The eyes of Scope.
[Whose eyes are these…? Would like to make a guess? Look below for the answer.
Choices: (A)Tony Leung (B) Scope (C) Your Father.]

Many would have wondered what Striptease is coming for this Blog posting by the simple suggestion of the name itself. Actually I have come across many childish and immature people online, in the old blog at Sohu and in various forums.

If you are simple-minded, this posting about Blog Striptease will disappoint you. Because in Buddhism, man comes to this freaking world naked, striped of any fucking memories of his previous life, and is innocent. As this philosophy goes, Striptease can be intepreted here as an open posting teasing those smart-alecs who pretend to be decent but are actually dirty-minded, narrow-minded and immature.

That’s the whole beauty of this blog.

You can see plenty of titillating words, but you can search the entire blog, everything is healthier than the sex education your governments are delivering to the little kids nowadays.

Oops! I used the word sex again!?

I decided to put a ‘Forum’ in the Blog’s name.

This is a site that is not only healthy, but it talks about great things like how your daughters should watch out for those creepy footballers, and we talked about the fucking business in daily life. This blog is decent.

Because the blogger is decent himself.
Brief Details of Scope.
[Giving a weird smile(if it ain’t weird, it ain’t Scope)… this is Scope. Hahahaha… A typical CGP like this is easy to do. It is also rather fun. The faster way to do your hairstyle is to just let the raw picture does the trick. Have you got it right?]

Qn: Do you think it is fair to render your pictures as Mature in search engines?

Me: Where in the hack have any of my pictures showed fucking in action, nipples or penis? It is more decent than those children’s World Animals Education CDs depicting two cute deers fucking each other, or as decent as the Simpsons. That’s how I see it.

Qn: But there are many ‘offensive’ words here which include ‘Fuck’ and ‘Sex’ and bla bla bla.

Me: There are more such words in dictionaries. When are you going to ban them? I don’t see how those pictures or texts will make this blog a Mature or rated one. This is obviously a very liberal blog with a sense of blogging integrity aiming for the good of humanity. It preaches the good, and denounces the bad.

Qn: Those CGPs are protraying you like some stars, now who do think you are?

Me: Now you have to ban those Japanese machines that create those tiny photos showing you a cover girl in magazines’ format and such. You can go on TV, but you don’t necessarily need to be a star. You can have your voice appearing on Radio, but you don’t need to be a DJ. And this is my blog, the pictures playing is an healthy hobby. If you get to see me in this media, you will see me in the malls in Singapore as well, when I am doing sales or what. It’s up to how you think I am a star or otherwise. But I am a blogger here in my blog doing nothing wrong.

Qn: Some forum moderators may think your site is unacceptable. How would you think of that?

Me: They are not acceptable to be moderating in the first place. If this site is unacceptable, then dictionaries and comic books ain’t. It only goes to show how narrow-minded are those people. When Spiderman kissed his girlfriend in the movie, where are the Moderators covering the eyes of the kids? Am I supposed to be as narrow as them to be acceptable? Definitely not! When mini-skirts entered the market, it is a choice for girls to express themselves. I don’t see why I should restrict myself of expression in healthy mode when it is my blog, or why moderators have to be so immature when I am sure they’d see more violences in ‘Star Wars’ and more sexy huggings and BGR expressions in ‘The Incredibles’.

Qn: So this is not a Mature blog after all?

Me: Of course not. It is Mature only because others are immature. Now this blog is better for kids than many forums in the cyberspace. You got to be more healthy in thinking coming to my blog than learning from some who are obsessed in building a childish box to hide the kids in. Besides, it is definitely more interesting than dictionaries.

Qn: What do you think about getting hits?

Me: To be honest, I am pretty easy with that. As long as the search engines are fair, as long as WordPress supports, as long as I do some occassional marketing, I am not really looking for over 1000hits a day as Though I won’t reject that sort of attention, but I am inclined to keep this blog clean, no doubt. There must be a balance.

Qn: Have you encountered any related problems over at Sohu?

