[The greatest songs and stories are probably about Men and Women, the wars or romance never lasted a lifetime but lasted forever into history. Scope sees this world as a home… so huge but flooded with insanity, and love drowns. Welcome to Scope’s room.]

The best way to sink a ship is to load it relentlessly with tons of gold that if the pirates don’t help sinking it, such great folly would.

Mack sat there, as his head lowered seemingly with a smile, I was smiling as well… Just that he won’t notice. I had decided to call him out after he knew I have returned from his mum and had invited me to Johore for a movie. I just love to pump him with all the nosense… a thrill to see how he reacted.

Still the same old Mack… Never changed, saved that it’d probably be a long time since we’d meet again. I have this… perculiar habit of sniffing at ‘friends’. Always thrilling.

No matter, Mack’s world is not the same as mine. He’s very contented climbing the ladders in Singapore, much to my inability to appreciate that; While I am very contented in moving out further, and eventually… there won’t be a Scope in Singapore. But I sure hope that he can be the friend I expect of a friend. But this is the cultural desert…

I am seemingly asking too much from my peers in Singapore.

It’s the same with Chok Soon and Cindy. ICA has granted Cindy citizenship, and my congrats to her.

It’s always thrilling to observe my peers who are typical Singaporeans. Chok Soon has links to Malaysians and certain dignitaries with shrewd Cindy around, while Mack virtually rolls in the society and becomes street smart, and all are climbing the ladders as their personal goals.

Typing… I thought of Siping. Her boyfriend probably led her astray alongside with her naughty self in school, and I felt so glad when she met me a few years back telling me that she was in poly instead of working, saying she was back on the right path. She knew I was concerned about her, nagging at her when we were at school; and I met her a few years later since, she was already a manageress. But we weren’t that close anymore. But I was still very happy for her.

These are friends in Singapore. Lost and found, but never really yours. Which is in accordance to this: 君子之交淡如水. It means friendship is relationship which is plain and easy as water. In Chinese, real friends consist of people of great virtues in relationship, and such are hardly found in Singapore… the cultural desert. Such friends are called 伯乐 in Chinese, which means very good pals who can form lasting relationship based on virtues; and one is very lucky to get one in a lifetime.

Mack asked a pretty stupid question: What did you do in China?

Surprised if he expected me to answer him. What I can reveal was already blogged. The rest is strictly confidential, maximum security, and even my trips were heavily guarded.

August is about to end, and I should be in Beijing by now has it not being for the Olympics, and my parents have some health problems. The fortune teller had suggested that because I have this 龙气 (???), it is best that every year I visit the praying grounds of the emperors for once. But I am so tied up in Singapore playing filial that I couldn’t even make it for the family gathering in China a few months back, not to say to celebrate Hillary’s birthday and to meet up with a few contacts.

I looked at Cat, I know she has been flipping through my things, through my notes and so on. I never made an alarm on her, I just observed her… quietly. The Singaporean fortune teller warned me about trusting a woman, I may not know if she refered to who… so many women, but that silly Singaporean didn’t seem to realise that I don’t trust anyone, not to say women or a woman. I love them all, but that doesn’t mean I can find them reliable.

By now, I know the so called fated school mate in my life so refered to by the fortune tellers must have been Kate. Not to say Chok Soon said she’s married, even if she is not… hardly possible as well. I need someone mature, and got the calibre to hang around with me, and someone intelligent enough to talk to. Much for my decades of crush on her, I know very well she’s not that steady type. I’d have to spend more time and energy to protect her than she’s going to make my life easier out there.

After being filial, I expect more time outside Singapore. After all, Project S must go on somehow; And all the fundings are parking outside Singapore for alot of things to be done.

Some people complained that I have disappeared from MSN. Sorry, folks. But ever since I formatted the disks, I have found other leisure than MSN. I have grown rather tired with MSN, and with women. The only thing that interests me is romance, or the pleasure of love.

Yesterday, I met Gopal’s sisters, again. I met them only recently on the MRT train, and again at Seiyu. Such a small world is Singapore. One of the twins is looking for a job in Singapore. All the best to her! Nice girl, she should try her luck outside Singapore. It is a huge world out there. But yeah, it’s pretty havoc out there as well.

[Rather than wasting too much time at COMEX, Scope rather returns to his favorite game: Basketball. It’s better to play ballz with elite players. A problem in Singapore is, good teams are hard to find as talents are moving out…]

COMEX: The Broken Recorder.

