[Scope is an hopeless romantic… And he would probably be. Once a while, he’d feel the world. Anyway, the coming pics are all photos taken at the coast of Singapore. Neptune loves the seas.]

‘Thou shalt maintain controls of what justified the maintanance…’

The internet acess has been down for a few days reportedly due to router’s issue, Scope suspects malicious attempts instead*. But since there is really nothing much to hide on this terminal, he is not too worried about it, but if it is a crime, it’s still a crime to meddle with the router or to jam the signals. Point is, we paid ISPs to surf online, not just to receive and send signals.

If it is indeed a crime, then this has to be dumped to the police.

That shows that the best security is to be prepared to be transparent, and that you must hence be first reasonble to yourself. Scope did nothing wrong, he’s not afraid. Even USA politician (Palin) has her email account hacked into… Pests, this is one issue we all have to confront online or in this society. There are pests who are dim-witted, perhaps highly skilled, yet never properly raised by their parents going around showcasing themselves as failures of society by giving hell a reason to receive them while they are using their skills to harm others instead of doing good.
[Toast to toasted Chen Shui Bian the big corrupted rascal and to those rascals not toasted yet online or offline. All those nosenses in the southern sphere don’t really affect Scope’s taste for good food. Food is probably the only thing Scope enjoys in this cultural desert… but it is getting expensive, especially when it tastes better and cheaper out there. Online ugliness always thrills Scope; if you watch clowns, won’t you laugh?]
[Romance Of Ping.sg] Such is the current state of the society, and it is not different when Scope observes the ‘society’ at Ping.sg. Now during the lull due to this terminal being down, Scope still did his emails and browsed and observed the internet, and even posted a fresh posting in WordPress on the incident. Life goes on. And during which, he saw more flammings among bloggers at Ping.sg shoutbox.

Uzyn seems to be the owner of Ping.sg, and it is very obvious that in order to maintain traffic to his site, he has to entertain the pressure of such flamming and demands from all sorts of netizens. It is like a government under pressure from the mobs making all sorts of demands and accusations… Scope doesn’t bother about unreasonable demands and complains, or even ridiculous comments. As regulars know very well, even bird brains can observe the disturbing southern uniqueness in flamming by the simple way of making comparison of the two blogs of Scope. Scope is not Uzyn, he doesn’t entertain childish nosenses. If anyone wants to make a point, he or she is always welcomed to. If anyone is here just to be troublemakers or pests…

Scope only entertains reasonableness, not noises.

If Scope (or Uzyn) backs off and gives in to any sorts of demands due to pressure, he is only in for bigger troubles as things will get out of control with even more messier flammings and demands from all corners; this is equivalent to promoting chaos. Scope is not Jean, he won’t be upset by the comments of cyber pests…

Whatever, pretty thrilling to see the ugliness.

By the way, these terminals are not only acessed by Scope.
[Put it this way, without culture as the basis, there is no such thing as right or wrong, and with indifference to judgement, there can be no justice, and where there is no justice, the society can go down the drain but there is no hero in this endless blind fight… or competition. If Scope lives another 1000 years, the last mankind could be witnessed slaughtering his other last counterpart… Which aliens won’t exterminate human race, hence?]

Do Opinions Matter: All Matters Are Solid Energy.

There have been plenty of issues recently to blog about, like it or not, so here’s my take per crap:

[The Milky Way To Scandals] It’s very quick for Singaporeans to blame China for not doing diligent checks on its products, but interestingly… Singapore is smaller and tighter in control and also that the officers are paid better than in China, and how long was it before Singapore itself discovered this scandal?

As long as China… and as long as many other states. So what is the point of attacking China? Not that I am siding with China, but it is obvious that it is a shared failure. Almost everyone is sleeping. And the point is, the first major alarm was banged loud in China, not by the food inspection units around the world. Which means, if China doesn’t blow up, we might be still sucking Oreos and M&Ms and all those milk products from China people are so scared of now… all with the food inspectors taking their fat pays, go work, knock off and such…

Should we not thank China instead for making our agencies more productive, and that we can choose to stop taking in more and more poison while paying the officers more and more with such awareness?

The main point is, that scambag company was reported as trying to cover up the scandal… and it was not something known only for one or two days that the public was taking in poison… Nobody seems to be bothered about business ethics nowadays, and before Singaporeans blame China again, do they think Singaporean companies are really so bothered about business ethics?

