Scope and Eva Mendes.
[Scope & Eva Mendes. There is nothing to hide. I find Eva Mendes most attractive. Her sexy smile is simply incredible. Her lips would be the evolved version for the ultimate kiss. Just wondering if she got bad-breathe…]
It has been quite a few days since. Nothing much really happened, so nothing much to talk about.

Without indulging in BGRs (Boy-Girl-Relation), it seems impossible to date strangers for V-day in Singapore. If that had been in China, getting girls going for tea any day would be quite possible because most mainland Chinese see this as networking (me too), Singaporeans see dating as dating.

So no girls to hang out with, for now.

It is ok. I am kind of used to lonliness, anyway.

Talk about networking, there are a couple of commercial events coming up for it as well. Quite a pity R is starting yet another company for his new product (from India) that when I told him my exciting intended project, he can’t invest with his capital now tied up in his yet another start-up. Well, once the organization sees the huge protential of the project (which worths multi-millions) and let me have my way, investors will flood in without me opening my mouth more, and R’s investment would serve as an extra.

R warned that I could end up as a subsidiary if I have to venture with the organization. Well, I would be pretty much in the position to gain and there is no problem with that. As long as there is the approval, millions of dollars will be waiting… But it is not only the indecent amount of money that I am looking at…

Boyz, you can imagine how much I want those CEOs to let me be on my way. It is mutually beneficial, and Singapore  stands to gain big time as well.

In any case, I won’t turn down additional funding.Simple Scope.
[Scope is a simple guy. Scope likes to go out without being particular with personal image… I decided to do one CGP in super casual wear in the gardens. Very few people will notice Scope on the streets. Scope is a carefree guy. Here, I was wearing shorts behind shorts.]

Legally Blog: Xiaxue Vs XiaLanXue.

Yes. I am not finding it very agreeable about the nature of Xialanxue; it is too personal. But that’s not really a ‘crime’ to be (as Xiaxue herself puts it) childish. Come on, I faced more childish and ridiculous people at my Sohu blog and even from Stars she can only see on popular Taiwanese talk-shows… they posted various rubbish and threats. And I am even accused to be the ‘love problem’ for ‘seducing’ people’s girlfriends in China when I am in Singapore!!!

How ridiculous~!? I am neither handsome nor good with girls to justify such accusations, right?

So the main point here is that if Xiaxue starts her blog and becomes famous, with fame, she should be more mature when handling such public exposures. Taking legal actions sound cool. But so can I sue many people, but why don’t I start suing as if I don’t know about law better than Xiaxue?

There are various bloggers blogging for various motives, but to sum it up, each reflects certain issues and there are such personal things with blog that one doesn’t need to be so personal with such nosense. In chinese saying, when you become famous, you enjoy praises and slanders(誉满天下则谤满天下). Nothing big deal. Though Xiaxue is considered young, I certainly hope she grows up learning to take such things easier. Which is also why I so admire Chow Yun Fatt and Andy Lau on their mature handling of such public commotions.

Have you heard of Andy Lau going around suing newspapers and magazines for publishing negative rumors and gossips? No. Xiaxue girl girl, that’s not the way to handle publicity and Scope is not nagging for the sake of it. But here, Stephen Chow randomly does threaten to sue…

But Stephen is not known to be very sociable or a media’s darling. He’s good and highly particular about movie productions, but that’s quite it. Tony Leung is quite moderate.

Tony cannot be used to really compare with Xiaxue, since the little girl is not the reserve-type as Tony. But the point is pretty straight forward, and fair comment here, that Xiaxue should think twice about going on legal wars and start learning how to cope the rowdy audiences. Not to mention, blog laws are still rather new in Singapore, and if she does sue, she’d set off chain-events of complications in this field and implicate the blogging community here. Contents are not only subjected to torts as defamation, but copyrights, misrepresentations and many other things she might not have realized. Sedition came as a huge surprise indeed to bloggers, but that was in the context of national interest. I sure hope Xiaxue knows what she is doing, lest she has to be the one to open a pandora box of shits…

Which is also why I have never thought about suing bloggers or whatsoever. Notwithstanding the similiar concerns I have raised in the earlier post, but resorting to courts has been supposedly the last of resorts. Every lawyer should know. And “vermin” can be rather subjective to various people in various times from various angle of views.

