The eyes of Scope.[This is Scope. I see you… I think of you… I don’t want to leave you. I wish I could have stayed. Miss you always. ]

After this trip to China, almost everything in Singapore seems small. Singapore is obsessed with multi-millionaires. China is loaded with multi-billionaires. Singapore snobs love going to Forbes. China tycoons mostly hide in the shadows. And obviously in this power game, small Singapore seems to blow up their propaganda much more than enormous China.

Boyz, do we hate snobs… Agree?

Here~ You are good, even a professional yourself, and you have the dream of making a successful business that will make you king! But where do you go with your proposals…? Good proposals but…

Yet, you go to banks, they rejected you; they kicked you in the butt with dirty high interest; they squeezed your profitable empire out from your hands into theirs…

Sounds familiar?

After Entrepreneur Resource Centre’s horrible (actually disgusting) experience, I went to China only to find out that I could possibly do much a better job for those signing up with ERC. ERC seems to be rather reckless since Consumer Association of Singapore E(???) and Singapore’s laws (a pride of Singapore in the 80s) seem to be useless against ERC, which hence still is no full refund for no promised pinnacle from them after paying so much fee & trust. ERC yelled of its partnership with Singapore government, and involved the support of Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, but took my (our) money and cannot deliver.

Reading its sales documents (such as advertisement) nowadays and remembering the pitch now make me feel like vomitting.

Anyway, ERC can only approve that much fundings to proposals being arrogant and horrendous. Its CEO Mr Andy Ong may be one high flyer in Singapore, but his unprofessional conduct in class and slack in putting together the course do not cut the ice well with me.

I reckon nobody needs such a clown to create entrepreneurs by picking on colors people are wearing, on physical issues, and so on, and ran off an entire hour before session should end. Nowadays, I still wear brown. So? And so was the tycoon I met in China wearing brown.

Forget about him or ERC, because if you are really going big and do not wish to bother with prejudice from immature high flyers, and want to succeed with your marvelous ideas like Sim Wong Foo, you should go to more honorable individual who are more reasonable, such as…

… me.

Frankly speaking, I have no more interest in your proposals than the cut from it. So I don’t really care beyond the cut, and you don’t need to worry about thef of ideas working with me.
Scope, the adorable.
[If you need anything, just drop Scope an email or comment. Scope is a good friendly chap. Need a wife? Maybe he can find you one when he visits China again.]

Scope: Your Deal Is My Business.

There is no need to learn business from ERC. The top and more influential business people are not only with them either. After ERC, I went to China and met up with friends in the Big Brother state (aka China), and ERC becomes tiny in correspondence. After my brother took me out for dinner, an idea came to mind…

Why not be a deal maker myself?

Here… many good proposals are around, they need honest chaps and good fundings, so that instead of getting loads of prejudices and got squeezed out of your own baby, you can have more fundings with us than ERC, with a larger market, with protection and honor, with mature professionals and various cover-fires not from (eg) Today (a mini Singaporean free daily publication), with a readership of only so little, but from media companies with audiences of many times more! And you can take your company global by starting with a high profile!

Super high profile people like my friends and brother will not be bothered with ‘small peasants’. I have acess to them via guan xi (relationship) even if I don’t bring money. And I can see brother almost too conveniently. I have guan xi network all across China… from tycoons to professionals and into various media…

With multi-billions in the pool for good proposals… who will need ERC to start up in tiny Singapore who can barely afford more than a few millions…? Actually, heard the limit is only a million, subjected to a pool of (rigid) people. Whereas in my case, the limit is the sky, subjected to a vast choice of tycoons all over China, or my relative in China…

Learning to do business? Why not learn from people who can regularly gamble away $10,000,000 in a day easily (the sort of tycoons Singapore’s casinos are eyeing for… such as my brother) instead, and learn how to do business in a much larger market?

If someone can have a solid proposal to run China Eastern, with the guan xi, financing and obtaining the deal is possible with us!

But I do not suggest buying into China Eastern for some reasons.

ERC is telling people to kick their jobs away for ERC to bring the people to new pinnacles. To me… it is obviously a joke. After the course, those with jobs still stay in their jobs, this aspiring man is left with nothing but total disappointment.

