[Scope draws. Anyway, there is little or no shading here since with Manga Studio Debut, why do you need waste your ink? But software may help, it is still the skills one must acquire. It’s about how Scope looked like when he woke up this morning.]
Know what~ Geylang is infamous in Singapore for some of the finest whore-some actions, that if you need pumping actions from anything better, then you’d need to visit those discos to get higher class hookers, or you just dope the ignorant girls and ‘ship’ them to some small hotels and you can… …

So what’s the big deal with Geylang?

Scope is hoping to go asap!

Recently, there is something wonderful happening there, the delicious durians are selling for S$0.10 each! Yeah right! And it’s so fucking cheap that news reported that ugly Singaporeans are getting uglier doing hooks and crooks to get more durians… The quota for each customer is about 4 durians, which is about S$0.40, and Singaporeans will get ugly for S$0.40; so cheap. Durians were sold at about S$2.00 on average for average grade, so selling at S$0.10 each because of good harvest makes the blood boils. And this fire-sales is happening at Geylang, and Scope hopes not to miss out the fun of seeing the ugly Singaporeans’ greedy rush to the cheap durians.

Now… What will happen if the pretty whores offer fucking for S$1.00? Maybe a bloody war may be produced. You can imagine those ah pehs (Singlish: old men) dragging their ding dongs (Outlandish: Penis+s) again and again crawling back to Geylang for a S$1.00 hook-up.

Geylang, it’s where the happenings in Singapore.

When I heard of the cheap durian news, I immediately knew this would happen. But the major problem was, the other day I tried to walk to Geylang from Bugis, I managed to loiter around Geylang Bahru, and… no sight of crowds, no sight of pretty hookers, no… I got lost at that night~

For the last 32 years, Scope has never been to Geylang for the girls, so right now I am still not sure where the fuck are those fucking actions to be located… It’d be a miss not to observe ugly smart Singaporeans’ greediness over the cheap durians in this 100% educated society. Some years back, something happened in Joo Chiat with ugly neighbors’ disputes drawing kpo visitors even from Malaysia to watch! And hilariously, one of the ugly folks was a school lecturer!

100% educated society… kiss my ass, baby~

Pretty insulting. But that’s our education, that’s our society, and what can Scope do about this mature population? I have just bought S$10 worth of durians, but I don’t mind trying to locate that fire-sales stall in Geylang just for the thrill of seeing the news-reported crowd cheong-ing after the S$0.10 meat. Maybe I may end up spotting a pretty whore there and ‘open thy legs and let me in’ really for S$1.00…

A pretty actually told me this before: Scope, if you find a hooker, I am not sure if it’s the hooker who’d enjoy more or you. Whatever it means, it’s not my business to elaborate. Anyway, there have been a couple of happenings, and I shall cover them in one shot. Here are my takes~

[Xiaxue’s Hot Don Yam Soup] Scope has decided that this is not worthy to be a main item in the blog, so other than touching briefly on this bo-liao story in notices here, he’d just slot this into this tiny sub-section. Anyway, there is this auntie Jinny Kok at http://jinnykok.wordpress.com/2008/07/03/im-not-only-an-auntie-but-a-kaypoh-one-too/ blogging about this story who is looking not only too young to be auntie, not too bad looking, and smiles like sunshine, it’s from her blog that I even knew Dawn Yang’s blog exists.

Xiaxue’s case and Jean’s case are pretty different. Technically speaking, Xiaxue’s blog is opened for lawsuits, in that while her blog shalt hold little credibility in journalistic worth, her blog which she derives occupational income from is within the legal boundary as Dawn Yang is also a blogger who enjoys a similar nature in ‘competition’ to Xiaxue’s. Whilst there is such a subtle implication of monetary interests involved… one cannot claim Xiaxue’s blog is any other blog not because Xiaxue enjoys high hits but because Xiaxue officially claimed success in commercializing her blog.

Yes. It’s possible for a case especially when Xiaxue had obtained the service of a lawyer and officially threatened a Xialanxue (another blogger). Personal views on celebrities or even political leaders are ok, but any tort in English-related laws required mens rea or a direct challenge to the state*, it’s not really a crime, and Xiaxue has fulfilled all the ‘requirements’.

