[新加坡气闻]I am quite sure Andy is very serious in wanting to take legal action against me Blog.

This has made him the second government-linked to threaten a blogger in Singapore, after this PM barely convinced the ang mohs that Singapore is in time with the world as a cosmopolitan… Poor PM.

Young and too successful may not be a good thing after all. Just as Carrie (His stated lawyer) could be helping ERC (Govt-linked entity by partnership) to be one of the pioneers  (if any) in offering a lawyer’s letter as customer service* to unhappy customer, and she could even be expecting the judge to rule in his client’s favor, I am pondering as I always do. By the way, this posting is not all about ERC’s intention to sue a blogger, or what.

I hope Carrie thinks it through before helping Andy on this.

Anyway, I’d be rating this service provider as crappy, and covering a report with materials on its service down to customer service to unhappy consumer, alongside with its lawyer letter as reference.

I think that’s what Andy is trying to do with his threat and various claims on myself, a tiny blogger.

I don’t know who taught him that this the way to be entrepreneur. But no one will win my trust and approval by making threats and various claims on myself, plus replying my email through another’s email account ID.

I don’t know how he’d see it so. Or does Carrie think the judge will see this as service quality…?

Actually, they want the contents removed. An angry, and very excited, Andy would probably want Scope to be liable for the blog contents. If Carrie wants Scope to remove those contents by a letter of demand, she could have better luck demanding the Host of the contents to do so, provided the contents are illegal/unacceptable in the first place… in USA to do so.

Defamation… is not me typing ‘fuck you’ in my tiny room. That’s some issues in this… new tech new era about blogging. The court is going obsolete if it cannot catch up in the understanding.

Frankly speaking, I don’t know if Carrie or Andy or Singapore lawyers will understand blogging in the first place to fight a proper case in this known world. Blogging’s now like a culture (or religion) of its own, like some industry of its own with its… jargons and behavior modes and styles and sphere of its own.

If Andy has any disagreements with Scope over such personal opinions and views and feedback and personal experience, blogs or forums do allow discussions, debates and so on. Frankly speaking, I’d be very surprised if the Singapore court will even admit Carrie’s submission of this case when the court order to remove the blog contents should be done in USA court.

If I press enter now and host a chewing gum party in my condo in California, you mean Singapore policemen will come after me?

Besides, blogging is promoted by the Singapore government itself, and in this new tech new age, Carrie should visit Rockson Takumi Tan’s blog (It is sometimes refered to as the Nabei Cheebye blog.) and Xiaxue’s blog (It is sometimes refered to as the Fucking Bimbo Blog, with plenty of ‘fuckings’ in the blog.) , and understand the blogging world extending to China (芙蓉姐姐, it started doing CGPs as well now! Fast learner… Hahahaha…) and the middle-east before trying to start shooting arrows.

Of course, the talented government  must have understood blogging to be promoting it.

By the way… where is fucking Nabei Cheebye Rockson…???

Actually, blogs are mostly written by non-professionals, and the styles and natures of blogs varied as every single soul is in this world. And blogs, as Scope’s, can be a form of performing arts, kind of a movie in itself.

But I guess to some Singapore people, blogging is like some traditional media, which is fucking wrong. The problem is, when you see Youtube on Scope’s blog protraying Scope chewing gums in USA… it is not like you see in TV that Scope is chewing some fucking gums in Singapore.

In mainstream media such as Straits Times, it is not even like you can have a dialogue or forum session as REACH. You have some fucking problems in blogs or forums which belong to the host, you can do real-time shootings-and-coverings.

Do you know that bloggers with WordPress can’t even put Adsense in blogs just because WordPress rules so!

I no want see more Ang Mohs laughing at Singapore, that Singapore service provider’s customer service to angry or complaining customers is to send them lawyers’ letters. OMG~ What a fucking disgrace~!

Will the judge tell the first Singapore blogger sued in court for nothing about national thing that: Your fucking blog contents hosted in some other sovereign states is defamation lah, because you express unhappiness like some freaking Uncle Sams in those blogs hosted in USA environment.

And then order Scope and WordPress international blogging community no more make noises against louya sellers and make personal opinions, because Singapore law says so

You consumers make more noise, you got lawyers’ letter for that.

Let’s remember, Singapore’s government cannot be as mediocre as others. 

If I protest this in USA, maybe Singapore sees that on TV or from my blog, then must say I illegal…?

