Scope and Hikaruko
[Here is a set of ‘Kirishima Hikaruko’ series of Scope-ian CGPs. The start of a maturing phase of self-presentations at Sohu; a combination of editing and creativity, marking the subsequent elitist image designs that have ‘feel’.]

Recently, a JC girl complained that she was pregnant due to a foreign footballer, and it is not one footballer she had sex with, but several. And interestingly, those footballers interviewed reportedly are hugging more Singaporean girls at the same time.

So Sara was pregnant. But what would those footballers say of this sex partner who had ‘entertained’ them? Nothing good. Those footballers just made excuses in defence and tried to shed as much responsibilities as possible.

And one footballer is reportedly dating a secretary. How interesting. Now who is to be blamed? The footballers or the JC girl, and other girls sucking after the foreign players– of balls and Singaporean girls.Scope and Hikaruko ver2.
[This phase is marked by the evolution of CGPs that experimented style and taste with originality in the simplest designs exploiting existing online materials. Scope begins to show a different side of him through these experiments.]

 The Fu(king Footballers.

It’s  easy to just blame them. After all, they had sex with this local JC girl, and probably many many many more ignorant and stupid local bimbos.

Sara wants to warn other Singaporean girls. But come on… I am sure some people would have warned those silly Singaporean girls who were having sex with those footballers, but obviously this would prove futile.

Can we blame these foreign guys for wanting sex? Not really. They are normal guys with normal libido, and that was the reason why brothels existed across lands and times.

But these guys are sure scumbags. They just treated their sex partners as idiotic toys, and they are downright selfish. Sara was treated as some cheap whore, free sex service to be exact, and she only got $200 from a footballer after much pestering for abortion which costs $650. The excuse offered by the footballer was: I know not who the baby belonged to…

Which implies Sara is not even considered a friend worthy of assistance, no matter that Sara did have sex (for free) with the footballer. And Sara is definitely not the only girls around entangled in such ‘love’ affairs which have no love to begin with.

Scope finds the footballers disgusting, because they obviously never treated those Singaporean girls as humans but just some cheap sex toys…Scope and Hikaruko ver3
[Next to Fujiwara, it is not just to be a ‘model’ for my own blog but sometimes, inevitably so, Scope has to do some funny acts… so as to bring some life into such CGPs. Consider presentation arts… that’s art enough.]

The Snobbish Lover: Sara.

“After a few calls…”
“After knowing for few months…”
“They promised a future… they promised to marry…”

So those are what Sara got for her “sex service”. Can we blame Sara? Yes. She is just like many immature and sort of silly Singaporean teens, going after the “fun and cool” guys or after their dream-worlds from “promising” guys. And many are not able to differentiate good from bad guys or understand the jist of romance.

After all, Singapore is not unknown for the systems and rigidity. Her upbringing is being shared by many more girls in the same mindsets. And I am not refering to Irene Ng who is marrying a foreigner after a barely two months’ affairs.

These girls we are refering to do not respect relationships no matter how they lust for one. They formulate their “rules of romance” very much on superficial social stereotypes and their personal desires based on shallow understandings.

Sara fell because of her Singaporean girl’s trait, not because she reportedly lacked fatherly love. Actually, many other Singaporean girls besides her are ‘after’ those footballers’ non-existent-love as well, based on the same logic and rules and… stereotypes for the Mr Right.

They can’t tell between a duck and a prince. As simple as that.

So Sara got pregnant, and no one will even bother about her abortion, not to say having even the slightest notion of marrying her. And Scope cannot have sympathy on her, because that is what she and her counterparts have wanted in the first place.

It might sound cruel but:
~Wasn’t she enjoying the sensation/vanity of higher class special ‘honor’ of being associated with those foreign footballers?
~Wasn’t she enjoying the company of fun and cool guys?
~Wasn’t she enjoying the promises from better prospects of foreign lands?
~Wasn’t she enjoying the attention showered on her via SMS, and such socialising?
~Wasn’t she enjoying all the possible praises and sweet nothings from such romantic cool hunks?
~Wasn’t she the one choosing to lie to herself right from the start?
~Wasn’t she considering herself mature and know what should be done… and everything was in control?

