Scope in Botanic Garden II.
[Well, the whole idea about life is simply this… You have to get to somewhere you can excel in where you shall excel in, where when you fart, it’d worth gold. There are just too much problems in Singapore left dangling… for every rotting carrot out there.]
The story blogged over a Mr Gan Kim Yong and a Ms Denise Phua’s talking cock on ‘MOE registered‘ issue with the private education sector over parliament didn’t seem to invite much interest. So change lor~

Apathetic Singaporeans… yeah rite~

But the hot topic now seems to be, and rightfully so, Edison’s fuck ventures with two pretty… OMG~

Actually, private education sector in Singapore has become quite a problem; This follows the earlier messed up in the charity sector with the then shameless NKF chief playing a multi-millions donors’ money with his royal simpletons. Then we got hero uncle reportedly fighting Joo Chiat red light infestation.

What’s happening to Singapore?

And of course, Scope wants his full refund from ERC, now alongside with an apology from Andy. And I am wondering all the more why EDB has anything to do with ERC such as helping people possibly the likes of Tan Jee Suan to be unemployed, and so on. Singapore… is becoming kind of  ‘interesting’.

First, charity. Now, education. What next?

Who knows?

Whereas this issue has long been made known to the MP, the most important thing is if Andy Ong was the mentor to get Singaporeans, and even foreigners, to become entrepreneurs of success few can ever dream of… I definitely can’t imagine  how the businesses are to be conducted by the ‘students’ if there are such monies to be involved to the extent of ‘success few can ever dream of’~

Sick… just feel so very sick with all these.

Shape up, Singapore!!!

Just how many more customers will be placed on court summons for making noises. But now, Singapore’s business ads can rival those irresponsible mainland healthcare ads which the mainland authority has started to rein in.

So what can the local authority do for us? Will they be better than the mainland authority?

Obviously, time for the government to fine-tune fine-tune.

[Talented? Push your way out.] Fion said she left probably because no choice, it is as if Scope were to leave Singapore because he is crazy. I have to disagree with her, kind of. She, and many others who have successfully landed out there, should realise that she is the envy of many Singaporeans.

Many of us don’t kind of have a choice either!

Hey! Staying in Singapore is obviously hazardous, and there is nothing here for Scope but nosense. Singapore isn’t what it used to be. It’s been months since the authority is been informed on such a clear-cut case, till even Andy called in to threaten legal action for making noise… Hilarious, Fion. Singaporeans ain’t moving out without reasons.

Besides, people who can make it shouldn’t be staying behind and be stucked amidst mockeries by the cultural desert. People who can grow should move out to even have a chance to develop their talents to the fullest, instead of being happy to rot behind. Something I find very funny about Singapore is this, they laugh and laugh at people when they are small, wasting human resource along the way. But when the tiny people become big, Singapore expects them to come back and contribute.

On the other hand, many mainland bosses prefer mainland juniors to foreign seniors to manage bigger projects in order to groom future leaders for China. But China is rich in human resource.

巫启贤mocked at Singaporean mentality; 李敖mocked at Singaporean mindsets; Singaporeans denied; Singaporeans bashed Singaporeans for the pettiest of things. So, is Singapore not stupid? Well…

Fion, do we have a choice? Come on.

[Seeking Opportunities Somewhere Out There.] After returning from Beijing, Scope reckons the next attempt will need some preparations. Chinese trips provide valuable experience. We’d have to move step by step. And landing into another polluted city is not funny.

But the target of landing might have to be changed in view of China’s super-fast developments. It’s quite true, I have overstayed in Singapore to have missed the best wagon out. Or I could have well landed in a desireable career path well on the way to full development of my potential. And my artistic interests could have become multi-millions projects already.

Instead, I have to just endure crappy productions from Mediacorpse back in Singapore…

It’s been at least three decades of making drama series, and this is the standard after pumping in so much funds and time? Come on!

Come to think of it…

Recently, a senior grassroot cheekily came to me and passed me a book all of a sudden, stressing that I should look at the pictures. I was like bewildered and asked how she got this book in the first place. It’s a brand new book that I know she won’t have bought. Normal people don’t buy this sort of books, not to say this lady doesn’t read. I might have even thought maybe her son authored it. Her reply was that some officer gave it to her, and she passed it to me…

I’d rather she passed me an Ang Pow…

So there was something indeed interesting at the end of the book. It was the Prime Minister and his family with Mdm Ho Ching appearing in a picture makan-ing at some hawker centre.

Rare sight indeed.

OMG… don’t tell me it is some divine call for Scope to sell fishball noodles in this land of possibilities…

I won’t make a very appropriate hawker.

