The Protrait of Scope.
[Scope disillusioned. Losing hope for Singapore. It’s a [is]land for smart-alecs, not a land really for the talented in my personal view. I am taking my plans overseas, to a bigger market and to my friends.]
I have accepted the invitation to China to seek my fortune out there, and will be leaving soon. As this blog at cannot be acessed from Beijing, there may be a long wait between updates soon.

I am also in the mist of getting the organisation to return my fee. Because there have been too many issues with the organisation that I decided it is not worthwhile considering a tie-up with them. Expectedly, the organisation is trying to fend for not returning the money. But I obviously know something about the contract laws and hence my rights, and given that they obviously have no results for me and the arrangements are flawed, the contract (registration with them) is being broken on their side. I get what I paid for, and hence I am getting my money back now if I don’t get what I paid for.

The entire material of this case is developing. Since they decided to fend for it, I have ended up with a couple of members having the same intention as well.

That’s the business side of things. You don’t take me as a fool. Being in sales so long signing people up myself, I am also aware of certain aspects in the contract laws. Many consumers do not realize their rights on the terms and conditions. Once the seller cannot uphold their part of the deal, or the terms and conditions are against the principles of reasonableness plus moral, consumers can proceed to claim back their money.

It is obvious that Andy is not suitable to be my mentor, nor are those others at the organisation who probably can’t be bothered to be our mentors. There are clear issues on misrepresentations. And even my Dad is agitated.

I am not surprised that other members are flirting with the idea to want their money back as well.

When you signed a contract with the seller, the nature of the offer must be observed. If you are offered a bowl of laksa, the seller cannot claim he satisfied the contract because he gave you sugar, he gave you spoon and he gave you noodles, plus a bowl.

The same case happens in Slim centres when one takes up a program with promise of ‘tested’ or ‘powerful’ ways of slimming down, stating on the registration form: Bringing you a slim body. If at the end or middle of the program, and you find:
1. the ingredients of any products for slimming are harmful or flawed;
2. the service is not satisfactory;
3. you don’t get your slim body…

Any of the above will get your money back. When you have ‘Bringing you a slim body’, clauses such as ‘we cannot guarantee you a slim result’ and such are against reasonableness and you can ignore such nonsensical clauses as typo errors. Understand that if you sign a contract with a prostitute for selling her sexy body X times on what commission… such statements are also invalid and should be ignored, hence the nature of such contract terms.

If anyone promises to ‘bringing you to a new pinnacle’ and you are not at any ‘new pinnacle’ after paying, you get your money back.

Any education centres, for instance, if promising Grade A results to GCE X’levels which they claimed the school are registered with MOE for the students will be liable no matter after the service of lecturing the centres have provided if they cannot let the students sit for GCE X’levels.

In signing up with the organisation, I am also employing the service and paying for the claims made by the organisation, including during presentations. How can I not be happy with the service and the claims fall short so much that I don’t get my money back? Any clarifications or apologies after the contract is made is redundant. I don’t pay for clarifications or apologies. I want results, or I want my money back.


The Pricing Of Air Ticket: A Shock.

Scope in style.Another issue concerns the price I obtained from local agencies for the trip to Beijing. How much is quoted for the Airport tax in Beijing? S$190!? And plus the air ticket… S$730!!! And getting a 3mths visa… $125!?

Doing it at the Chinese Embassy costs around $65 for the visa. I was shocked at the air ticket prices and ended up calling my contacts in China (I have a damn whole lot of foreign contacts)… which offered a ticket to China including airport tax of 3200RMB without bargain to begin with. That is about S$640. I reflected my concern to one of this Singapore agencies, and after ‘calculation’, the reply is ‘oh… the airport tax is not $190 but $175…’.

How amazing…

And it is promotional price now with a low key for the industry.

And my check with a friend in China reveals that the airport tax could be as low as 700RMB!

And how much calculation do you need to get at the airport tax? That’s ridiculous.

I am a rather good salesperson myself for many years. This sort of bullshitting of course sounds laughable.

How honest is the Singaporean brand? Well…

The Shock In Town: Civil Servant’s Pay.

While I am so lousy with politics, I am so shocked with the kind of increments our talented adminstration is getting for itself. I thought somebody minister was recently saying that the  government has expressed ‘where got money’ for the poor, even around the last election… and we now suddenly are seeing raining of money by the millions in parliament???

And the talented ministers who are worthy of such huge amount of money with one benchmarking index even reportedly hitting 106% are getting public outcries and ridicules both online and offline for such heavenly figures.

And recently as well, more jumpings into the MRT tracks have been rumored, and people such as myself have encountered so much trash in Singapore to be packing up to leave… and here we have suddenly ministers who are so talented and millions of bucks raining down on them because they worth the money, and to stem corruption (???)…

If I am not wrong… this is public sector and this should be public money, and it is not as if there are no poor souls in Singapore for better use… including those families made homeless by banks, and the costs have been rising even in medical care.

GST has hit 7% in Singapore for the world’s info, and basic necessities are not exempted from GST!

Our elected president with no election contestant is getting over S$3m a year thanks to parliament, and some founders of Singapore will get as much as S$9m each if I have not heard it wrong!

They have found gold!

I was hearing the parliament session in astonishment both to the raining of gold in parliament and because my family usually ignores such sessions on TV that I actually got to hear it the other night. Guess this session is really sensational to even apolitcal folks in town as well.

For me… I am leaving for Beijing, and if luck shines brightly, my friends are getting me a job to stay for long term. I won’t be enjoying the 7% GST which is meant to help the poor and such… and the multi millions service offered by the talented administration for some time.

Life out there may be a risk. But what about a puny existence in Singapore? Many thanks to our talented ministers… I am sure you don’t work for money but for the honor and sake of Singapore… The people probably love you and all your great policies. Though I cannot afford 7% to 15% GST, I am sure other Singaporeans will find it so affordable because that’s precisely why, given your great performance, they are expected to vote you into power again in the next election.

I literally do not understand what the fu(k are those whinings for on such pouring of public money on such talented administration. Did those whiners make the money? Are those public money made by the government people to be meant for Singaporeans?

Isn’t it obvious?

Do the performance of the talented ministers worth such multi-millions payouts? Others have their opinions, for me… I don’t know.

All I know is to quickly pack up and aim for Beijing airport with my cosy lodging in a condo out there waiting for me…

You know, Scope is really the kind very ignorant and stupid with politics. My rumbling on this topic is just because I am a Singaporean. Nothing else.