But still, nobody should attempt to bully Xiaxue just because she is not that pretty. But she can ignore Xialanxue, she can voice out against xialanxue as well in her more popular blog, but is there a need to sue a blogger? It is not as if the blogger is some professional journalist with some code of conduct to observe strictly to. The blogger could be just one of many “childish nobodies”, and her action could well backfire. Suing or threatening to sue is definitely not reflecting well on her. And the army of ‘childish nobodies’ in the blogging community could end up having sympathy with Xialanxue.

But that’s individual’s choice, and this is my personal views on the matter.Scope of Staring.
[Now, what was I thinking…? What really matters to me?]

Can You Sue Deleted Entries?

I almost forget to touch on the following in Xiaxue’s blog:

My lawyers have all your archives saved, and as you know, it is unarguable that you have defamed me countless of times (especially with regards to you putting up the pictures of me from edmw forum some time ago). It doesn’t matter that you took down your entries: Point is that they were all once there.

After typing, wordpress literally gone offline and clicking on ‘save’ means the entire ‘Case’ gone!!! What the heck is going on with wordpress?

You can imagine my frustration here. WordPress, do something~!!!

I don’t know how Xiaxue consulted with her lawyer, and I don’t know where this lawyer comes from, but both must have come across certain happenings in mainstream media when it comes to amendments and such. Put our common sense to work now.

Yes. Even mainstream media made errors or retracted words/infos. And can you sue them because their figures were wrong and they amended it?

The whole idea of legal penalty is to ensure things are corrected. If Xiaxue deems Xialanxue’s entries are undesirable, but Xialanxue has deleted the entries (voluntary corrections), this should be encouraged, and not penalized. Why should we waste court resources on deleted entries?

It is as if you are suing the supermarket for expired food on selves when they have been removed, and as if your dog shitted at the corridor that you are sued for it after you have cleared the shits… It is all the same legal principles exercised here. If Xiaxue were to post some great thesis on law or bio-discovery, then suddenly she decides for some reasons to delete them, can we make her liable for faulty thesis which got deleted?

Do you consider it a fraud if your cashier suddenly realized she omitted a zero in computing for sales figures and to subsequently amend it? Can you sue her for fraud for such ‘deleted entries’?

The answer is plain obvious.

It is not pleasant, nor ever wanted, of errors and damages. In the case of Xialanxue, he may not even a professional in some mainstream media.  The nature of the blog suggests as in the course of such business that there is no necessity to conform to credible truths. And once the blog entries are removed on voluntary basis,  there is totally no official credibility for intended action on malice. (At this point, wordpress suddenly goes offline again, and there is no way I can cut and paste to save the work!!!)

Put it this way, people blog and people amend and when people amend, things got changed, got deleted and all at one’s personal pleasure and views. Officially, Xialanxue doesn’t like Xiaxue and holds a lousy view on her. He wrote fictions on Xiaxue, but those are his views on her and angry Xiaxue may be, Xialanxue needs not even fair comment to write fictions on anyone. If he can prove what he wrote, that’s documentary; if he cannot, he’s just doing creative writings on a character named Xiaxue. It is very much the way how writers wrote about Shaolin Gungfu… In fact, Shaolin Gungfu is real, but not the way even Stephen Chow would put it. Can Shaolin sue Stephen and Jin Yong for misrepresentation…?

In 2006, a blogger used Scope’s photo as his blog ID. Did I sue him, perhaps for impersonation? Nope. The point is this, you don’t sue bloggers for such ‘trivial’ things especially based on wills and fancies. And I don’t suppose he was trying to impersonate me. He probably just wanted a model’s photo for his ID to appear presentable. Yes. Xiaxue may suggest this is dangerous because my reputation is in the hands of that bum…

Not really. As a public figure, there is only one Scope and only official Scope’s site be official, which is by the real Scope. Me lah~ Whatever he blogged with my photo as his ID would be his problem till he claims officially that he is me. Many more people use Andy Lau’s photos, but no bloggers will claim that he is Andy Lau. And even if one does, it all depends on the situation. And the relevant people to go to is not your lawyer, but the blog host and authority in charge of such media.

