[In a way, the wind of Three Kingdoms is still blowing strong. So with respect to John Vs Jean… So here combine two issues into one CGP. When you love someone, love story is when you love the princess you offer your life to brave dragons and bla bla bla; nowadays, your lawyers are expected to pester the court to claim what you offered back from the princess. Singaporean love story… Yeah yeah~ Top: Andy Lau; Bottom: Scope.]
Honestly, at first Scope does not feel like blogging about Jean and John (Read Jean.sg). The reason is pretty simple, this incident exposes the ugliness of this 100% educated population gone online. And our KPO newspapers obviously don’t know how to handle this issue.

They should have reported after John and Jean have worked things out.

Before the rant goes into the main story of searching for the crew for [Project S], the blogging has to go to Jean’s story. Why? Cyber bullies. I personally have little love for those cyberbullies, and if they think they are anonymous and they can shoot at a poor crying girl and enjoying misery out of others, they are quite wrong. If Jean does make a police report, those folks can still be dug out.

Well, actually cyberbullies also exist in China’s online environment, but there are way too few and… flooded by more sensible voices. And those in the circles mostly just ignore them or take them like idiots. In chinese: 林子大了,什么鸟都有. (Meaning: The bigger the forest, the higher possibility of creeps/pests.)

The updates on Jean’s story is that John is filing defamation against Jean. Bad move for John, however. I expect Jean to counter-sue. And she should.

The whole story actually was fuelled by the new ‘fact’ of a S$48,000 loan from John to Jean.

In China, this is nothing; people would just come out and talked out the issue. In Singapore, a simple thing like this needs lawyers. But lawyers are only lawyers. This is probably the first blog case between two individuals outside corporate business to fight in court; which is a big embarassment to ministerial efforts in promoting blogging. If the court takes the case, it will be a big slap to the current PM. This slap might be big, but it is based on such a silly quarrel.


[Is S$48,000 a big deal?] Actually, Jean’s complain and John’s involvement in this case is about what? It’s officially a (one-sided) love affair. In chinese again: 清官难断家务事儿. Although Jean and John are no family, but the nature of this case is based on… sentiments. Singapore courts, known to be highly professional, may now take such a case which is personal and based on a point which is on the foundation of sentiments…?

Which is why Scope is amused.

This pair is taking their sour love story for the court’s list of legal statements to make a fair judgement. How can it be not amusing? This is ridiculous~ What do they take the court for?

The case here is not about John’s ‘un-contracted’ loan of S$48,000 to Jean. The case is John molested Jean and John said she defames him. And the cyberspace went emotional when this five figures sum entered the scene. And the biggest error Jean made is to have her lawyer claimed that was a gift. If that was a gift, any judge would like to know what is the basis of the gift. A gift can be a bribe or for sentimental reasons. If the gift is for the latter purpose, S$48,000 is really too much to be assumed on Jean’s part.

So far, from Scope’s perception of this case… At most one can presume that Jean exploited John’s lust after her for monetary gains, or more relevantly, for the assistance of the moment. But this is nothing legally wrong, because if John really likes Jean, by common sense alone that even if John knew Jean needed the money hence she showed positive attitude to him only because of that, it was likely that John might still offer the money, perhaps in the hope that Jean would take that as a credit. Not to mention, John actually was after Jean for years.

Can we blame Jean?

Now if you are stucked in the rubbles in Sichuan because of the earthquake, someone offered $48,000 to rescue you and hope you will love him in return, or even expect you to offer your body… will you reject? Is it your fault if you fail to love him or offer your body? Anyway, any contract that has such exchange of body for money is considered void.

So why the commotion over the $48,000? $48,000 is obviously not a payment for trade of any kind. It was at most a personal loan that is not legally binding.

[Does John really love Jean?] For many years, John claimed he wanted Jean to be girlfriend. John offered $48,000 to help Jean. Now, since Jean is no prostitute, and given the average street’s rate of average higher class prostitutes of $180 for ‘intimate actions’, Jean is not obliged to service John’s sausage for 266 times.

The issue is this, Jean is a girl. She has a choice of whom she shall hang out with. John is a guy, he has a choice of how to impress Jean. Now John chose to offer cash hoping to impress Jean, if Jean responded in acceptance and entertained John’s sausage, what would happen if one fine day John decided to pursue to reclaim the loan…? Can it not happen?

It can.

