Mummy’s Boys In Autumn

Where do I start?

There have been plenty of ‘news’ flooding cyberspace, but most are worthless. I have been verifying the rumors with intelligence, and I have little intention to waste time on cooked stories of media from both sides to stir sentiments. While I do favor Ukraine babes… I am very much aware of their irrational approaches to things, and especially in this issue… of many already killed, and lives destroyed, and now… a Ukraine ruined. And I least want fellow Singaporeans in this European show… because most, if not all, have little understanding of Europe beyond internet exposures and their touring of the cities, and perhaps throwing in some ‘important’ friends of no relevance.

The moronic toads of a little well are not needed in such time of critical intensity… in Europe or even in Singapore itself.

Which is, during the later events of Singapore of an eventual chaos… I expect the island of morons groomed by PAP governance over the decades to push chaos to high heavens, and I’d come in to deal with the mess myself. You want money, you have your money… just get lost when I am dealing with the mess.

By now, even the most idiotic would have discovered somehow somewhat, Ukraine’s little mess isn’t like Georgia’s… nor of Gaza’s or Iraq’s, just that most, if not all, still won’t have an idea what exactly it is…

There have been doubts about my involvement in this ‘World Cup’ at the pro-Russian side, but whatever doubts Strelkov had about my intention, Putin darling should be able to make him understand, if not then then later.

About a few years ago… I actually warned people from Ukraine that they will be bathing in blood… as I have only recently warned some Taiwanese online smart alecs the same. And yes… the usual response…

Mockeries. Hehehe~

It’s always such kick which is entertaining. It’s about the same in Singapore… Kate may know, or by now realize, a little… Siping dearie is probably still ‘like that’ as some of her peers may tell her about me chanting crazy things online… LOL~

Woman I love and a friend I valued… It just explains why people like myself can’t click… with an entire pen of billions of idiots who think they are smart as God to judge.

bambooingKate… She recently updated her Facebook pic publicly, the sight of such a familiar face stirred my heart, clashed against the high spirit of the recent months watching this ‘World Cup’… She has aged, those little lines from her eyes are showing even in those low resolution pics… Heartbroken, but still I have no exact reason why I fell for her since that very moment we met… some 20 years ago. It is really funny… unexplained… illogical…

The love of an alien for a human…

If I had called her, dated her, married her after I had her number… a lot of things would have changed with my love for her; and I won’t be able to watch this freak show with her nagging… of a typical Singaporean woman. Not to mention… she is a Singaporean Christian, and local Christians… are really ‘a sight of Godly technical wonder’. The European Christians at least have some shame, local fake Christians have none but relentless nonsensical defensive rubbish going on non-stop… which I usually dealt a full-stop the way I handled Lawrence the Great.

I don’t have time for nonsense… and I have little tolerance for nonsense as well.

I don’t pray like those Christians murdered by ISIS folks against bullets instead of getting a bullet-proof vest; that’s Sulu, not me.

Nobody can imagine me taking coconuts sitting on a sampan to try locate enemy movements, ie.

In Singapore… morons is one issue, crazed fanatics is another. I have nothing against religions, but religions are supposedly to help mankind and build a better society, not producing goons who sin in the name of their gods, shaking an artificially created bible to tell me my love for a married aging woman is wrong, and judge everything with cracked brains… To be honest, I am so surprised about my endurance so far against those bomohs, fake Christians and other jokers now flooding this tiny hellhole deprived of basic ounce of logic.

But of course… if this were to be a Utopia, the fuck am I to become the New Father of Singapore?

Which is… if Loong doesn’t fail in this manner, the fuck have I gotten a job in wait?

Obviously, I have nothing against Christianity or Mr God; Mr Jesus was betrayed by a fellow Christian, not me; he was nailed to the cross by the creations of Mr God… and fake Christians had been fighting against archangels as archangels came to toast them.

Of all women… I can’t praise Kate, I can’t be too sweet to her… … And that little funny mysterious anger towards the church booms whenever I think of her.