But as a protest, the previous posting on ERC’s threat of legal action will have no CGPs. It represents a silent protest lah~

Now how? If I hire a bangla worker for $1680, he never performed, I cannot even say he’s fucking incompetent… I must still pay him for talk cock sing song? I very confused. If I pay $1680 hire helicopter go Batam, promised come then go to Sentosa and stop, I cannot even complain?! I cannot even scold the mama shop in Bugis for selling a camera with no lens and want full refund?!

I make noise like nobody Singaporean, I kena lawyer’s letter.

I very scare… of this service quality in Singapore. How to hire services and buy things like that??? I felt threatened~!

Waliao… later I hire caterer and complain the fucking food tastes like shit, it says ERC taught him to threaten complaining customers…?!

Then no need to impress me with good food oredi… then Singapore no more food heaven?! I so sad. Because I love makan (Singlish: Eat) very much.

But let’s be rational… if I have any proposals or come across some big fuck proposals by very talented people with big brains, you think I go China submit to those multi-billionaires, or go Singapore get peanuts… after all these?

Singapore experience…  you paid $1680 to kena all sorts of claims on myself and lawyer’s letter. Still say willing to see my proposal… Waliao… rationally speaking, I got any more proposals you think I go where?

Actually, government must tell me how to blog lah… Must learn from that ‘Nabei Cheebye’ Rockson or Bimbo Queen Xiaxue get high hits? Or maybe let me go join SPH lah…

Anyway, I have emailed about the threat to me MP alongside with Andy Ong’s email threatening me with legal action.

What to do? I small nobody blogger only. You know what is Rich Poor gap?

PM Lee, this is rich poor gap. You think this is acceptable?

I sure have a story to tell, if people want to listen. And bear this in mind, I am no lawyer.

*You can’t compare Singapore to China nowadays. When a large ticketing company spotted an online complain, its customer service engaged in open discussion with the user online. In Singapore, you get threatened with legal action instead. What a disgrace… … We are definitely losing out.
Scope’s sexy Forum porn shot
[Hahaha… I can take screenshots!!! This is the grand view of Scope’s forum. It’s still bloody new like a baby. Bloggers, just rush in! Happy like fuck… You and me. It’s forum the Scope’s style. It’s learning everyday in the internet. Scope’s catching up, no matter 31yo!!!]

Scope’s Forum: Something You Jokers Cannot Miss Hor~!!!

OK. Finally got chance to mention my forum (http://scopeland.forumotion.com/) to those seow (Naughty casual expression- Singlish: Crazy.) enough with a fucking big open mind and lagi (Singlish: *Actually I not sure the meaning…* ^.^ Hehehe…) big mouth of sliva eager to talk anything under the sun.

And that~ includes promoting your juicy blogs, or your bloody forums, or your bunch of kakis, your freaky businesses and so on and so forth.

Up to you. Because Scope is the admin. Hahaha…

You want to miss Scope’s official forum, it’s like missing heaven… So pity lah~

Ok. Here’s the grandfather’s story why Scope starts a forum.

Long long ago… …

We cut story short. In China, forums are generally very good, because their people is a sociable society. So China forums have alot of socializing and nice havocs. But one problem is, when they know you are some fucking foreigners… then it can be very ‘dangerous‘ at times. Nationalism can be good and bad, hence.

China blogs and forums, as afore-mentioned, we foreigners cannot use our laws to enforce and comprehend. And when you encounter online mobsters…


In Western forums, it is like very rule based. Waliao, go that thread kena against what rules, post this line moderators say cannot, post that picture admin says no like, then some backward uncle or auntie will even say your blog no writing like Shakespear so cannot invite their people.


In Singapore forums… OMG~ Moderators like either craps or like guards of a tiny hole, or well lah… Anyway, all the above are telling you that you might get into the tyranny of some despotic who-ah-whos (This infamous expression comes from Stephen Chow movie… Kekeke…) and your precious saliva kena cut and dumped for no reason or making you feel like heaven no eyes…

Scope’s forum fills in the fucking gap. Basically, I also will moderate. But I do so very liberally one. I do not pre-judge like some fucking clowns out to earn your charcoal faces, and terminate you like vaporizing the Martians so anyohow.

Actually, it’s the Martian vaporizing you. Sorry~

If you no believe, you can try. Even if you scold Admin (Me lah~), I also won’t easily anyohow chop you out. Governance in the forum is very good. This one I can ENSURED you.

