Scope, Full Moon.
[Scope making waves against all odds… Boyz~ Isn’t that a big juicy full moon… or an orange? Hahahaha…]
If you have watched “Superman Returns”, you will know three things sell for publications: Sex, Scandal, Superman.

It is true. I have written and deleted two posts specially designed to include these words as ‘sex, fuck, sex godess, love’ and so on but with relatively innocent rants with topics of nothing regarding intercourses or nudes and hits just shot up and hit a new high like nobody’s business. That’s evident enough that if you want hits, the old trick still works: Sex, Scandal and Superman.

And Superman refers to any of the prominent people, not necessarily our well-known man-of-steel.

Hopefully, I’d be soon a superman.

In any case, I will probably try to churn out more some ‘sexy’ postings along the way merely to taste the mini-thrill of a mini hits-rush.

And yes. I am pissed off to know that my MSN is taking a break tonight. I just can’t log on since this morning’s quick chat.Scope, the King of Wei.
[Scope… Is that Cao Cao’s reborn?! Well, I am definitely the kind and reasonable version. Anyway, those readers at Sohu like it.]

Business Plans Like Nobody’s Business.

“The problem is people don’t dare to dream BIG enough…”

So that’s what our mentor, Andy, lamented in front of the recruits. Whether he was just passing convenient remarks or that he was truly serious in this statement is still waiting to be confirmed.

I have two projects in mind. I am on the way for the easier one already; And I will need Andy’s appreciation for the industry, understanding towards my course and full support in my vision for the main project to materialise.

How important is the main project? It just can’t wait.

That’s how important it is. There are some minions in the industry, but none comes closer as pioneer compared to mine if Andy wisely says yes. The impact will be tremendous… to the organization, to Singapore… and to me.

I am not afraid of copycats or even competitions for the main project. It’s copy-cat-proof and no one have the vision to be competitive enough. This is something that requires true talents. And yes. It’s big money and global market as well.

Plus I am making it possible with relatively minimum amount of investment.

Terrence may not see why it has to be me… Perhaps Andy would.

My dream is big. Big enough. But this is only one small part of the bigger dream. So big that eventually when the organisation helps to make it real, Andy probably would be astonished at its grandiose…

Majestic just for a dime… If I can get that dime, of course.

Scope plays ZhaoYun.
[Actually, I did intend to change the background… But considering what I did on Cao Cao as above… I supposed I tried for a different feel. So ended up like this. The clothing here was made up. Unreal, ie.]

The Temptress And Holy Shits.

I have been storming my brain for a possbility amidst the impossibilities for Project B. I trust Andy… of course. But I have to have a backup plan. Scope is not one day in society. Andy’s support is crucial, but he is still not the main flagship after all.

I have some of the best pool of manpower to tap into for a beginner. If the organization lends power, that’s nice. But the most important part in any business is still sales. No sales no business.

I am a veteran sales-demon, of course I know.

I am sick and tired doing sales for others. But I would do this sales for myself. Actually, I need a sales team. Hum… I need an elite sales team for a difficult job. It’s difficult because I am starting out… I do believe it is possible.

But I am holding back a little. I know how monsterous can a sales elite be. The fight for commission makes an angel a demon on field. Handling a team of powerful demons requires godly strengths while they wreck havocs in the market. Nonetheless, I’d try to push on.

The little girl in the class, Annabelle, called me last night and I bursted into laughter reading her sms. I was chatting with my overseas friend then. Annabelle suggested that I should go into MLM with her.

So cute she is~

But I like her spirit. Reminds me of my younger days when I started out selling furnitures. Godame disasterous… I was so persuasive thatI managed to get the lady boss to squeeze me and my friend in when her team was already full.

As ladies in business are, when I made no sales at the end of the campaign, you can only imagine her charcoal face…

But as a very evolving creature I am, subsequent sales efforts brought me into top three times and again. And in a short span of two months, I got a promotion and saw my name in third on the sales ranking… for regional sales volumn latter in my sales life. But I am really sick of sales by then…

Annabelle reminds me of the beginning. I was then in JC. About the same age as her now. Well, she should have realised that a personality like Scope’s belongs to a hardcore sales monster from many years of practical warfares. This is unhide-able. I was even briefly in global trade. I was sent to a totally different sales environment all by myself to engage top and tough businessmen and beautiful women from the world in the very first attempt. The experienced associates’ assistants had to even get my help on field. And this rookie in global trade was asked to address the guests by the commissioner.