It is no longer the boring lull, everything must proceed smoothly… and it is lucky that she updated during the break… towards the finale of this show in Ukraine; her existence threatens sanity, and no matter how rational it is, I cannot remove her as the others are removed. Which makes her a serious threat to the equation… a serious risk that God may not eventually allow…

Worse, as chaos is approaching this tiny well of morons, I’d be placed in a passive position on the defensive if the Elders do have some plans for her…

Just as Bella Swan is to Edward… his favorite brand of addiction, no matter how much I want her, I can only hope she’d be happily stuck in a mortal marriage… and permanently deny myself from her.

Sad but hilarious… … This divine arrangement may be the best for both of us.

I can handle an eternal heartbreaking. Not a problem… …


Can I imagine her in my company watching the gore of this ‘World Cup’? She is more into those balls kicked around on stupid fields… …

Meanwhile, Siping dearie has gone to Europe… flying around when MH17 was shot down. She doesn’t… and won’t understand why I raised my eyebrows when she told me where she was going. Mortals… … Gullible people are the most fortunate, because they have no idea of the dangers they are in, and they are always happy being blind; ignorance can be a bliss. Recon planes from Britain have been chased all the way through Sweden by the Russians… and by now, about 200 Russian fighter jets have finished their ‘exercise’ and based around southern Russia.

Not to mention we have fighters of both sides in this war from Eastern Europe… and Alaska is seemingly not spared.

And this war is only the beginning… After which, the gear will shift up.

And yes… at this time, luckily Mr Shamugan is the foreign minister… and from recent observation, Singapore is getting itself stuck in this global shit… … just as expected. Just because goons are labelled as talents doesn’t mean they are even close to normal IQ. Singapore has just celebrated its National Day with the display of some toys… ignorant toads are croaking as the entire society fights desperately for money and more money… while Singapore is losing precious blood by the billions to the West and China…

By the time Siping dearie returns, it is about time to make some trips…


…how I wish I can have her in my arms, see her grow old, see her blushing as she always had before me, listen to her shaky voice… … how I wish I can look her in the eyes, and tell her every morning, noon and night… what she already knows.

Calculating… … I still have one more month before the Pacific show starts, thereafter… I’d need to pray that Kate be locked steadfastly in my heart. Ukraine’s situation is ‘simple’… with the combined capabilities in politics, global relations, economy… and military, plus all sorts of other ‘sciences’, unlike those goons in Singapore, it is not hard for me to follow, especially with God’s intelligence… But I can’t say so for the coming Pacific show because it’d be much more confusing to the mortals than Ukraine’s mess… … If those morons in Singapore are feeling insecure about flying due to MH17, they may have to start swimming when the Pacific show starts officially.

Nicole baby is in Thailand… ‘building her life’ as she put it… After about 3 months, it’s about time to let her have hands-on education on politics. When she first jumped into the arena, some folks showed me her political thesis or whatever from her NUS political science education asking me to support her because of those papers… I laughed, and honestly didn’t read… or I read a bit, but didn’t really care to remember. I think Nicole baby can understand my reaction by now. If not… which is why I want her to grow faster… fast enough.

I like smart people… not smarties.

For Nicole baby… I am more concerned about her ‘soul’. Unlike another smart element, Nicole baby’s technical functions are really limited, or ‘specialized’. For a girl like her… be it love or politics, some stumbles is actually better. She is growing, but… she is far from ready. I don’t need her to be perfect. That’d be too demanding. But she’d need to be at least sufficiently competent for her role. In a sense, I need someone like her very much… All the more I am not willing to see her wasted.

For decades… I have been watching brats… those hot-air mini ‘gods’ recklessly jumping in… Perhaps there will be much better modified Nicole babies coming into the ring, better versions, better ‘CPUs’, but…

…I don’t believe in luck. This is after all, a cultural desert flooding with Roys, Hui Huis, Robert Tehs… …

If the whole mess in Thailand can modify her, that’d help her to come to me instead of me ‘making embarrassing advances’.

It is said that great minds think alike. To be honest… I am too rational to expect Nicole baby to reach such capability that I can eventually just dump everything to her.

Am I asking too much?


Shopping for a team is not easy… and you cannot afford to be easy. WP is steadily growing… Wonderful.

