Romance of the Century

[Scope and Ryouko Hirosue. Sorry to Zhang Zi Yi, if there is  to be an Ultimate Asian Beauty, that’d have to be Ryouko.]

Finally, a blog host that works. After deciding to move from Sohu to a more liberal environment for free-spirited blogging, the first host after Sohu was unfortunately experiencing some technical errors and no files could be uploaded.

But that leads Scope to WordPress which is amazingly a much more conducive environment than I could have expected since Sohu. Indeed, one must marvel at Sohu’s innovations in the blogging experience. The only problem is the existing culture that is unique in China’s blogging world.

Actually, Scope’s blog is probably one of the first of its kind in China blogging history with ridiculously incredible edited arts of self (or Creative Graphic Presentations– CGPs). If there is to be a blog of great character, it would have to be Scope’s. As shown in the CGPs here; it happens to be one of my favorites.Super Scope
[You know… I always think Asians also need a superman. The problem is, creative men are always prospering outside Asia and dying in Asia to create a proper one… And obviously, we need Superman in Asia more than USA. I am on it.]

Culture Shocks: Experience China.

The mainland bloggers are generally friendly. But Sohu is constantly under tremendous pressures from celebrities and other influences over basic blog operations. And over in China, artistes are in a league of their own.

While it is quite normal you get a camera and start a drama club or something related or even go for such competitions, this seems exclusive in China… and it is huge money involved in the world-factory drawing in huge amounts of funds from all over the world to the entertainment industry. In a way, in an already controlled media with a nationalistic population, the involvement of celebrity bloggers complicates the already complicated scenario.

Celebrities do draw a huge crowd and increase the hit counts. But celebrities are not normal bloggers and each have their own concerns on publicity and views on blogging. Blogging increases their exposures to the public, no matter if only 10% would come in touch with them via blogs it’s still exposure. And in China, even 1% is a considerablen number with a population in the terms of billions.

Needless to say, China is yet far from a liberal society with it still trying to open up and younger minds coming into the scene with their older and more conservative generations around as well. So there are certainly such ‘surprises’ that photos management for instance, certain mainland chinese would assume vanity on your part if you put your photos up on the site for display while it is quite normal everywhere else to make a blog serves as a personal photo album.

For this issue, the introduction of CGPs as the ones shown here transforms such perception of vanity to that of creativity.

In a way, China takes blogs somehow too seriously, no matter if it is an informal media in cyberspace where one could just spout nosense of what expressions and manners differing from the behaviors in reality. At least this attitude seems dominant to a certain group of people.

The crazy part is, the understanding of legal issues is sometimes so amazing that it can even ride on sentiments and untested logic. Actually, sentiments decide the outcomes of many decisions in China as relationships matter a lot more than the appreciation of laws and hence reasonings.

It is good and bad. It is good when you are lucky and you got the right friends and associates; it is bad when something happens and no one bothers about what is right or wrong through reasoning and sentiment is on fire. I guess they find the world strange as the world find China mysterious in turn.

Actually, it is just cultural differences which affect perceptions and workings in life. But I have noted a significant change as compared to 10 years ago. Younger mainland bloggers are even seen to be using Japanese languages in their blog titles– naturally a taboo since War World II.
Infernal Affairs with me faking in it.
[This is the very classic piece of CGP which is followed by many more Scope-ian Styled CGP-creations ushering in an era of tons of compliments and cheers from countless China readers… hence moving a step forward for self-marketing/display. You can say Scope could be the pioneer and leading blogger in this field in China.]

The Arrival of Hack-Care Scope: Back to the world for the world.

What happened at Sohu, I decide to keep it for the moment to myself, till perhaps later in life. There is always a time for everything. Isn’t it? 

Summary Stats @Sohu since 30/3/2006 for 106 postings:

Hit counts: 56,578 Comments: 5628 + 400 over messages.

Chinese New Year is coming, may my luck finally shines brightly ever after as I have really been a tough luck for a long long time…

All the best to myself!