Of course, if you listen to some clowns and ditch your jobs and pay the money expected to become entrepreneurs… You better check the statistics of happenings before making that move.

Government linked, and cannot deliver.

Abraham Lincoln  said: You can’t fool all the people all the time.

Your Key To Everything Bigger.

I am suggesting to myself that… instead of donating so much money so regularly to gambling, there must be better use of such ridiculous great deal of money. Brother indicated he’d take in proposals from me… but why not I asked the world for proposals instead, then submit them to him and friends?

They won’t reject good deals, would they?

The successful ambitious entrepreneurs will not only enjoy ridiculous amount of fundings, powerful back-up, but also the connections and machinery of the tycoons. And these tycoons’ main objective is obtaining investment profits, and you even have cases of forgeting how many businesses some are invested in. A relation with them for your projects will be a plus in the huge oriental market. It also means you will have hands free to develop your ideas to full potential.

They are happier that you manage their investments for them with good returns…

Other than Singaporeans, many other ambitious souls from the west are also interested in opportunities. Yet, many are aimlessly flying from snobs to snobs with their ideas either stolen or met with ridicules, or hit walls because they couldn’t understand the Chinese.

For those who have gone for ERC’s sales pitch, it is very vague and there are many unexplained promises. It suggests misrepresentation in such sales pitch.

My operation is pretty simple and clear cut. And a friend said that is called ‘deal brokering’… No matter. Here goes:

©Deposit USD3300 in my bank account, and email your proposal to me, I will have a trip to China, during family gathering, I’d give a copy to bro, and let my two personal assistants in China to pass the proposal to the rest of the friendly tycoons all over China.

©Or offer USD350,000* as Ang Pao money to be introduced to one of the rich investors. One can then establish his or her own ties… This is good and bad. The good point is, you of course have one direct acess to ‘sell’. The bad point is, you will have to work your guan xi from basic. Unlike in the west, Chinese tycoons are not always bothered about a deal more than the characters of the person.

But the plus point is, I’d talk to them if need be for your most confident proposal and ensure the proposal really receives due attention.

Friends from the west may also require this services:

6months Chinese courseYou will be taught not only on Mandarin and writing Chinese characters, but mainly on Chinese for Business. Sharing issues with foreigners from an insider’s scope of views.

Personal assistantScope can serve as your temporary assistant when you need to meet those within the circles, but the rate is not going to be cheap, and it is subjected to his consent. You will come to the land of mytics quite prepared, however, with him around.

Business securityBecause doing business in China is such an art, while going through Scope reduces risk since Scope is sincere and righteous, personal security and further business risk dilution is possible. (Eg) Due to cultural differences, crushes may result. Going to ERC is suicidal in this case, but Scope will assist to cool things down. Don’t forget, while related to the Chinese, Scope is also a Singaporean.

Socialising eventsMoney may not bring down the moons, but friends will see you out of guan xi. In China, it is very important to have private sessions to relax and interact. Scope can organize such events within Scope-ian circles of friends.

Shopping guideNothing to be surprising. In China, Scope buys things usually pretty cheap. Friends from the west will enjoy shopping more with less spending with Scope around.

Other serviceJust ask. Excluding finding prostitutes; self service. But prostitution is by right illegal, by left… 

All of the above services are available with costs and subjected to consent from Scope when you have proposals for us to review and approve. You may leave down your email address through ‘comments’ so that I may contact you.

Please use a clear email title.

We welcome proposals which are good, especially those that can hit across at least a billion dollars mark… Come on, think big, and very big indeed! It is a huge market you are looking at~!

I welcome talents who can compete for the money with the gambling tables, and help make their money work harder instead.

Important: All the proposals should have China as the main market, and the HQs and core activities must be based in China, or Vietnam. But as it is in China, anything could be negotiated…

You can also bring deals and proposals from third parties to me, why not?

Here Are Tons Of Bull$hits, Deal?

You may be holding onto a deal, holding onto perhaps tons of bull$hits to find a buyer or what. Why don’t you just convert your frustration into a proposal and send me to see if it makes business sense?

Fee applies.

Alright, I am not really a businessman. And no, no more ERC craps to become entrepreneur. In a way, I am not really interested in being as rich as to own a mine. But if I were to pursue after wealth, it’d be a billionaire I’d be.