But since Xiaxue’s apology had been accepted by Dawn, which Dawn subsequently ‘deleted’ this part in her blog, Xiaxue becomes strong unless Dawn has an officially strong reason to ‘retract’ the acceptance**.

Remember the case about dead star’s interest? This is all about legal principles, and in tort, legal principles are where the fight is. Similarly, the principle that special privilege in defamation exists between spouses is as similar to spouses’ words on record for general support are weak in most cases. A dead star or old man who by record is still receiving grants is as absurd as he or she to issue fresh spendings on his or her son (which in this case is ‘inheritance’) being dead. Dead receiving bills from government or dead receiving grants by relatives using the dead’s finger for the print exist in the most ridiculous fashion. Legally speaking, any dead who shall receive anything from damages should never be intended for future expenditure (give and take) since he/she is already dead, which hence has no legal right in ‘fighting a case’ for the purpose of getting damages to effect an ‘inheritance’ for the living, since… the dead can’t be tried.

Interesting, but seemingly off topic… Ok ok, but these are illustrating principles.

The point is pretty simple. Dawn Yang has deleted the ‘acceptance’ in her blog, this deleted acceptance is more a historical event initiated by Dawn herself which is more to the nature of a verbal contract between two parties instead of just another posting deletion, or document amendment.

Complicated? Not really.

But recent news yielded that it could be mainly the fight between Xiaxue’s entertainment company and Dawn’s model agency… which could be really just some ‘plot’ among themselves. Who knows? It is not uncommon in the entertainment industry to cook up such events to gain attention.

But in any case, this Catfight is pretty ugly… and stupid, and sadly… it’s Singaporean again. Why? Ain’t they already sharing one Kotex? Luckily, these Cats keep their opera outside the court, or this is going to be a ‘challenge to our jurdicial system‘. Say, for the same blog (contents), it is hardly funny for state as Singapore to assert its legal preference that another state may find such contents legitimate. For one legal entity, how can it be right and wrong at the same time? Which state can claim absolute sovereignty of open-cyberspace?

Here’s a penny in cyberspace, it is designed and made by a Singaporean in German factory for sales in 100 countries under the same charter and by using USA steel which is processed in Iran… Everyone has a claim. Well, can I say something?

The penny belongs to Scope. How? Problem solved.

Anyway, just discover a busybody who got a blog just for this purpose: http://xxvsdy.blogspot.com/ . Visit the link if one can’t stop being nosy, Scope won’t bother about this silly Catfight further lest necessary.

[Dr Ong Chit Chung, Walk Well!] In Chinese: 翁同志,走好!This was the usual line by the older communists in China when people like Mr Mao died. Jurong GRC loses one MP, and Scope is totally blurred since it takes an ignorant chap almost forever to locate Jurong and understand what is a GRC which appears pretty much like ‘Get Rich Centre’ to the average ignorant Singaporeans. To a lowly nobody who really is too stupid to understand all these politically-related chim chim things… there is nothing much that Scope can say.

But there is a subtle… rumor going on that after an MP was walloped, another MP made news of being threatened by his resident, and now Dr Ong’s death at the age of 59 (considered pretty young in politics, which Scope is totally apathetic towards) when he was in the midst of writing what Bukit Bakua’s history or what… it’s just too sudden. And some are talking about autopsy, about possible ‘artificial’ removal from office. So Scope can expect some juice from the government to clear things up soon, hence before that, there is nothing much Scope can say.

No matter what, life goes on. I sure hope that those he has left behind will take things easier, though I know it is pretty difficult to part with love ones. Life is such an irony: To forget is like a signal of no love; to remember is like a punishment forever.

Do treasure those who are still alive, and fighting to be alive… those who are gone shall never return, but they have their fair share of life. Dr Ong, walk well~ and do bless your people with better times ahead!