And do they know that one of the big milk players in Shi Jia Zhuang (A China town where the milk scandals blow) may includ Singaporeans? Nope, most won’t even know. But the milk products from there are now so fearsome to the public, and are condemned upon. How irrational~

I was joking with an auntie at NTUC that the people are so crazy over this scandal whereby even my favorite Nabisco biscuits were removed from shelves for a single poisonous content… that people are willing to pay such high taxes to buy sticks of cigarettes containing tons of poisons which are not as possible to be removed as kidney stones. And these are the same people in this world making all the noises about one lone melamine.

Strange world, but thrilling… real thrilling.

This world doesn’t make a fucking sense, and they don’t seem to mind the senseless sense-making.

I myself drank that Mong Cow milk in Beijing, and the milk was not cheap. Even the fishballs were fishy… But come to think of it, if I were to drink Mong Cow milk or take M&M in Singapore during the period, what’s the fucking difference?

[The Meltdown Of Wallstreet Ice-cream] If we were to condemn China for Sanlu’s trashy business ethics which happened in recent years, more people would have condemned the financial industrial players and their related kakis (Singlish: associates, friends, bla bla bla). The banking sectors have been taking their customers for rides and for granted for much longer than Sanlu.

It’s not only an issue in Hong Kong, but many Singaporeans are also the victims of influencial pests under the honorable care of our talented government. Risk-aversed but greedy and ignorant aunties go to the local banks and cases of them misled or misrepresented into signing up for risky ‘investment products’ are nothing unusual. The only thing that has been unusual is this happens even longer and in larger scale than Mr Durai and Ming Yi’s fucking of Singapore. And the local verdict for this has been a very simple: Caveat Emptor.

Hence, those donors to NKF and Ren Ci should be happy. At least SPH fucked Durai and gang, and the fake monk is going to court for all those abuses.

While Sanlu kills the babies, many financial rogues are killing the families and going scotts free.

Soon, I’d be selling people magic stones to the same ignorant aunties in streets telling people: Caveat Emptor.

Now those papers are becoming worthless, and that probably explains why ignorant uncles and aunties enjoy magic shows and buy magic stones… Patients with atrial flutter can choose to pray to Ren Ci Temple, or buy magic stones from Scope. There won’t be conflict of interests between selling magic stones and those investment waste papers to the uncles and aunties, after all: Caveat Emptor.

Many of those papers could be sold for $5000 a unit, my magic stones are more cheaper. Why lose $20,000 when you can buy a magic stone made of diamond for $1000 from Scope? Nowadays, if I don’t sell magic stones to people with atrial flutter, I’d be jobless and unsuccessful as compared to the talents taking in millions as salaries for running AIG to the grounds.

Consumers are idiots… right?

They are just so green-eyes to us who become successful selling magic stones to the public in Singapore. Losers… They just don’t understand how we are helping to contribute to Singapore’s growth and future, although sometimes I don’t understand myself as well; But Klaus Regling the EU senior advisor may offer some enlightenment to me later with some senior advice.

It’s my view lah, this is indeed caveat emptor. I am not asking anyone to buy my views. Scope is too stupid to offer any views worth the penny, just buy my magic stones. Any orders?

This world now is glaringly strange, isn’t it?

Maybe Uncle Scope is getting too old… catch no ballz.

[Stephen Chow, Again?] It is very interesting, another Stephen Chow blog…? This is the Nth Stephen Chow blogs that have landed in Scope’s Sohu Blog. From the way it looks, it is probably the creation of somebody working in Stephen Chow’s company. Well, there is nothing really much to be bothered about fake blogs. If it happens in Ping.sg, maybe it might provoke tons of flammings, but people as Scope can’t be really bothered.

It’s fun to observe the blog, nonetheless.

Whether it is really Stephen Chow or not… Hmm… Maybe I should also join in the fun~

Creating a fake Stephen Chow blog for Scope is chicken feat. Using graphical editing, you can create all sorts of fake Stephen Chow photos to convince the people that that is indeed Stephen Chow’s blog. Acting Scope or acting another actor is about the same, anyway.

Anyway, it seems that that blogger is bending on taking the fun to a new height. Interesting.

