[Scope loves the winds, his women, and the seas everwhere carry his passion, wide and deep. This photo reminds me of the time I watched the tornado in Zhejiang. Scope is obviously a classic designer. Want a branded Scope wallet? It sells for S$149 each.]

‘You look at your pet termites and find them healthier today, you should expect your house to shake tomorrow.’

While the CGPs are under creation in the other room, it’s time to start blogging again. According to old records online, it seems that a large scandal with our old ERC (Entrepreneur Resource Center) has blown off at the start of September 2008, now is because it made hundreds paid for junk degrees for something like $18,000 a piece! And it was to the credit of Straits Times again, and Straits Times put up quite an encouraging and determined fight against the subsequent threats.

Well done.

This is the institute boasting to create entrepreneurs in Singapore… and create leaders under the nose of our enlightened government.

Now Scope heard that some are intending to have a class action suit. If it is based on misrepresentation and negligence on ERC’s part, I suppose it would be pretty easy. But most importantly, Straits Times have made ERC’s issues public. When ERC has its online ‘branch’ in China, I was almost immediately brought to awareness of its Shenzhen presence. How can anyone expect such happenings in Southern China to go unnoticed with Scope.

Singapore aims to be what education hub, it’s a saddening affair. If the people really go ahead and start a class action suit, then this will become an official NKF II as I have been expecting. This is also when massive investors of dubious minibonds are suggested to take class action suit against the financial sector based on misrepresentation. As Scope has already explained the legal basis of this, that a contract cannnot be based on immoral terms nor of criminal nature or offences such as misrepresentation.

But Scope’s main attention is not really his $1680 and the apology, but it is the MOE’s reaction to this case*.

From the earlier report, come 2009 there shalt be actions by the government to clean up this sector, and CASE should have a varied role. For all those which had happened, would ERC be even affected?

Here is a link I found: I have also found many updates online about outcries against Andy Ong, and yes… we even have full details of him down to his NRIC online!** It seems that the hunt for the ‘arrogant’ Andy Ong has started online.

Straits Times has done the public a big service, now what about the government? Let’s sit back and observe.

Anyway, I have immediately emailed old man to congratulate him that he is not another Lehman minibonds victim. Maybe that was emailed too early***… I am glad I am an early whistle-blower, and one who have blown the horn even louder after the threat came from Andy Ong. But this… also signals an era where a society is crippling and the destructions are getting widespread. I consider myself just an accidental hero, but I am still proud of myself to have blown the whistle.

I know I am a good guy.

And I know I is enough.
[The way babe took photos only made me laughed… So Scope was taking back the camera. She was just wasting batteries! It’s pretty sianz if the woman you bring along doesn’t share your passion. But every woman is good in some ways. A man’s attraction is not in the wallet, only losers attract women with money. Scope loves to laugh. And he always laugh overseas, hence he is leaving next year. Anyone in Europe wants a tie up? Contact early. If it’s in the design, it has to be Scope.]
[Internet Research:– Done.] I am very interested in the behavior modes of southern netizens and not only the real world ugliness in this cultural desert, and AIMS has listed as one of the prominent study area when it started its governmental assignment on internet regulation. There are two major parts in this: Southern netizens & Global netizens. Frankly speaking, internet is not just one framework alone, and is an important aspect of globalization. There is, however, no need to research on China’s internet environment because it is artificially decided by the few, and there is no way you can do any meaningful test when it is up to will and fancy.

Actually, my established blog at Sohu serves as a very important subject for comparison purposes, making it super easy to outline characteristics of the observed****. Using China’s Sohu Scope blog with a nominal base of 100 points based on cultural establishment, we can assign a pretty accurate comparison ratio. What is sociology? This is sociology. And it is also about site policy which reflects a broad society in the real world. will also have a site management policy-inclination. And that is for studying the IQ values as a result. Balloons were released to test the various aspects and observed. Lastly, reactions were drawn and computed.


The most thrilling part is AIMS has included as prominent when the base ‘community’ (as self-described) is only less than a hundred… Numbered to be around 50, of which only about 10 are most active. This is the strength of, a prominent subject of AIMS (?). The regular viewership is estimated as far below 2000 on a day to day basis of 2 intervals. A farcry from the high usage level of internet hailed by Singapore. Which is on average, a boarded posting’s average maximum hits count is only a small 300~400. This may not even be half of Mocca! The main crowd includ teenagers and younger adults. Which explains the maturity level displayed discounting the educational impact.

