Scope with Young Andy Lau
[Another fun CGP production for the searches on ‘Andy Lau’. How we miss the young Andy Lau era. Chinese movies were at the peak in the 1980s when Tony Leung, Andy Lau, Chow Yun Fatt, Stephen Chow and such Aces would appear. Miss the young Andy? Stare harder then. (Left: Scope. Right: Andy Lau, Young)]
It has been some days since I last updated this blog. 《我和僵尸有个约会(四)》is still under writing, but held in a saved file. How will the story develop itself is indeed interesting. But one thing is sure, it’s going to be unique.

Come on, I’m Scope. What else do you expect?

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The Helpless Chinese Movies Industry.

万子良just kena-ed slammed for his comments as the judge of some dunno-what local competition show. His move outside Singapore would actually be helping to spice up things, but in Singapore… he’s just plain unlucky. So he apologised for his comments.

But something about SBC (Singapore Broadcasting Co, the very start of what will be now Mediacorp, or Mediacock… given its lousy standards.) that 万子良 doesn’t know is that (eg) in the 80s, there was a Taiwanese singer to perform, but the hall of people were instructed not to cheer for her no matter how hard she tried.

Pity for the girl.

Before Mr TT Durai kena-ed exposed, he was also rumored to have used underhand methods to ‘engineer’ some offences on the then 曹启泰 and tried to influence an outcome during the NKF donation show. Or it might be some freaks from Mediacock fooling around. You never know…


Recently, as I have mentioned, somebody placed the rot Singaporean production 《不老传说》 as the 4th in the 《我和僵尸有个约会》series. Of course, because the Singaporean production is of such poor standard, netters protested and were unhappy with Singapore’s shameless ride on others’ fame. 《不老传说》was produced many years back, but don’t expect Mediacock to admit that it had been fooling around with crappy productions, and hence producing such craps wasting Singaporeans’ time and monies along the way. The fact that 《不老传说》is now the 4th of 《我和僵尸有个约会》series doesn’t mean Mediacock is necessarily going to do anything about it.

But 《不老传说》is now such a disgrace to Singapore.

In China, substandard productions are still hot in the oven. Except for Stephen Chow’s coming movie, there is no more Chinese productions in my waiting list worth the wait.

It is such a pity. Because the solution is that all of those successful stars with the money to contribute for the talents to build up a cleaner environment and revive the entire industry, hence wrestling controls from snobbish business entities who invest in craps and throwing their mistresses into the circle.

Yet, the older successes were not that visionary and most rather gamble away their warchests while the newer ones were mostly the rogues of the industries, entering the industries via prostituting themselves or having powerful backgrounds.

So, who are left to support the talents to revive the industry?


No. With Singapore’s childish attitude and insisting on craps, Singapore itself is a big problem to the industry. And every rotten egg is trying to monopolize the market. Which is explaining why Auntie Zoe Tay is still getting so much pampering.

What to do?

Now an interesting happening is… While many actresses in China have obtained wealth and opportunities which are normally beyond their reaches, they still insist that they are pure as the angel just decended from Heaven…

Who are they trying to kid? Yeah right~

And of course, these happen in the west as well.  But the western movies are getting better, anyway.
Scope at SICC.
[Very sianz Morning in Singapore Island Country Club… Scope doesn’t like golf, but the weather is too good to stay at home. They should widen the road into SICC. Can imagine the jam when kena events. Can’t be bothered, anyway…]

Mattel Vs China: Singaporean’s Disappointment.

Part of the childish Singaporeans would have been disappointed by Mattel’s apology to the Chinese over the toy’s problems. featured such paragraphs:

(Sept 19, 2007)

Chinese Nationals seemed to have incurred the wrath of many Singaporeans. Some don’t like the way they talk, some despise their loud mannerisms and incomprehensible accents, and others scorn their ‘uncouth’ behavior and their ruthlessness. Even in NTU, the tidal wave of Chinese Nationals that suddenly flood our halls and our lecture theatres is enough to irk some students

Even Mattel is complaining. In a recent report by AFP, Chinese-made toys were found to contain excessive lead, resulting in a total of 11 toy products recalled, affecting 530,000 toys sold in the US and 318,000 sold elsewhere.