When I read on the 27th that COMEX (Singapore’s computer or IT show) was coming on the 28th, I decided to load the goods before I drove to Bugis to park for COMEX. Now the frustrating part was the ERP which clocked Xpm to Ypm at a certain toll rate, and when I thought ERP was dead for the day at Ypm+1second, the fucking toll rate increased and the clock reported it was ERP rate from Ypm to Zpm…

Hey~ I thought even machines needed to rest!

Never mind, I never drove through the ERP. Maybe I should have driven into the gantry instead, then Singaporeans may hail Scope as the hero. I don’t understand why traffic was so light and ERP was on as well. Maybe if I did so, the native minister may thank me for helping to demolish the gantry for free, and raise a Scope statue there in order to commemorate the great service of Scope rendered to Singapore in place of the ERP. It could end up a cool tourist sight.

Sounds like a joke, but imagine if the minister were to order a pizza or Kenduckie Fried Chickees (or whatever) and the sotong driver passed two ERPs and the one at Bugis hits a toll rate of S$6… Die lah! So fucking expensive! Heart pain, right?

“What?! Two fried chickee wings cost $6+$6+$1?! You crazy, is it?!”

This joke helps to save the sanity of Singapore in a way.

[Alamak! Anything Special?] COMEX 2008, I have been waiting for it for two months already. Why? Scope is a cheapskate, that’s why. Mr brother knows his only brother very well, that he always go for the lowest price possible for the same thing; very good at sourcing. Instead of spending $100,000+for a machine, he’s getting the machine for $1,000.

Now COMEX is no longer appealing to old birds such as Scope. Latest products are not appealing because you know you can get them cheaper and earlier possibly in China; the peripherals are way more expensive than China’s rates, but the memory cards are priced ok in Singapore as compared to China… But then, when you know where to get super cheap memory cards in Singapore, COMEX becomes useless in a way.

The only reason why I had been waiting for COMEX was for the printer ink cartridges. You got them cheaper at COMEX and you got them with free gifts. I could buy two packages at COMEX with the same money for only one package usually.

Other than that, nothing else really to buy in general.

Some booths did catch my attention at this COMEX. The M1 booth was offering a cool 500MMS for free plan for the same money I was paying to M1 then. Imagine Edison could be sending his dick’s pictures around via MMS for free to 500 pretties a month, and what’s more… he can choose 3 M1 users to spread his love around via phone calls for free as well! And Edison can have IDD calls to 19 countries around the world with the cheapskate plan, so wherever he runs road to, he could still piss off 19 countries…

Good plan. I immediately signed up for a fucking change. And it was not even a renewal of contract!

Then there were other booths, the Lim N Tan Online Trading and the OCBC Online Trading. Interesting, because I have been thinking of online trading for about… a decade. However, it’s the same fucking issue… What if the account is hacked into, and no one will be responsible for dick deals, and you’d be gone case? Every salesman will tell you nothing has happened so far, but I have little trust for local finance people, much less so for salespeople from finance sector… But very tempting lor, because the cheaper the cost (commission), the lesser the risk and the more you can make from trading with more techniques.

One booth made me laughed quietly: The Hardwarezone. It was very funny that they were selling publication when they have the website cum forum for all the real-time gossips and updates free to probably the same people who are interested with IT, and thus the publication.

Another booth interested me as well. The fake ink booth, and I forgot the name not on purpose. The interest came from the offer of cheaper ink and acessories at COMEX; I could use the offer for large scale publishing soon…

The last booth worth the mention here was one selling the solar-charger. Point is, if I were to get a Sony SR12e, I can’t rely on its freaky battery to last long enough for the shooting. A solar charger will come in handy. But I have seen this ‘latest invention’ in China a year back… So nothing new lah~

The Sony SR12E was actually sold for S$2899?! I am getting it at S$2000 in Malaysia… and probably lower next year.

Actually, there was another booth that interested me, but… I doubt I’d buy the S$120 software that can produce music using a computer instead of a keyboard. But I’d keep an eye on that, nonetheless. Point is, Movie Edit Pro Plus 14 has something like that… if I am not wrong. So why in the fuck should I waste S$120 at COMEX? In the event Movie Edit is without, the music processing can still be done in China with Chinese software via email. Not a problem. The only problem is with the blue screen and HD rendering… As the initial plan is, it’s possible only by next year when basically the 2.88ghz quad core 4mb ram with 88′ 512mb card dips to a fair price. Now S$8.90 is getting you a 2gbtye flash memory. Memory is no longer an issue, but the acting crew is.

