From Beijing
[The first CGP produced since Scope returned from China, August 2007. In this incredible presentation, it’s yelling: I’d be back! Left: Crystal Liu; Right: Scope.]
I am back, probably for a short stay to finish my things in Singapore so that I can return to China. Anyway, ERC never refunds me the S$1680, yet. Horrible people.

It has been a great stay in China, and between choices of staying on in Beijing or returning, I have chosen to return for two main reasons. My health is getting an issue as I have not expected Beijing to be that polluted nowadays. The pollution is so serious that almost immediately the next day after a big downpour, the fog will appear. I reckon if I move to Zhejiang, I’d still need a period to recover before getting around again.

But my body is getting acustomed basically to Beijing, and may hence handle the normal problems better should there be a need to return to the capital.

Next, my old mother is going for an operation soon. I probably am more needed in Singapore than to hear her crying over the phone with me in China. This is, however, a secondary concern since my future and survival is naturally more important.

Actually, along the way, I have been flirting with the idea of a joint effort with China’ s friends… and let’s try out in Singapore during my stay.

Of course, I don’t believe MM will take good care of us if we return to Singapore as the media so said. Finding long term jobs in Singapore is hence not the priority. I don’t trust anyone in Singapore.

You can’t trust anyone in Singapore.
Esgang, with Eva Mendes and Scope.
[Eva Mendes is sexy, and sexier looking mean. It’s pure pleasure to be looking back and… “Hey! That’s Scope behind the babe!!!”. Front: Eva Mendes; Close behind: Scope.]

China Is Still Kicking Ass.

I have brought an initial RMB6000 to Beijing, and I had a mighty great 3 months out there.

The first month was actually a ‘sick’ month. My skin reacted to the heavy air pollution and my body ‘dried’ up as Winter was leaving. It was a cool cool time, anyway. Coughing and struggling with the physical challenges, I had gone for a few interviews and met up with friends. I was not very happy with the company after I did my piece of intelligence on it.

It did not go well, but I was not too bothered.

There were other interviews which were not what I would say, satisfying. As I was finding a career in China for long term or permanent stay, I couldn’t be not choosy with whom I’d work for and where I’d plant my seed.

The second month was my ‘independence’ month, which I would get closer to daily life in Beijing down to the more trivial business of moving about. But I started coughing because of the serious pollution. It was a relief when I’d be visiting a nearby city where I’d have a war on ‘wines’ with local leaders and tycoons.

A row of new cars came to fetch us one day.

Interestingly, I have never been a drinker. The best wines and beers were served, and I decided to drink alittle for the occassion… They wanted to see a Singaporean drunk and my assistant, who ended up a close friend, was worried since I never drank. And the ‘little’ ended up quite a lot of alcohol. Interestingly, my little secret is such that after about four bottles of red and white wines and beer, I was still sober, while the rest were already seeing red on their faces.

All trained agents have super self-control ability. Normal alcohol in quantity of only four bottles obviously won’t make a dent. I could already see the grins from the leaders as if: This Scope is such a bluff… He actually can drink.

Finally, I got to return to my hotel room. It was wonderful that they didn’t insist on drinking again during the feast the next day.

During that visit outside Beijing, I had done a little loitering on the streets and chatted with the people. That was so typical of Scope. It helped bringing me closer to various aspects of China.

I also went to Guang Zhou, then Macau. I almost did not make it to Guang Zhou as the sick ticket dealer made a critical mistake and after some assistance, I was taken to the condo in Guang Zhou where I would stay for a week. Big brother came down and took me out. We had a nice chat, but I had little wish to depend on him… I guess he also knew.

That’s me.

Third month in Beijing… I was rather like a loose balloon. On one hand, I had grown to like this city. On the other hand, I knew I couldn’t survive in Beijing in this go. It’s just too polluted for me to suddenly adjust like that… And that seriously affected my job searching progress as I was troubled between wanting to stay and knowing I had to leave. My coughing was quite bad. Mum was naturally worried.

But it was manageable… … Though I did need to adjust myself more than that.

Another city will be, however, more comfortable. Fresh air is highly valued by myself even in Singapore. But the folks… I knew I’d miss them very much, and perhaps I’d get used to the pollution. (Fat hope, it seems… sad.)

But winter would be coming, and the pollution will be still a problem, and that makes an ‘impossible’ rating. If a career is not as juicy enough to sustain life (ready for the medical needs), the painful decision will still be relocation but to another city. And my body was telling me I got to go, recover and maybe I could then try to adjust and fit into Beijing again.

After discussion, I told home to bring in some funds, and I’d do something with the money. Going to Ningbo may be good… But I’d need to recover. Besides, my other objectives had been covered, I was no longer needed to be in Beijing.

Actually, towards the final week, I had discovered a way to get alot of interviews. On the bus trip to the airport, my handphone kept receiving notices for interviews… I was both sad and happy.

I know I’d miss the folks in China. More friends are coming to Beijing in August to meet up with me… But I had to leave. I’d miss the great place I had called home for the months of stay. I’d miss the warmth of the people. I’d miss the land. I could see tears in their eyes…

I promised… I’d return.
Left and Right of Scope.
[Just funny. Which side will you be taking? Dedicated to Scope.]

Overseas Singaporeans.

Many friends have gone missing in Singapore. So I found out where they were when I went to Beijing. At the airport upon my arrival, a childhood friend was there… surprised to see me out of the airport when I called her.

