Scope’s faking Chow Yun Fatt.

[Wrong guess if you think that’s Chow Yun Fatt’s face… It’s Scope’s. It is an earlier CGP with only the face changed , and an earlier addition of ‘Scope’ in edited pics.] 

Reportedly, Mr Chow Yun Fatt has a fortune of about S$200,000,000. It was reported that many stars held vast fortunes stashed away but ended up gambling to poverty, including the late Hong Kong Star, Mr Cao Da Hua.

In this era when Chinese movies industry is on the decline and the entertainment circles become a huge mess, Stars who have the ability to realise the dreams of better standards for the industry should aim to do more.

Opportunities require capitals, and to groom top rated directors and crews plus really appropriate idols require giants such as Mr Chow to invest. Together, they can create the right environment for talents to a better future for this now gloomy industry.

It is reported that Mr Chow Yun Fatt actually has the intention of donating away his large fortune to charities eventually. One can imagine the droolings of many Durai-alikes still at large to such possible prospects.

Mr Chow made his mark from the industry, why would he not try to pull it up while he still can? With his influnces and wealth, he can help create wonders by teaching and grooming more aspiring new bloods!

Naturally, I hope he can reconsider his inclination on the fate of his wealth. If he would invest in the industry, he would create many more career prospects that would help more people more meaningfully. And he would go down brighter in the history of Chinese entertainment industry for that.

If he can just invest S$50,000, I can produce my own drama series!

Just too bad.Scope in fantasized fire.
[It was the Final Fantasy attempt which was not final for Scope. In times to come, such ridiculous and more powerful CGPs would awe many at Sohu…]

Hit and Run Creep: Christopher Lee.

He is the boyfriend of Fann; both are artistes of Mediacorp. Many years back, Christopher Lee was accused of molesting a popular Hong Kong actress, Chen Song Ling. When they were still shooting the drama, I was there as an extra. I can still recall how two male c0-actors kind of gave Christopher the cold shoulders during rest time at a night scene.

Frankly, I suppose Christopher is one of those who got what it took to be big after Lee Nan Xing. And Lee Nan Xing, Chen Wen Yong, Huang Yi Liang, Zhu Houren and Zheng Geping are the few male actors I find acceptable. Of course, you cannot compare them to the top notch stars from Hong Kong.

Oops~ Do you know Lee Nan Xing was a Lance-corporal driver in SAF? And he is usually on ‘low key’ for many many many years. How do I know? That you don’t need to know.

This is unfortunate that Christopher has drunk this much and driven himself into seriously threatening others’ lives and yet, simply tried to evade responsibilities by running away. Those injured could have died without immediate care!

That is too bad for Christopher if it is true. Who never made mistakes? But running away from helping victims he victimized is an act of cowardice and reflects the irresponsible trait in him.

This time, he plays the Creep. 

Yet in local dramas, he usually is protrayed as a hero… If there is a defence on him claiming “Oh, he’s just human after all…”, then he should be selling roti prata instead.

Luck. Luck is important for all in the fame business.Mean and not nasty.
[One of the most… impressive earlier CGPs done… Combining real Scope face to a 3D character… Yup~ Part of the learning process.]

Xiaxue with a Capital Letter X.

Honestly, I have never written anything about her in my 106 articles during the time I blog at Sohu, and that’s not because I know she won’t fall for a guy like myself. Simply, most mainland chinese can’t acess blogger blog from China to know she even existed.

Besides, I naturally prefer Norika Fujiwara who played the role of Kirishima Hikaruko in the drama “Love With Superstar”. Boyz… Hikaruko is just dream comes true.

But certain respect must be given to this little girl with an attitude, and obviously making part of Singapore sick with the foreign imported Ang Moh boy boy. Nay… I fully accept this fair skin, especially because she is not my daughter. Xiaxue’s kind of bimbo display of Singaporean girls to the world is so incredible… as if offering an explanation to the world by yelling of why local guys are increasingly prefering decent foreign beauties.

Literally, you can’t expect me to believe that’s the real her… that she even desires to be raped by a handsome pervert. If she is blogging in Sohu, she’d probably be whacked upside down already by the massive oriental busybodies. I do somehow respect her courage to put up such a chaotic display for such public entertainment. Frankly, I can never imagine myself to go that extent if I were a girl.

You can even go to say that she is somehow crazy, and the entire United States could probably think Singaporean girls are lusting after rapists~ and that’s the unreal part, of course.

It appears that clones of Xiaxue’s ways are appearing just for the sake of such ‘success’. But… oh my god… what are they going to do with all those fame? Certainly they ain’t qualified to be Sun Yen Tsu, or would they really believe they can is anybody’s guess. We already have many ‘weird’ idols and ‘stars’ in Singapore. And this, we can’t wholly blame on mediacorp because they are the precise products of Singaporeans, and perhaps some American busybodies, reflecting poor tastes.

I am real sorry to be honest about that.

There is no need to attack her crazy display or her ridiculous attitude; after all, she seems happy at it and that is probably what draws more envy than justifying attacks which are getting dusty.

In terms of ‘playing’ blog, we must acknowledge that this little girl has made herself a cozy place in history; and China would have to play catch up with her on this one, ie. if they ever would consider girls as herself politically correct to protray a civilization thousands of years older than Singapore’s.

Hopefully, Xiaxue’s dream is not Singapore’s nightmare.