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“Who the fu<k is Xiaxue?!”

While it is true most Chinese on the globe would probably not know who is Xiaxue, the popular blogger at, it would be unlikely to come across one who doesn’t know this name: Andy Lau.

This mega movie star who is probably well over 50yo now is still enjoying mega awards and incredible doses of fame and his popularity spans across borders within the global chinese communities. If there were to be a politician with his kind of popularity and the world is to elect a leader, such politician is bound to win hands down.

And if there is anyone with the mouth to swallow this elected leader, with total disregards if his bad breathe will indeed kill, that would be the China producer Song Zude (Pronounced as “Zhu Der”), also known as one of the billion-hits blogger who started out at Sohu and branched out to Sina blog.

Song Zude seems to be also kind of an enemy to Stephen Chow, perhaps because of the disputed Star Huang Sheng Yi, who was groomed by Stephen but who has turned hostile towards Chow subsequently. The background of Song Zude is rather dubious but he was known to come from a humble farming village.

It was on 15th Jan that our “Trumpet” Song Zude exposed news that Andy Lau was walloped on 13th Jan in a hasty brawl by men carrying bats. This reportedly happened right after TVB hosted a Stars Award.Scope
[This is definitely not Andy Lau. It’s just look-alike. And it’s me face. The exact proceedure will be introduced in WordPress later.]

Why must Andy Lau retire?

One reason offered by Trumpet Song for the attack is Andy Lau’s continuous efforts in this entertainment industry… which is ridiculous to most as a reason to make sense with, especially when he is kind of in his “Prime” no matter his age in this industry.

After all, he does work hard to groom himself.

However, what Trumpet Song mentioned is not totally baseless if one understands the situation in the current China-Hong Kong entertainment industry. Of course, whether the reason is solid is just about anybody’s guess.

Andy was rumored to make his first mark due to his leading role as “Yang Guo” in the drama series “Romance of the Legendary Condor Heroes” because of the chance Chow Yun Fatt offered him. Chow Yun Fatt had a smooth career in the industry and was hot already at that time. His naming of Andy Lau for the leading role which subsequently hit a success opened up all the doors for Andy Lau in the years ahead to now where in the middle of his acting career, he also began to sing.

Andy was a terrible singer, particularly at that time when voice and the biting of words meant a lot more unlike these days when Jay Chou’s infamous mumblings can hit top charts. His strong Cantonese accent in his middle age for mastery of Mandarin songs was one of the issues for his singing efforts.

Due to his popularity, his first album made it and as market’s taste changed with time alongside with his personal influence at work and efforts to improve, Andy Lau’s singing subsequently became more and more acceptable till today. He is still the magnet to awards for both acting and singing, especially in competition with the newcomers to the block.

Since the day China opened up, cheap labor flooded the world. And such include the many ‘Stars’ graduating from hundreds if not thousands of performing arts courses conducted by official schools previously for the Red Army. In fact, many of the existing actresses currently or previously holders of an army rank each with them.

One can only imagine the number of hunks and beauties produced for the already declining movie industry each year as piracy crept in at the late 80s, when technology advances were tearing down certain cost barriers both to movie production and replication.

Under such high competition , there is no need of honor or luxury for fighting on equal grounds. In fact, prostitution was known to be rampant within the circles either raw or under the guise of BGRs for Stars-wannabes to gain opportunities to participate in the lucrative industry. This messed up trend is escalated and reinforced as China became the world factory with wealth pouring into China from all over the world.

Such create a class of super rich people where power and wealth concentrate, and with not much to restrain them, standards of behaviors are defined according to the fancies of some. And when it comes to the sexy entertainment industry where hunks and beauties are killing each other to rush in, there is no need telling who would make the difference in who gets the cheese and otherwise… and how.The Men.
[The Men, left to right: Andy Lau, Scope, Tony Leung]

The Celebrated Heroes of Chinese Entertainment Industry. 

Andy Lau thus possibly poses a nuisance to the many managers who are dying to make more than a dollar by grooming their own artistes. In certain commercially motivated awards sessions, huge amounts of funds changed hands behind the curtains. But for the more prestigous awards that the Stars who are just a step away from being mega are drooling after for the honor and glory (hence the huge boost to their market values for the managing companies), these awards are not what usually which money can buy.

So if the powerful batch such as Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Jacky Chan and Stephen Chow will not retire from competition, the further promotion of certain Stars are delayed for an indefinite length of time. And in this glamor industry, time means aging, aging means decreasing chances.

And when corporate-style competition set into such an industry very much in an own world and regulations of its own, if hooks cannot remove competition, there is no restraining for crooks to do the trick.

Anyway, Jacky Chan now produces his own movies, so is Stephen Chow. Jet Li and Chow Yun Fatt attempted Hollywood, while Tony Leung is well-known to take things pretty easy. One of the few remaining power which blocks the paths to both acting and singing awards would glaringly be Andy Lau, who is apparently not about to slow down as yet. Not only that, Andy is also into producing of his own movies, which will pose challenges to more competitors.

So it is no wonder perhaps for Trumpet Song to arrive on such a conclusion. Nonetheless, violence has not been unknown of in the Chinese movie industry. It used to be directly from organised triads, and Andy Lau was known to have been forced at gunpoint to participate in a movie in the past.

Andy Lau’s manager has nevertheless denied such attack ever had happened. But whether there was or not an attack, we can expect Andy Lau to push on in the industry. After all, he has gone through too much in life to just willingly give up now.

He is the reminder for all of us that the glorious time of the Chinese entertainment industry ever did exist. Hopefully, all are well.