We caught up on each other subsequently, and I met another, and another during my 3 months’ stay. Gosh~ except poor me, they have all come to China!

Singaporeans they were. But they wore glowing smiles you don’t get to see in Singapore. Happiness, ie. My friends warned me against going to group of Singaporeans organized by Chamber of Commernce, claiming they were too snobbish. Subsequently, a China trader confirmed that. Well… But I had promised to go down…

I decided not to go, anyway. I supposed sending some white excuses instead would be polite…

Many overseas Singaporeans could be found in China. Many of them are too happy to even think of returning. And some have kids sent to Canada and USA or where for education if not in China. Singaporean education they know very well to have sent those kids to.

I was told I will need to stay for months to find a suitable employer to settle down permanently in China… which was what I had in mind. Friends came to China with no experience and China relationship took time to settle down. It took them time to decide to leave Singapore in the first place. I suppose MM would have been unhappy to realize few would want to return and get into problems in his tiny city of little hope and future. That is, other than visiting parents or where necessary, they shall not return.

Situation in Singapore was rated horrible.

Many have become managers and professionals and very busy. My friend was pregnant, that bb (short for Baby) was destined to be a China citizen. Another left for Europe for official reason. I was the new comer. I will be an overseas Singaporean someday. That is the only way I’d wear that glowing smile on my face as the rest in China would. And that is for survival.

It is a struggle to be an overseas Singaporean. But it will be a good effort. What shall be the reason that will attract them to return? A warm people? A great society? A wonderful culture? Or just sets of climbing figures?

A friend takes home about 9000rmb, and goes without any fringe benefits whatsoever for 2 years as a manager. Not returning, even if cleaning toilets in Singapore would fetch her 15,000rmb a month.

Maria also does not wish to return. She shrugged with a smile… ‘I am proud to be a lower pay taker in China…’

I can understand why. Because I am going to be an overseas Singaporean.

Chin Yee sent me an email. An actress was coming down to perform. ‘If you don’t know the actress (can’t remember who the hack she is), you know you have left Singapore too long…‘ My big brother can’t be bothered about Andy Lau who was sitting nearby to him one day, I can’t be bothered about Singaporean artistes who are generally lousy, yet arrogant.

My sis (China) who was with an influencial publication, however, was happy she met Jacky Cheung who was coming to Beijing to start a concert. I’d be happy to meet Jacky Cheung since my assistant admires him. Maybe Chin Yee should invite him instead.

I really miss Beijing already. You see, we can’t stay long in Singapore because there will be plenty of issues (expect nothing good) Singapore will generate for its people. Cost is high, burden is high, everything is high except being a nice home where chance of making it would be high as in China.

Mainlanders just don’t realize how fortunate they are… China is  land flooding with gold. They hence are rooted to gold.

Besides, I don’t want to see any faces from that sick ERC as well.

If MM really is sincere in taking care of us, maybe get ERC to refund me in full for a start.

Super Elite Party
[It’s a bit blur here, since it was shrunk before backed-up from the old Sohu Scopian blog. Here is the super dream team for votes for all seasons… 2nd from Left: Scope.]

The Phoenix & The Cock.

Scope likes to nose around. And I know many people, so here was one funny incident happening in a shopping centre.

Here comes an Ang Moh tourist complaining about possible fake products, and ended up scolding the poor counter’s sales girl. Obviously, Ang Moh was quite wealthy looking.

As the manager of some xxx company, he claimed he knew the products well and wanted better products. Actually, he thought he was the upper class society among cheap-skate mainlanders.

The irony was… which was quite laughable, was that this young little girl happened to be the wife of a boss, who had a controlling stake of the company which hired this Ang Moh. So which effectively meant that this Ang Moh was ignorantly scolding the ’emperoress’.

And USA readers might be wondering why had not the little girl reacted? In true China good spirit, the girl was offering quality customer service to his husband’s employee.

Here is another

A cop was drinking at meal in a fanciful restaurant. Then another person came and they kind of quarrelled. The cop naturally was angry, and both took their mobile phones to summoned ‘brothers’ to come back them up (for a brawl).

Then the men arrived, and hey~ They were all local cops!?

When they realized they were from the same local force, a fight was called off, but a drink session was on for everybody.

Many people thought China is a tough place to understand. Especially westerners. You can just put it this way… In the west, people go by a person while in China, it’s always people. Any person will be a possible whole network of people right to the top and bottom levels of society attached to him or her.

Which is, you never know if the ice-cream man may be in the network of somebody, or he himself a filthy rich tycoon. Mainlanders still value virtue, love and most human qualities as relationship is embedded deeply into their culture. If they have no love for you, you may be just a piece of convenient meat to them.

If there shall be love, thou shall be a good human worthy to be respected. And your place, hence survival, is allowed. If thou have money, make sure you don’t lose them. For with money, while you have no love from them, you can have their smiles until you have no more money.

Generally speaking, if you are a great romantic, you’d fare very well in China. If you have relationship with strategic people, just with one will do, because he/she will have a vast network, you’d have the option to get rich.

But don’t be greedy. If you are too greedy and you lose their respect, you will be finished in time.

Vampire Badass Scope.
[This is an old old piece… It’s supposed to look like a vampire lord, but it ends up looking something like an italian badass mob king… Well, who cares?]