God of War.
[I am so very attracted to the trailer of ‘300’. Without doubt I’d watch this movie. What am I doing doing in this scene? Kekeke… I am the God of War. Hahahaha… For victory!]
Lusting for a juicy job? Wanting a reasonable boss? Hoping to have a future with a permanent career? Don’t think you can make at least $150 a day without qualification and experience?

You don’t need to sell your backside to earn an average of $150 to $750 (and beyond) a day!

Believe it or not, Scope is hiring. I will appreciate recruits who who have permanent intentions of staying with me as a team. Yes. And I don’t mind giving the right candidate a permanent career and juicy returns to keep the right team.

If you are (not in some fu(king order):
1. Between 18yo to 22yo, and can go full time;
2. Currently based in Singapore;
3. Presentable and Female;
4. Hardworking and motivated (by the cash);
5. With or without experience.
6. Reliable but greedy enough.

I’d be waiting to meet you. Please arrange for an interview asap.

Yes. This is a sales position. But compare to other sales positions, it is much easier a job than the 9am~5pm boring battles with office political fightings, and the commission is pretty considerable. Well, because you’d have a kind and understanding boss whose intention is to groom and feed you well. And you will find the sales target so ridiculously manage-able once you get the hang of it.

Do not worry, you will be given training.

I am launching my product coming April or May because I am still finalising the arrangement.

And of course, being a pioneer member of the company means you are more liable for promotion opportunities. Hence, I suggest should you qualify, dump hesitation into the bin and quickly arrange for an interview.

Have I missed out anything?

Oh~ I don’t care if you are married or not. That is irrelevant. If you are a fresh grad, just wonder where on Earth can you have an easier time making $750 a day, or S$18,000 a month?

Scope and Hathaway.
[You know, the thing about Anne Hathaway is this… I will probably never get to date her on a day on some beach like this, but I can picture it here already. Look at the kind of expression I have… Outstanding.]

Typo Errors And Ding Dongs.

I don’t really have much to write this time. Don’t ask me about the issues with the organization, it’s not suppose to be mentioned now.

Yes. There are a couple of things that happened recently, but I don’t feel like writing about them now.

Anyway, I do occassionally re-read my contents and yes… don’t need to nag that I have plenty of typos lingering among the waves of alphabets alongside with some grammar critters waiting for me to bust them off. But I am not going after an editor as yet. I just don’t feel the need or I am just too sianz to start picking on such trivial things as typos when this is just blogging. I blog to relax, not to work myself further.

So get the point?

I did have a very nice session with Michael, Christine and Wen Pin yesterday evening at Copi Club, Raffles Place. Sam left early halfway before I finished talking about the plan… guessed he missed the best part that differentiates those piles of normal plans he heard of before from mine. Yes. He might know Eric Khoo, but he did not know this plan of mine is produced after consultation with people more pro in this industry, who are not only longer in the industry than Eric Khoo but are in a much more competitive environment than Eric.

Sorry to say that, I still don’t think Sam understands the industry. But that’s alright. Because I only need Andy to understand. Here, the risk is Andy could be only that understanding probably as compared to the next Singaporean. So it is a gamble. Andy is after all, not a pro in this.

If this sort of plan would have any chance to hit gold and score big, it has to be Scope. I decide to have a brief Q&A as presentation, and arrange a private chat with Andy. Assuming Andy is untrustable, this plan is not something that one can just copy, especially by another rigid minded Singaporean.

I can’t explain why in the blog, nonetheless.

I am very grateful to Wen Pin that she got her beloved hubby to drive me home. My gastric problem due to too much talking and a sick cup of mini copi started as the car aircon made me felt like throwing out. I am just not the type who loves car aircons, that’s why. Her parents were very nice folks and offered me a lozen… what the hack is the spelling for that sweet designed for sore throats…?

Here’s another freaking typo again.

Don’t expect me to correct it hor…

I am not really bothered by Sam’s view, but I do hope that Andy would see the money. After all, when others don’t see the monies, he usually sees it. That’s usually how some people get so rich.

When others don’t see the monies, you do and you get richer than others.

And I won’t be convincing Andy how talented or creative I am because you just can’t see it before I can have enough resources to produce my first product! So no point.

In this industry, I have no real competitor in mind except… … somebody. Hehehe… But in such a situation, he is just a target I want to reach, and not really a competitor.

If you have guessed what I am driving at… I’d confirm it when Andy says yes, or if somebody comes along and gives me a godly smile…

The worst thing in this world is to be talented and be wasted. Especially in Singapore, where such a tiny state is infamous to be wasting talents big time.

Andy, say yes. For god sake, say yes.