[In every hell, there is a flame of justice held in the hands of the often most unexpected guy. There are always fake monks fake charities, fake this fake that… So where is justice when one needs it? Hellboy III should be about Singapore, isn’t it? The fight with monsters is getting hotter as this compact society matures. When evil is the fashion, divine attention will be needed. Let’s burn hell down…]
[A Botak’s Tale: See My Hair?] What is a botak (Singlish: hairless) with six dots on the head? It’s usually a monk or an abbot. What about a monk or abbot who forges documents for $$$? It’s usually a monk who knows black magic or an abbot playing police and thief. And where does a monk who knows black magic and loves playing police and thief play holy shit? He got two playgrounds: one in his monastery and the other is his nice condo; whether he has condoms or not is not the issue here, since this monk with too much wonderful business acumen has his business busted or not going too well as reported has wasted more time on reading ‘How to be CEO’, so until he becomes a successful CEO, condoms should be out of the issue.

Why? He hasn’t the time for Kama Sutra before he finishes ‘How to be CEO’! Though his personal assistant has a library of reportedly 130 over porn films, who needs Kama Sutra?

Know why does Scope feel so upset over this incredible abbot?

This is one monk who plays with Buddha fire; he wanted to be a monk, he plays with religion as an abbot. We all know in Chinese: 四大皆空。In Buddhism, greed is a taboo; killing is a taboo, meat and wine are taboos, and… pornos are taboos. So you want to be a monk, so be one!

Yet this boo boo abbot called Ming Yi pursues wealth with forgeries, and hidding behind a dummy’s name, has a personal space in condo, and drives a big black car; he associated himself with a personal helper who was loaded with 100+ porns as an abbot; and whether he is really having a business acumen or not, he simply killed Buddha’s face. This is the infamous monk infamous for years in Singapore!

And this is the monk who was a regular with bogus fund raising shows for old NKF cum mediacorpse, and an obvious associate of another big joker, a Mr TT Durai. Talk about black magic…

Now which part in his sutra that Buddha aspired to be a CEO, made utopia in a condo, and drove around in a Merceedees, while hanging out with an apu ne dragging a golden tap and his team of simpletons to sue everyone who exposed him? What is so different between his sutra, other monks’ sutras and that baleh kumpong kama sutra?

This monk is crazy! He was an abbot some more!

And rumor has it that he took about S$10,000 from Ren Ci a month for making a fool of Buddhism and Singapore! Revolting~ Why don’t people just pay Scope S$5000 a day just to be a botak?

Of course, it is just forgery now. What happens if this pet monk becomes more successful than Durai? Then CEO Ming Yi could go to heaven to see Buddha, making Buddha the Director of Ming Yi Enterprise~! OMG~ What a joke.

But in this sad joke, it is upsetting that Andy Lau is publicly now reported as being a closed friend to Ming Yi; and if Andy Lau starts any charity, this close association with Ming Yi, hence the joker Durai, will put Andy Lau in the ultimate wrong end of the gun and bad light. The coming CGPs have to hence exclude Mr Lau liaoz…

Where is your hair, Ming Yi? In the pants of Durai? What kind of monk are you? Yes, this guy still has supporters. Shocking. Do those supporters think Buddha will support this monk ey?

“Get out of my caring buddhist face…”

This is the Singaporean Venerable, worthy of reverence on account of his great aspiration of ‘How to be a CEO’. So Buddha sends him a worthy revenant, telling him: Kiss my ass.

四大皆空?Yeah right~ Go donate your hairs.

佛放屁–神气~ Buddha angry, OMG~

Don’t be a monk, grow some hairs, you can still be as successful a shameless CEO as TT. Anyway, I heard Durai has a wonderful ending while many patients died rotting because of kidney failures. Ming Yi, maybe Buddha will help you… Why not? You made S$2.6m for Buddha isn’t it?


[Tony Leung and Carina Lau finally tie the knot. Scope congrats the couple and… it’s sure a long march to wedding for them. This is for real, Tony. Next step: Project Baby. Anyway, Scope doesn’t trust marriage, only love binds.]
[Scope, Your Blog Is Interesting.] Was walking to makan, then stopped by an auntie.

“Ha~ I read your blog!”

“Ya ya… Thanx!”

“You write very interesting one.”