The entire Asia is going to be a very interesting playground…

I so fucking like it.


Donbass… Donbass… …

Before mid 2014, I was carrying the portfolio… despite an archangel overseeing Asia, I am ‘experienced’ in the affairs of the Caspian region… not to mention, I am actually the XXXX behind a slew of organizations in the middle-east… The portfolio was dumped to a newbie, while I freed myself to participate online just like those soccer fans yelling and cheering for their teams at World Cup. I reckoned it wise to give the newbie a good exposure… since everything has been already more or less settled.

After mourning for the coming deaths, I sat back and watched the blood started spilling…

This little meddling exposes my political, international relations, economic and military capabilities… which is no longer an issue. The way that I look at this war, and how I’d conduct it shows the difference between God’s army and mortals’. This little game has three possible endings:

1. Russian victory;

2. Everything back to status quo;

3. Ukraine’s victory.

As I have ‘hinted’ to TS way back, this show will likely end in about six months… and as in the then booming craze about Syria, I did say I won’t be bothered about it before another six months… not without a reason. In a war, the lousiest generals only look at the machines and armies… the best generals calculated everything possible, from military to diplomacy to weather to logistics to timing to leadership to economics to… …

As many sentimental creatures are yelling out there for the dead and Russian aids… I was watching this show without much emotions, dropping in ‘leads’ at critical times and seeing how things go.

As towards Loong… or Premier Xi or anybody, I did not expect much ‘respect’ or to be heard. The media on both sides are flashing chaotic news…

When the war first erupted, it was pretty much like the dawn of the American Civil War… and I was even asked ‘Do you know about WWII/Nazis’ history’? LOL~

Come on… …

I was already reading into V2 during WWII and all those histories across the world from before teenage. It was so obvious, that they knew not who I am. The rise of Hitler, and before the rise of Hitler, and the development of Fascism… the various European histories all covered more or less, but not memorized… But this is not relevant to current European politics and war but for their own propaganda which I have totally no intention to get involved in, especially when more and more people are killed during the media war. My main interest is really to observe how the Europeans ‘function’ during such time of emergency…

If this were to be another Georgia, I won’t be there. But it is not, and proved not to be.

Russian victory is the expected outcome… and at this time, it goes alongside my interests as well.

[Kick Off] When the Ukraine army wasn’t that prepared, I suggested nation-wide guerilla warfare while ‘fortifying’ Slavyansk to drag the main Kiev offense… which units would spread out like spores and mushroom in various cities making shelling any cities or towns more or less redundant while military targets will be exposed to ‘ghosts’. But from armed gang fights, DNR developed into more or less a conventional force as Kiev forces became more ready to pull the triggers and civilian casualties ‘accepted’ as a norm; and many sympathetic/supportive towards pro-Russian course are stuck in various cities outside Eastern Ukraine.

DNR ended up with a pretty long line to fend with limited forces… …

The intent of Russia… or pro-Russians however wasn’t the same with mine.

In my ‘strategy’, immediate guerilla warfare aims for Kiev direct, removes the need to shell so many areas to ruins, lays siege to Kiev as various groups of guerilla units gather after keeping various cities and towns ‘busy’ just before winter strikes, forces the removal of Poroshenko, brings back Viktor to hold an ‘election’ whereby the new government will officially bring in Russian ‘aid’ to stabilize the political situation in Ukraine, and perhaps… to join a new ‘Soviet Union’. This is the easiest and best route for this game. Without recognizing the coup, Viktor’s impeachment during ‘lawless’ situation needed not be recognized as well, Russia’s response to his plea for aid will still be ‘legitimate’.

Nonetheless, I am more interested in how Mr Putin will play his ‘chess’… despite the over-stretched line with such limited DNR troops which subsequently lost the window of opportunity to develop into massive guerilla forces through ‘practical training’ during operations.