Millionaire is a thing of the past. Multi-millionaire is just not crazy enough.

Multi-billionaires are the fashion in China.

$$$   $$$   $$$   $$$   $$$   $$$

Here are some bull$hits about me that I:

be making alot charging USD3300.
Yeah right… as if air ticket does not cost, family gathering doesn’t take place in expensive location… This is merely an admin fee, the cut is what I am after.
be a business man…
I see myself a messenger, or a ‘tour guide’, except it’s on the mission for your dreams to come true. I am too straight to really want to bother with business details. Naturally, all your proposals go to professionals and managers who’d advise the tycoons subsequently.
be knowing many many things.
Know or not doesn’t matter… Know maybe cannot say, don’t know also cannot say. So what’s the big deal? Don’t ask so much, since your only interest is to make your business empire possible. You only incur loss of goodwill trying to know more. Besides, whatever should be known, I’d be frank being frank a person. A plus for working with me.
-be competing with ERC.
Ridiculous. In my opinion, I see no point in competing against what I perceived as horrible. Do not compare me with ERC. That is an insult. Besides, I do not deal with ERC associates.

Anyway, it is the biggest bull$hit that I expect immediate success as deal broker. To be fair, I expect better results operating this if I can stay long enough in China. Operating from China nowadays has plenty of tactical advantages.

Lucky Chinese…

$$$   $$$   $$$   $$$   $$$   $$$

About China…

China is seeing a surge in consumer buying power. This is anything but surprising. It is loaded with super rich people because China is the world factory, and you realize that most Chinese ain’t that rich, so a portion of this 1.3billion population will have to be super rich… and powerful.

You can even expect tycoon/s richer than Bill Gates… Why not?

After many years of growth, understandably, many economic powers and ‘clans’ now assert economic and political influences quietly across the plenty of areas in China. There are many reasons why they hide in the dark. But they do so mainly because of Chinese as a culture. Many businesses are maybe complex while their guan xi systems are always complex. So what is complicated to be explained should be left unexplained.

Asking too much is literally bad for health.

It is a fallacy that everyone hides must be due to tax evasion, hence.

Many Chinese may be snobs, from the top to bottom of the society. But unlike the west, they usually don’t like or accept other snobs, especially foreigners…

The rules of operating in China is a simple centuries old preaching: Stick close to honorable associates, and avoid dishonorable ba$tards.

What mistake is the most made in business by foreigners: Fast and Furious.

China is all about guan xi. When you deal money for power or business, and make ‘friends’ in such manner over such short span of time, you are just enjoying deceiving yourselves. In a boy-girl relationship, you don’t run to the girl one day offering flowers and diamond, and tell her you want to have sex.

In China, you do not go to the tables or expect to hire potential deal makers to exploit guan xi just by offering what you suppose is good money or good deal. As the girl would, she would find all the excuses to avoid sex, but she might just take the diamond…

An international company is prepared to give me good money if I can help the white gentleman brings good deals via guan xi. Although I am a Singaporean, I find it weird. What he should be doing is to hire me on a simple S$3000 for at least half a year, develop ties with me before I go to the tycoons and he can offer more.

This chap is obviously not interested in the guan xi that he so asked of from me. And please understand, offering S$4000 or S$25,000 a month is nothing in China. Guan xi nowadays doesn’t come cheap, and you’d need a good attitude and understanding in this.

Guan xi is not a contract. But many westerners seem to be looking at guan xi as if it can be cheaply bought and executed. It may be so in Singapore. But in China, guan xi is hell of a complex issue.

Nowadays, tycoons are not only rich, but very very rich in China. They not just rich, many are also powerful beyond outsiders’ imagination. 

Alright, enough talk. Your empire is waiting to be built? Let’s do something about it. You can begin by saving up USD3300 and dropping me a note.

Being very Chinese, we have no need to meet in person, my assistants will run the admin with you if needs be, but I’d travel down in person to do the chit-chat. Some people find the Chinese unpredictable. Nay…

Chinese is Chinese is Chinese is Chinese… what can be so unpredictable?

*If you think USD350,000 is expensive, just realize when a tycoon is received as a guest, the expenditure can hit pass a million on reception alone. Anything lesser will risk becoming an insult…