Because since John returned from Korea, a lawyer was sent to Jean to reclaim the $48,000. Equally that John cannot enter an immoral contract with Jean when he offered the money, John can want the money back with his sausage entertained or otherwise.

Since both acknowledged that Jean has never officially been even a mistress of John, John should not have touched Jean. And Jean responded negatively upon being touched was but natural. And John should apologise, by right.

Does John really love Jean? Does John know that love cannot be bought? Does John know what is love? If he doesn’t know love, how can John love Jean? How can you love someone and threaten the other by sending a lawyer? So Scope sees this case as simply as this: John upon failing to ‘conquer’ Jean thought he could silent her by reminding her she still owes him $48,000 in cash.

That’s just a guess. But it is not baseless.

Scope knows of guys who are like this… They see money spent in relationships as investment: The prettier the girl, the more the investment. Which is the more you want to fuck the girl, the more money is worth the spending. And upon fucking the girl returns little satisfaction, investment in breaking up and on another target would be made.

To me, this is a very… abnormal way of approach to relationship, especially if it were to be in China. But this does happen in Singapore. Is Jean wrong to react so strongly?

Perhaps not.

She might be well the victimized.

Benefit of a doubt can be given to John if John has not sent lawyer to claim from Jean, someone whom he claimed to like so much. But it is very obvious now to me that John has probably seen this money as an investment for his sausage.

Scope has spent more money on one girl. Honestly, when I spent on a girl or to help her in monetary terms, I do not expect to claim any cent back by using lawyers. This is not stupidity, this is just honoring the relationship. It is highly ungentlemanly in BGR that after one discovers that it is a waste of money, you turn hostile. Literally, Scope cannot accept this as Love, or an act to it.

[Guys’ needs: The Body of a Girl.] Yes. All normal guys have libido or, needs. And biologically speaking, a guy may experience over a hundred times of erection per day, with the sight or not of any girls. I read the ‘leading John on‘ argument and… frankly put, I myself have also hoped to go to Hong Kong under discounted fare rate, but that needs a pair to enjoy the discount. I used to ask even the tour agency if they can find another 1 guy and 2 girls for the purpose, since you could share a room with another guy and the two girls could share the other room. The point is, if Jean had John around, asking John along was possibly an innocent request since John would probably be the one most likely to agree with the idea.

In Singapore, even if you are married, your wife can still sue you for rape. So what about sharing a bed or a room?

In China, there is a category of train service called 软卧 (in English: Soft Resting, meaning you can have cabin of 4 beds instead of squeezing with others sitting on benches). In such a cabin, you can encounter sexy girls with friendly smiles. Or you may even travel with an attractive colleague or school friend who helps you to get the hard-to-get ticket for such cabins.

Now sharing that cabin with a girl who bought you the ticket doesn’t mean anything. So how can Jean be leading John on, that after the last night of the few days’ stay, that we assume Jean successfully led John to deploy his sausage? The point is very simple. In chinese: 女追男隔层纱, which means that if Jean really wanted John to touch her in bed, she could have easily done so in the nights before… perhaps simply by moaning or dressing up in sexy fashion. And usually, it starts from the lips, not the sausage.

Actually, if Jean really wanted to seduce John, she didn’t need to do so in Korea. So after two years with Jean, how can we expect John to be led on by Jean, as if John doesn’t know Jean all these years?

And of course, how can Scope buy the argument that John has needs? Scope is a guy. Scope also has needs. But… when you really like a girl, you usually want to pamper her, and protect her. Maybe love is selfish… But I doubt any girl would want my sausage if I claim to love her, and that… I have needs.

This is not stupid. This is how relationship should be, isn’t it?

Sex should be something happy, and enjoyable.

Love… is about how you feel in your heart. You do not even need sex. You do not even need the other party to know your existence. Much less to send a lawyer to someone you claim to like… and will that make the girl happier?

I had sent an old fashioned pendant when I met Lih… I had sent a bottle of self-made stars when I met Kate… I had sent many many gifts when I met Cathy… I had sent Hilliary to a romantic dinner when I met her, and so on. However the stories end, it is just a show of respect for oneself towards his attitude to relationship. Scope doesn’t think it is that right one should send a lawyer…

Why? Can’t people handle relationship… and rejections?

I must make it very clear that when a guy sent something, as in my instance, I doubt the ladies will necessarily take the guy seriously, or even remember. And there is no need to feel bad about it, hence to be hostile.

