[Christmas is coming, and 2008 is ending. Scope’s wish is very simple… for world peace. LOL~ But most importantly, he wants a better world so that he can be a better man. To all my loved ones… Merry X’mas, and I love you all. I am keeping this one simple as white is.]

The Bishop who shakes hands with Lucifer knows hell better than the followers who believe having faith in the Bishop brings them closer to Heaven.

Absolutely empty on what to blog about now, especially when Scope just returns from swimming. Alright, it was actually just bathing in a larger bathtub with your underwears on for hours… So, what is the fucking news this time? No news is good news… this may apply anywhere else but blogging.


Why not let Scope shows me how to bang balls into poles as those JC youngsters do nowadays**? I am sure many poles would have to be expended in such a manner. That’s called playing hard balls… And somebodies are attacking Alvinology for being attention-seeking and such, aka flamings on him.

No flame must die is it?

Ragged or rugged my foot~

Go ahead, and show everyone in cyberspace the fantastic Singaporean flamings for all I care. Damn~ The abalone… I can still feel it undigested yet~ Really feel like vomitting whenever I think of this sick society. Can somebody do something about it, and please pass me a bowl of birdnest…

The one thing I don’t agree with that Alvinology is what blog in open cyberspace is meant for all… Yeah right~ Now let Scope states the obvious and golden rule of this blog in cyberspace that this blog shall stay out of newspapers, and any other media and such without a Scope-ian consent. And Scope doesn’t accept any fucking interviews unless it’s from people he knows and those are all foreigners. Anyone can still apply as you can apply to Singapore police for permit to riot and for demonstrations and to march into parliament house… Alvinology’s belief stays in his blog, not Scope’s.

Applications can be made in

Where was I…?

Uh~ Don’t know what the fuck to fuck on… Let me just anyohow rant rant a bit. And do drill this into your skulls that no blogger is here to make everyone happy, so Scope as well. You’ve ever seen any politician making everyone happy? Tell me one and you can kiss my ass. Don’t tell me Obama, because I am not happy with him because he has yet come and left this blog a presidential comment… So somebody please make some noises at the White House, during Congress, at his toilet breaks or what I don’t care, but make Scope a happy chap by leaving a ‘Scope blog is the best thing next to White House’ comment. In return, I’d like to invite all those troopers Obama is sending back to USA from Iraq to visit my puny blog.

Next election… Michael Jackson for President! He’s the perfect choice being a black and a white all at the same time.

This joke is so cold that I feel like peeing on Chen Shui Bian***… 

[I just love the feel of this. What do you think…?]
[Jesseca’s WordPress Chap As Well] It’s about time to start a new post, then I found out that Jesseca Liu has a blog with WordPress as well. And this is her latest entry , and there were these fucking cute kittens… Well~ Kittens.

About Jesseca, Scope used to spell her name as Jessica. And he was the one who started her thread at a Mediacock forum which was actually subsequently ‘robbed’ by the fucking moderator. Hence, I stopped presenting her at Sohu. She and Priscilia Chan are two he sees potential in making it big, and of course, once he presented her back then in the Sohu blog, the Chinese did asked Scope about Jesseca. Now, I wonder that even if they would like to bring her to China’s market back then****… would she have left Mediacock and… could she handle? I did not present Priscilia Chan… because the ‘thread robbery’ was pretty upsetting, illustrating such despicable qualities, and I had no mood to promote anything that came close to Mediacorpse.

As it is, when it comes to Singaporean exposures, be it that notorious EDMW forum or those weirdos or that Mediacock forum, it must be bad, bad and very bad. And after so long at Sohu blogging and having it contrasting Singapore’s online situation… Singapore sphere sucks big time. In spite that Priscilia is now more around on screens, but she is married. If you know China’s entertainment industry… It’s very difficult for Chan to fly married. So Jesseca is the remaining hope. But her rumored relationship with a Taiwanese bla bla bla won’t do her good in this, and maybe she is intending to stay in Mediacorpse for good. Who knows?

