brother’s good opportunities, I told her she must be crazy outright. My brother had joined this scam called Sunshine Empire. I tried to warn him, warn this silly family, but no one… none will listen. And the muddleheads in this family actually stopped me. Naturally, I was very upset…

They will not listen, but I was of course the isolated chap. Subsequently, I have also warned them not to take MAS for a joke. Brother would not listen, and he expected Sunshine’s smarts could counter MAS… And they have everything to withstand any attacks… of course, including their smart alec excuses. I was hence the poor smart alec doomsayer, of course.

Pure greed, pure shameless greed based on nosensical reasonings blinds Singaporeans… and I have to suffer for that. It’s always like this, hence the more elements for my consumption. It may be why it is neither right nor wrong in deciding to return to Singapore.

Brother has a very huge problem… He wanted control of the vehicle, and he clicked very well with a pair of parents who could not understand much and choose a blind acceptance to social norms which in turns mean that even I could not do anything to right things, hence he is free to wreck havoc. The Father of Scope has chosen this path and Scope always got the blames for struggling in this madness, when they are the ones who chose.

While he loves to pick on Scope for petty issues and making nosensical accusations at Scope, this brother has forgotten… it was he who bankrupted the trusts of many with the scam, in spite of my painstaking efforts of fighting to reason with the entire family; and it was he who with this scam destroyed Mum’s long relationship with her one good pal for over thirty years from her maiden days; and it was also he who made a very good ‘friend’ whereby banks and lawyers and such are after this ‘friend’ while pestering the entire family for a ‘friend’ who is really an outsider and has never stayed with us… Typical Singaporean he is. He doesn’t seem to understand or accept the reality that despite my refusal to work in Singapore, that before he even started selling anything with Sunshine Empire, his brother here had a rich experience in sales and such…

And he wants to be in control.

He said Scope doesn’t know what is right and wrong, and he has to be the one to enlighten me.

His defence is equally ridiculous… with a totally elastic memory. He still thinks those investments were risky and the people should have known about the risks… and he just made his own losses and it doesn’t affect me so I cannot make noises, and there is nothing wrong in this! This scam never seems to wake him up… He still thinks that this scam was risky and the people should have known about the risks, and that is only right. So Mum has lost a friend, and he got many people involved in a scam that MAS has pounced upon.

He thinks he is right because he made his own losses and the people around us have received money, after a struggle to make claims upon the scam and of course, after incurring opportunity costs for many.

He thinks Mum’s friend for many many years was a bad woman to be a friend, this loss is ok… and that’s right, again.

And yes… he thinks that joining a scam is better than not to work in Singapore, now flooding with rascals, instead of looking overseas for opportunities. And of course, he still thinks these excuses make sense, and he is right. And does he remind anybody of those crowding at Hong Lim Park for their investments gone sour? He’s lucky he is in Singapore, and not China. Singaporean crowds won’t kill, as yet… Mainland crowds… can.

Small island, small people.

sbochap2[This is facing the CBD of Singapore. The way many Singaporean companies are fooling around has helped created havoc spreading now to overseas… In the case of reputation damage control, this is none of Scope’s problem because that’s the older guy’s say. Anything that thrills Scope in Singapore… can’t be missed. I am reluctant to return to camp for reservist but I am unwilling to apply for deferment, this has to be due to the bad impression of SAF and the thrill of a new experience. How can you blog with 365days on Geylang? I’d piss I doing that. Can’t really be bothered if nobody bothers me; this world has become crappier by the minute.]

So where is the great smartie Sunshine Empire with also great connections here and there now? And he still got cheek to say I don’t have friends in Singapore… Now with such good ‘friends’ of his, who needs enemy? And for months after months, the family has to entertain from morning to night the pursue of his friend from various parties. And his response to Scope is a simple: I know why he got into this problem. So what you know, brother… You got so many affected, and do you really know your friend at all? And most ridiculously, Mum’s good friend for dog years is bad when this friend of yours is good.