“Ya ya… Thanx!”

Ya ya… thanks. Wonderful, Singapore auntie can appreciate such hilarious blog, and still can remember this old bo-liao face of the blogger. I feel so touch that I feel like pissing on Ming Yi’s botak-head… …

[Hardcore Is The Durian; Strip Them Is The Durian.] Why? Any problem with that? Geylang is Geylang.

Your dirty old brain is your dirty old brain.

Hellboy Z
[Here’s the joke… that’s between a demon and Scope. Without the horns, he is Hellboy, with the horns, he should be working in Geylang, talk ’bout being horny~ Why is Scope always the good guy? Anyway, too much evil in Singapore, not to mention, creative talents have better prospects elsewhere; Notice the halo? All I need is a pair of good wings…]

Mein Kampf SS: Geylang Vs Scope.

Then then then, I finally found my way to fucking Geylang. While we have local films on Geylang prostitutions (and I have not watched those films lah~), by the time I finally found my way there, it was just so shiok…

To my surprise, I missed the area the other night I attempted to locate it just by a street, and Geylang is like a unique bastard hiding in the modern city of Singapore. And much more surprising was that it was much more convenient to reach than I had expected it to be: It’s just next to Ajunid MRT station!?

It was a whole mess down there with plenty of chicks in sexy outfits, some pretty pretty, and it was like lawless down there… an apparent mockery to the Kallang Studium idling in the background that symbolizes healthy fun vs Geylang’s lively filthy entertainment.

And yes, I was disappointed when I learned that the Durian offer was like over oredi. So no show***.

[The Fucking Paradise Of Pleasure] The feel being amidst all those whores, gangsters and sad old men hugging those younger hookers was gainfully educational. Perhaps that’s the real aspect of Singapore’s society that I have been missing. It was such a mess and it was so interesting. Humans… always interest me. As I was watching an ah peh touching a smiling young girl all over her body, I was wondering what was on the mind of the girl. This was the real thing… And my ears could pick up very slight moans of girls probably due to intercourse in progress from certain quarters. The air was filled with a strange smell in the streets where drains were wet with foul stinks but drew crowds of girls of various skins, and a careful pair of eyes could even spot a condom with the white content still intact.

I have been to Zhuhai, but in comparison… Geylang is more ‘raw’.

One eye-popping sight was a hooker in her bra and underwear bathing herself outside of a terrence house while talking to an obvious pimp in all smiles. She would have passed for a cute schooling JC girl if we had met at the Orchard Road. Well…

The first girl who called out at me was a shy short hair in street wear. Being the first time wandering in this area, I was already playing the ‘guess who is hooking’… And it appeared that almost every girl waiting in the lorongs (Singlish: Something like refering to streets) for more than 10 mins had a price. I did what I did in Zhuhai, smiled and waved her off.

Actually, I was inclined to ask her for the rates. Curiousity pumped high. 

The rates and situations in China were easy info. Before you even hit the streets, the wealthy suns-of-a-beach would have already ‘enticed’ you with the prospects of one night stands which were generally cheaper… and more beautiful than what you have in Geylang. Alright, I was even offered such goodies ‘foc’.

There were many more questions in my head coming as I took another step in Geylang…

[To Fuck Or Not To Fuck] I am very inclined to liken Geylang to the current entertainment industry… I couldn’t help but joking it out loud in my head that: This is the entertainment circles.

The sight of models pestering old rich producers, businessmen and government leaders on laps, in beds… was pretty much like what I saw all over the few lorongs in Geylang as the young fair skins kissed the old satisfied uncles, and negotiating with old folks at their big cars for opportunities… It’s just entertaining. This is the entertainment sector.

But it is not possible for a visionary to come out with Project S for these armies of hookers. I mean, fuck is fuck. What else? Honorable fucking for money? Clean prostitution role-models? High class intercourse experience for the aspiring whores?

I laughed, subtly at the momentary thought… though none really bothered as I passed another prostitute. You could admire their white boobs as they displayed their assets for you to bargain with. These were not those sexy ang mohs with fashionable tastes in low cuts at CBDs****

“You can touch, you can play, I’m always yours…” Remember the song ‘Barbie Girls’? if you have the cash, you can play the Barbies there all you want.