If not for the reality of the market, I’d have ditched the humans for 3D characters. I am a professional, not the Singaporean type lah~

[After a thought, Scope decides to pull Shakira in after all. The world may have changed, but after thousands of years, hips may not lie, but women do lie still. We shalt love our women, but there is no need to lose your heads for them. Shakira sure can shake… but how many years can she shake? When the women pale and wither, that’s when they will know if hips lie or not… because love never lies.]

Cosmo Nature: Frontier Super Fold.

The Japanese has a pretty weird way of defining English. What the hack is ‘Cosmo Nature’? I picked this up in Macross Frontier, but here it literally means… something.

Basically, a mother and daughter came and raised the concern about Project S. But the issue of competition has never been an issue, and yes… Project S is meant to wait. The whole idea of Project S or Singaporeans is that most see this as a business idea.

Well, if this is a business idea, it’s never a new one, isn’t it? China is shooting drama series. Mediacorpse is shooting drama series. The whole world is shooting drama series. So what’s so special about Project S? So what’s the hurry?

In cultural sector, there is really no such thing as competition when it comes to movies. Reason is pretty straight forward, and can be easily explained that just because you watched Macross Frontier doesn’t mean you won’t buy Final Fantasy VII. Just because you watched Hellboy II doesn’t mean you won’t go for Batman IV dvd. So what’s the point about hurrying, especially when I am supposed to be in charge?

There is only competition when you produce rubbish, and you hope the money will come earlier before the next rubbish arrives. Which is why Gung Fu can wait, Stephen Chow can wait… because Project S is hoping to enhance quality, not to rip short term profits. So what you rack in millions of dollars now? Once the market matures, it is still the quality and sincerity behind a respectable effort in cultural sector. This mess is not going to stop as long as the puny pie remains… rotten or not, doesn’t matter.

What matters is it should be a large cake, not a tiny rotten pie infested with worms. That’s the big picture. And which is why I won’t be bothered with this: I know I am not qualified… I tried the industry before in Malaysia, won’t work.

I met a guy, he said that. He was active in Malaysia in the circles for a moment, and he thought it was impossible. But it is precisely because we want to stay away from the main rot, that we intend to start Project S. So that’s the psychology I have to deal with. Nobody really looks directly at what is there. Everybody is having their own ideas when there is only one idea… It seems to be a common problem in Southeast Asia.

Makes me pretty reluctant to work with the people here…

The acting crew is an issue… The mentality and attitude of southerners are pretty… scary. They don’t have a dream, the passion, the vigor you see in those Chinese up North like myself. They probably see Project S as another ATM to money and rewards, a business where competition matters.

Why in the fuck do I need them? And someone is asking this silly question: Are you from Mediacorpse?

You can’t blame these people since their world is only that big and their mindsets are so simple. I might as well go Geylang pay those pretty faces the fucking rates and shoot ‘Sperms’… A movie named ‘Sperms’, ok? I can’t believe it~ It won’t work in Singapore, these people ain’t global!

Even talking to them requires a huge effort. I have no problem understanding why Singapore can’t click with China.


I’d be a very happy man if fellow Singaporeans can actually make sense for one day. Can this be done?

Low morale is one thing, but I can sense young girls do have an interest in being shot. Like one auntie said, young naughty girls who love to have fun will love it; but I sincerely want young but not so young girls who have passion. Because once you got on screen, once you got public, you can expect criticisms and alot more, and you can’t expect to behave as some governments going around suing people, or expect to be Dawn Yang II. And you are expected to be global…

It’s not that fun if you can’t handle publicity; then what’s the point of being a star? What’s the point of Project S? I might as well open a law firm instead!

Between a 戏子 and a 演员, a choice must be made. Acting should be a respectable social activity, actors should be respectable individuals, and not mere commercial commodities like the entertainment industry at Geylang. The passion in this honorable sector of culture makes the difference. I mean, who the fuck is passionate in being a hooker, passionate in fucking for cash?

Yeah right, pervert.

A cake should not be a rotten pie. A beautiful cultural industry should groom talents, not hookers. It should have beautiful scenes, wonderful idols, and move the society in the right direction… not the society moves the industry into commercial rots with idols sucking cocks and playing petty politics just to get a role. I sometimes find that prostitutes may have more pride and honesty hence worth more respect than many in the circles…

Hopefully, the local interest will fuel a possibility of something more beautiful than what low morale promises.

So, do you know what Cosmo Nature means?