If AIMS uses as a policy guide on blogosphere… Scope wonders if it is even appropriate. While indeed there were pretty disturbing issues, but does one exhaust the water of Raffles river just to drown a small box of rats?

But the southern observation does yield one important aspect that I have omitted at the beginning when I tried fishing with ‘Obama’. I need the right ‘tool’. Obviously, Stumbleupon may not be handy enough, since I… don’t know how to use it. But I have found a lead… and it’s Raincoaster’s blog. Her blog might lead me to find something useful after all.
[It’s always a pity that talents are leaving Singapore. Scope is one of the exodus. No choice. Rascals are crowding out the island, and talents enjoy huge market overseas. Why not? It all has to do with a cultural desert. The fighting abroad is intense, but talents do have their market. the fighting in Singapore is also intense… but it’s just mostly petty fights on petty things. Visit and see for yourself. Guys sat with legs open and people also complained on such things… Hilarious~ A small island with petty mindsets is pretty scary.]

Overseas Filming Of A Success Story.

With so much talents, the most critical ingredient of success is the environment. Next year, I shall make plans to start productions outside, and that would hopefully be based on an official employment status with an overseas company gained during the stay*****.

Scope is not an unrealistic idealist who assumes that success comes once filming is finished. Basically, the self-grooming takes time, and settling down overseas also takes time. Looking for a career to gain the papers also takes time. And I hope to accomplish all these without relying on bro and group as far as possible.

Point is something always get in the way, and you’d need to circumvent. It’s very hard to plan things in Singapore because something like this in-camp and other Singaporean tiny issues will come. Southern China has pros and cons, Europe also has its advantages but it’s a new unfamiliar place. Nonetheless, searching for success has to be done overseas. You are not expecting good talented Singaporeans to be working under pests in such a condition, right?

[Fortune Telling: Believe It or Not] It’s pretty incredible, but here’s the story. When I was a kid, my parents were told they have three deities at home.  My young sister is blessed with ‘人’ (social), my younger brother is blessed with ‘运’ (luck), and me… that’s a secret. For me,  I started out lacking elements which is… I lacked both what my siblings are blessed with. And I shalt be surrounded by ‘小人’ (lowly cultured imps: small people). One can say, I know this thing called ‘small people’ from very young.

Accordingly, deities blessed with mortal advantages belong to the ‘underworld’, while I lacked elements and I could see and hear ghosts… from the spiritual world… a world that spirits are not ready for hell and float around you and me day in day out. I could see my grandma’s soul visiting me just three days before she departed. I was not afraid, as a kid… I found this ability thrilling. But this would not last accordingly because there is a reason why I am borned into an environment filled with ‘small people’. If one lacks any particular element, he or she will wear gold watch to ‘fill’ the gold element. A balance of elements will mean smooth life, easier to succeed in this mortal world. For me, ironically speaking… ‘small people’ are my ‘gold watches’.

One can say, I am sucking their elements to fulfill mine from young, and the more I sucked, the more I’d lose such abilities. My parents used to have me told them what to buy for 4D and they made money when I closed my eyes, I could see the blur numbers when I concentrated. But now I can’t; no matter how hard I focus, I can’t see anything… I can’t see a shadow. I am sucking elements in… and after the ERC happening, I went to China to start picking money from streets, and I scored 9/10 strikes in gambling. That’s amazing.

Obviously, I have hit upon a huge cache of elements, or luck that I could suck… This is my fortune. I was dumped into this environment to start heavy sucking of elements from ‘small people’ I hate to survive. I hate ‘small people’ but I need their elements. Ironical.
[Filming is an interest, and looking for sponsors is a must-do in this industry. I take this like an hobby, since it is really an hobby. Project S will succeed since money is not the chief problem. That’s healthy dose of optimism since this is merely an hobby. Can’t imagine if I depend on filming for a living. LOL~ I am leaving Singapore next year to scout for opportunities, and settle outside. Everything has to be started from scratch, and it’s thrilling.]
[You Only Live Once] I don’t really believe all those bullshits in fortune telling before I met Cathy. The fortune tellers Mum visited were very accurate, but I only started paying attention when I miraculously encountered the beautiful girl as was timed by the fortune tellers. I have tried hard to change certain fate in vain, but… I knew that I can have a control of my fate more or less by bumping into other element caches… And those foods are all around me. I can change things depending on how I engage this world.