I was expecting the intention of making this another Georgia… and suggested against it. DNR’s moves showed they are mostly concentrated on conventional warfare with fixed holdings waiting for a more combat-ready and larger combined forces of Kiev. The initial advantage with experienced guns such as the Vostok Battalion quickly narrowed and vanished…

As Igor beat a tactical retreat, I was agreeable with this move… because the cities were not important and too destroyed for a meaningful hold, but the fighting forces must remain intact… Thereafter, the rest of the show will depend on a much ‘reinforced DNR’ to the point of obvious recklessness or direct Russian intervention.

On the other hand, Kiev forces are pretty lousy… which is pretty lucky for DNR. For instance, I expected heavy fighting concentrated on Horlivka because I expected the common sense of focusing on Donetsk City where about all the heavy-weight Muscovites are; instead… two ‘heroic’ brigades are sent in an attempt to cut off Luhansk from Russia… In my own ‘strategy’, the route to Kiev was meant to be one from Kharkiv of a line just leaving a ‘space’ from Russia borders… because if the fight gets heavy, DNR forces can retreat towards Russian border… and be ‘aided’ by Russian forces. But at Luhansk… without luring, Kiev forces were sent to be bombarded at such ‘space’, stuck between DNR and Russian firepower.

And the Kiev forces were instructed not to retaliate if the firing came from Russia’s direction…

Hilarious to the max…

Despite earlier suggestions and Slavyansk, the defense preparation of DNR at Donetsk City still has a lot of room to improve…

All these are reflected in the entries I have posted in my Facebook along the events, but not intended for public… The entries include the calculations of NATO and USA response, the situation related to the war, and a couple of other things.

While people were condemning Igor for losing Slavyansk, I openly supported his tactical retreat… And he is still serving and the forces are still fighting than to have perished ‘heroically’ at that ruined town.

While people were condemning Putin for not moving troops in… I openly suggested patience…

To be honest… if you know what you are doing, you don’t have to bother about going against the crowd… or be labeled what ‘polarity responder’ despite what ‘facts’.

Polar Bear

Sounds familiar?

In Singapore, I have been labeled a lot of things… from fence-sitter, coward and yes… I appear to be a ‘polarity responder’, at least to those Robert Tehs out there for their ‘facts’. I fuck care about ‘facts’… There is only one ‘fact’ I am into: What works what won’t, what is right what is wrong… And I’d judge, not you.

It’s about the same attitude I have towards folks in Europe, or even from the States. And yes, feel free to ban me for being a ‘polarity responder’, or in Singapore’s way of saying… for being a ‘troll’.

So it is obvious why I am 101% against those Singaporean smarties to ‘participate’ in this ‘World Cup’ hoo-haas… that has cost thousands of lives and an entire state in destruction so far. Imagine the noises from Europeans then compounded by the smart idiotic yells from hollow Singaporeans who think they are gods… …

The good thing about Europeans is, they make noises, but they don’t quickly just go into a verbal war of nothingness as those in Singapore with me. Most’d ignore you and make their noises, and most at least have the courtesy of providing their views properly. In Singapore… it’s downright personal attacks and hollow nonsense… and they think this is being very smart, very cool and respectable… and expect me to offer respect.


One of the most sad… and funny moments in this game was when DPR emailed Merkel for favor openly… which was a critically wrong move showing total ignorance to diplomatic understanding, a critical move that subsequently forced Merkel to appear more active against DPR alongside with her Western front to distance Germany from ‘terrorists’… much against Putin’s already sensitive situation; subsequently, so heard that a foreign affairs minister at DPR was ‘assassinated’… …

At such life and death critical situation… it is important that those morons of the tiny well be kept away… Neither would I want Nicole baby to even follow. Neither is she competent yet nor is she mature yet to take on such ‘education’. She may have scored well in political science… but this is the real thing.

When DNR was trying to take Mt Karachun, for instance… I raised my eyebrows… Back then, DNR didn’t have BUK system, they could deal with lower and slower copters, but not a well covered bombardment from jets and bombers, and Mt Karachun isn’t a place with much cover, and it can be easily surrounded… Without much residential cover, shelling will be reckless on them even if it is held, and DNR troops would be just trapped naked exposed toasted ducks… cut off from supplies.

Which is why it is very important when you deal with media during war that you have basic competency in the required areas to assess the situation.