I do have come across lousy China people in Singapore, at work ie. But the distaste over Chinese because of them being loud and such is ridiculous. China is a huge place, but Chinese there are very tightly pulled together, their manners are not designed to be individualistic, and they (we) are evolved to convey in a volume that befits an often rather crowded scenario.

Singaporeans are generally selfish in a way as a society where in China, their people work in groups, and enjoy such culture. So you cannot blame humanities are high in doses in China. Hence their political thinking has been one of the most profound as they have been dealing with people all the time since thousands of years back, whereas Singapore has been dealing with individualism or systems all the time.

China is not really bothered about those external pressures, especially those cried by the hawkish in USA. Those affected are the bosses at the bottom level, and doesn’t have a pinch on China. The top level of people are relatively undisturbed. After all, China is China. The west doesn’t understand China at all. Economic pressures on China, which is producing the cheaper commodities with the best and improving quality, are a waste of time.

In communist China, they do not need everyone to live. They do not have elections. They do not need to bother anything else that is unpolitical. Hence, they can absorb US$ relentlessly instead of buying out the Euros.

When the Japanese invaded China with bullets and cannons, China responded with fresh and blood. The communist China is China. The current China is also China. The point is, economic pressures on China is the most stupid attempt anybody could ever think of. So what?

At most they return to the socialist state condition under Mao, and rebound again. That is, if they even will stop growing in the first place.

Mattel’s multi-millions or even multi-billions move will do nothing but bankrupt Mattel’s competitive advantage in the long run when they lose Chinese favor. Most Singaporeans just don’t understand.

Most normal Singaporeans, including scholars, do not understand the prowess and potential of China. You cannot blame them, because outside textbook archievements and their engineered mindsets for the well, Singaporeans are mostly narrow-minded and cannot think. They follow anything they can grip on: Textbooks, contracts, records, and even beliefs in Statistics.

In China, it is always Guan Xi.

Anyway, to the loads of multi-billionaires in China, Mattel’s issue is still 舞照跳歌照唱 to them, enjoying life as usual.

The thinking of the Chinese in China will never be understood by the west. It’s too complicated, even for Chinese migrants out at large in the world. China people are divided by social levels, hence their ways of doing things. Outsiders who see China from the Chinese migrants in their city will risk getting a false picture.

Even Scope is hard to understand by Singapore’s standard.

Rising Political Awareness In Singapore?

When I surf the internet nowadays, it seems that many Singaporean forums and sites are loaded with political chit-chattings. Too bad, Scope is really too stupid for all those high class political discussions as previously mentioned.

Nowadays, I do not bother with local parliament news. Aiyo~ too chim. It is a parliament of highly talented leaders, and given their worth justified by the high pay, people as stupid as Scope can’t even know what they are driving at. So I don’t think I can be as aware as the rest of smart Singaporean peers.

Talk about domestic matters, I also blur. Talk about global affairs, I don’t understand. I am not talented in politics. So when I see all those eager discussions on national issues, I never participated. For what?

Can’t blame Scope for not keeping up with society.

I rather waste sliva writing about how Xiaxue’s hair pain or Andy Lau’s sliva itch than talking about politics which I don’t know.

Besides, I am looking to move to China again to join my friends. I miss them all. I am glad to be awaring of such passion and social warmth; as for political awareness, this site needs not, nor me needs.

If you people like my blog, that is the best awareness I should be having. I will do an Andy Lau related CGP since there are recent increase in search for him. If there is enough search for somebody, I’d try to respond to the market.

Interestingly, ‘MP Irene Ng’ has been a regular on the list of Searches. I do not recall having written regularly on her… (???) Since this is no political blog since I am not clever enough to write anything near-political in nature as well, it is rather strange people come to my blog via the search of her name.

Last but not least, please don’t forget to leave some comments for me so that I can do up this blog better. Thank you!

Naked truths. What do you expect out of this title in my blog? Hahahaha…