Scope, in the city of Sorrows.
[Nobody’s saying Singapore must be a city of happiness. Anyway, this is Lin Xin Ru and me. And people are saying she is getting uglier nowadays… Not sure if that’s true or not. Who cares? She’s pretty here in the pic, and that’s ok already. Hahaha…]
Last night I read a commentary on the evening papers lamenting what Singapore youngsters not concerned about politics, cannot be bothered about current affairs and the bla bla bla usual nosense.

Scope knows nothing of politics. If you ask Scope who and who in government, you’d probably get the usual answer: Huh?

What is politics? Come on~ Now where got time bother Singapore developments? It is time to see where and how to make the quickest bucks, get sexy enough and attract overseas attention, and from there comes career advancement to eventually start your shop making your first millions (aka personal development). Once election, just anyhow vote.

Scope is rather ignorant and totally untalented in politics, and obviously cannot be bothered too much. Why should some folks find youngsters the need to bother with politics anyway? Civil servants can bother with politics or not? Can they support opposition parties? Can they voice out their unhappiness? Will the elites even care? So publishing this sort of commentary does not seem to be realistic at all on the official media’s side. So why the heck publish in first place?

Daily life already so difficult in Singapore… Politics? Where got time?Huh?
[Rather early Screenshots…: What you talking? Thinking, but catching no ballz lah~]
Cannot huh???
[Eh… …]
Huh, again~
[Aiyah, so chim… Why not I teach you instead? Hehehe…]

People say, I say: Entertainment or Parliament?

I must confess that Scope is not the very clever type, and probably too idiotic to understand politics, so Scope just happily keeps out of it. If you ask me what this policy what that happening and why like this like that and want a debate on that… waliao~ I blur.

Please lah, find someone your own size.

So it is unfair to blame youngsters not to be bothered, but politics is such a chim (deep or profound) branch of affairs that only the smart elites can understand. Youngsters mostly so young, talking about BGRs already enough, how can be expected to bother about what current affairs? The absence of love affairs towards such sophisticated word ‘politics’ is hence understandable. Just as Scope does, most innocently know next to nothing.

Maybe you talk about adultery or what stars have sex with what producer maybe this type of affairs can understand better.

As if it concerns us when the wise government and such popular PM will ensure our future and they can make all the right decisions for us Singaporeans, so why bother in the first place? Not to mention, many of us don’t even take political science in NUS (National University of Singapore). So at most is probably taking some sweet time to enjoy parliament sessions on TV, which is as close as it gets to politics for us. There is a good side of this for Scope because being ignorant and totally uninterested, nobody can slam a possible control on Scope’s blog because of this.

Enjoying parliament on TV is ever more entertaining than before because now can sometimes try to spot the beauty queen. Last time, Singapore parliament only had such profound debates and divine speeches by the sophisticated leaders broadcasted for the world to see. Very boring, right? However, youngsters really are mostly too tired from work or too busy looking for jobs in Singapore to really appreciate the wisdom of the leaders in parliament. But Scope is sure there are plenty of things to learn from such successful individuals.

Sorry, but no time no interest lah~

Why Bother With Politics And Get Into Shits?

Scope the Thinking Ah Beng.Now good question. Sometimes I don’t even understand why people like to talk about politics. Probably because I personally am not good in this field to understand so much about it, that’s why the puzzle. I only know the few names such as Lee Kuan Yew, and this guy was into politics and Singapore said to have succeeded because of him. I bought his books but never got time to read. Read also cannot understand, so cannot blame me.

Now we all know politics is a dirty game. So many governments are corrupted and loaded with idiotic leaders who bullshitted and messed up their nations. Pardon me, but while knowing a bit of such things, if anyone asked me who messed up what in where, I really don’t know. Who is the PM  controlling Taiwan, who is president of Malaysia overlooking the government, who the King behind Australia and who Osama Bin Laden? I only know Osama by the way. Who doesn’t? He is that joker who arranged some crazed fanatics to bombard the very tall towers in UN lah~

Then UN went to bomb Agentina and then sent troops to Iraq and fried Sadist Huddini~ Seems to be like that…

So pityful. Terrorists died, and so many innocent people also die.