By the way, the rates of hawker food is about that of the fast food chains nowadays. If you do not have $5, what can you really fill your stomach with? If you have $5, why not go to Mcdonald’s?  Fast food chains often come with discounts, and you get a nice seat in an aircon room to makan…


[Clear Up Private Education Sector] No matter what Mr Gan said about endorsement or recommendation in parliament, a problem is problem and MOE needs to do something about the Private Education Sector and safeguard the population’s interests.

That’s the people’s expectation, no doubt.

Scope is very interested in this issue because he himself has first-hand encounter. Hopefully, the authority can do something asap.

Of course, even simple case as such… I don’t know when will issues including refunds be resolved. That’s where MOE would have to be expected to come in.

Scope in Botanic Garden
[A good show is always a pleasure. Life is a freak show. So how? Scope lusts after happiness… his search now goes beyond Singapore, of course!]










反而杨宗纬很明显的为了节目制作需要,扮演着他的‘苦情’角色。而他在节目的歌路也是如此。杨宗纬有个缺点,那就是他不大会演戏。呵呵呵呵~在娱乐圈,虚伪是必要而却又不应该被看穿的。Over-acting却反而让老男人更感兴趣。结果当杨宗纬事件爆炸了后,我一点儿也不意外。最好笑的就是林宥佳好象还一把鼻涕一把泪地补了这句:You (杨宗纬) are the man。

















所以,陶大姐必须了解到观众对萧敬腾那位参赛友人(好像是什么Yu Ming的)的态度是应该怎样的。既然大家都认为制作单位一定会尝试拿他做卖点,‘卖’得不够火候就完蛋了。当然,那位友人如果不如萧敬腾明显的厉害,以他为节目重点就是个大差错。因为萧敬腾其实已经算是一般上的终极实力了,那位友人除非能够明显的突破,否则节目必须以另外一种形式引进整批二届选手;因为在一和二届相隔那么短时间内,观众不可能接受同等或次等的实力为卖点。







Mein Kampf SS: Aliens Vs Scope.

Part One: The Dawn of Salvation

[Adolf Hitler: I fucked Europe!] Many years back in Germany, a murderous scoundel by the name of Adolf Hitler wrote his first book serving his terms in a cozy prison: Mein Kampf.

As various history texts pointed out, Hitler hated the Jews; and when he came to power, by hook or crook, he exterminated them as if the gardener were pounding on the pests. Hitler was literally an artist forced by situation, forced into extremism and he started the Europe’s most destructive force: The Nazis.

He took his extremism into politics. He took his humiliations, his sufferings, his pains, his losses, his great artistic passion of rage and pour into Facism, and greeted the cold, cruel and silly world that had stood immaturely in his path.

The cruel world had no passion to Hitler; Hitler had no passion for the cruel world. And he moved to ravage Germany to the near destruction of Europe.

Hitler was crazy. But if he wasn’t crazy, his deeds would not be so crazy to worth a note in history. A crazy world befits a crazy Hitler, vice versa.

Had the snobbish German cared more about this artist struggling in the streets of Germany, they could have helped produced a fine German painter. The Jews in the richer class couldn’t have imagined the power hidden within this man that they had helped nurtured could become their greatest nightmare.

“Oh~ What can a lousy tiny artist do…”

The course of history could have been averted with much smaller gestures, but Europe cared less and paid the heavy price for that.

[Balls Of Fury: Europe burnt.] Hitler’s madness led to hordes of Jews to be shot mercilessly… in Hitler’s revenge towards the cruel world. Rich, powerful, men and women were equal at their final hours as Hitler’s SS rounded them up. Hatred for Hitler was understandable… just as the hatred for the Jews, or… to be more specific, the cold world of Germany to Hitler. The massacre was probably a racial political weapon.

Hitler could have cared less to a world who couldn’t cared more. Assasinations were initiated by the Nazis. Hitler wanted Europe to taste the evil that had been forced upon Germany… and himself.

“You have worshipped devils, now~ be baptised by the flames of war and embrace hell!”

Actually, who is the devil? Hitler? Or the world? Or the snobs? Or… the Jews themselves?

Just as the people cursed Hitler’s insanity which helped to have almost destroyed Europe, the curse of Hitler had been bestowed upon him by the people.

[Sauron: I am only as greedy as Man.] Adolf Hitler, passionate towards a nation, being part of political rallies and offered his courage and life to have won an iron medal; a man of great sentiment, a man with great motivation derived by his passion towards life and arts, but his expectations were bashed in prolonged fashion by the society he had offered his passion, courage and life…

The gods did not claim him.

He was instead transformed into the most fearsome monster to punish the world. Devoured of any more feelings, a satanic creature raised unnoticed among the careless Jews… among the hideous Europeans… And when it waved its full grown claws at the senates, it was too late. And when it flapped its wings for the sky to challenge the gods, wiping out the world was the best sacrifice.

