Scope in New Year Wear.
[This is Scope 2007, in an outfit he bought at Man Studio, Jurong Point (Singapore). What do you think? Happy Lunar New Year!!! I was ill when this picture was taken.]
There is a reason why I have placed faith in the organization which indicated in assisting me to start out. Well, my former boss also suggested to offer me the fundings as well. In a way, I was most sceptical naturally, and I clearly do not know how to write a business proposal to secure such fundings.

In a way, offering me the fundings to start out is a wise move. Because Scope will definitely do as best to succeed, and Scope always remember his root of success. If I am successful, an honorable ally is created and even if I shall buy back all the shares, I would try to offer royalties automatically to the seed funder on mere goodwill.

And once I am successful in the first venture, I’d be successful in subsequent ventures. That’s the trait of Scope.Scope fell sick.
[Boyz… I am really not feeling well, even now as I am typing… Luckily, due to my diligence, I have finished the spring cleaning in good steps over the days… So now I am just hoping I won’t get worse… I got too much things to do than to be stuck with a running nose. I must get well soon. Do send me your best wishes~]

Lunar New Year: The Hope.

Happy Lunar New Year to all fellow Chinese in this year of the piggy.

Try spring-cleaning my room and assisting the aged parents to clear up the place in this sick self was a thankless move. I am down with running nose and a strange sore throat… Not that my throat is malfunctioning… but I feel… heaty.

After many years of tough luck, Scope looks forward to bigger times and huge success ahead.

I hope my start up will be successful and I can end up employing 1500 workers by end of 2008, and venture to 3 nations working among the giants and grow to be one of them. Eventually, I also hope to help people as myself to start up and build a legacy as well.

This year will be a good start.

Was bullshitting with Ah Bin yesterday when I treated him lunch. He was still persuading me how wonderful teaching in Indonesia has been, and yeah… such offer by the school is indeed juicy; but not applicable to me currently. I have other plans in mind.

Ah Bin offered to get me a shop at Sun Plaza for my venture, through his connection, of course. I didn’t reject outfront, but I am unlikely to start a HQ in Indonesia. Those franchises will be too hard to control, and while I am indeed a risk taker, my appetite isn’t as large as Old Chiang Kee’s. They have tried many times without much success… but I got an honors in finance… which means I am more calculative on risk. Besides, Old Chiang Kee and other CEOs have gone to Vietnam to see see look look. The group seems interested as well. It is highly probably Indonesia will be given the miss, for a long time.

I am treating Mr X copi because this CEO had invited me to the party hosted by some radio DJ and I had to turn the invitation down for some reasons. We are in different fields, but we are all after indecent amount of monies… So that’s making a common interest to establish ties. Hahaha…

Eventually I could start up what Scope-ian School of Elites and get Ah Bin to be the VP… But he’s a womanizer… I can only imagine the havoc… Hahaha… Never mind.

Nay. The immediate plan is to get the whole ass moving. $10,000 a month is nothing. An average mover can make that kind of money. If the group sees the point, my plan can easily be some multi-millions setup. So I am expecting some… hard headache. Veteran in sales doesn’t necessarily mean veteran fund seeker. Chill, Scope. We’d move one step at a time.

Neo is right. I am a big dreamer. But that’s because I know it is possible of such dreams. I had made $400 a day. But what I really want is to make at least $1,000 everyday. Is that too much to ask for?

Like real~Scope-ian big cast.
[This is the later CGP done and published at Sohu before Scope migrated to WordPress. Well, the whole idea was the stress to have a beauty as Hirosue onboard… Hahaha… It getting more fun doing such CGPs with beautiful faces getting involved. Don’t I look like some bo-chap (hack-care) pilot?]

Immediate Things To Do.

Scope X Scope.Like it or not, I have to personally wash the clothes… in case some folks at home mess up with them. Then, I’d have to take probably a few shots wearing the other newly bought shirts; consider that some free ads for the lucky fashion shops. Hehehe…

Yeah… That means more such pictures can be expected. That’s not vanity, but that’s the nature of Scope’s blog.

Most importantly, I am aiming to finish reading the pile of great works done by the CEO cum mentor. Yeah, you might think it is what bootlicking tactic, but on the hindsight, those works are his ideas and stamp-chop of credibility of what he preached and promised. They are also clues to understand more of the mentor; just as talking to Neo yielded clues about the organization, for instance.

I am also working on some ideas to start out with. I have plenty for one who is never short of ideas. One can say I am pretty creative. Hahaha… I am fine-tuning the plans (various plans to fit in possible scenarios), and still adjusting for the best simulated case. But of course, you never know what business the organization will end up approving… Still, that doesn’t mean you don’t even try to think about it.

I’m going to shape up abit. So when I recover from this sick sickness… I can be found running about in town to sweat out and shape up. But I don’t suppose anyone will recognise Scope on streets. Ever watch the Japanese drama series such as “Haruka 17”? The cute diva cum cover-gal looks so ordinary and… dull behind her celebrity front. One will have to be super-eyes to spot Scope on streets. I am actually quite easy-going on what to wear… You’d be surprised.

This new year… I feel like being left alone. Hopefully the CEOs will prove sceptics wrong and the success will bring gross excitement to my next New Year.

By the way, the major transfer/migration of CGPs from the Sohu blog is reaching full point with the rest, which are misc pieces, not necessarily be displayed. So coming blog postings will probably be accompanied by one CGP each.

Hopefully readers will like those pictures. They ain’t the best of pictures, but they do mark the progress of Scope-ian CGPs.

There are other CGPs now stuck in my MP4. One includes a fun demostration of Andy Lau ‘transforming’ into Scope. There is, however, a virus (Fargold virus, if I am not wrong) hanging out in the storage of the MP4… It is not impossible to deal with the virus. But I just don’t see the need for this hassle now.

In the next blog entry, Scope shall let out the secrets of how to pass the practical driving test at the Bukit Gombak Driving Centre in Singapore. So for those die die want to pass your driving test, do look out for the new entry.

Happy Chinese New Year to all!