[Love in this cultural desert] Regardless of how Scope sees this case, I am not saying Jean is totally right, because if she even is guilty of exploiting John for returns or… she was just another unserious lass in relationship, only she will know. And this is not something legally relevant nor a judge can tikam at (Singlish: Deciding by tossing coins…). But it is very obvious why Scope shall spend time blogging on Jean and John’s story.

I really hate the way the people think in Singapore… reading insults only indicates how hopeless is Singapore as a society. No matter how people suspect Jean to be retailiating because of John’s S$48,000 claim, when a girl got molested or claimed to be molested, or cry or even pretend to cry, why should we make nasty insults?

When Scope was in secondary school, a girl from next class fell with the books scattered around, and the whole class of guys laughed and laughed and laughed. The teacher was unhappy and lectured the class that we should be helping her up instead of laughing. Scope did want to help her though I did not know who she was, but I was quite shy to do so.

Under such fine education, these insults or… flaming should be normal. But if you observe people outside Singapore, or just go to: http://scopettg.blog.sohu.com

Under the 100 over postings there, how many comments are so…下流(poor taste)? Is it a necessity or global trend for such ill-taste response? Of course not.

Now, if I were to have kids, where would you expect myself to want them to be nurtured? In Singapore or outside Singapore? If I were to want my kids to be better persons, I myself have to hence settle myself outside Singapore. Do I have a choice? What can we do about it?

Love is not only between a grown up male ready to fuck a female, but it is also between men and women in society and within a family.

Just as John is preparing a legal war against Jean for defamation, isn’t John already telling the world… that he really did not mean to love Jean in the first place. Jean may be in the wrong if she really intends to keep the money, but if you love a person, no person is ever perfect; There will always be flaws. Well, I got a feeling that this John first think with his sausage, then think with his brain…

What about the heart?

Now who in Singapore really cares?

A man can love many women. It is different from that a man can have many women. A man can have a thousand women, but none he loves. A woman can have a man, but not necessarily she would experience love for her lifetime.

It’s about the same that you have a loving tender sweet polygamy in feudal China or being a muslim, or a monogamy that a woman be raped everyday by her husband who has no love for her.

The insults are not the monopoly of Jean. EDMW has people now calling Scope a ‘Karanguni man’ (Singlish: rubbish collector), read http://edmw.sg/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=53660.

Well, unlike Jean, most of us can’t be bothered unless they go way overboard. We are all more or less seasoned for publicity, although Scope’s vocation is not a star– take note. But in this society, unless you do not step out of your house, there will always be a variety of perceptions and remarks for you. There will always be the nice people, there will always be the jokers.

And of course, if you blog, you don’t expect to make the world happy. If you can make the world happy, I suppose any political party will need you. But which government in this world has ever made everyone happy? How can you expect to make anyone happy in your online diary? You make John happy, Jean will be sad. You take the sausage from Jean and make her happy, John may be unhappy.

[So in conclusion…] Scope personally thinks this is a ridiculous case… and this is Singapore, and here comes the judge at John’s request if the court takes the case…

Do you need a counsellor or a judge?

Why are they wasting court resources on a sour BGR in Singapore, prided for its judicial professionalism. You do not need a monkey to tell that this is just matters of sentiments between two individuals.

Scope can’t analyse such case as in John Vs Jean; obviously, it holds little justice to decide who is right and who is wrong via legal channel. Even if John or Jean lies, it is not like so simple as companies putting up misleading ads for a fair judgement.  So what Jean promised the moon, can the judge say Jean’s verbal contract is a pack of lies? So what John said sweet nothings, can the judge sentence John for public nuisance?


Besides, rationally speaking… if a woman shouts ‘Molest! Molest! in the street, is this defamation if it ends up that it is just a misunderstanding?  Not to say, Jean is shouting ‘Molest! Molest!’ in her personal blog…


Anyway, if I can choose the girl I shall have, I’d want Kirishima Hikaruko. OMG, she is just dream comes true. That’s real love.

Which is why I am hooked on ‘Love With Superstar’. So touching~

[This is about ‘食道’. It is up to people to define this as digestive system of animals or the beauty of mankind in taking. Anyway, Scope loves to eat. This above is just Scope walking around in bo-chap fashion and taking his meal in a hotel; he loves it serene. Project S is probably about serenity amidst the chaos.]