Skills can be picked up, but the personality of top sales persons can only be moulded. Just because one knows the product inside out doesn’t make him a good sales person. We are trained to pin down on prospects and also to identify strong demons on field after the same meat. We are the eagles hunting with a smile.

So when interviewing for a sales team, it is always the personality I am hunting out for, not how good are his skills on certain products he sold before.

If I have wanted to be in MLM, I would have been in it long ago. If the small property firm I ever applied to had been serious and not letting some admin idiot did interviews for sales people and rejected me, I could have been a sales manager teaching and producing new sales persons. But it is no wonder that the property developer remains the smaller player in the industry.

A man’s success is really on what he encounters in his life.

But I have no interest in MLM. If it is for the money, I would have done more sales. Good sales persons are important to organizations. My current focus is to get experience in getting Andy to nod for the projects. That’s all.

His support will be magnified for my success.

But I am sure willing to go with Annabelle to network more given free time.

After all, that’s my job.

Nobody really knows that I really quite shy.

I rather travel, walk in the romantic evening, smell the fresh air, and taste the morning dews alone, or with my love ones. My favorite habitat is the mountain, or the green fields… away from the crowd, and all the nosense.

With Andy’s support, I’d make $3m, give him whatever companies built, and retire into a place nobody can find me.

He wants an honorable partner? He found an angel.

Scope making face.
[Many said this… looks like Tony Leung’s. Well, if you stand back abit and watch, perhaps you’d know why such remarks surfaced…]

Tony Leung: Scope Is With You.

Fu(k it… If nobody in the world dares to support you, I would. I don’t understand what is going on with that Taiwanese tycoon. There are so many sexy women in the world waiting for his fu(king pleasures, why must he target Liu Jialing?

Is it for some perverted appeals that he needs Liu to satisfy? Is he thinking that if he fu(ked Liu that it implies he is at least as charming as Tony…? Can’t he just leave the couple alone when there are so many sexy bitches and naked sluts waiting to spend the nights with him for the wealth he has?

With his age, I can call Guo my grandfather even! Why can’t he be an enlightened virtuous model for the world’s youngsters that I can treat with at least some respect? Is fu(king around so important? Is tearing couples up so exciting?

Why are some, if not so many, rich people so sadistic?

As the wealthiest man in Taiwan, there are alot more meaningful things he can do with his wealth and power. He can save marriages, he can bring homes to the homeless, he can fund the talents roaming the streets, he can be an angel.

Yet he just let his dick does the thinking? How terrible…

I am with Tony on this. This is not just a challenge he has issued on Tony Leung; it is an insult. Unless he perceived Liu is some high class slut, why is she being targetted? If Liu has been that lousy, this challenge only shows Tony has been wasting at least 18years on an unworthy woman.

Tony Leung will never be short of women. But what can replace Liu? Liu stands for many years of lovely companionship and feelings. It’s the relationship that counts.

And it’s just priceless…

To Guo, Liu is probably just another sex item for his remaining years. No matter that I am a nobody, but I shall give Tony my sincere support on this.

Don’t give in, Tony.  Let your love shines.

Guo… please lah… You have the chance of being the enlightened grandpapa in this miserable world. Why insist on making it more miserable?

A man’s world is not only lust, old man.

Make this world a beautiful place… because you can. And stop lusting after someone else’s woman.

Or is this a plot of Liu to get Tony into the church… …?

Who knows?

The bunch of Scope’s.PS: Happy Birthday, Scope! (10 March, Sat) Mum cooked specially for me, and everyone waited for me (except brother who was not around) to dine. Was very touched… I only had 3hrs of sleep the other night before rushing to Andy’s talk session of several hours alongside a gastric problem due to the copi taken in the morning. But I met a Meiling at the IT show when I needed to find out about the equipment… How fateful. She knew what I need to know, it seemed.