But of course, there will always be safety guidelines for your online experience. Generally, the basic rules applies there:
1. You can post/edit sexy pictures, but no show nipples, penis and you-know-what lah… If I IT no good, cannot remove the pictures, I have to kick you out. This one international cyber law. Don’t play play…
2. You can talk whatever I fuck care. But must remember mutual respect. Don’t try to start a fight for the sake of fighting or try to prove smart. Only assholes play smart-alecs in my opinion.
3. You can introduce and promote your baby blogs, but please don’t try to spam. You spam, I cut. You spam more, I kick.
4. If I delete your posting, it’s more because like you break some Forum Host rules. So you observe their rules as I try to close two eyes on you… Always remember, I don’t OWN the fucking forum literally. For the sake of the community, please don’t do something stupid.
5. Do not steal other people’s pictures and stealing bandwidth alongside with the act, and do not impersonate others. Impersonate me, you’d get a kick.

If you are Singaporean and you want to join Forum… … Scope also welcomes you. But please… You are joining the world’s community, so… be global. If you intend to participate citing what Singapore laws and such rubbish attitude, please remove yourself from the forum before you become public enemy number One.

The forum was initially based in Freeforums. But there is a problem: The original forum cannot be acessed by users in China. That defeats one of the most important aspects of Scope’s forum. Hence, immediately, the forum is changed to Forumotion host.

This worked! But there were some coding problems that were hyper critical. Anxious as I was, their customer service was good, and the technician solved the problem without threatening to sue me! And I openly praised them for the good job. Hence, Scope’s Forum will stay at this location:


You get praised when you do a good job.

Anyway, I am not bothered if no one started anything in the forum. I always believe a good forum will always draw attention with enough time.

Actually, I have wanted a forum of my own for a long time. It has been really sick to face scissors and such under childish mentality. But I was kind of IT-blind, and I never thought that a forum control could be so easy like Forumotion.

Of course, maybe we don’t know yet till something does happen… Life is an adventure.

Life Is A Freak Show: Join Scope.

Like it or not, the blog of Scope is the first of its kind. In blogging history, Scope is also the second blog to be threatened with legal action by government linked (by partnership) big shot/s in Singapore, and is the first blogger decided to stand grounds in court of Singapore for his blog, if there is a case in the first place.

Andy Ong is looking set to start a whole chain of blogger lawsuits in Singapore. Given the nature of blogging, the entire blogging world promoted by the talented government is really waiting for lawsuits.

Frankly speaking, this case is super hilarious. Compounding to the materials on ERC is an advertisement in Straits Times page H5 today (12/11/07) with regards to ‘Making money’ from education by ERC. Here goes:

Own Your Own Education Business!

And what’s hilarious to those who have gone to Andy Ong’s presentation before comes this:

Make The Ultimate Passive Income Without Quitting Your Job!

Those who have gone to Andy’s presentation in the service I paid him for or have gone through it will understand what’s so funny. And here are the claims you can look forward to:

1. Income of $10,000 to $15,000 upon completion of training.
2. No capital required!
3. Almost No monthly Overheads!
4. Backed by some of the world’s top Universities.
5. Free Scholarships for successful candidates/family members
6. Money back guarantee to give you total ease of mind!

Wow! And it is partnered by Economic Development Board’s LEAP Programme!?

Will EDB please explain this something that is Without Risk on behalf of ERC if we actually pay up:

Do the payers need to prepare Capital if there is almost no monthly overheads, or who will pay if those payers have no money? How can it be without Risk?

And is this call appealing to the general public?

Since stated $10,000 income upon completion, maybe we can pay after completion of training from the income without risk!

And according to what I know from my experience with ERC, will there be a money back guarantee for a total ease of mind from ERC as so stated? Where’s my full refund then? Where is my total ease of mind?

And if you note the word highlighted in Claim 5, what makes you think you’d be more successful upon training and get the $10,000~$15,000 income upon completion of training, as compared to those who have got the free scholarship as in Claim 1? Why does anyone need the free scholarship anyway?

It mentioned also that ‘great opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives when you offer quality programs to enrich their lives…’. This is one good point for the coming court session with ERC’s Andy Ong. One of the positive impact on a consumer’s blogging live is to be threatened for making noise on its quality program, fully paid to become entrepreneur.

And I should not blog about it in my blog…?!

Reading this sales document of Singapore is really fascinating. Perhaps his lawyer, Carrie, would not mind another $10,000 income on passive without quitting her job, that is to take legal action on this blog posting as well while owning an education business. I suppose Carrie also understands what I am driving at.