Project S: You’d Need A Bunch Of Jokers For A Good Joke.

After wasting so much sliva on a wacky story, the ranting goes to finding the components for Project S. Doing such things in China is way easier than Singapore:
1. Pretty faces with elegance are aplenty;
2. They are generally more hungry for opportunities;
3. They don’t ask for the skies…

The toughest part is getting the female since Scope is… but a guy. And if [Project S] must avoid the main entertainment circles, the initial efforts must be Scope lah… Who else? Once the female components are in place, getting guys onboard will be sup sup swey (Singlish: Easy.) lah~

No no no, I am not expecting necessary success in searching in Singapore. As an experienced salesperson with usual top three sales ranking… This effort is a learning process for a ‘new product’, and there is currently evolution in the approach. Every time Scope returned home, he would ponder…

This is probably because before I even knew how to sell, my first sales assignment was a crushing $0. Besides, the current ‘market’ has been smeared with misleading ads and horrendous schemes of ‘modeling’… The last thing about getting pretty girls into Project S would be ‘easy’.

So Scope basically goes for the toughest: Getting the female components.

Actually, there is one significant difference between China and Singapore in this effort and it is this:

Cultural projects in China are just so much more common than in Singapore.

So… ahem… … Before we go further, here is something funny.  In https://scopettg.wordpress.com/2008/04/27/261/ there was a traffic police encounter for this ‘offence’ of 29 Apr 2008 at 0925AM. Here comes another letter issued dated 12 Jun 2008, received by myself today, 22 Jun 2008, demanding us to reply in 19 Jun 2008 when I have already paid the the fine of $130 using SAM at Singapore Post on 31/05/2008 13:55:49… I even kept the receipt!

This time from the Land Transport Authority, date of offence: 29 Apr 2008 at 0926AM. Wow!What is wrong with Singapore? The funny thing about this is that I have paid $130 and lost 4 demerit points by 31/05/2008 and LTA is sending this letter dated 12 Jun 2008 making demands on the same issue with a min interval from the Deputy Director, Investigations, LTA!

It was only on 11 Jun 2008 that J had made apology for the officer.

Can anyone explain to me what is going on?

Yeah, many weird things happen in Singapore and under broad daylight, and often nobody really cares. I just don’t see how anyone can expect Scope to trust Singaporeans. Such an obvious blunder should not have happened, isn’t it? I half suspected that the offending officer at TP got offended when I brought up the matter and Veron bit it, and he submitted a fresh report on the same case to LTA for a get back placing the timing a min more. That’s quite a romantic thought.

I must admit, it is kind of paranoid.

But who in Singapore should not be paranoid?

Which is probably why I can’t really blame the girls I have approached recently for Project S for being paranoid. To be fair, I am paranoid about them as well… that if they even will take a look at Project S and how it could change their boring lives.

[There are many paths to Rome.] While many girls dream about stardom and such and the bla bla bla… Actually in 1000 girls who have that vanity in them, less than 100 may even want to do something about that vanity, and in that lesser than 100 girls, less than 20% will be suitable, and in that less than 20% the success rate may be only about 10%. What is special in Singapore is that since cultural development is infamously low, herd instinct naturally takes over, especially for typical social animals in girls. So unless they have any sense of security plus any basic understanding and appreciation for arts, their stardom dreams remain probably forever as dreams.

Of course, if you can fork out a chest of gold for them, recruitment will be easier. But that defeats the purpose of Project S and… it is really not possible for starting this small to promise heavens and earths or even pinnacles which are all packs of lies; and there is literally no need to. Because what Project S needs to float long enough to eventual commercial success is quality.

By quality, it means a crew with ambition and will prepare to spend a period of time to try and become Project S. This will be preferably people with passion, hence see the possibilities beyond the current constraints. This is necessary because when the drama series are produced and they are exposed to the public, what will not get them lost is their own passion and mentality which got them started with Project S.

After all, publicity between a salesperson and an actor is not really the same. Love and hate apply and magnify in the latter’s case. Nobody will be expected to scream “Salesman X, we will always love you!” than “SHE, we will always love you!”.

Going through Project S is just one way to get into performing arts… or stardom. Don’t be surprised with the possibility. Xiaxue got publicity for her funny blog, the poly (Meaning: A school-type’s shorthand) student got infamous for her sex show produced using a handphone… Now if this sex video made using a handphone can be reproduced on CDs by Malaysians for sales, it only shows one thing… Project S is possible in solid fashion.