[The Blur Preachers] Now if anyone is to show up at Scope’s doors to preach about how great is their organisation and to show me the bible, please please please… Scope is very open to bright ideas, but make sure you are what you are preaching. Don’t come to preach of enlightenment when you are not half as enlightened. Scope respects people’s religions, but the problem is that many chaps don’t respect themselves especially in the face of their own religions.

Actually, it’s pretty humorous.

Stand in the light before you preach the light. Strange, didn’t the folks realise that they themselves were the ‘media’ , and that there was nothing less humble to be in the limelight. Walking the estates and exposing themselves while sharing their faith to millions of households were already putting themselves in the limelight, and what was the big difference in blogging or joining Project S?

Do not preach of what you do not understand. It’s thrilling, but it is wasting everybody’s time.

The irony here is pretty easy to understand, isn’t it?

Art thee to plea doors to open when thou doors shalt be closed.

I waved the duo goodbye, smiling… Till they understand, may they then return.

[Scope decides to dedicate this CGP to curse that corrupted Taiwanese Chen Shui Bian… Fuck~ He entered politics and siphoned off so much money when Taiwanese folks are stuck in economic slumps, jobless and selling backsides! Shame shame shame! If Taiwanese court is so incompetent to condemn him, maybe we’d need some divine help…]

Japanese Attraction: My Sassy Girl And Hell Girl.

My recent purchases included two Japanese drama series from Johore. Of course, I bought the original. One of which is ‘My Sassy Girl’ and if it can make it to Scope’s blog, it shows that the show has standard. There is another drama series I got from China: ‘Hell Girl’ (English: Jigoku Shojo). The only issue of getting shows from overseas is that those DVDs seldom come with ‘extra contents’.

[The Girl Next Door] The main casts of ‘My Sassy Girl’ are the old Kusanagi Tsuyoshi who acted as Nakata S in ‘Love With Superstar’, and a Tanaka Rena. Yeah, another touching story presented with pretty high standard performance by that Tsuyoshi. Apparently, the former singer is getting better in acting, and the skill of performing is like never seen before.

However, the pace of ‘My Sassy Girl’ slacks in comparison to ‘Love With Superstar’ in that especially towards the latter part of the whole series, there are more ‘chances’ to press fast forward to skip certain parts. The family members of Sappuro were also too vague in the show to the point that whether the daughter exists or not doesn’t really matter, and the supporting casts at the university also are not as strong as those Sanmaru’s in ‘Love With Superstar’.

But ‘My Sassy Girl’ is more romantic than ‘Love With Superstar’ in that the way the story moves and was shot at the latter part is impressive. It is pretty obvious that care has been taken to protray a beautiful love scene with equally beautiful atmosphere. In terms of heart-warming, ‘My Sassy Girl’ ends up scoring better than ‘Love With Superstar’. But in terms of ‘viewer-bility’, the flow with ‘Love With Superstar’ is better.

Rena’s performance is considered pretty average; point is, she settles into the role pretty ok, but there is obvious rigidity in her performance that pushes her into over-acting.

The story is good, but the problem comes with Minami’s story with Natsu Meh. Basically, this part could be way too fast to be squeezed into this short series. The way that Minami fell for Natsu Meh is too fast, and the way their story ends is too fast as well… Or the better word to describe it is ‘too abrupt’. Minami is supposed to be at the university for only 3 months, and when she was disappointed that she might not be with Sappuro, in less than a few weeks since she reached the uni she declared her love for Natsu… and she knew pretty well she’d be in the uni for only 3 months! It’s reasonable for her story to be wanting to be with Sappuro since they knew each other since childhood. ‘My Sassy Girl’ stresses too much on Minami and Sappuro’s past and on that basis, the story makes a reserved girl in Minami shifts too fast in her love stance.

And for the rest of the story, Minami is like a thone in the story… It might be as well better to remove Minami and Natsu Meh from the storyline after Rena and Tsuyoshi got together. Their roles do nothing but disrupt the main storyline.

Almost forgot… This sassy girl also makes me fall in love with Canon, the music.