Is Singapore court ready to waste more court resources over this?

Carrie, I’m blogging it as it is in my own views. Should I sign up for this… exciting new education opportunity…?

What do you think?

And it is up for public discussion here in this blog. Maybe EDB people can drop some comments with regards to my curiousity. I am not arrogant, as Andy Ong labelled myself so conveniently, I am just curious here. I won’t delete any comments from EDB or what.

It’s not about freedom of speech. It’s just pure common sense.

But this part of the posting is not really about ERC, it is about the entertainment industry. I mentioned the above merely because I was having my fucking breakfast reading the Straits Times this morning, and I bursted into laughter with my mouth full when I came across ERC’s advertisement.

Actually, when is CASE going to do anything about this?

Now let’s go into the real topic. Alright, there is this yet another hilarious news report that Mr Jacky Chan didn’t know who Fann was when they met after they spent months in one of the ‘Rush Hour’ productions.

And we have seen the protests over Mediacock’s trashy productions by the China netizens, and of course, joined by Singaporeans themselves. Singaporeans have been enduring such fucking low-grade freaky entertainment by the awards-winning media company in Singapore for many dog years. Many online called it Mediacock not without a reason.

Competition doesn’t mean the best is produced as a result.

Jack Neo has reportedly three years in China, and as I have discussed earlier, Jack Neo’s facing a tremendous task of moving into China. Three years…  Shooting a movie is one thing, it can take between half a year to one year for a simple movie, and three years for larger production. But the most uncertainty happens in the time for assessing by the China’s authority. And the first Neo movie seems to be hitting at a potentially politically sensitive topic.

If Jack Neo cannot bring in millions of Singdollars after two attempts in three years, will he be able to proceed on will be an interesting issue. And the box-office income is probably expected to come from the Singapore market.

Nonetheless, what I am trying to say here is this, we got a big opportunity in this era: The Entertainment industry. Yes. The entire industry ie.

[The Background]. 

In China, a few established powers and heavy commercial influences ‘control’ the industry. It is an open secret that it is pretty messed up. And over the years, the decline of the Chinese movie industry has been compounded by problems of problematic idols who were known drug addicts, homosexuals, hooligans, people’s mistresses, involved in sex deals and so on.

When I went to watch 《色,戒》, the whole theater was only hosting lesser than 20 viewers. It is untrue that 《色,戒》was pathetic. Given Tony Leung’s excellent performance, the real problem comes from the reputation of Chinese productions.

Some people tried to use piracy as an excuse for ill-performance of box-office, hence loss-making. But “Matrix” enjoyed success. “Jurassic Park” enjoyed great success. “Lords of the Ring” enjoyed great success. “Superman” enjoyed success. Now if you think it is because those are of great IT ideas for the successes, but the theatre was packed when “Anna & the King” was screened. Now, where is piracy the infamous excuse of ill-performance?

And when “SpidermanIII” was making waves in China, the China movie people voiced their unhappiness that cinemas were giving Spidey more screening slots as compared to (their) Chinese movies. And they tried their protests based on nationalism.

But people don’t go to watch movies due to nationalism. They want to be entertained.

And here we can see one of the biggest opportunity in the biggest of Chinese market: The Entertainment industry.

[Why do we have a chance.]

We have to first understand how a movie is made in this industry in order to know why we have a chance.

You see, many people see movies as some get-it-rich-quick lotteries or some get-famous-quick games. While an industry is already in place, it is actually one which is abnormal. Just as Mediacock, it is loaded with awards but churning out rubbish quite consistently; it is loaded with many in the acting crew, but few are really good and many can’t even speak proper mandarin; it is loaded with many awards-winning stars… but that include auntie Zoe Tay, and Ms Fann that rumor says Jacky Chan can’t even remember.

It is about the same in China. But one of the issues here is that China has some of the most beautiful actresses who can act, but China has too many actresses graduated from thousands and thousands of performing arts schools screaming for opportunities. Many are wasted in this fierce competition in China. In Singapore, actresses who can’t act or have little potential at all no matter how obvious it is are offered chances because of Mediacock. In China, many actresses have to resort to prostituting themselves to obtain a chance.

So quality is really compromised. It doesn’t matter if you are a talented artiste, it frequently only matters that you are willing to prostitute yourself. Otherwise, you must have some powerful backgrounds.