Like I said… war is fought with muscles, but won usually with the brains…

[Chaos Theory Of Events] There was a need to ‘drag’ the war initially… for political, diplomatic and military reasons.

At the beginning, when riots broke into total chaos and some hot airs went militant as government buildings were intruded and arms taken from police stations and so on, the ‘fire of chaos’ seemingly spread wider, and similar mode of ‘occupations’ by naive hot airs happened in various towns and cities… the DPR was formed by some folks ignorant of statecraft developing into a sort of major gang fights against the local authorities. Zealous folks marched on the streets… I was watching, grinning…

I know they are marching to disaster… just as I was watching those ‘there is no need to fear the lightning’ heroes such as Roy marching against the PM… … We need such brainless people for only brainless people will be last action heroes armed with what ‘facts’, will be effective commandos who can’t understand the value of their own lives for a new era. Basically, madness.

To be honest… that was also how Nicole baby began her existence…

Those folks, in a generation of prolonged peace, didn’t know what the fuck war is…

Thereafter when the scale of chaos grew bigger, someone got opportunistic… …

Why not? In merely a month or more, almost half of Ukraine was ‘captured’… another South Ossetia was in the making… given luck, half of Ukraine can be signed back into Russia… …

Muscovites ‘rose to power’ from nowhere… and Vostok Battalion arrived…

In face of real arms… real armored vehicles, the zealous crowd of Donetsk suddenly had a basic subtle change of sentiment… … The protest rapidly ‘dried up’. Most are prepared to yell and attack the government heroically pointing middle fingers, cursing, marching and writing heroic poison messages against the authorities, similar to Singapore’s hot airs… But while majority were pro-Russia, majority were not ready to die for the course once they were called to. Once the tanks of Kiev started killing instead of been stopped by rioters… the hot air balloons burst one by one…

My ‘World Cup’ began.

There shalt be no South Ossetia… because this time, Poroshenko wanted the billions of gold from his ‘supporters’, and his supporters have invested heavily in a Ukraine that can be sold to them by Poroshenko… boosting an hollow economy while tapering is on. Unlike Georgia… Ukraine also controls a very important military concern… Crimea. And it has every right to want it back… given Western blessings, if Donbass were to be retaken.

Which is… the moment Crimea was taken, the game has already been placed in the orbit…

Initially, there was hope… at least from the USA that NATO will be supported to at least give Russians a run for their money… Why not? Compared to billions and billions of wealth to be derived from Ukraine and its hold on Russian military components, a billion USD is more than justified but super stingy incentive… If NATO were to clash against Russia, both will be weakened, and pro-West Poroshenko can approach the States for rebuilding investments while NATO states can gear up via US military shops… and relationship between EU and Russia will crumble… and USA will be still the king of the jungle.

Problem is…

Poroshenko is but a well-known corrupted weak snob…

NATO is really too weak to even wager a military gamble…

And EU folks are smarter than pigs… they want the cake and eat it; major EU states also know Russia will only militarily bother Ukraine… and perhaps Moldova and Georgia… not Germany, not France, not Sweden, not Netherlands… So the Russian threat was echoed by NATO, but wasn’t actually selling very well in Europe. And Poroshenko’s not only a snob, he is a snob without competent help… When Slavyansk was captured and DPR squeezed, Poroshenko claimed full responsibility for the military moves (victories) as the supreme commander… without realizing that the real war has never been about capturing towns and cities… but is to defeat Russia’s military might… … that’d likely come when ‘casualties’ have reached a point…

On records, I said this at the beginning of the game… one of the pre-requisites that will ‘force’ Russian forces into Ukraine.

The issue is not about the lands… the issue is about the ‘Muscovites’ and those foreign Russia-ally forces in Donbass that is what Poroshenko should know what he is really dealing with. My concern has been… so much invested only for one Donbass? Why not take the entire Ukraine, which can be done? Poroshenko’s concern was obviously… with the Western support, he can reconquer Eastern Ukraine… and hold against the polar bear. Problem is… this businessman has little to no idea of what Western support Pentagon could really offer at a time when USA is struggling against China in Pacific and what that USD 1b to NATO can really afford for him. In the end, Poroshenko found himself with about USD33m of ‘non-lethal’ full support from USA… and now, it is heard that elite families in Kiev are preparing to flee with Russia’s ‘humanitarian aid’ coming in.