Hitler groaned in defiance… out of his inner strength so deeply cached, so patiently lurking to be unleashed.

He had become a great artist… he painted with the blood of the notorious world, and he created history.

If we say Hitler was wrong… then to these days, our right would have to be producing another Hitler, and another… and another. It will never cease.

Because it is us… who have produced Hitler.

The Jews could have offered so much lesser to have stopped such mayhem… but they had chosen to pay with their blood. When Mein Kampf was first published, who really cared? This will of the gods could have never succeeded without the evil in mankind.

And it was because of this evil in mankind… the gods injected such great dose of poison hoping to neutralise the poisonous minds. Hitler was kind of a victim himself; he was the tool of the gods to white-wash the then pathetic world.

[Buddha also wears Prada…] A Nazi is the sign of Buddhism. In Buddhism, everything is actually emptying out; where a death is prelude to reborn. A Nazi is believed to be able to destroy evil. Since monks are not supposed to kill, when monks do kill to destroy evil, the evil done by the monks is perceived as proper.

We don’t know why Hitler’s Nazis could have used this symbol, the fucking Swastika. But if Buddha were to have been observing Europe back then… he might have wiped up the pests and evil himself, out of his mercy for mankind.

Many people might have thought that perhaps Hitler would be condemned to hell…

But he might be laughing at this world in sufferings from heaven after he had done what he was assigned to do, in the banner of his glaring Nazi sign.

That is but a romantic thought.

But then, the point is… while we fear and curse Hitler, the world never have seemed to have learned from the holocaust. From the most bottom of society, from the darkest alley, from the most impoverished… We may never know if we are grooming Adolf Hitler II.

“It is at the most unexpected of times… that even the tiniest of mortals could have altered history…”

The one who have created Hitler while cursing Hitler is more evil than the one who glorifies Hitler.

We do not glorify Hitler here. Because Hitler is not really our problem. The factory which churns out Hitlers is the major headache. And you might be part of that factory. Then you are the real headache.
Scope and Gillian
[I was intending on something hotter. But I suppose making a CGP using Gillian at this time may be done more… dramatically than, you know, using those sexy pictures released by who-d-fuck-I-can’t-be-bothered-with. So here’s one, as sexy as possible. Whew~ Nice.]





其实是不是真的不可能以细微的痕迹就查得出来。以老男人的经验,一个很高明的玩家可以简单的以10megapixels像素的材料合成后再化成1.3megapixels的小型文件。如此做法,电脑自动安排画面像素 ,真假就非常难分。这和陈冠希拍摄照片时让手机的电脑计算安排图片文件道理相同:从真人版到1.3甚至2megapixels的数据版。





(一) 到陈冠希家取景。这么一来,那位玩家必定和陈冠希认识。

(二) 以制作电影的方式设计陈冠希家的布置。那么能如此工程浩大的陷害,要不就是陈冠希女友方的富爸爸搞破坏,要不就是那位富爸爸的死敌,要不就是某组织的牟利行为。当然三维制作也可以有这种效果。

(三) 天才玩家细心‘画出’所有场景及人物角度。若不是不可能的话,那么也得花好大功夫去‘画’如钟欣桐那组图。此类玩家不但天才,而且简直是超级无聊…到了走火入魔的最高境界。





















Scope’s raw pictures.
[Before a CGP is created, this one depicts the raw photos to which Scope becomes anything with possibly anyone appearing alongside. Very few CGPs had Scope smiling, making this two photos rather exotic. But the CGPs created may have a smile of a much varied feel of Scope. Not as handsome as Edison, but that obviously doesn’t matter.]





























当然,这不是一般商业传播。所以,就咱们海外人士而言,这起案件就在测试香港司法成熟与公正的情况了。毕竟娱乐圈里面的高官搞女星,大老板包养小明星,乃至搞gay等等几乎是司空见惯的。甚至商业性质AV片都有。Fuck几个女星的照片…很大不了吗?陈冠希(guan xi=>关系;故,发生‘关系’事件。)fuck女星和AV片陌生人fuck女星,有很大的分别吗?导演看,大老板看,普罗大众也看…

话又说回来,照片获得的途径又是一个问题。在这里,源头就难以抗辩了。因为触犯的是商业信任罪。陈冠希的电脑是给商业单位维修的,里面的资料纯属个人所有。照片既然不是在公共资源处(open resource)而是陈冠希的个人电脑,那么维修员没有权益占为己有。现在部分照片发到网上,就变成了公共资源传播开来…连新加坡也传得乱七八糟的。呵呵呵呵~