I enjoyed the sight. The hookers’ interactions with other hookers and their prospects stimulated the current, make you think… because this is so new. It almost suggested that many girls do enjoy the trade as they giggled among themselves at the tables while the uncles examined them all over. Perhaps some girls do enjoy money as much as sex.

Should Scope not make them happier?

All he needed to do was to approach one pretty chick, take her to the nearby Hotel 81, strip her, aim for the bottom, generate her moans, and pay the cash… Then what? Meaningless sexual experience, hence a waste of money, and do you really expect yourself to date a hooker? ‘Pretty Women’ is a good movie, and not rated ‘mature’ as this blog post should not be. But… nobody should realistically expect cashing in on hookers’ sexual pleasure in return for love.

But women want money, shouldn’t a guy accept that as nature should be and make the women happier…? It’d be so much a happier world?! LOL~ far from being sarcastic, some guys would have told you: What? Get income to attract a girl to date or marry? No no no, better you go to Geylang. Straight, simple and cheaper.

The society at Geylang is pretty raw: Got money got girl, and you can play the girl left right down center. Yeah, you can do that till 80 years old, till you are too mature to cock up anymore instead of staring at your nagging ugly fat wife asking for your money to play silly majongs.

How to fight this option? No money no pretty girlfriends in Singapore is pretty standard norm. So if you have the money, why one pretty girlfriend when you can have an army of sexy chicks right there next to Ajunid MRT?!

Of course, virgins will cost more. But there are probably always fresh supplies for those who can afford.

Don’t come talking about love… Pragmatically speaking, who really cares about love in this cosmopolitan? Be realistic…

…and you should choose Geylang with your bounty.

Ahem… …

[Panties To Help Sprain Your Brain.] I hate to admit this, the whole Geylang sensually pointed one issue. Look at all those sad happy uncles hugging those sexy young girls. Geylang is a society basically where ‘romance’ needs no love, the cultural level is at the basic 0, the uncles are happy with them likely knowing that this is just a fake relationship, fake love, fake selves… They wanted to be loved, they held their girls’ arms, walked with them, spent time on them, talked to them, made them happy by offering gifts… These were all behaviors of a boyfriend to a girlfriend!

They were old…

They probably missed the loving-tender-sweet days, and they were using their last bits of retirement funds to buy what remaining possibility of the feel, even though they probably knew subconciously that it was all fake.

Pathetic Singaporeans… …

They were young once. They must have undergone the need for love, but… they preached of what wasn’t really love as it was for the Singaporean environment. They probably pursued money to live, pursued to compete and destroy competitions, and… now they are old. They suddenly realize that with all their wealth and big cars, they can only buy sex and this makes their cocks happier, until the girls help to remove their last bit of money… and they be back to their miserable selves again.

They probably had never awaken to the needs to pursue in their younger days of what they are vainly pursuing now. Why? You think that the young sluts you paid for a session of (fake) viagra and bedtime moanings will love you and make you young again?

Sad happy old uncles.

They probably think this is the right way of Singaporean life. Many were smart, but no matter how smart they were, how many sluts would love them in return for fucking them hard?

This is but human.

This was probably the breed who expect sexual relationship of successful Man to be based on quantity. Those who were laughing, I don’t know what they were laughing at. Were they happy because they were going to score soon with a hooker, happy to find themselves going to be a few hundreds bucks poorer, or what…?

Or maybe they did understand women better than Scope.

[The Rights Of Hooking] I did not take any photos as what this hero did at http://womanizing.blogspot.com/ as I have not prepared to have their faces appearing in my blog. I think I should, maybe.

I was wondering if it would affect the hookers’ normal lives by having their faces placed online; If their kids or their teachers or their neighbors or their parents or relatives would realise that they were hooking up men. You can say that I tried consciously to take care of their pride cum plight. No matter how prostitution is considered dirty in society, many girls are probably helpless. This conception may bring in more hits, but I am neither that particular about hits nor do I see any other needs to it.