Now the new Prime Minister at DPR is saying… if Kiev won’t ‘talk and stop attacking’ (aka surrender), DNR has now 200 tanks ready for retaliation… LOL~

That is alongside with BUK systems.

In short, no matter how much Kiev forces destroyed… from having to resort to commission 3 old tanks from WWII exhibition, after about 1 month, DNR is claiming 200 tanks ready for battle… … and seemingly endless ammo supplies from a magic pot alongside with ‘undead’ manpower… who can repair tanks, and probably create components for the repair.

Even in Iraq, Mr Obama is resisting sending ground troops but has sent air offense. In Ukraine, against Russian air defense, USA might have some of the most powerful planes… but there are also some of the most expensive planes, and without strong combined forces to cover them, the planes will be at risk… hence the advanced technologies lost with it to Russia.

The sly EU states… from the time they were playing in China during the Opium Wars… are not keen to fight the war for USA, and least for Poroshenko… The States has plenty to take from Ukraine’s victory, but what will Germany and France get? TPPA? Who will replace the lost war machines? Where will the money come from? Who will clear the EU’s debts? And why offend Russia and make USA even stronger to make EU much weaker?


Every state for its own interests… alliance or not. Not to mention, what after the Ukraine show? They will be exposed fully in Europe to a nuclear Bear… … Not to mention, it is not like the EU states won’t need to ‘compete’ for economic goodies from Russia after this little war for their own little selfish ‘growths’. So who really wants to offend Russia over a nobody called Poroshenko?

If Russia wins… its influence will increase, any significant sanctions won’t hold very long… And as said before… how long can there be a G7 without a nuclear threat as Russia?

Hence politically speaking… naturally Russia will still emerge victorious… unless Putin has a fetish for defeats. It is only at what cost…

preparing[Diplomatic Bubble Pops] In order to capitalize fully the Ukraine mess, I have openly suggested DNR forces to ‘hold’. To be honest, while I did suggest the easiest and more effective way… and probably the ONLY way for a smaller force to take over the entire state, I never expected it to be implemented. Because the commanders were battle-experienced elsewhere, but they are not trained for the more ‘educated’ part of war.

In Europe, the States works very closely with the clearing house at London, reining in on EU’s disorder and making use of NATO to gather the East European states… not really so much against Russia. NATO’s role has been more like the ASEAN, where a pack of wolves in ASEAN hunt with golden bullets, NATO behaves like a merc for hire.

The economic and political states of various democracies render the states weak and corrupted since the recovery from WWII. Now corporations rule, economic despotism rules, most of the Europeans are living in an unreal world… They are ‘free’, but lost the discipline and culture to be productive. Their lives are very much the drugged version of Singapore’s… which is, they are more relaxed. This effectively saps Europe of basic statecraft efficiency and effectiveness. Along the way, they have now armies of selfish and mostly useless corporate ‘leaders’ and oligarchs that once the world order starts to change subtly, they’d make sure that they and the economic slaves are stuck in the same entrenchment making response quite impossible.

Although Germany is the de facto leader of EU, it itself also suffers from the same economic culture that has embraced the world since WWII. And as a leader of an heavily imbalanced bloc or simply… super inefficiencies, it too has weakened totally in global relations and relevant statecraft.

Ukraine’s war… is really the war of the new order in Europe. In real, Europe has been in a ‘modern medieval’ mode for quite some time.

As China and Russia are working together to balance USA with some other economies, not only is USA challenged, but London is threatened.

Which is… Ukraine war challenging NATO and a bunch of economic slave-states is the first step to change the tide of influence for Russia. As wealth effect saturates after so many years of economic madness, Russia… with a prolonged high investment in bullets and warheads now has the chip of the future alongside with its economic partnership with China… and BRIC for an alternative financial world. Huge markets… huge markets of huge potential… huge markets of huge potential deciding to replace the hollow US dollars… … threatening to drive world inflation high up to nothingness… And they come with crazy combined muscles.