[You are suggested to click this image… Anyway, it turns out that Enma Ai is on holiday, so Scope takes over her to send Chen Shui Bian to hell… OMG~ How can any politician eat so much money in such stupid fashion and still hoping to wiggle out using party politics… Taiwan lawless meh? Aiyah~]
[あだな 閻魔愛] ‘Hell Girl’ on the other hand is a much weaker show but if so, that doesn’t justify ignoring this drama series because while the stories in ‘Hell Girl’ may not be as strong, but the story on the whole is more or less original, and pretty unusual. Unusual stories require pretty careful way of performing to introduce strange concepts to the audience. ‘Hell Girl’ has a major market in that it has its origin rooted in comics, and comic books readers would already know the style and concepts of ‘Hell Girl’. But to people as Scope whose first contact with ‘Hell Girl’ is by watching the DVD, I must say… the reason for covering ‘Hell Girl’ after an entire year since returning to Singapore is that the starting episode fails to be strong enough to retain interest when I browsed it a year back then.

To Scope, that episode would be equivalent to a preview; And the preview obviously doesn’t make a good enough introduction.

But after one continues into the rest of the episodes, it is pretty easy to get sucked into ‘Hell Girl’ because of the style in ‘Hell Girl’ that is pretty attractive, and the story is indeed original. The thrill comes when Jigoku Shojo recites: Ippen, shinde miru… (Japanese: ‘Why not go and die~’ Or ‘Why not have death once… and for all…’)

Enma Ai is probably the coolest lass I have come across recently.


Shinde miru… …

Obviously, the main weapon of ‘Hell Girl’ is the idolizing of Enma Ai. The name Enma Ai is closely related to Enma Ou (In chinese: 阎罗王, A king of hell in Buddhism). The cartoon version explains actually the background of Enma Ai and the real person version has the story very much edited from that of the cartoon’s. And this strategy works very well indeed since Hell Girl herself is supposedly a very cool and mysterious design.

Well, fashion… ie.

Once you know Enma Ai, you’d be addicted to ‘Hell Girl’ no matter if the cartoon version was boring for most of the time.

この 偽りの世界 実は 地獄に 成った;

絶倫の謎謎...人間のこと は...

死は 君に 刻々と迫って きている。

この 化け物世界の 鬼達...

一遍 一緒に 死んで 見る...

Why would an idea such as Enma Ai be so hot…? I suppose her stylish lines already explain.

The artist who has come out with this is addressing directly an audience in a society where people see the world as hell which is hopefully: One for the good, one for the bad. And no one really thinks heaven is so much more better… It’s either a better hell or a lousier hell. Enma Ai’s job is to mainly send pests fatefully to the lousier hell. And all the customers who don’t know hell subconciously pull the red string  and reserve a place for themselves in hell… Which is, they really have chosen to judge this world as not much worse than the hell they fear…

When people fear heaven as much as they fear hell, they will get rid of heaven. This is why Enma Ai has her business… And this why ‘Hell Girl’ has its market in this world.

As much as our love for ‘My Sassy Girl’, the reality that love doesn’t really exist in general in this society is complemented by ‘Hell Girl’. Death… may be just a beginning. As the corrupted financial sector crumbles, maybe that is giving the world a chance to embrace love…

And Enma Ai will lose some market share to love.

But I doubt she will be fuming.

In Buddhism… there is something called 无为 (Philosophy: Idling**)…

[Scope keeps the design here as simple as possible, and inclines towards a Japanese style of presentation in this CGP. Here, the eat-money corrupted Chen Shui Bian is sent to hell. Clap clap…]
There are obvious ‘sightings’ going on, and I have bombarded the ISP for a proper technician to come down for documentary sake for the subsequent filing of police report. But now, a young chap is in my house fixing up the connection for us. We have confirmed a suspicious asshole in the network which shouldn’t be. With the new settings in place, hopefully everything will return to normal. Luckily, Scope is no Palin. LOL~

** One of the highest orders of thinking that targets the real peace of souls to handle the reality of chaos. It is sharply contrasting to the snobs’ way of approach towards the community. The simplest explanation is to liken it to 独孤九剑 (A type of super powerful swordplay in an imaginative legend written by a chap called Jin Yong). The swordplay is powerful because it fights indirectly and gains power when one is in losing situations, willing to idle when there is no opportunity to attack, and the attack doubles up in increased power when the opportunities come. 无为 is a state of mind that belittles not others yet belittles not yourself, and much like Taichi (In Chinese 太极), moves in chaos with chaos with a steady point: The self. Where in Buddhism, everything comes to an end, everything starts for an end, and the world is actually ’empty’, I called that straight and forward: Anti Matter.