How do I know that? I knew that through the whispers of a ghost…

Many mortals are walking caches of elements in their destined courses of life. Sometimes, you accidentally die before you run out of course. The accounting is very simple in fact. It’s very hard to extent your time in this mortal world, but it is very easy to shorten it. The tough part is fate, because fate is the one thing in fortune which is the equilibrium of life. It’s like a network… When 100 hundreds later, you will have son which will affect many in the network, now you shall meet the father of the son and produce this input to the network. This is fate, and this is why it is very difficult to change fate, unless… you can change the elements of another so drastically, that this son however will still be produced, but via another ‘fate’.

And this near godly intervention… which is condemned upon unless you have a very strong… something to justify. Because by affecting the outcome, you are denying the couple in this example the ‘credit’ of producing someone important in this lifetime. That will decide their afterlife, and even reborn status.

Indeed, you only live once because the lifeforce (or soul) that is installed into the cells that gives everyone a body and life, and fate, and an identity in this world has only one body. A body is a form of energy condensed with the DNA limits provided by your parents. You cannot change how you look, how your organs shall fail, but fate will still be the same. Every soul must choose at every turn of fate, and when he or she dies, and the body rot into energy in the intestines of decomposers, your soul will be released again.

Spirits themselves are also within the wheels of fate. The elements will decide how the path to fate will be.

When a person dies, it is permanent. You will either go to hell, or you will be floating around this world… depending on the choices in fate when you are alive. Your body only registers your physical contacts, if you are able to extent the biological aspects fate will still challenge you. Which is to say, yes… you can extent or shorten life in such understanding.

[Life Is Hard; Why Not Change The Game] Don’t ever demand ghosts to help you strike toto… the price to pay will always be larger than their help. Ghosts float around in this world will also have needs of a varied kind from living souls, asking them for help, you must trade… and you always make losses. Very few in mortal life will help you without asking for favors, hence how many would volunteer when they are floating ethernally? Stupid humans.

Certain things do drive ghosts away; many of those tailsmans are simply ‘ghost languages’ or reminders in the form of feels, or faith of the author. They are only detered by elements as they themselves are elements. It’s not that they are afraid of daylight, but too many men will mean alot of element caches which’d crowd them out.

Hence, how you decide will change your elements discreetly. If you ask ghosts for favors, this is one example. If you are evil, it doesn’t mean you will die earlier, but of course you will go to hell, because no matter how much elements you bless yourself upon, those elements you garner will only stay in mortal world, that when you die, you’d find yourself out of them and you are still in the wheel of fate. Your deeds will have an impact. So smartalec evil-doers always go to hell.

In a way, deeds transform your elements, and decide how you shall proceed into the next choice. Which is at times, you can say men are just puppets of fate in their own choices.

[Breaking Free Of Fate] Many things in life are fated; the life generated into pigs, or souls reinjected into cells that become pigs that yourself shall eat in turn is a cycle and fated. If you don’t kill the pigs, they shall remain as pigs, but if you kill them, most will return as pigs as well… It is very hard for souls in animal forms to perform deeds, hence they have to ‘evolve’ by dying and dying and reborn eventually into something that allows themselves the chances to float into heaven. Which is, you can duplicate two similar bodies, but there will always be two different souls. You can’t create souls. You can only trap them, at the expense of others’ elements. They leave their functioning bodies especially when the ‘machines’ are breaking down for too long, floating around and be reinjected.

If you want to break free of fate, hence you’d need huge doses of elements change. No matter if you are evil or not, mortal elements can change your life but hilariously speaking… You’d need a planet of, say, gold to fill a small proportion of gold element, and it’s not yours to stay. The one typical thing that can change fate is to move to another place. Every place has different composition of elements, and either is suitable or curses different persons. You can say, deities are souls with extremely huge amount of elements who cannot come to mortal world as mortal, lest they remove a huge amount of elements… and regain them via deeds and such.

Breaking free of fate is via deeds, and via fortune. Which is, again, hilariously speaking, always about going imbalance or difficulty to maintain balance. Assuming I hit upon ‘small people’, I do good at the same time and probably gain an element in wood, but I suck a cache which is also overloaded with wood… That’d make my life imbalanced and need to adjust to many sudden happenings. This is one thing that cannot be controlled because even if I know the birthdates, I cannot determine how much elements I could have absorbed from others. And once I returned from China, an imbalance immediately occurs again. But it’s a choice I have made to return. But numberous imbalances can eventually reach a generally stable state when I have sucked in a huge cache of elements for myself because no matter how unpredictable will be the absorption per se, it’d will tend to insignificance as in differentiation… The effect of ‘dizziness’ will fade more and more, which will make my life easier.

