Vision of Love.
[Hehehe… The Romance of Scope. That’s only as real as the CGP indicates… The gal is Lin Xin Ru.]

43yo MP Irene Ng marries 62yo Scotsman Graham Berry.

There is something significant about this hot sexy encounter now rolling all the way to the church on red carpet. MP Irene Ng belongs to PAP, a party which is known for the various legal battles for at least a decade. She is the first single to be married off to a foreign guy during office.

And the romance is an efficient 2 months affairs.

See? The point is many Singaporeans are now interested or already engaged in cross-borders marriages and for more than a decade, parliament has incredibly done little on the migration issues and many families are consistently being affected while generating huge and constant bad karma along the way.

And yet, it is acknowledged by the incumbent that Singapore would be a migrant society.

While MP Irene is rich enough to pull ICA’s hands off her union, and carries the elite label which is now scorned by not just a handsful of Singaporeans, many Singaporean families are not as lucky. It is widely hoped that her marriage will at least drive in some sense to the Singapore government.

Naturally, her marriage to a 62yo Scotsman now becomes a point of trashings online by those whose mentality have supported ICA behaviors on such unions but of lesser influence and wealth.

On the humane side, Scope sends his most sincere well-wishes for the marriage, hoping that Irene’s taste of happiness would push her forward to create more happiness for the people whom she and her colleagues are suppose to care for.Me thinking.
[The Thinker: This is just a photo. But it was my earlier attempt in… photography with a slight consideration to atmosphere.]

Mr Tien’s Inspiring Recent Blog Posts.

Well, while many Americans could have known who the hack are Jacky Chan, Jet Li and even Chow Yun Fatt, regretfully, there is someone who is really pushing the standards of Chinese movies to catch up with Hollywood whom the world should know but is still pretty much left in the cold.

This guy is Stephen Chow.

And his movies are ridiculously hot and madly powerful in comparison to the current standards of the Chinese entertainment industry. And due to uncertified reasons, there are plenty of negative news unleashed on Chow. Actually one good guess is his company now trying to expand into China. As a Hong Kong counterpart (although he was reportedly from Ningbo, China), he was reportedly getting troubles from a China Star, and naturally her Guan-Xi, he was grooming.

If one understands China’s entertainment circles, Stephen himself would have plunged himself into a field of ‘guan-xi’ and sentiments and power-plays in the first place. All sorts of news and allegations were poured upon Stephen, naturally from China.

While he is indeed talented, he is also known to be ‘tough’ in his stance, which does not bond well with China’s current environment.

Tien’s recent posts seem to be addressing my issues for moving the blog out of Sohu… or, perhaps as some mentioned by comment/s in those postings, he could be talking about Stephen and company. But we all face roughly the same issues anyway, so it does not matter whether Tien’s two postings are targeting whose issues.Finally my fantasy.
[Scope hugging Tifa. You can only imagine the protests then from young admirers of Tifa when this CGP was published…]

Sincere Invitation for Setup in Singapore.

Actually, in view of the current situation of China entertainment environment, I have made very sincere invitations to Tien to consider branching out their operations to Singapore as well.

Who is Tien? He is Stephen Chow’s manager cum partner for many years. Singapore’s environment would make their company a mamouth and a leader in southeast asia, almost just too easily. Alongside the smaller operations would be more resources along the way and the company can make use of the English speaking Chinese culture in Singapore to push inward to the Western market, which includes Hollywood.

And the strict legal environment here would mean the company would have lesser headaches with nosenses and should anything happen in China, they would have something to fall back on. Besides, Singaporeans are easier people to manage than most counterparts everywhere else because they are in a cosmopolitan setting preaching tolerance to differences.

Of course, when Stephen and Tien do come, they have to put their status superiority aside and adapt to the locals’ open and more equal society. Which is probably shown in Chow Yun Fatt VS China Producer case, whereby Chow’s wife just throw in the lawyer. Out of China, the world operates differently. And inside Singapore, it is so as well… however with certain Singaporean uniqueness. One can say, Singapore is a stricter verison of Hong Kong.

From the rejections Hong Kong Governor got from a lowly-paid Singaporean auntie shopkeeper, Tien must observe that subtle but significant difference in the Singaporean society from that of other nations. Respect is a two-ways business.

Stephen can also sign up those artistes from anywhere to his Singapore branch and hence under Singapore’s contract laws.

In short, it is everything to gain if Tien decides to branch out to Singapore. Stephen could even obtain government concessions if he does branch out to Singapore.

Last but not least, their company can even go on listing in Singapore. And it can become another Shaw Brothers in the current settings. Of course, I would definitely apply to join the local setup.

Hopefully, this will create an avenue for more talented people to be groomed and force the local media industry to buckle up.