Me: Of course. But most are of petty political nature to a foreigner and new ideas. But that was not a big deal considering China is in ‘catching up’ and ‘opening up’ phases. In any case, as the blog was beefing up on its hits, there will bound to be some nosense, and of course jealousy. But the blog is still there. Of course, as I was pretty involved behind the scene over there, I decided to withdraw because of some politics going on back then. It’s just like Chow Yun Fatt having problems with some big fuck producer back then; His wife just issued a legal warning. In China’s entertainment industry, that’s quite usual. And China is very sensitive to foreigners, even when I am a foreign Chinese.

Qn: So what do you have in mind for the future of this blog?

Me: I don’t know that myself. When I feel like it, I’d just promote it a little. I am also not sure when I hope WordPress can help in some promoting of this blog, but it may end up also bringing in silly attentions from nosensical minds. So I have always to keep in mind about the balance. Obviously, this site is unique on its own. I am not here to be a Blogger King. I could have promoted more aggressively for the blog at Sohu back then, aiming for a quick 200k hits. The point is, I am not a star by vocation. I don’t need that wild an attention. Hence my blog’s future is still up to the future to decide, and hits is just one of the concern.

Qn: Do you moderate your blog?

Me: Yes. But it is not as if I’d delete freely as I want. It is the same when it was in Sohu. I usually delete because it is a replica, like when some excited girls pressed too hard and resulted in two same comments. I don’t even bother to delete troublemakers’ comments. You see, unless they start quarrelling among themselves or go too far, I usually just let them be. The rights to delete must be respected alongside as the rights of others. In WordPress, I usually go technical as WordPress’ anti-spam machine would be. Basically, it is an open blog or forum here. You can even scold me, but you must justify. But even if you don’t justify, I seldom bother with my scissors. Because it is obviously something wrong with the other.

Qn: Would your blog be moving again, from WordPress to elsewhere?

Me: Initially I was deciding between and other Chinese blog hosts when I was moving, but I supposed a more western host will be better because, you know, China has very strict controls on internet. Say, if you post something on, it’d be a whole day before your articles and pictures would appear. That’s a negative. When I eventually settled in WordPress, there are some problems technically as compared to Sohu, but it is generally better than But I don’t rule out options. After all, a blog is just a platform you can use to reach out to world.

Qn: Now there’s a policy that Singaporeans are not usually invited to your blog at Sohu, why is that so?

Me: Now it is self-explanatory. Do you really think Singaporeans are generally able to appreciate things and think properly? I am a Singaporean myself, but I am quite aware of their attitude and mentality. I don’t need that extra problems from them, even now. Hey~ What’s a blog to you?

Qn: Can you describe your blog?

Me: If you have no problem watching ‘Hitch’ or ‘Resident Evil’, and perhaps you like to have fun with pictures and you like to make huge cards to cheer for your idols, you’d find no problems with the blog. I see blogs as just some web spaces for you to play and put part of you in it, and say hi to the world. It all depends. But you always have to confront the fact that there are many sickos in the cyberspace. 

If Singapore’s Xiaxue would have some problems with Xialanxue, maybe Scope would have a problem with some fuckers online… It’s all too normal, isn’t it?

That’s why we have fucking around online no matter how, but there are always decency versus craps.

Scope lust after Caution
[You won’t get to see this anywhere else… Because in this CGP, Tony Leung is seeing something else with eyes wide open… Hahaha… Alright, that’s my face on it.]

‘Lust.Caution’: Wow! Tony Leung.

Director Lee Ang’s ‘Lust.Caution’ (Never mind if name kena wrong lah…) never made it to the what film competition. Never mind, 《色.戒》still made it to my tiny list of good films, a recognition from hardcore Scope is pretty tough to get as well.

But the whole show is only good because of Tony Leung. Not that I am a fan of him to say that since I am fan of nobody. You can replace the lead actress with another pretty vase, 王力宏’s acting is still crappy, and the story line is rather ridiculous, but the enjoyable part is still Tony’s performance.

The weakness of this movie is this: Too many smaller casts of little 气质 in a movie of class. The chosen gang of ‘rebels’ were too substandard. The movie is based on a story written by some… I don’t really know who she is, but the characters under her pen were never said to have good endings. But this story is obviously silly, because in the movie, there are just too many chances for Tony Leung to be assasinated.

Like how:

1. When Tony Leung was taking the girl back to her place, you mean 3~4 guys couldn’t bash him into mud pie when he was just outside the door? An ambush would easily succeed.

2. Not to mention, there were other more professional killers watching the students’ move. They could have eliminated Tony Leung at that very scene.