Literally, such control of the movie productions and the nurturing of idols by snobs resulted in trashy movies, problematic idols and… regretably, a lousy reputation for the entire Chinese entertainment industry. Talented directors are forgone for those connected. Talented actresses are overlooked for those mistresses of tycoons. Talented people are under the mercy of non-talented tycoons who will fund productions.

Now we’d go into understanding how a tycoon will fund a movie production.

By right, commercial sense is: Buying out the best.

In this, those potentially valuable assets in this industry will include: Talented faces, talented directors and talented script-writers who are not costly yet because they are not yet famous. Eg. If a smart tycoon came across Andy Lau when he was 20yo, he would have invested in Andy Lau before anybody else. And if he have spotted Stephen Chow, he’d have invested in Chow’s directing efforts.

This is a simple trick similar to buying up potential red chips in the stock market. You find a talented red-chip-to-be, you bet on him/her and gain with the astronomical rise in value.

Now the reality is, the tycoons invest in this sector as such:

You see a red chip already very expensive instead of cheaper potential chips, and you bought into it looking for good dividends… given the same existing risks in the industry.

While it doesn’t make much investment sense, this is what is going on in the movie sector. And many bosses made losses, while some are cheated by the cinemas’ ‘window dressings down’ of figures. Put it this way, we shall have three types of directors in Singapore for discussion’s sake: 1. Jack Neo 2. Eric Khoo 3. Other talents.

It is not important to include the director of recent Singaporean movie ‘881’, as the logic will remain coherent.

Now the order of investment by snobbish choices will generally be as the above beginning with Jack Neo, then down to the last talent which is not possible. The fundings of Singapore is well-known to be conservative, and tiny as compared to those in China, so the other talents will have a problem. Which also explains why China had been loaded with so many sub-standard productions and idols with such huge funds floating around in China.

But that doesn’t mean Jack Neo is the best. As we know, the real powers include Jacky Chan team, Andy Lau production and… Stephen Chow’s dream force.

Our target is to be as good as Stephen Chow, not competing with him, because there will be enough space for the best teams.

Frankly speaking, there are just too many directors and script writers around after a meal each. While we are after a dream, which is why we can prevail in this industry and differentiate ourselves from the leagues of… workers.

Movies… are just dreams on screens.

It’s like Scope in his blog. So real, yet so unreal.

While China is awarding its directors some money to make better films, but China is after all China. Local directors must go along party lines in their productions and… the money offered is really peanuts as compared to how movie productions really make money.

So said, we need acess into the market for a start.

Actually, the main reason why we ever have a chance now is because the China movie industry is moving to search for foreign funds… which implied that an initial stage of development is over. Now, the smaller local productions in China will be more distant from the heavily funded movies. And there, a gap is created.

When the others are generally yet gigantic, we can have a more equal start, ie.

Smaller productions are usually not worth the watch, but heavily funded productions are beyond the reach of talented but not famed directors.

While the fights for funding in the two extremes are escalating with many rules and regulations and influences in China, we can start our game as a foreign body, freely outside China. We can produce movies freely with lower fundings, and utilise the talents of China stucked in the mess.

This will mean investing small and nurturing values while expecting ridiculously huge dividends in the long run. We can eventually have an industry all to ourselves! With Scope’s contacts, we can make better and better productions and flow them into China.

Once we have shown our ability, we’d be in control in a way, and even the snobs will approach us for ‘cooperation’ to our terms. We’d have the control of stars, movies, and fundings. And we can use this to start a better circle and draw in more quality people like a black hole does. And the old wrecked entertainment environment will be discarded since it cannot compete as quality has never been its top concern.

If you read this, and you have the same interest, maybe you also have some spare money to invest, and you are not from Singapore, we should come together and make miracles. I hardly can bend hope on the cultural desert.

And staying in Singapore is really dangerous, literally.

Scope is looking for miracles outside Singapore, naturally.

See, that’s the one way we can enter the Chinese market independently and create an industry of our own. And an industry is nothing big deal, because it is just about talents.

And talents are just people.

If you are mad enough, a miracle is possible.

Actually, it is somewhat so true. If you are an aspiring man, you must seek a way out before you kena in Singapore. While Scope have no more hope for Singapore, and if there must be hope somewhere… it must be out there.

Somewhere out there, a dream is calling for the aspiring souls. Aspiring souls build the grandest of cities… and China is flying with the massive influx of aspiring talents.

In Chinese: 我们都很不安分,但我们都很有魄力,因为我们的动力是伟大的梦想。