Many of them would have been abused already by the cruel society, why should I join in this sick fun? I don’t really hate sluts. They are not the problem of morality, just as monogamy is no solution to morality; regardless of what, there are two kinds of sex… one, you fuck someone you love; two, you fuck someone for your own pleasure. As long as Man is born with the configurations to the design of Mother Nature, this is always a fucking world to the females.

The only difference is of course, love. Nothing else.

And don’t make that too complicated. It’s never that complicated in this gender business. Many of these old uncles in Geylang would have their grumbly wives at home. These wives would have sex for decades with their monogamy husbands, in the end of it all… the uncles still sought the pleasure of hookers, the wives in their younger days have made the decisions on their perception of love in their lifetime investment on their monogamies. You can’t blame either sides for the sad stories.

But then, just because a wife’s husband doesn’t visit brothels doesn’t mean the wife is fucking for the right choice all those years; she might be at most as good as the whores who have no business for the day. Direct to the point: Their husbands have not encountered their competitions yet, or the husbands just don’t have the money.

This phase ‘make love’ is not just a mere substitute for the words ‘sex’ and ‘fuck’. And often, it decides not only whether the husbands are the right choices, but also determines whether the wives themselves are any better than the prostitutes. This probably explains the high divorce rate in Singapore, again… the 100% educated compact society.

Girls, you can’t cheat love, you only cheat yourselves.

Do enjoy the illusion of love till you are old, nevertheless. Of the billions of dicks swinging out there, how many men are truly capable of love? Sad but true, most men leave thinking to their dicks while their heads are filled with gold. This is especially true when it is a pile of cultural desert to begin with. And most girls are no lesser irrational leaving the thinking to the men, when the men leave the thinking to the dicks.

But of course, divorce is also as simple a business as the next uncle having a good time with some chicken… Thrilling.

[Geylang: Actually An Entertainment Industry] It’s impossible to be hypocitic in expressing care for the whores in Geylang when it’s about the same necessity in being understanding towards the current mess in the entertainment industry. Basically, the game is about the same: Entertainment–> Fucking around for the opportunities to survive.

Just as Ms Zhao (赵雅芝) recently revealed, she got fouth in a beauty contest by refusing to prostitute herself. Commendable, but what if competition was as steep as now, and the girl was bending on victory, or to survive?

There wasn’t Project S back then. And even if there was, it’d be probably under heavy fire since who would want the tickets straight into the pants of beauties to be burnt by a small visionary Project S?

After Jack Neo made the million dollars alarm with ‘Money Not Enough’, it was not only making Singapore realising that there is a huge potential in cultural industry that has subsequently encouraged many more film producing efforts, but also drew in a couple of Hong Kong acting people to the then silly ‘Liang Po Po’. Industry ‘workers’ they are… A multi-billions dollars cake is still a million dollars pie with all the rushing in of workers for the gold.

But unlike China which has been enjoying huge influx of liquidity during that rushing era until native Chinese tycoons are now reluctant to invest proper in this rotten cake, as illustrated by Stephen Chow’s scene in ‘Gong Fu’, whereby the Shark Clan boss exclaimed as he walked out of the police station, “…I’d not want to invest in movie making…”.

Reality is, many good actors and actresses won’t survive with acting alone unless they regularly receive acting contracts; income from drama companies are pretty little, and the bulk of income actually comes from doing advertising for companies, which is a frequent point of hostile competition the likes between Xiaxue and Dawn recently. For actors or actresses with agencies, most of such agencies are mere blood suckers drawing a standard of about 8~10% on average and higher, the only laws they probably know are laws of fighting to make more money.

The whole eco-system in this industry that aspiring players in Singapore would have to come to realise eventually is it is very much like how Geylang operates. The pimps protect their star hookers for more commissions, while the hookers themselves are fighting to be fucked for more opportunities to survive the competition. The faster hooker who got enough money can end up ‘controlling’ the market in a way and employ a system of pimps and hookers.

Naturally, pimps among the acting people exist, hence. The only major difference is the transactions are much larger.