When you are just lucky that the bunch of NKF jokers didn’t get away and you people just went scotts free… Is it just about your puny losses? And you like to pick on your brother for falling on the safe side, and be irresponsible because he refused to join scams and work for scambags in this… cultural desert. I am not a good brother… What do you want as a brother? Someone who encourages you to be petty, to join scams, to be a smart alec, to help lose and condemn Mum’s peers, to push responsibilities to those investors, and go and have guts to fight against authorities and such… and to just let you go freehand and let your friend’s deeds disturb the entire family when you may go around telling people as sister may that this brother is bad? Go ahead, and jump conclusions.

If you are not even my own brother, why should I even talk to you? Why don’t I just join those at Hong Lim Park and talk to them? Why do I only warn you about MAS? Why do I ever even bother to reason with you? I have never needed to once raised my voice in the months in China. The world can say I am bad, who the fuck care? You think I even care what those simpletons think?

Yeah, you work… Now where is the money? How much have you made? S$6m or S$22,000 a month? Or more than Chen Shui Bian has made himself from those idiotic Taiwanese who elected him? If money is the gauge… I have a couple of millions stashed overseas, hiding in middle east, China, Sweden… and some allowance in Malaysia. Does that make you a puny slave? Of course, I leave out this part. Money comes and goes… Silly brother, it is only our relationship that I even made any efforts to be that angry. This is your choice, this is the fate. You are just pure greedy yet ignorant and disgusting, and you even dare to meddle with your brother’s business and tell me what is right and what is wrong.

Look at those people at Hong Lim Park… Go and sell them more investments! Sell them Moonshine Underwear Jubilee investments and tell me you are right! I am going to bank in my puny cheque, go Malaysia and be my disgusting king… And when the parents have left, you can go on and be your wonderful Mr Right in Singapore and go foot your mountain high medical costs for all I fucking care with all those puny sums you got by working and working like a mule. Ignorance is such a bliss.

If you join another scam… you may not be that lucky again since the government won’t be forever the same.

It’s the same with Cathy, and everyone else around Scope. And all can have it your way; the whole world can say I am a bad brother, a bad son, a bad lover and for all the fuck I care… Did I make any choices for anyone? Did anyone listen at all? And you guys and gals want is to blame Scope… You are all going to hell because of your thinking, why do I need to bother about what you are thinking? All I care should be whether I absorb more elements and strike lottery the way I did in China…

My role in this mortal world is very simple… you fuck up, I suck, and you sink and to hell you go. Period.

Satan and God have a pact… Mortals have their own choices to make**, that includes all the drifters. Even Scope has to suffer for choosing to give people chances. There is no exception.

Whether this story is real or not, the point is… is it really Scope’s problem?

[As much as Scope hates uniforms… but young girls once got excited seeing Scope in this outfit. They think it was kinda cute. And this is the first time you’d see Scope in SAF uniform. But there is one problem… The boots are missing. It’s been about 10 years since ORD… Where the fuck are the boots…?]







[新加坡社会乱象] 现在社会紊乱,报纸应该带头为那些真正需要帮助的,真正可怜的一群寻求社会关注与实质帮助。













[人无心能可怜,不是人也说人话] 老男人很有同情心的。我同情那些有梦想没机会的。所以我曾经想在新加坡搞Project S。要‘救’这些有梦想有骨气有冲劲、憧憬、抱负的人总比浪费时间虚情假意去可怜本来就于事无补的事情。老男人很有爱心,我对身边的女人都以真心相待。这比很多见死不救只会说长道短,对爱情来个$5000六千的高论俗人实在。我在北京帮助了不少人,也受到了不少人的帮助。这就是社会,真正的温暖社会。老男人在恋爱中成长,在爱情中养成,热血沸腾…如果说周初明有病…其实,新加坡人的病更重。周初明无药可救,搞不好这个文化沙漠连水都没有来入药。






[不成熟却爱装成熟] 反正,新加坡人一般还不成熟****。告诉我文化沙漠人成熟那是很可笑的。因为没有文化,你是非对错就乱了套。所以如何成熟?很多国人连男女关系都不明白。简单来说,如果你爱的人离开了你,你碰到了另外一个,这是什么?是缘分。那好,你们在一起。那么如果离开你的那个又明白了自己是爱你的,那么请问各位…多少个新加坡人不会说成是‘一脚踏两船’的歪理?如果全部的女人都发现你才是她们最爱的男人,都希望和你有孩子,新加坡人又会怎么想呢?