This is a typical snob in love.

I am quite sure her mother or good friend would have warned her. Perhaps she has chosen to cherish the relationship with those high-class Ang Mohs, and those warnings fell on deaf ears.

Now Sara wanted to warn the girls, but how many Singaporean girls won’t fall for such type of guys: Decent jobs, cool and fun cum foreigner with sweet nothings ready to pour on them.

And Sara wanted to be a teacher. Oh my god… her wish could jolly well come true. She is in JC, the top 20% of her peers, and she could take up humanities in some local university preaching top quality education while hiring educators who were being educated elsewhere other than our top quality education system… and then she could really become the teacher.

Well, here comes another immature teacher in the highly regarded education sector of Singapore…Scope and Hikaruko ver4
[Taking shots of oneself is not easy as some would like to think, especially to go alongside a supermodel as Fujiwara. The fun of such CGPs is you literally come in different shapes and sizes… a simulation of various sides of a person out of the norm, ie.]

Take Love Not Seriously: No Reason To Blame.

Sorry to point out, but how many Singaporean beauties do ‘marry down’? Now think about it. When is the last time you rejected a guy because there is another who fits better in your ‘selection criteria’: Decent jobs, higher social status, fun and cool, very sweet, and with tactical advantages in a package, often promising…

Then how many have been doing so and happily married to subsequently find herself confronting her husband’s mistresses, lovers, and STDs…?

And how many don’t even get to marry after having sex, and how many discover that they are not the only sex partners of their ‘one and only’ at the same time?

And how many, as Sara experienced, are ditched after the ‘fun has ended’?

Actually, how many are really involved in love?

Not many.

Now we all know that Mr One-Eyed-Dragon (aka Mr OED) who had blown a Mr Milk Cow’s brain off (aka MC) with a pistol in an island boasting of high efficiency and no private arms, and now on trial, is also a womaniser. He got himself two women, and ‘played’ many more… mostly prostitutes, I supposed. But his two women are probably better off than Sara and her likes, and those prostitutes at least received payments proper.

Alright, generally, don’t expect love from guys who are not capable of love. But of course, it is not easy to tell who are the great lovers of the world and who are just taking the ladies as some cheap sex options. I am not preaching polygamy but if Sara falls for a married man who really has love for her, it is much better than to have sex with those Ang Mohs who have taken her as some cheap fu[king services…

Always find partners who are capable of love. It seems silly to say so, but in a society as such, many ain’t capable to love.Scope, the Undecided.
[CGPs are not stressing on editing skills, it stresses on the creativity with actually limited skills to ‘fool around’. The underlying test is not how beautiful or exceptional CGPs are, nor how skillful is one with editing, but the manner in which they are created. This CGP is an earlier practising effort before evolution to come out with the Hikaruko series. Here lies the ultimate pursue of arts, not skills. Scope is the pioneer of such Blog presentations.]

Too Easy To Generalize…

It is somewhat ridiculous, however, to just sweep every single Singaporean girl down the drain into the same category. There are special girls who think, and who are wise enough to find men for possible love stories.

There are no losses for Singaporean guys that they are many Saras around. This is just Darwin’s workings in play. Those love-snobs are digested by those skunks we cursed daily, but while they are having the pleasures with such stupid girls, those girls are not really for decent guys who wanted decent girls, anyway; the skunks just fu(k off those undesireable girls, making identifying such love-snobs easier.

Even if all Singaporean girls are love-snobs, Singaporean guys still have foreign options as well. So what is there to fret about?

There is nothing wrong to have sex… There is something wrong only if sex is the one and only thing in a relationship. And it is definitely wrong if sex is to destroy an otherwise happy family.

Basic principles…

Want a fairy tale? You need fairies.

Want a love story? You need a lover, one who is capable of love.

Don’t look or blame elsewhere, do you have love in the first place? Are you capable of it? If you do not, you are just a sex machine.

May all the fairy tales come true…

May all the greatest love stories have a happy ending each…

And Sara… Please don’t be a teacher…