Which is also why Scope is reluctant to seek fundings from the rich females… to avoid misunderstandings… Even not a star by vocation, there had been previous interests in Scope from some. Regretably, Scope is not a gigolo.

Hence, for those who envisioned themselves to be a shining star hoping to excel with their qualities… well, dream on. Competition is super stiff. And if you are a star just rising, you’d want a befitting home, a nice car, an assistant and all those cost. And sadly, the acting people may be many, but the drama series to get yourself involved are not, especially the good productions. Talented people are getting squeezed out in this rot*****.

It’s just like in Geylang, how many ‘talented’ girls can differentiate themselves by asking for a hefty $10,000 a fuck?

Now even if you can command that $10,000 like you have 10,000 hits a day, even if you don’t get old, those who can afford this will get tired and need fresh excitment. So the one last few of defences will be attempting to eliminate competition by resorting to catfights, smearing and destroying another, or people form a gang. But gang nowadays seldom lasts as culture levels decline and interests reign in extreme fashion. It’s always money and sex.

In Chinese: 道义放两旁,利字当中。

Nobody shares, there is never enough: This is blind greed. And nobody cares if the cake is getting rotten alongside… and rotting cake won’t worth much. Which is the same as Geylang, the indiscriminating rush in of hookers merely helped to push down prices alongside with quality. So the entire Geylang stinks; and people got indifferent between Geylang and Batam.

I personally felt sorry for them, and for myself. The more active is Geylang as compared to Orchard Road, the more worrying is the era we are in. While the spirit of finding men with the income is just womanly, but most women would probably prefer one sex partner in a more dignified manner than enjoying taking in tons of sausages, love aside.

Besides, the more women jumping into the sex trade means lesser women for decent romance.

I don’t really look down on the hookers. Some might even be higher educated than Scope, and there were heroines among hookers historically. Saying that I understand these prostitutes and this segment of the entertainment industry in one go is just nosensical, and it just added doses of curiousity on the happenings after this tour at Geylang.

Deprived of love, hence the fulfillment in relationship, in this society, there are many lonely hearts, nagging wives, stressed up office whores, and Geylang could be the one industry going to shine in the coming imported economic disaster.

Maybe it was the sense of reality that I got at Geylang, amidst the passing whores and pimps… that was thrilling. Ugly people making up a beautiful tomorrow, and as the sun sets, Geylang’s economy is just starting the day.

Ugly and beautiful, it’s so strange trying to define which is which.

*All states enjoy sovereignty, or in layman: State’s rights. Whenever anyone or state or organisation attacks a state, one can understand it in such a manner that it’s ‘war declaration’ in a varied nature. State intervention is basically disallowed under UN charters, by right. And states do enjoy special privileges, including copyrights. So you can question a state, but you do not openly challenge a state (by challenging its leaders for a duel or what).

**I was reading this case, and I almost roared in laughter. It seems that Dawn’s side is claiming on the ‘deleted’ postings in Xiaxue’s blog with Dawn’s deleted acceptance in her own blog to Xiaxue’s apology. I don’t know who are the lawyers in this case, but I am sure the judge could be laughing as well if the court were to take this case. Nosensical… It would have been a direct embarassment to the current PM. Meow meow…

***Actually, the truth about these $0.10 durians is that those durians are super tiny in comparison to the Sultan Durian I tried that evening at S$12. That was according to the stall owner I bought the Sultan durian from. So it was probably a waste of time going to Geylang for the durians when Bugis was selling about the same thing.

****A simple research online shows plenty of pretty faces and bodies ready for gorgeous display, and I was like… OMG, why has heaven created such beautiful creatures for fucking when they could be part of Project S. The tour to Geylang actually was not complete, and curiousity about the psychology in this social conversion in a rigid state as Singapore is pretty high. But this part is only possible if I book some hours to spend time with the hookers and communicate.

*****It’s a very simple happening. The flowers which are beautiful rot as no water is given, and those weeds offering sex got all the juice. Eventually, the whole garden is covered with weeds. It is actually a governmental issue because only the governments can do something about it. It happens in almost all industries under lax governance that only encourages escalated infestation of such ‘progress’.