Of course, interactions now can be made easier with advanced IT development. It’s a synergy between me and the other.

[Life] Moral of the story, life is in your hand… as mine is in my hand. While I cannot see spirits now, but I can still feel their presence around. I know they are around. Ghosts don’t interfere in mortal businesses usually till they are provoked, or there is something attracting them. Most of the modern souls are destined for hell, a void a spirit must sink through and emerge to be injected into mortality again and again till they can have a choice again. Every deed helps to evolve their existence.

Do not ask for forgiveness when to sin or not is not others’ choices. They have their choices to make, and their fate to deal with. Heaven only opens for a few marked for it. The rest shalt go to hell when their bodies expire. Love is also an element, something mankind is not aware of. Love can change fate in either directions. Love can change a lot of things. But only real love can combat fate, because ultimately speaking… you cannot take the gold watch, but love generated when one is alive will be an asset that cannot be robbed when your soul is released. You cannot cheat love. You either have it, or not.

Very often, love is the key that tends to decide if you shall drift meaninglessly in the mortal world waiting for hell or otherwise. A ghost once lamented… he was lost, because he had lost himself when he was alive, and he couldn’t feel his way to heaven nor hell… He and others could feel me, I carried the warmth in my soul that attracted them from miles away.

I think being a drifting ghost should be pretty cold…

When I was a teenager, I looked at the KFC drumsticks… Every bit I felt like want to vomit when I recalled that I could be eating another man or woman reborned. For a few years, I had to come to terms with myself that if I don’t take the proteins, they would decompose anyway.

I still remember my grandma that night… she was like trying to say something to me… but if I didn’t get to see her after she passed away, I know she is not a drifter. I hope she goes to heaven… but deep down, I knew… heaven only opens the door to highly ‘classified’ souls, and very often one has to be reborned several times to gain that status; Unless one is a sucker of elements. But only deities borned into mortal forms can suck their way back, punishing the evil world along the way.

I knew she was destined to depart soon that night I saw her, but I was still sad when I saw her cold body resting in the living room. Perhaps her love for her kins would be so pure and unstained as a good woman when she was alive would allow her to feel her way to heaven. You can’t be marked for heaven if you don’t have real love burning in your soul… no matter how powerful your elements would have become.

I hope she made it.******

[The Lady At HDB And Encounters] I could sense her from afar when I was younger and enjoyed my night walking during those days… I love the moon and stars, even till now. The pale shade of a long hair lady… a hair so pale in color as I moved towards her in my sense, and saw her just at a distance. She ignored me… and walked into the wall… disappeared. Since I have seen grandma’s soul, I roughly know what to expect of a shade. She must have been around for at least a few years, new… and lost. You could tell by her clearer outline because older drifters would be more bo-chap in their forms, sometimes even in blur shapes… loitering aimlessly at night among HDB blocks. And it’s tiresome to see them in daylight.

Amazingly, many thought ghosts are ‘scare’ of holy grounds such as churches. Truth is, many spirits haunt churches because of the atmosphere there. Holy grounds exist in the same rules as elements, that unless a monk or bishop is a powerful cache of real elements and their faith is as powerful as an average shade, it’s not considered holy. But you can try writing a tailsman, or ghost reminder to appeal they behave. But as there are lesser and lesser holy people in this world who can really affect them, who will bother? And they choose their haunts as their meaningless drifts bring them to. Old drifters, I called them shades because  most of them don’t like human appearances when no matter how, they ain’t human anymore… and they are reminded again and again of hell to come.

Old spirits are experienced drifters. Some ghosts however, for some reasons, may end up going to heaven. This one I can’t disclose why. But they are the very unique lot, and it is still due to what they are when they are alive.

You cannot really exocise ghosts. What many are doing, especially when the exocist is not holy, are merely making ghosts excited… the exocist is provoking the ghosts… and as such… you know. But generally speaking, after their excitment, most would still stick to their meaningless drift and try not to bother the living. Whether they are ready for hell is mostly decided by their own dealings with fate.

If ghosts do disturb you, you may have provoked their attention while you are a rascal yourself. There is no need to be surprised if you see a shade walking into walls or vanishing just in front of you; it just mean that your elements are down in certain compartment, or in certain cases, you are about to die. Most won’t bother about you.

