Scope and Lin Xin Ru.

[CGP: Me and Lin, flying to some deserts for sun bathing… in me veritech fighter…]

This is merely my personal suggestions to WordPress. We must agree that Wordpress has indeed a good environment as compared to many other hosts, especially when it comes to beginners’ customizing of the blogs.

However, Scope is wondering on certain blogging issues… Perhaps WordPress may find them useful.
Scope Smith…
[This is the earlier CGP when I started learning to edit pictures…]

There are several issues here I would like to talk about:

It is rather sad that surfers seem to be stingy to leave a note of existence through comments. How can a ‘link’ be created for bloggers to visit others’ sites with everyone shutting up? The smart Chinese bloggers usually leave down their comments so that visitors can trace the links left by the commentors to their blogs, from there they make friends and probably introduce their own articles to a steady bunch of friendly readers.

Visitors are hence encouraged to increase two-ways traffic by commenting generously. WordPress could encourage visitors to begin commenting rigorously and network more.

WordPress-based Users’ Visits Display.
At Sohu, all Sohu registered users who visited a blog would be listed down and displayed on a widget. This is an important ‘marketing’ tool for individual’s marketing efforts.

Categorizing Bloggers.
Existing tags are useful, but bloggers are generally divisible by the communities they are interested in or working in. Putting them in various categories and creating communities would ensure a basic traffic due to interactions among the same kinds. It can be easily done by letting bloggers to indicate which 1~3 communities their blogs are tending to.

Featuring Unique Blogs in Contest.
It will be easier to do so with various communities set up. There will bound to be some blogs who are special not always because they talk about IT and technical stuffs. Some blogs are special in the way they present themselves, as actors in movies would. If there are such special blogs, WordPress gains the advantage by featuring them for the world to have a look. This works better than relying on pings which can generate a list anything from 1000~10,000 blogs… Bloggers can also submit their URLs to various categories for frontpage display. Sohu does a very good job on this, but guan-xi just skewed things… a little too much.

Advertising for WordPress.
Advertisers usually need to target a group of attention instead of a whole chunk. If there are clear communities within WordPress, WordPress can host advertising efforts for various entities. And we can also promote individual’s advertising efforts by offering such widgets to do so.

Flashing of Arts and photos.
It is very obvious that Scope’s Blog would deal alot in the edited arts I term as CGPs. At Sohu, they have an internal photo album tool where all the pictures of a blogger can be stored in and widget for such display, and you can put them at the top as if creating a huge movie screen. Of course, this requires a huge investment. So this is just a side suggestion.

200 Most Recent Updates or Newly Created Accounts Listing.
This is also a very important marketing tool which rendered so by the availability of Users’ Visits Display function. WordPress may consider having the lists as well.

It is very difficult for me (and I don’t know why) to drag the various pictures into places without resorting to drag in Code mode instead. But that is alright. Actually it would be better if we have fonts options for 1. Underline and 2. Colors and Background colors of fonts, and perhaps with 3. Font style choices included as well. It is just too bad for a non-technical blogger to face a limited choice of font options… isn’t it?

I hope this suggestions could help WordPress in a way to become the ultimate blog hosting environment for bloggers globally.Tony Leung and Scope.
[The era of cos-play (whatever that spelling is…) CGPs. Left is Tony Leung and right… Yeah right, that’s Scope.]

Something You Maybe Should Read.

1. This is a site that is not necessarily sticking to any truths or aiming to protray the realistic side of Scope (Me lah~).

2. So some of the expressions are designed according to certain marketing principles. I rather be cocky than dull… but I am too proper to be cocky at times, so… …

3. None of the pictures and contents shalt be commercially used without me prior consent.

4. Visitors (You of course) are encouraged to leave a comment each so that I may visit you as well.

5. Since this blog is not expected to be taken seriously, Scope intends no legal offences nor wants any troubles from over-sensitive and petty cracked-brains.

6. Many people had asked me to do CGPs and such for them. Please lah… good things don’t come cheap, not to say FREE.

7. At Sohu, I usually update at an average intervals of 3~5 days. Unless you want to pay me for quicker updates.

8. If you want to send me money or declare love or elect me as president or what, feel free to email me or drop me a comment. Things like borrow money, borrow rubber bands, or ask me join coalition forces in Iraq… Maybe try someone else.

9. No. I am not some Hong Kong Movie Stars. Yes. There are people who thought I am cos of the CGPs, but I am not. I basically talk cock here.

10. Like many Singaporeans, I am interested for any career opportunities somewhere in the globe. I don’t have the best resume, yet. But I’d have one if I find that career that’s as great as WordPress.

11. If you wanna throw eggs after reading this, feel free to; not my monitor anyway.

12. I am ONLY and ONLY interested in the female specie.

Last but not least, no blame me no telling you…