Basically, we have already settled the equipment, we welcome any additional funding but we don’t really need to seek for more external funding, and the distribution channels are prepared. All we need is the acting crew.

[Hi! Are you interested to be involved in a Drama team?] Up till now, how girls actually got refered to this site have a few common similarities.

They are mostly, if not all, shop keepers or some sales people. The reason is very simple. The search just starts, experience for this task is just building. Shop keepers and sales people are usually more unlikely to show ‘distaste’ to a guy’s approach. If you send them the note, even if they do not care even to check things out, you still gain since they won’t reject you directly most of the time and you can get a feel and feedback of possibly how they take the approach.

In my years of sales and marketing, I have realised that people are not suckers for the best bargains in a choice of products presented to them. This is not the same in China where many people will mostly buy only when necessary and think and question on the products before they make a choice. So there is a need to observe the girls in Singapore’s attitude towards a possible opportunity, because girls have mental defence, and the last thing Project S intends is to be pushy. So everyone of them are presented with a starting line, and within that 30s, they have to decide for themselves with someone who looks chin chin chai chai (Singlish: anyohow). Unfair? No. Only those who dare explore will get the cheese. I am not there to push any of them to be into the set. The right girl with the right mindset will listen carefully, and ask relevant questions.

99% of them will talk to me, the customer. This is a reflection of themselves towards opportunites. Every customer is an opportunity in itself. The girl who would talk to me even if she thinks that I look lecherous in the fortress of her shop is much better than a petty and timid character… If you are petty and timid and judgemental, why are you in sales? There is no potential in handling publicity, then it’d be waste of time no matter how pretty one is. It is just like in sales, if you cannot face publicity in indiscriminating fashion, you’d probably only wait for sales to come to you. What is the point?

 99% are presenting themselves simply. It’s quite true that many bimbos are sexy and attractive but… girls for one-night-stands and girls for the acting path are not the same. Besides, all those messy eye-shadows and fake eye-brows plus a mask of colors blur attention to one’s natural facial assets. And Project S prefers more mature girls. Sexy is cool, but we don’t intend to deal with porns so… And if girls wear accessories more expensive than what middle-class normally can afford, Scope usually avoids. Well, getting the rich girls in may help bring more fundings, but it’d also mean bringing in a snobbish crisis of vanity. Why is there Project S in the first place? Because the snobs are killing the industry, their mistresses are burning the industry, the fucking has to stop somehow. There is no way we can last if we were to build Project S on a pile of gold, or with people whose dreams are solely loaded with gold. Simple is the keyword.

[The Encounters.] It is very tiring to do talent search, and ever since the big drama groups in Hong Kong went bust and Mediacorpse got established, talent searching on the streets is not as common since the corporates now subject talent search to corporatism, many are also done in KTVs instead… you know, with the naked girls bla bla bla.

I got very interesting feedback along the way. But there were some girls with a vast amount of elegance locked within themselves I have come across. There was this girl doing insurance with AIA, she was good. Simple and elegant on the front, an all-rounder suitable for many roles and play-types. And she got a good voice, too. But I got a feeling she might be way more interested in insurance money than the curiousity in being part of Project S. I may be wrong, of course.

There is another one at Orchard doing cosmetic. Simple and elegant, as well. But she was rather negative in the 30s. Too bad. Though we’d really neeed someone like her around.

There was one at a jewellery shop, I talked to her about buying diamonds and observed her response… than I saw the super diamond ring on her finger… and she was out. There is a reason for this. I knew of many women who were materalistic and took pride in their rich boy-boys, got fucked and dumped and went to other rich boy-boys. They loved to show off their huge diamonds, peers who were DJs, managers or whatever, who-cares and… such girls in the set is just too troublesome, and poses a threat to unity.

So I have decided to avoid Jewellery shops for the time.

The happier response came from a girl from China. Though I am not surprised, China people are more welcoming to opportunities. She asked questions and I was able to get a listening ear for the Project. Well, is this a con job? Well… This is the only silly question she had for that evening for me. Project S may not be established in Singapore if suitable people are not available, hence it shall go to Indonesia or China, or as a friend suggested, a place in Europe… but I doubt Project S is not a sincere effort, and for that matter, Scope had aching legs for walking around Singapore when he could just sit down and talk cock in forums at home.