Youngsters are cold towards politics, maybe they don’t find any fun in it. Maybe the government can conduct parliament one day in disco or even Esplanade, and MPs can hip hop while presenting speeches under whacky music to spice things up, then youngsters probably will think it is cool and will get interested in politics. Maybe they can just dance and roll out of parliament instead of a bow. And isn’t it cooler if the PM can do some, you know, table top dancing. That will be a number one happening in the world.

Whew~ Just imagine MPs shaking their butts and juggling their documents~

That’s imagination running wild, ok.

But so said, politics lah… No no. Why get involved and got arrested by police, or give yourself chance to offend some big shots? If you are not going to voice out, why bother about politics in the first place? Correct?

Don’t be silly. Youngsters got time, better play PS2 or make money. Politics? Not our cup of copi (slang for coffee). Nothing but troubles, why be busybody? Somemore no monies~

Competitive world leh~ You think what huh?That’s the job of Scope.
[This is a comical presentation. But this CGP is the victim of rushing… One can spot a couple of… problems in this pic. Anyway, I should have tuned down the tone to complement Tony Leung’s coloring. Isn’t my face too bright and satuated…?! Yeah… I know. Hehehe…]

Who Should KPO In Politics?

Ok. It is obvious Scope is politically-innocent-cum-ignorant type. But people such as Xiaxue should be in politics to KPO abit. Notwithstanding her entertaining value and her possibly cool contributions to parliament session, her sexy hit counters would make the very popular incumbent more popular.

I can even imagine such comment: What? Can’t people even afford some fu(king GST is it?

She is definitely the super-P65ers, and government can officially setup a ministry of blog and dump her there to do her usual talking cock. But will taxpayers be subsidizing her other facial treatments? If Xiaxue is going to fix her face on a yearly basis (this year fixed nose, next year sew up mouth, then cut the eyes…), we could end up having another Ryoko Hirosue face in parliament! Just imagine the viewership for parliament session for that…

After all, the Blog Queen is now said to be commanding a regular readership of about 3000. 3000? Isn’t it enough to be the population of some kampong constituency such as Pulau Ubin type? We can even have a new seat created just for her~ Nobody will probably beat her in a election for hottest blogger.

Let’s not complain youngsters generally not bother with politics. After all, the elites are doing such a fine job in caring for Singaporeans, who are the youngsters anyway? We are just nobodies who shall bother with our business and let those parties go after each others. Why get involved? Doesn’t make cow sense either. Getting shits for nothing, so let those specially and expertly selected MPs make all the noises and we can shake legs drink copi waiting for them to serve us. Isn’t this better?

If  got time then read Lee Kuan Yew books, go grassroot events see handsome Lee Hsien Loong, or go BBQ with SM Goh Chok Tong in SICC, but nowadays mostly no time lah~ They all smart guys, not like Scope. Ask where the capital of Thailand, I blur also. Talk about Singapore happenings, we mostly know where to eat lah, buy what lah~ Talk about global things, how can?

Tell me Urumuqi belongs to Russia I also maybe believe…

Yeah, we are all educated. But that doesn’t mean we should waste time in politics. Stand for election? Why not go participate in that “Singapore SuperIdol” better, right?

See? Our type how can be concern about politics or nation or what big fu(k? Ah gong (slang for grandpap) time where got so many mobile phone bills lah, NS commitments lah, GST, ERP, bla bla bla to deal with? No time no energy no talent, so no bother is very normal.

I think that uncle or auntie wrote like that, not very fair leh~ Must understand, they eat more salt than we makan (“Eat” in malay) rice; they after heart attacks don’t mean we also must do so what… Come on~