Jacky Cheung and Me.
[Jacky Cheung… Hahaha… Scope is on the right. Actually, they should ask Jacky Cheung to play a role in ‘Chi Bi’. Why not?]
There are some issues pertaining to Entrepreneur Resource Centre (Singapore) that my bad experience with them implies that I won’t trust those behind this sort of private institutes, government-linked or not.

And that’s a further discount to the impression of them on my side given such horrendous reactions I received.

Apparently, I am not the only unhappy consumer with them. And the kind of attitude they displayed in the refund matter cut no ice with me. Well, Singapore education hub… I am just marvelling at the thought of many many foreign students’ sharing of such experience I have. It’s still the same point: Promise heaven, then deliver heaven.

Cannot deliver, then refund in full.

I am sure I am not the only one writing in on their ‘heaven and earth performance’.

Before going to CASE, I suppose this is a national issue on private schools now publicly describing their programes too utopian to be true which obviously means empty promises for an education hub status Singapore is dying to fend among rising global competition. Education itself is a high class service, and such ridiculous empty promises running amok under the nose of million-dollars paid talented ministers and an anxious MM Lee who has invested his pride on this tiny island would be clearly an international mockery after our infamous Durai messed up our infamous charity scene with National Kidney Foundation Singapore.

What is happening to the high society in Singapore…?

If this were to happen in early 80s, I could expect little problem. If I don’t go after CASE, MM Lee would probably chase after ERC himself. If he doesn’t, then Mr Ong Teng Cheong would. There is no lack of ministers possibly to fall back on. In 2007… well, what can we expect?

I am putting all these Singaporean trash behind, behind in Singapore rightfully and leaving for the so-called condemned nation of the world, China. Plainly, many Singaporeans don’t like the ‘China people’, many ‘white people’ look at the Chinese with suspicious and greedy eyes… Even the mainland Chinese themselves admit that it’s a wild safari out there in China. My Mum is so scared knowing I am leaving for Beijing .

But… if Beijing is messy, Singapore has been doing the catching up in this race for a mess. Put NKF and ERC aside, I personally have encountered so many high-class gabbages that I looked to the heaven for some signs… and it rained and rained only.  Of course, I am just trying to say… Singapore was good.

I read a mainland Chinese teacher’s blog in which tells her initial hope and dreams of her (now) teaching in Singapore, then as her diary stretches on, you see her dreams burst as she begins to discover the real Singapore aside from what the government is busily painting a beautiful side of. The back side of Singapore stinks, and her blog now betrays her thought: China is better.

Singapore was good. Too bad it was being taken granted of (just as they did with many good talented true blue Singaporeans), so the mess comes in and as my friend of many years heard it himself yesterday with me, from the mouths of the mainlanders working in Singapore: They are finding Singapore very unattractive and are leaving. If this island has been carefully and seriously managed properly, things would have not been the same.

This ‘friend’, always thought I was bluffing.

Let him be. Now he faces the truth.

The trend of migration is reversing. Singaporeans are moving to and retiring in China, a place under the so-called terrible communists so described as dangerous and disasterous for Singaporeans. The point is, if Denmark, Finland and Switzerland can afford mediocre governments especially comparing to that of Singapore according to what Mr Lee had claimed in parliament, how good would China be for Singaporeans? But Singaporeans are leaving and retiring in China.

Are those Singaporeans who chose to migrate to a government lousier than Singapore’s highly talented one foolish and ignorant about the risks and prospects?

My friend who is helping to job hunt for me reported of several call-ups for me to be interviewed for managerial positions in foreign companies in China (and even asking where I want to be based). I am not sure how true it is. But I do need a place for proper grooming so that I can max out my huge potential. Leaving for Beijing scares Mum and Dad, but a dragon that really needs to flap its wings can’t be stucked in a small gabbage yard now infested with big fuvking worms and horrible germs to be rotting away with the whole lot, and in such ‘culture’. Beijing and Shanghai are the most secured cities in this entire dangerous and disasterous land, I shall make an attempt if it has to be. So many years in Singapore, it is probably ‘certified’ an island not for the talented and aspiring.

I’d only get more disllusioned when I have now no more room for disappointment of a Singaporean in my own homeland. Not to say, I’d probably get into unnecessary trouble with such great thinking of narrow-minded inhabitants in a tiny island…

Talk about certificates… agents need certs, teachers need certs (even when they can’t even write nice essays and I have to teach them how to with me without a cert), and even cleaners need certs… Is this a joke?

It needs scholars, not talents. It groomed rigid yes-men to the system, not flexible non-conformists. Amazingly, it wants to remain competitive in this ever and fast changing world. Perhaps ERC is promising to help Singapore by producing more entrepreneurs in such manner… As if I’d believe.

Yeah yeah… please try someone else.

Just give me the full refund. 

Maybe I should also sell something to X minister describing this something will ensure Singapore toilets will produce 1,000,000,000,000tons of sand and enter a sales contract of USD100,000 with the minister… then I’d get some Johor louya sand plus mud and dump the sand in parliament and tell this minister: Hey! We gave you some sand, but you’d get your partial refund anyway… My service cost you USD50,000, the 10,000tons sand we got cost USD49,999…

Here’s your refund of USD1.

Did I say ‘Ensure‘???

Where got? Where got?

I’d promise any bull$hit$ that Singapore wants and deliver craps and offer a partial refund. That’s assuming the entire government is sleeping with eyes wide open.

This is most ridiculous. Of course, I was just kidding. How can I promise to sell you heaven and you only get clouds and refund you the stars and angels and… I am a nobody, but I still know what is integrity.

If Beijing is where my pinnacle lies, will ERC claim it is them who bring me to that new pinnacle if I reach it?

Come on.

Frankly speaking, whether I’d succeed or not, I don’t know. But I have tried. And I owe much to my friends in China for the support and the facility, and if I succeed, I’d owe my success to their efforts.

I hope I can settle down in Beijing, and offer my parents tickets to China to see their son doing well in the mystic land of the East. Perhaps, they can move over to Beijing and retire here as well. Whenever I think of them having to combat the ridiculously high medical costs, disasterous GSTs and increasing transport fees… and think of their hardwork and risk for the wealth accumulated now coping the flying costs…

I really hope they can have a wonderful retirement, not proudly cleaning toilets in Singapore.

My friends are elated that I will be in Beijing. I’m happy to drink tea with them.

Oh, by the way… if you ask girls to drink tea, in Singapore I usually got the nasty look. The local girls are so funny that realistically, it ends up that I’d ask girls to drink tea when you socialise outside Singapore.

Drinking tea or copi with strangers is just a networking ethic what fvck… nothing necessarily BGR or what.

If MM wants Singapore to communicate with China, does he not think some thinking is needed…? Or is he insisting that China changes its mindset just for Singapore?

Still, going to China is a venture. So I am hoping for the best. There is nothing for me in Singapore… This is a risk I have to take under this… talented, effective, efficient, caring and lovely government with plenty of smartie scholars.

Thank you for doing such a great job…