There was another China girl, her quick reaction was amusing: What is the use of going to the address given to her? Waliaoz~ So fucking practical. LOL~ I was like wanting to reply like this: When I was calefare-ing at Mediacorpse dog years back, I was not sure of what use. When many were trying to get a role by licking, I was there observing the hows and whys of the production, but of what use? When I called it a day as a calefare, never had I thought that many years later, I would get in touch with a much more bigger and competitive entertainment environment and got involved behind the scenes. And never have I expected to want to start Project S back in those years.

Actually, the truth is… when I was at mediacorpse’s set, I already had this in mind: Oh boyz~ It sucks, we should and could do something better!

But I have never thought that Project S possible back then because other than the years of skills and experience playing at Mediacorpse’s set and nosing around, the real part of operating a media entity was not expected to be gained, plus I was not prepared for the idea that the advance in technology could have eliminated the barriers of obscene amount of resources to be invested in equipment alone. Yeah right, Scope is highly creative or out-of-the-box type, but that alone is useless if technology and encounters have not come by fatefully.

Rather than to say that Scope was lucky to get the subsequent exposures by having his blog in Sohu, it was more credited for the fact that Scope is inclined to explore for opportunities unlike many rigid Singaporeans. You see, it irks my father but it opens the door to the possibility of Project S. Project S can grow to be huge… and eventually be the industry standard. But… Singapore is small, and its thinking is really small. So here is the difficulty. And the encounters in Singapore are not helping at all.

So this girl’s reaction earned my laugh. Life is like a box of chocolates… Had not Forest Bum said that?

Girls… …

Which is why if Project S can get the girls in place, the guys and the others won’t be a problem. In Singapore Plaza, there was this guy who wanted to get involved. I looked at him… Mediacorpse will probably never even look at him. But while he is not a hunk, I personally see hope for him. But his and my opportunity in Singapore are depending on the female components. And I least can expect support from Singapore itself.

If there are no more funny troubles, it’s amitaba already, what else can I expect.

Anyway, the people who are refered here are subjected to a ‘cultural test’ as well. As anyone who has eyes to see, the cultural level shown in the China blog’s comments and this blog’s illustrate a simple and glaring difference, which is why Scope takes the trouble to talk cock on the story of Jean and John. Even using Scope’s blog itself to illustrate is already quite enough. Scan through the tons of comments in Sohu, and make a comparison to those comments you got at WordPress, say for Jean, and even for myself from EDMW (http://edmw.sg/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=53660).

There is only one word for this ‘phenomenon’: Sick.

It is obvious which got it sick.

When the people are learning how to catch up with Scope in China, those in Singapore are laughing away like idiots. How can Singapore compete in the long run? Beats me. This is the basic problem of Singapore’s society, and it becomes also a problem for Project S and Scope.

Actually even my cousin doesn’t know how to appreciate, telling his baby children it’s nothing big deal with the CGPs, so it’s not surprising why many talents left Singapore for good. Cultural sector actually worths many many billions, and moves the economies in by-products as well out there, creates tons of jobs and it even promotes tourism with few issues to pollution, and the cost is usually meagre. How much cost cum pollution do you think ‘Dragon Balls’ need? How much cost was that to produce one ‘DaiChangKin’ and promoted Korea along the way?

But in Singapore, Creative talents are not much valued, the environment is not right. Focused on gold blinds one to the appreciation of the ridiculously huge potential of cultural sector. Which is why Mediacorpse stays as a corpse after all these years. Pardon me for being honest to myself.

There is one word to describe this: Short-sightedness.

How far can aspiring talents go in such short-ness?

[It’s not about just Project S.] It is the same thing put to the people who got the asking, are you the type who would stay in a box, dream big, as big as the box, and rot in the box alongside with your rotting dreams?

My task is pretty simple. I shan’t push anyone out of their boxes, I won’t lure as well even if I have the carrots, I just offer a link. These is no money offered for joining, and no money obliged to be paid for joining. It is just like a CCA in schools. You can choose to sleep or stare at the celling or talk cock with your friends or lament the whole day that life is boring… or you can be part of Project S, be part of many stories, be anything, and be around with fellow jokers full of passion for the joke.

Well, a good joke will need excellent jokers. Then we can have the last laugh.

No pressure. Scope is prepared to move Project S anywhere in the world where the soil is fertile and the climate is conducive.