3. Alright, even if you didn’t kill Tony Leung at the door, the girl could just kill him when he was fucking her times and again. You mean you needed a pistol to aim and blow off his penis?

4. If you don’t kill Tony during his fucking, then you could do so when he was sleeping after sex or when he was taking bath.

5. Or those side-kicks could have hidden bombs in his personal studies that he disallowed anyone to enter and that girl knew.

But a movie is a movie lah… The girl’s role and aim in the movie may be supposedly to kill Tony Leung, but in real, she is there just to be fucked.

Actually my friend was cheering for Tony’s performance during the show. Damn good he is. That’s the actor. I always say, looking like a sugar sweetie is nothing. In a movie, it is always the 气质 that matters. It is always the acting that matters.

I can go Orchard Road to see hunks and sexy babes if need be, why need to go cinema?

If Tony Leung was not in the movie, I doubt anyone will even bother about 《色.戒》.

But in this, a careful movie observer will realize that Chow Yun Fatt can actually replace Tony Leung. Chow Yun Fatt will also do a good job. Recently, Chow Yun Fatt did not have any role that really could push him further. If he has taken this role in 《色.戒》, that will help him. Though the feel would be different, but the movie will maintain its standard.

Lee Ang is lucky that Tony Leung is still around. Imagine a world where Tony Leung, Chow Yun Fatt, Stephen Chow and Andy Lau were finally gone… Where is Lee Ang going to source for such pillar for his movie? A good director must need good actors and actresses.

There are many sugar faces around, but the cruel reality is, most just ain’t suitable for acting.
Scope’s Forum Poster.
[Forget about Jack Neo~ Scope is starting a Forum! Visit and enjoy chatting away right away! You can even promote your Blogs there! The technician is fixing the Forum’s coding issues now. Will be good as new soon…! ]

Jack Neo’s Invasion With Jack Jack Crew.

Now I suppose Jack Neo should really call his team the ‘Jack Jack’. Jack Jack is the smallest of the Family ‘Incredibles’ if you people still remember the cute little asshole messing up with his nanny, and got Syndromn into the turbine.

Alright. Jack Neo is going to have ‘I Not Stupid-China’ shot, and intends to have ‘Money Not Enough II’ shot for the China’s market. Now… the problem is, ‘I Not Stupid’ is kind of political in nature. And how Jack Neo has passed the scissors would be interesting… Or has he not passed yet?

A brief understanding of China’s education situation will be necessary here. It is getting sensitive an issue in modern days China when education has always been a sensitive issue since China opens up. Now in China, the entire movie industry is political. So Jack Neo’s success in bringing ‘I Not Stupid’ the China version to screen in China will be… It has not been expected.

In China, if you are stupid, you may go to the University if your family background is tough enough to warrant you some extra points for the purpose.

You will need a Jack Jack, small and miraculously blessed with all sorts of funny tricks in China, from shooting to passing the scissors to managing the quota to deal with the local producers who are cunning as the fox… and you have to fight the standards of Stephen Chow, Andy Lau, and Lee Ang movies…

Of course, you also need to tell China why should they spend their limited money to watch your movie, and not waste their time with Spidey, Superman, Ninja Tortises, The Fantastic Fouls or even the Japanese Final Fantasy.

And most importantly, Singapore’s government seems to bet their national pride on Jack Neo. So Jack Neo is expected by Singaporeans to show China that Singapore is worth the money. Now the problem is, will the directors (other than Jack himself) be Singaporeans? Will the acting crew be majority Singaporeans?

Now in China, when a foreign film wants to be screened, it needs to face quota. It needs also to handle several powerful Chinese groups in the industry. It needs… perhaps a joint venture… which may just mean, Jack Jack will come a China-majority component, instead of Singapore-majority.

Now, assuming Jack Neo will need Jack Jack, and Jack Jack is fully Singaporean. So here are the problems…

Jack Neo’s movie success in Singapore is mainly because of the movies’ Singaporean nature to a population wanting to cheer Singaporean productions. That was how ‘Money Not Enough’ made that much money. And subsequently, Jack Neo did come out with many more productions, but the warmth to them obviously cooled off.