[无人地带:白带] 可怜天下父母心…周初明有父母,千千万万受苦煎熬中的父母也有父母。那个假和尚和那个混蛋的假慈善也有父母。邪魔歪道也有父母…这种败类是下地狱的,但他们的父母应该上天堂吗?我常常看人拜神求佛,算命卜卦。都是打算下地狱的,那还有脸拜神求佛?那不是信了撒旦去拜耶稣?哈哈哈~笑话!人间估计就是个大笑话。你看那个混帐陈水扁,tmd吃钱吃到天下皆知还在玩法律游戏打算自圆其说。他要是过得了关,那台湾法律肯定是个天大的笑话。而这个马英九肯定就是笑话之王。所以这个陈水扁*****还是乖乖的去吃大便算了。




* While some people suggested I should blog ‘properly’, I am blogging properly in blog sense of course… I mean, if you expect me to blog that properly why don’t I just start another or a New York Times online or what the fuck… Doesn’t make a fucking sense here because blogging with any considerations is blogging with no real considerations at all, and that’s the proper sense of blogging. Anyone who suggests that Scope blogs in real term should offer a million dollars for a proper publication. Reality is, there are people whom Scope meets and they can appreciate such a chin chay blog… which has been the theme of Scope’s. It’s like a movie. Just because you see Clark Kent blogs about his flight to Mars doesn’t mean that Brandon Routh is able to take bullets naked…

** Actually, this philosophy is bullshits roll into one… Most mortals don’t make choices, fate does that for everyone of them. How can everyone decides for oneself when fate’s got a role for the pleasure of the gods?

*** A chap raised this concept that a tourist to Singapore was stirring a nest of hornets… because this USA tourist blog-ed his reluctance of  revisiting Singapore. I don’t think Singapore is going on hard selling in hospitality business, but there are those who prefers to learn from ERC going around by threatening to sue consumers who make known of the dirty linens. Ironically, ERC is in the hospitality education business. Weird Singapore. Tourism is the lifeline of Singapore, and our nest of hornets are not even sparing Singapore’s life… How cool. Whose fault? My fault? But customer service in Singapore has been a huge lingering problem. All these nosenses will never stop if the government wants the craps and wants the future… a crappy future hence.

**** It’s a joke. How can Singaporeans be generally mature? Which is why I find local girls most undesireable for love interest. Is it really that guys can’t attract girls or… local girls are simply generally nice to touch but bad for the red knots? You watched the show by this Quan Yi Feng 《女人我最大》? Even that auntie wants god for husband, and the younger ones want ATMs for husbands… But their amounts are around $5000 a month… and luckily local ATMs have a dispense limit of $3000 a day. Hey girls! Check out Geylang and compare with those beauties standing in the lorongs… do you worth $5000 a month? If you love money so much, be a prostitute. That’s realistic. After all, you are generally depreciating assets.

***** Sohu actually removed two sets of CGPs on the corrupted fucker which you can still see them in this blog nonetheless. Scope is pathetic on politics and so very ignorant and cold towards it, but you don’t need to be Karl Marx to condemn this corrupted fucker… who apparently capitalised on an entire island of stupid Taiwaneses. And who says Singaporeans are stupid? Wasn’t it during the era of Ah Bian that some Taiwan big mouths said Singaporeans are stupid? Well, at least TT Durai’s got away with a S$22,000 a month job and into HR department for raising such an army of simpletons in Singapore, and Chen Shui Bian gets to eat shit for the New Year. The tales of two islands. Singaporean TT Durai wins… Singapore wins. I feel so proud for Singapore.