Why? Isn’t it much more simple to get a lawyer?

Let me ask you, when you find drug addicts on the streets, do you find your gangster kakis (Singlish for friends) to beat him up or you go to the police? And where will the police send the drug addicts to? To IMH (Institute for Mental Health) or the drug rehabilitation centre?

Here, we see the flow of dealings for bloggers. People argue that certain laws should apply to bloggers as those on mainstream media. But blogging is not some limited legal issue to a state, but it is a true globalisation. And there is no United Laws of Bloggers in the world! But bloggers are indeed operating in various states under various laws and understandings… For Singapore, it is either embracing globalisation or otherwise.

If Xiaxue were to sue Xialanxue instead of going to the respective relevant agencies, then how fair it is for another Canadian Xialanxue not to be sued? And ironically, Xiaxue is taking plaintiff as a blogger herself.

In a way, you can say your lawyer should sue the blog host and the relevant authority if they do not assist you. The highest penalty for bloggers should be termination of their accounts.

Not suing the accidental imposter doesn’t mean Scope was stupid. There are many considerations aside from the likes and dislikes of what’re happening around you. I can understand Xiaxue’s possible hatred for Xialanxue… But just because Thailand hates Singapore doesn’t mean they must exterminate the Singaporean NSmen in Thailand.

Can you sue PAP for introducing the Casinos because the old constitutions disallowed them? Simply no. The laws might have existed, but they are deleted! Just because they were there as entries doesn’t mean anything now!

When Xialanxue deleted his entries, he officially renders the credibility of the entries as non-existence. It doesn’t mean anything of how many copies Xiaxue’s lawyer has. Xiaxue’s lawyer may have more copies of laws and regulations 60 years back, but are they valid now? Whether those laws entries in the colonial times brought damages or benefits, once deleted means deleted. The entire principle is the same.

It is the same in Contract Laws. No matter what the terms are, beneficial or not, once the paper is burnt, the terms are gone, and you cannot expect the other party or yourself to be liable just because the terms were once there! Like it or not, this is the unwritten rules of the game.

If Eva Mendes posted on her blog saying she wishes to marry Scope, and if her blog is indeed a serious legal entity, she can always delete that post… Although I rather she’d keep it. Hahaha… But that doesn’t mean if she blogs so that she must marry Scope.

Deleted means deleted.

Remember, blogs are not to be taken seriously. You don’t call it freedom of speech, it’s just plain common sense. Actually. Xialanxue doesn’t need to delete his blog. I deleted my Sohu Blog because I just can’t stand some nosense.

After all, not happy or can’t agree with other bloggers? Bloggers can always comment or blog their disagreements! Can’t take the heat? Stop blogging lah~

Can’t stand public murmurs and finger-pointings? Don’t be stars lah~

Can’t cry? Laugh lah~

Can’t laugh? Cry lah~

Nobody forces nobody to blog.


I am rather particular about this Xiaxue incident because with her lawyer, she is just one step away from opening an entire pandora box at the most inappropriate of times. It is very obvious Xiaxue is just a young little girl, who probably can’t understand what she’d have unleashed if she touches pandora’s box.

Morally, I support Xiaxue; but I can’t support her legal inclination on this one.

The local courts are just not ready. Xiaxue may not even win so easily as her lawyer would suggest. After all, how many such blog cases are really fought in the world? How many cases would this lawyer of hers have handled?

Parliament only recently looked through blog rules… which means this is still new in the legal field. What then if Xiaxue just go ahead and sue and start a preceedence with a bunch of judges probably conveniently chewing the books???

Blog cases are certainly subjected to more debates and discussions on the way. Until then, why disturb the pandora box???