If you ever encounter World War II Jap invaders’ spirits in Singapore, I’d be very surprised. Many inhuman soldiers fell quickly into hell*******, some victims who shouldn’t have died would have expired as well. So how can anyone see them, unless those drifters are special cases?

Many people are paranoid with death, spirits, gods and such. But the truth is, the one whom one should be paranoid is himself or herself. There is an old saying: You can only cheat yourself. Even fortune tellers can only roughly sense your path as your self would be, and calculate them accordingly from their mortal learning. If you go around behaving like a ghost, why are you praying so hard?

You might as well go and die…

Every life is a story. Don’t be afraid of living, the story can be very beautiful.

So, still afraid of the dark?
[Scope is not afraid of the dark, especially of ghosts. The only things to be wary of are those living critters in the shades. Seen and heard ghosts like youngsters go McDonald’s and having sighted UFO at least once in his puny life, Scope is aware of the worlds beyond this world. He knows people are going to hell, he’s very angry of their choices… Why are they coming to this mortal world only to choose hell when it is so easy to embrace heaven? I love the sunset… It’s so romantic. It’s hence why the man in Scope finds ugliness in Singapore thrilling… Pretty morbid but… how can there be beauty when there is no ugly?]

*In my honest view, I suppose those people shouldn’t be too optimistic. Yes, it’s exposed! Yes, Singapore matters and Singaporeans’ interests are government’s… No matter how much noises made online, can the government take on ERC will be another issue. That will, of course, be a good chance to observe Minister Ng.

**I am pretty sceptical on how one could have disclosed so much personal details about Andy Ong and not have been removed by an official forum. Strange.

***Interestingly, this escalated scandal has reached new heights with many cheated by the branching out of many varied trading courses conducted as a result… This scandal is so huge as the cheats in reference are continuing their operations under the nose of the clean and effective government. Why did Scope need to pay so much and worked so hard for his BSc when it is so easy to get doctorates from fraudsters whom the talented government can’t deal with? Illogical…

****It is not that Northern cyberspace doesn’t have pests, but due to their culture in dealing with differences and interaction, the chinese setup at becomes a good base to assess southern cyberspace where pests and nosenses are dominating due to the cultural desert. It makes southern havoc no excuses over their display of ugliness.

*****In consideration to the situation in the southern sphere, once the equipment are ready, I am using the lull prior to in-camp to get familiar with the softwares and camera. The acting crew can be more easily obtained in rural areas of China… Even Zhang Ziyi was discovered from a village. If things are smooth, the whole crew can set up office in China and subsequently Europe. Hong Kong will be a good base to link up to Youtube, this blog and so on. If not, foreign contacts can do the trick.

******If I am not wrong, grandma was not the first soul I saw to have visited me before departing, and definitely not the last… I couldn’t remember who because it was a relative when I was so young whom I only came to know later when I visited the departing ceremony. Fate is a huge ball, you either roll with it or you are blessed to roll it. It is very difficult to be marked for heaven; many in this modern world praying to Buddha are already themselves marked for hell. Thrilling… Without enlightenment, all those souls hug and console among themselves in the tiny temples and expect the grace of heaven to embrace them, when they can only be heading for hell. I don’t understand… But maybe that’s just human. The sight of a drifter is different from souls who look at the world with their eyes as they share the same dimension with the living, a drifter expressed that he could only feel… a world so dark and empty. It explains why sightings have that shades walked into walls… to them, it makes no difference, unless they can feel the wall. Most often, it is the living souls on the walls that help them feel there is something there, since living souls have elements. But while they can sense elements, they can’t ‘see’ elements. They are deprived of nearly all neuron senses but the instinct of a drifting soul.

*******As man chooses, his soul ‘evolves’, and will be ‘marked’ in a way of understanding for hell or heaven. Actually the use of the word ‘choose’ is not really appropriate when all souls are in their wheels of fate with a ‘destined’ course where generally, their choices will lead them to hell if they are destined in this wheel of fate to be ‘choosing’ into the path of hell. There is obviously a world beyond world, just as what happened to the world within the cells of your body is unknown to you as food molecules or condensed energies are changed within those cell worlds, that huge blackholes are forced within and inter-galactic forces are happening in your microscopic cells… where every second of your life maybe a lightyear within the cell world. This whole universe may be just an engineered environment for a larger and more sophisticated world unknown to mankind. Hell… and heaven…The only thing we now know is souls do exist, and many are waiting to go to hell.