In short, whether accidentally or not, for whatever reason, Putin’s reluctance to finish the game early is the correct choice… despite many had screamed and died in Donbass…

In order to confront China, USA needs to contain Russia… Problem is, USA neither has comfortable resources after throwing like a trillion into the middle east wars, and subsequently more money to save those ‘too big to fail’, nor does the President has any brains around him for statecraft… for even economic reforms. And… many at the top are from oil companies, very professional in corporate robberies, but… very incompetent when it comes to statecraft. So before a war proper, Poroshenko is left to his own demise… probably with a few spare depreciated armored vehicles in donation for publicity sake…

The intent of the States is to capitalize on Poroshenko’s corrupted soul to profit from Ukraine… not the other way round, and risk a war with Russia while China is threatening its more important Pacific interests PLUS its economy.

Which is… if DNR are supermen, and Donbass never has winter, by right… the longer the war the better for Putin.

But that’s only theoretically so… Because USA will have its election soon, because the world is not a collection of still targets… The world will ‘evolve’ to balance Russia’s military threat eventually. China’s decision to partner Russia in a military defense against USA isn’t really confirmed. The next President of the States may be so popular… enough to wage a war through loans or public bonds, even for a short time to hope for a quick defeat for the Russians.

The refugees in Russia… they have ‘homes’ (if they are still standing) in Donbass, they have families in Donbass, they can’t waste their lives in refugee camps, if the homes are crushed, they want to rebuild… and everyone from Moldova to Georgia… to Slovenia and so on are watching how good is Putin dealing with all those ‘political warheads’. These pro-Russians… what will happen to them for being so supportive of Russia?

Poroshenko, what will he get for betraying Viktor and going against Russia in the arms of the West?

Which is, Ukraine’s war will also influence the events at Moldova and Georgia… and other former Soviet states.

Of course, China is also watching… how good this ‘partner’ is, which will decide future cooperation and bargaining power of Russia.

Just as Lavrov defiantly expressed Putin’s defiance against US-led West’s warning… hundreds of ‘aid’ vehicles will cross the border into Ukraine, and nothing can be done… with Kerry now wishing that Russia and Ukraine can ‘work together’… …

Putin’s water-testing is complete.

Now… is Putin wanting a Donbass or Ukraine?

Which is… is he hoping for Ukraine to give up Donbass so that Ukraine and its backers can come back shooting when they are strong enough… for the ‘well-being’ of those pro-Russians in the future after settling back home?

Someone must still answer for those tons of ‘war crimes’. It’d be either Poroshenko or Putin. And rules are written by victors…

Support for Poroshenko’s governance is now weaker than ever with the fourth round of conscription rumored.

As for me… …


First of all, I am totally neutral in this ‘World Cup’… and I have nothing against Poroshenko. But from the Russian side of consideration, that’d be how I’d see Russia to best move…

There are two more endings… which one is everything back to normal. Possible.

And the permanent defeat of Russia might by Ukraine… Also possible.

Problem is… neither has Poroshenko donated 10m euros from his billionaire coffer to me, nor am I a minister of a state. I have no reason to intervene for Ukraine, and in order to be the next Father of Singapore… I have every reason to remain neutral… and wave the flag of Russia in this round.

In fact, Poroshenko has already lost… because by now, it’s really the choice of Putin to just muscle in or otherwise.

Unless Mr Putin is naive to believe that being a nice gentleman and letting Poroshenko go’d win any ‘friends’ than solid might and economic interests… But since I doubt he is really naive, negotiation for just a tiny Donbass after so much ‘investments’ at such wonderful opportunity when Poroshenko’s leadership is seriously waning, and Kiev is still in a major public confusion, muscling in is actually the better option.

My casual involvement in this ‘World Cup’ is basically because I am neutral. In such an era… trying to please both sides is pleasing neither. Even Germany is loaded with USA spies… It’s like when China is facing the Japanese appealing to the League of Nations… and earlier, hoping to play out the eight colonial powers by letting them ‘compete’ against one and another… Sounds smart…

But trying to please both sides and hoping to be left alone while the competition weakens both usually ends up nowhere. This way of playing ‘neutral’ is stupidity masked by chronic state disease.