No matter, if she’d follow auntie Zoe Tay’s footstep and be her proud tiny queen in the well, it’d be just a waste in the end.

Her blog needs more publicity… here’s a little help then. She’s probably the slowest star in blogging I come across so far and she is at around 60,000 hits (ONLY?!), but that’s only because Scope mainly followed Northern sphere instead of Singapore’s, and nowadays… I am losing interest with the Northern sphere as well. Mine is no celebrity blog but one with only a 300~400 average daily hits, but at her infant stage, that blog would need as much exposures as possible even from tiny entities as mine. She should have set up her blog in Sohu instead.
daily-hits[A healthy dose of small hits count for a small blog in cyberspace. Scope likes it serene and steady.]
Reason is pretty simple, WordPress is not accessible from China unless it’s Now why is a mega-star-to-be to have wanted herself stucked outside the red hot China market? That’s strategically puzzling to Scope… Actually, the reason why Scope had started Scope’s blog at Sohu was because it would be out of the radar of those in the southern well. For her, shouldn’t she be prefering a larger exposure instead? 

But the choice at WordPress will be marvelous because this team is well-known to be sensible and stick to the honorable principles of freedom of speech and such. The quality of the team is just remarkable. The only problem is no matter how high the hits may be, you can’t have adsense for the matter without paying WordPress. Scope has been with this host for quite some time and that’s the conclusion, till now.

[A Ping Pong Into Entertainment] Reading from the newspaper also yields Li Jia Wei (You watched Olympics Ping Pong?) going into this industry in China. Right direction but wrong move… She was a Ping Pong player with some friends in this industry. But she doesn’t have what it got to stay in this circle. Why? Firstly, Li is not exceptionally pretty, and she should not be naive to expect permanent works coming to her without facing huge competition from stars who see themselves much more qualified or properly ‘educated’ and are willing to offer more than a smile. Unless she gains connection with any right people… but even so, how far does she herself expect to go?

China’s entertainment industry is really ridiculously huge… but there is always a catch somewhere. Without proper insertion, Li would for one rise to find pressures from societies of not the usual types, or remaining low and crawling among the many new and prettier rising competitions.

But it’s really a good industry to make good money, especially if you suck ping pongs better than Bobo… Waliao~ Can’t wait for Edison’s new AV productions! He even got voted what most sexy by don’t-know-who. Sexy or not, who knows? But he’s definitely the king of AV.

[Singapore’s PM lamented Singaporean men no know how to attract women… So here comes Scope to the rescue. But put it this way… If you think women are wonderful to have… think again. Go to Scope can help you in romance, how to chase after them, but if you are merely after sex, you should try Geylang; it’s cheaper and plenty of hassle-free selections. Scope is here so that every man has a fighting chance in love, and the man doesn’t really need to be rich.]










老男人对新加坡的娱乐的那么不娱乐,失望犹如滔滔江水,黄河泛滥…bla bla bla~



* Blogging means different things to different people, what do you think of blogging here? Scope prefers to put it as ‘junk food’. If you want super credible stuffs, go after the newspapers~ A junk a day, keeps boredom at bay.

** Check out . Go ahead and bang balls and such, and we should have the principal dumped into shit tank on her birthday as well. You tell me MOE allowed stripping in schools as well? OMG~

*** Finally, this corrupted ex-president of Taiwan is sent into jail. Is this the start of a new Taiwan?

**** Obviously, if there were interests she’d have a market in China. But then was then now is now. The market condition in China has been changing by much since.

***** Gong Li made waves when she becomes a Singaporean citizen. Our MP Lee was probably so honored by this star who: 1. won’t be based in Singapore, 2. a well-known clueless communist party member mocked by mainlanders for her poor quality party work, 3. is 43 years old and amplifies Singapore’s long-term slacks in this industry, 4. shows aspiring Singaporeans the local condition of working environment. Welcome to Singapore, but… you can still find her in China as she claims to be basing herself there instead of Singapore for work. And there are more newcomers, and why is MP Lee so special to Gong Li in this equal society? OMG!