Singapore’s major movie company Raintree is now riding on Hong Kong and China talents, not really Singaporeans. Friends, however, can’t be bothered about turning up in cinemas for 《茶舞》 or 《门徒》. The presence of Raintree is a discouragement, but there is pulling effects by the presence of Andy Lau for example, so the movies are selling pretty well through pirated DVDs in China. Back in Singapore, many of those local movie productions in DVDs are all slumped into cheap sales. And even that cannot help clearing them up.

You see, the problem about commercial interference in movie productions is that they will buy whatever which have track records. For Singapore, it is Jack Neo. So blindly in a way, they bet on Jack Neo to enter China. But the principle of commercial/snobbish-shity is to make profits, and to buy the best. So there is irony here.

Here is to illustrate what about best and what is actually bought.

Singapore has another director, Eric Khoo (If I am not wrong). He just won an award. The ranking of commercial choice is hence: Jack Neo, Eric Khoo, and other talents (if any).

Now, Eric may have the award, but reality is cruel, he has not produced many films which are worth watching. It is as Mediacock; It receives many awards. Its artistes received plenty of awards, including the Auntie Zoe Tay, and the recently fallen Fann Wong. Well, commercial choice will be favorable to Mediacock in view of its ‘experience’ and its… assets. But the problem is, we all know Mediacock habitually produces rubbish with crappy actors and actresses who… shamefully so, many can’t even utter proper chinese lines in acceptable Mandarin.

So we have a big problem. Now Jack Neo as a Singaporean would definitely want to win. But Jack Neo is not Stephen Chow. None of them want to lose either, especially to a poorly perceived Singaporean force…

Jack Neo doesn’t have Tony Leung as Lee Ang has. Tony Leung and Lee Ang are all official China components. Where is Jack Neo going to find such an actor in Singapore? Stephen Chow’s comedy is rising in cultural value. Jack Neo’s comedy is still very silly and hollow Singaporean jokes.

How is Jack Neo going to fight Spiderman?

Jack Neo lacks critical actors and actresses, because Singapore lacks the grooming of such people. He doesn’t have anyone to counter Andy Lau, to counter Tony Leung, to counter the rising star in serious Hu Ge(胡歌). The current idols selections still produce crappy results, because the most of importance in such competitions may be the telephone and sms charges incurred by the public to make choices.

Mediacock and Jack Neo and even the Singapore government may not like it, but we all know… even if Jack Neo is a good director with further assumption that he has a good script (as Stephen Chow’s), he has only that sort of acting crew which are… not that acceptable to the enormous China market, and to compete with Andy Lau, and now 余文乐.

With Singapore deprived of creative people for so long, Jack Neo is entering China with only two things: His warchest and his fame in Singapore.

Just as 《色.戒》 survives with Tony Leung, is Jack Neo confident that Singaporean productions can last if we are going to bet on ‘Money Not Enough N‘?

But Jack Neo has still one advantage in China. China is now in a mess, flooded with many stars. As I have discussed before. China is flooded with too many faces not worth the memory. If Jack Neo were to succeed, his first few movies must groom faces that China will want to remember for good. Yet and again, most Singaporeans are just snobs in the cultural desert. So Jack Neo will need the established 孙燕姿, no doubt. But Jack Neo can’t afford her every single time. She is just too expensive! And we cannot do with only just one 孙燕姿.

That is, if we assume Jack Neo can buy into the fierce marketing environment of China in the first place, forever and ever.

And finally, box office war will come with cunning cinemas… and then, as Jack Neo tried to settle into the Chinese environment… he’d have to handle the decays as well.

But if he gets it right, China is definitely where the gold mountain is. Although, China billionaires themselves are not really keen in investing in this… decaying sector in China.

So recently, China has indeed been looking for fresh funds from overseas.

Hence, whether Jack Neo will last… as with Mediacock’s attempts in China with its previous crappy drama series now condemned with such an established reputation for poor quality, Jack Neo’s chance depends entirely on his mentality and attitude.

His entry into China will either be a making of miracle, or… a showcase of Louya Kiasu Singapore.  All the best to him, no matter.


22/10/2007: As the following site suggested, it is as discussed. The Cast shall be a China cast.

His Neo Studios company will work with the Shanghai Film Group Corporation, Xi’an’s Western Movie Group and Hong Kong’s Big Media Group to co-produce movies over the next three years.