evil-world[Many are celebrating corrupted ex-president Chen Shui Bian’s migration into the jail, and Scope is not about to miss it lah~ So here comes his participation with his CGP. Below is Tomoya Nagase, a performer Scope finds rather good and he was involved in two drama series which are rated by Scope as good and excellent. ‘My Boss My Hero’ is remarkably well done! It’s so good that you are seeing Tomoya here… All the way, Tomoya!]

You rely on the cats who are one big family with the mice to work, Garfield and Mickey Mouse offer you the fantasy world of Disneyland.

Heartening news, and celebrated in many forms in Taiwan and outside… the corrupted smart alec Chen Shui Bian who held the top office for two consecutive terms and makan-ed money by the millions is now busted by the new Taiwanese president Ma Ying Jiu (马英九). This is particularly explosive in an era where many are resorting to corrupted means to become successful, shamelessly hailing such as accepted norms and even entering politics to lead!

We salute to the new Taiwanese president for this glorious event, and wish that he himself prefers food against money for meals. Fuck Chen Shui Bian! Fuck the corrupted assholes! Fuck injustice!

Is Taiwan the new hope, the new paradise to be? If President Ma continues to do a good job clearing up the social decays, you can bet many are already preparing to move to Taiwan.

Scope sends his best regards.

This entire posting is hence dedicated to the heroes who have brought justice a bit closer to this decaying world. Now Taiwan’s next job is to recover all those loots Chen Shui Bian’s family has hidden. How the fuck can a civil servant have millions and millions of money stashed away after just 2 terms?

Chen Shui Bian and his cronies are definitely going down the Chinese history stinking as shit…

You governed like a sorry crap, and you took that much… 陈水扁,你要不要脸?




Salute again, to the great people who has busted these corrupted craps and busting more assholes to come.

Luckily, this happens in Taiwan, since Scope doubts Chen will be released with a $22,000 job waiting for this fucker. Chen Shui Bian now refuses to eat. I mean, after having eaten so much money, of course food for mankind becomes tasteless. Taiwan should feed him with gold coins… You see, gold is stable element. After he makan-ed a gold coin, he passes the coin out, and the coin can be fed to him again…

Chen Shui Bian, he could have gone down history gloriously… He was the one who had been given a chance by the people to defeat the incumbent KMT which was no lesser corrupted, dirty and arrogant. And he has chosen to be a shameless asshole.

Hopefully with the fall of Chen Shui Bian and his cronies, the sun can shine once again in Taiwan, bringing it a new era of happiness and prosperity under the new leadership of President Ma.

Best wishes from Scope.