Scope– Me…The interesting thing about Scope’s blog is this, it is a personal playground, could be considered a display, could be a lab as well, and is jolly well a blog of fun.

In a way, it started out to be a place for me to store some digital photos.

One of the eye-catching things about Scope’s Blog are the CGPs. And one of the main issues in all these CGPs is it expresses not the skills, but the character of Scope. In terms of proficiency in editing skills, there will always be some better professionals. But the point is, just because you don’t know doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

So the whole point is to show the ability to evolve; Scope’s evolution capability, ie.

It is pointless to compare on the editing skills here, say, with that of Xiaxue’s. In a way, there is a difference in style… and probably the ideology behind such CGPs varies from hers as well. Such uniqueness is obvious. Scope doesn’t push so much in the editing skills but to seek venturing beyond the norm in presentations– creativity with a feel.

Simple skills with simplicity, all within the scope of creativity.

I once explained this in Sohu that it is equivalent to two persons who know (eg) the skill of holding a pen. But what would be produced do not really need the extreme proficiency, and it is still the person (and his personality) that matters. Which is why some who are better in Photoshop than I am cannot produce the same sort of CGPs, but are chasing after my ideas and style.

The truth is… I do not know Photoshop. I have NEVER used Photoshop before, not then, not now. But I still came out with a range of evolving products and won approvals for them, anyway.The faces of Scope.
[This is the phase of ‘Going it alone’ in the CGP development. At this phase, the skill gained is enough for some designs to take off, even with Fujiwara out of the picture. Notice the usual Plump Font of ‘Scope’ is not also used.]

Faces of Scope: The Blogger.

I consider it insane if the Blog is to be taken as an 100% accurate albeit partly respresentation of me.

There is a set of ‘beliefs’ and standards Scope observes for various involvements. Say, it would be a different Scope as a real person from that as a Blogger, and yet another as a Blogger from that as a Businessman, and yet another as a Businessman from that as an employee, and so on.

In a way, between a politician and a company CEO and a Mama-shop operator, I would have different standards in expectations, no matter it is behaviors or directions for various Scopes.

This is probably the commonly acknowledged point of blogging. Though, blogs are sometimes taken too seriously if they got involved in politics. Possibly because there is a ‘necessary’ paranoid instinct on the part of the affected parties over such contents. Nevertheless, in China, there are more considerations for hazzle free blogging than could possibly be imagined outside party politics, partly due to the way such technology advances is embraced and the varied workings due to the hierachy culture built upon ‘Guan xi’-related thinking.

A blogger in China must have mental preparations for ‘turbulence’ coming from the seriousness placed on blogs as if it is really some serious online diary hence accurately protraying the blogger.

Actually, who in the right mind would really think Blogs are serious online diaries meant to be private? Nowadays, Blogs are merely sites for various uses. For Stars, Blogs can be kind of free marketing tools. For disgruntled citizens, Blogs can be discussion stations. For some, Blogs are commercial tools.

For those interested on the rough idea of how CGPs in Scope’s Blog are produced, here is a simple illustration.

Scope, the keys to success.
[The Scope-ian look: This is the classic photo taken after somebody (probably some troublemaker) commented at Sohu that “I am too ugly”, of which my simple reply was: “Scope will not go for facial surgery…”. I have wisely never admitted to be good-looking in spite of slews of kinder comments… for a good reason: I don’t think I am good looking, anyway.]

Illustration of doing CGPs: The Super Basics.

Scope CGP step1
OK. You need raw materials, so… of course you take a shot of yourself. Kind of rubbish to say so. Is it not obvious…?
Scope CGP Tutorial Step 2.
Ok. Then you find a picture, probably from some online resources.
Scope CGP step 3.
Then you just cut and paste… As for other tunings and such, this section does not cover. Here, Andy Lau’s face is cut out and mine slotting in…
Scope CGP Step 4
There you are. Thereafter, you can adjust the colors, tones and such and even put in a background. Easy?
Who is that? Scope?
[Just for fun. There is a typo error in this 2-pieces-joke. Spot it? Argh~ This is a rather old piece…]

Scope: The Real Person?

Well, that is none of anyone’s business, anyway. As a blogger, you blog for fun, you be cocky for fun, and you shoot for fun; you can say, reality for Scope is too harsh most of the time and he needs a playground.

You look at the blog you just read for fun. And nobody’s forcing you to read or suggesting you can’t make an argument on anything written. It is one’s own views, and nobody’s the same, hence the views.

I am just someone who wishes to find a place where I can live in peace. And of course, I consider to be able to work overseas a big pleasure, as many Singaporeans would.

In the photos are me for sure, but other than that, this blog represents nothing necessarily of the real person.
[Interestingly, I actually would prefer to do more pictures of such nature. Nonetheless, the popular demand from readers subsequently were more CGPs showing my faces.]