Scope of the year.
I was talking to this pretty mother whom I was making application through and literally paying the fee to at XXX organization . Well, very Scope-ian to ask questions.

Actually, it doesn’t really matter if Neo had been truthful with the cut she would be getting from the fee. She was friendly enough in a most professional way with experienced replies for the usual quries. But it has to be my envy that she seems to have landed herself on a cozy pile of gold. The CEO was an adequate speaker, and anyone aiming to do more with his/her life will likely make an attempt for success by signing up after the presentation, so in theory, she should find little problem in commissions.

In a way, I am more interested in the organization and in her current positioning because if the organization is really pushing for the creation of more companies, the Neo I saw would be competent enough in the averages of luck. I personally don’t see her kid to be any hindrance to her venturing out, but I do see fighting spirits in her eyes which was what made me interested. I observe people, in minute details. Neo was cut out to be a career woman no doubt.

In terms of characters, she would be in a superior position as compared to my current self. I suppose the CEO would have discovered the potential in Neo. It remains a puzzle because she should be the pioneer for the accelerated program and should have been groomed as an owner already.Scope the angel.

I Want To Be Successful: Hungry For It.

Scope the guy.
During the presentation, the CEO tapped on my table and dropped this: “Do you want to be successful?”

Tell me who in the right mind would reply other than a ‘yes’. It is a common practice in sales pitches to make such ‘questions’ resulting in several ‘Yes-s’, plus bringing in discounts and the statement on urgency. But while all those have little effects on me (after all, I am a hardcore salesman for dog years.), I am willing to put my faith in this CEO because I do share some concerns he brought up about Singaporean attitude to businesses.

As Neo put it, Singaporeans are generally closed up in their mindsets when it comes to starting out in businesses.

In a way, I need the organization’s support and the CEOs’ generous mentoring for success, hence I signed up. Business is a people’s game. You will need to learn from giants, and be among them to be giants. In terms of being office-smart, I am in no way to compare to Neo. In terms of this aggression, or drive, and the mindset, here may my potential be.

But of course, I am still quite unsure… of many things.

The issue is pretty straight forward. The organization is promising a dream, and it is a promise backed up by the underlying financial power and connections; If anyone would need to start up decently, such mentors with sincerity are certainly divine touches one could only dream of. So there is this question if this is indeed possible.

Being in sales for this long… trusting mankind is getting a little harder than usual for me, however. I am not a sceptic by nature, but a sceptic because this society has been most untrustable. I am a good man, no doubt.

But a good man has little value in a society which is kind of competing against morals and virtues for the last bit of interests on this island. There is hence no virtue nor moral nor sound reasonings for trust to fall back on.

I am paying the fee in respect to my own will to succeed, and a vote for the CEO’s championed course. I need that chance. And if the CEO promised the risk to be minimized outright, this fee is nothing but a token of appreciation. After all, the real risk management behind all businesses ain’t through education levels and going to temples for luck. It is still connections, connections and connections.

I know my limitations. If this organization can really make me a success, it can make probably anyone a success or anything comes true.

I want to be successful. And hopefully one day, I can make more struggling souls in this holy shitted world successful as well. And the organization and those people behind it, including me then, will become a legacy.

Nonetheless, all these are merely passionate talks at this moment. Coming to the actual dealings… It is still luck luck luck.Scope and Vicky Zhao Wei.

Valentines’ Day Without Valentine.

This would be the consecutive second Valentines’ Day I have to live through alone. How in Singapore can I find a decent lady for a dinner?

Women have never been my niche, anyway.

I have literally no vices. And I don’t cheat in relationship. However, that simply implies: You are too boring, Scope.

And girls like fun.

The CEO did say when one became rich, he could find the prettiest woman to marry. But if I were to become rich, I probably don’t dare to marry. If sex has been a concern, high class beautiful prostitutes would suffice, why marriage? Not to mention, I have great distaste for prostitutes… and any girls sleeping for money.

Love. I once had. But I didn’t know how to keep it. It was all that I had been finding for all my life. To see the woman you love just beside you was enough, even if it’s outside the bedroom.

I need to succeed for my dreams. But it will also make the search for love ever more challenging. Plenty of women will be drawn to the aroma of abundant cash… so do prostitutes. But I will never feel happy that way.

Maybe next year, my Valentine will be my career.

Hmm… Hopefully Neo won’t forget to ask around if she can get the contact of the Emporium boss. I hope to be able to pay a personal visit to him. People are divided into two kinds… I am one of those who is willing to go after success… when it appears in the horizon. The success of Mr Emporium is certainly not of luck but skills. If there are such skills to succeed, I am interested.

All the very best to myself in terms of romance and career.

Not that I have no drive to go after women… Not a womaniser doesn’t mean I am not manly. Right?