Scope and Liu Yi Fei in this CGP.

[The gal here is Liu Yi Fei, so claimed by Trumpet Song to be a transexual… Hahaha… Would you believe that???]

What is the relationship between Stars and viewers? It includes having personal views on them and sharing such views during tea. You call such exchanges of views gossips.

And inevitably, gossips are formulated not necessarily based on professional standards. After all, the job of a Star is simply to be ‘acting’ like one; a blur between realities and the shiny illusions.

Now imagine only compliments and cheers are allowed, and all other views and discussions are legally banned.  Ok, unimaginable.

Bascially, the Chinese entertainment industry is seeing plenty of such… legal issues. Such as what Stars are threatening to sue what bloggers and what who and who are going to sue that gossip-monger, and so on. Recently, a Taiwanese host also issued a legal threat in the heat of open anger to a China based management.

Actually, the psychology behind all these yellings of legal threats is pretty hilarious. Why?

Not many of them even understand or even appreciate laws in the first place, and hence the logics concerning laws. And once any is fuming with flame of ‘righteousness’ or there are a group of supporters, the mention of “I’d sue you!!!” just dashes out of the mouth all just too easily as if every legal action is just a matter of them right and the other side wrong.

This is similar to crying “I know you killed X, you must be the murderer!!! I’d sue you!!!” with total oblivious to the need to examine the necessary requirements to go to courts: Solid evidence and strong arguments, plus the right stance to take.

Facts and discussions and other materials are all mixed up in the heat of emotions and the so-called publicly supported truths. At times, one can say it is just the selfish and willful inclination to legal methods due to a certain superior mentality at work. Of course, if such mentality is placed in Singapore, it would be disasterous to such plantiffs. Such convenient legal threats are considered silly, childish and most hostile.

They are Stars, not some Satay-men; nobody would talk about Satay-men, but if they are Stars it is natural to have gossips and discussions on them. Observe the stance here. And people who are not even professional editors and media people can’t be sued for failure to comply to professional conduct of coverage.

And here is one ridiculous threat case that reflects the ignorance. There is a case whereby an agitated Chinese Star threatened to sue a blogger who operated overseas! It is as if some stranger be preaching polygamy in some part of Asia and Geoge Bush is damn pissed off and threatens to sue this guy whom Bush doesn’t even know if he is staying in a cave or underwater… It is common sense that you cannot sue someone who operates legally in other lands, and you want him to report to your court just because his action is supposedly illegal in your local court merely due to your own opinions!

I suggest these Stars who cannot take the heat either pursue a legal cert each or just go for more suitable jobs.Scope, the Shadow.
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Here’s the King of Jokers in China.

Who is Trumpet Song that you have come across reading a few times this far? Following are the CGPs on him.  

Scope’s handiart on Song.
[This is the sexist moment of Song Zude, thanks to Scope, of course.]
It is well known in the circles that Song is… not that Manly. But the issue is, he is also rumored to be a womaniser. Well, no problem about that, because he also deals in sex-drugs.
Scope’s CGP on Song II.
[The earlier CGP depicting Song’s heck-care attitude towards protests and trashings to his talking-cocks on mega Stars.]

One can say he is the Xiaxue in China. The only difference is Xiaxue does not deal with mega stars while Song does. He is infamous for cooking up tales from dubious sources in his blog. Actually, whether he is talking the truth or otherwise, it is pure entertainment to the readers.

Of course, he doesn’t seem to mind lawsuits… perhaps even if it is from Stephen Chow.

Many do scold and insult him for his nosense but he probably thinks that’s the way it should be for the attention he is getting.