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The history for a blog stems from the ancient need of freedom for every personal junks’ contribution to this ugly world, where afterall… one man’s junk may be another’s treasure.

Nowadays, this world is flooded with critters… and beautiful hookers.

Yesterday, I drove to Geylang a few hours before my date at 10:30pm with a pretty girl. Finally, I got to see the rows of standing hookers and I tried to walk with the dirty and smelly crowd. An uncle shouted at me that looking at the girls needed to pay… And this pimp must be crazy. I laughed, and ignored him. The girls would suddenly switch to the other side of the street… because two cops were behind me. I was laughing… Those cops would not catch them. There must be at least a few hundreds of beautiful hookers at the night; Without a proper planned directive, those cops were obviously just doing patrols.

And then, I passed a hotel with a series of pretty loud groans heard from obviously a foreigner being banged…


A prostitute was mumbling, ‘So many men, but no one takes me…’. And a chinese voice came from the crowd, ‘Why don’t you lower price?’ It was true there were many men, and this hooker was really pretty… but I thought she was not really smart. There was one hooker who was smart. She obviously knew what men like. This hooker dressed very decently, wore a pair of glasses looking like a uni grad. She was pretty, but the simple outfit and the way she presented herself showed she understood men’s desire. And as soon as she was there, a couple of men approached her, and she was taken off as the rest of the girls just stood there without business…

Hookers are cheap women, but hookers who pretend to be higher class stood out from the rest. And men generally prefer those decent looking pretty hookers than those who are exposing too much, or those who appear too high class but standing in a crowd of consumers whose budgets can’t afford.

I would have stayed to observe Geylang longer if I suddenly did not feel the need to bombard the toilet… Where the other parts of Singapore was dying, the night of Geylang was more crowded than Orchard Road in prosperity.

Some of the girls were extremely pretty. If they have worked in decent industries, maybe they would have met someone decent and rich and be married off. In this cultural desert, what good is marriage when pretty girls are in rows waiting for your fucking selection?

Well… Nowadays, desperate guys go to Geylang for sex, or they go to for romance.

Beautiful or ugly… critters are making waves in Singapore. Ain’t you feeling dizzy, Mr Singapore?

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December Romance: I Am Missing Snow White.

Scope landed in this blog and yeah, it is an old auntie’s blog… to be exact, she was a calefare with Mediacorpse. Think I saw her before when I was at TCS back then. I just laughed… I mean, she is really on the ballz with her ‘show business’. Other than bursting into laughter… what do you expect of Scope?

That’s the Singapore entertainment industry.

Oh, Lao Zha Bor~ OMG!

I seriously admire her fighting spirit. But seriously, just fighting spirit alone is pretty pointless.

It is now December. In spite of my reluctance to miss this winter, to miss walking again in the lovely nights at Tian Yi Square… I afraid my parents are more important.  Mum is coughing pretty regularly nowadays, and I am not happy to hear those coughs. Despite my frustrations with their ignorance… they are still my parents. And when they are not around, I’d like to stay overseas… perhaps only then can I have a family of my own, throwing snowballs and walking the fields like those westerners.

And no more irresponsible and ridiculous naggings.

I never really have seen snows… not in Zhejiang, Beijing or Shanghai… The winter in Shanghai years back was pure beauty, and that of Ningbo was just serene and very very beautiful as well… Shanghai was buzzing with life. Mainlanders, unlike Singaporeans, are highly sociable, they laugh and talk and loudly so and in groups… It was very cold in winter… but I felt warmth in my heart. It is not cold in Singapore, but I feel the chill in this decaying society. And worse, nobody is really doing anything about this but seemingly perpetuating it.

It is getting too ugly for comfort.

It is such a small country, and such humongous ugliness… senselessness, and blindness. It is virtually impossible to reason with many Singaporeans. I can see the hunger for money money money in all corners of Singapore. And… I suddenly remember this name: TT Durai. He must be enjoying this Christmas somewhere with his fat S$22,000 a month income when thousands and probably more are starving in Singapore, digging the grounds for peanuts… Why doesn’t somebody go help this apu ne ‘to become jobless and reach what new pinnacles‘?

I still find it ridiculous that such things actually happened and are happening in Singapore when our government is blessed with talented and honest people with doctorates better than Preston’s. Honest people do come with honest mistakes, but honestly…

Can they honestly do anything about all those nosenses?

It appears that the winter is going to be exceptionally colder for Singapore in the years to come. Spring is obviously over… perhaps over to Taiwan. At least Chen Shui Bian may end up eating shit for the rest of his life, and that starts a new page of possibilities for the ailing island. When will our rascals be joining Chen?

Winter is romantic to Scope. It has great sentimental values in fond memories…

Snow White is waiting for me… somewhere out there. I must find her asap…