Being neutral is actually to move with the ‘wave’… riding it, taking side by side and growing together.

Singapore’s way of ‘neutral’ is dangerous, and it is beginning to get pretty stuck as the world changes drastically and the state is deprived of talents to handle diplomacy, hence seen as weak.

In a way, the dragging of Ukraine war means USA has to continue wasting resources for its pledge of ‘full’ support, and making more erroneous empty calls … which is already meaningless by now. Pentagon should have realized that USA cannot afford a prolonged war in Ukraine against the Russians. Neither is Ukraine the Israel against Egyptian alliance in the past. Poroshenko is too weak… the Ukraine government is far from competent to deal with the situation as the Israel was. And unlike Israel, Ukraine is not facing a ‘rojak’ force the middle-eastern sorts… it is facing one of the mightiest military powers during the WWII.

Even if Poroshenko survives a direct military intervention from Russia… it is not only CIA that can stir chaos against incumbent in Ukraine… now a disaster waiting for rebuild.

RPartnerIn reality… Ukraine should have been left alone. The longer the war drags, the weaker USA will become… and the more Europe will sink… as China-Russia economic ‘reforms’ of the world go on…

During the Ukraine mess, Russia has been busily forging economic ties, and revitalizing its Cuban presence…

Not to mention, if USA does come close to containing Russia… will China really just sit back and watch… doing nothing to end up facing the full might of USA in Asia?


The war of Ukraine actually has two parts…

Firstly, conquest. Secondly… rebuilding. And it has to rebuild fast.

It has been about 6 months of chaos and destruction, if considering the initial anti-Maidan nonsense, it’d be about a year… a full year of economic demise. Tons of houses have to be built, tons of people to be housed and fed… and of course… the crimes will have to make do for unemployment and jails can’t feed that many prisoners for too long. As long as the economy is not back on track, and not strong enough, the Southern gate of Russia will be still insecure, and a warm base to even threaten the order of Crimea.

For Russia, the first part is easy…

For Russia and even USA’s own economy, the second part is the killer.

By right, this is when I’d come in… …

But by left, in another month, I’d be watching the Pacific show, then the start of Singapore’s. And my true objective is still the Father of Singapore… for world peace.

Given the mortal capability… or normal thinking, the world powers will have no choice but to eventually collapse upon each others.

Even in Singapore… while the hot air balloons are still defiant and ‘yaya-ing’, eventually, they will be forced to confront the new reality soon enough… and that’s when the power race in Singapore officially begins.

Rebuilding Ukraine rapidly is not impossible. Making Ukraine the ‘crown jewel’ of Europe is not impossible too.

But I hold much doubt about my personal security prospects in Ukraine. Given the economic and political reality in Ukraine… be it with Russia or signing itself to EU… it’d have to be an headache for Russia. Given the rise of Russian military might that has now an impact, any military efforts of the West will impact Crimea… and there will be no end to the suffering of Ukraine.

Besides… …

… it might be better to let Ukraine suffer.

Without black, how would the white be valuable?

Common sense…

After all, my main objective is Singapore… not Ukraine. In the new world order, more conflicts will Q up… Even if there were to be a need to join a war, there is no hurry in real. I may be jobless… but when I do have a job, the job can be very challenging plus rewarding.

If Ukraine really needs help… …

I can only aid Ukraine’s rebuilding under a pro-Russian government in Ukraine, and it must contact Singapore for official assistance of diplomatic nature for a discussion with myself.

With regards to Hamas and Israel…

There have been excitement about Israel’s war cries to obliterate Hamas, and some Singaporeans are excited… I have read many comments online and some ‘updates’ of this and that.

Will Israel really wipe out Hamas?

Interesting question, and here’s another interesting question from me to those Singaporeans interested in this…

What will happen if Israel does wipe out Hamas?

What will happen if Israel does conquer Gaza?

Why was I not so concerned about Israel’s charge?


Hamas is a public enemy in middle east… In order to enrich itself, it has no choice but to ‘rob’ around, constantly raiding communities, engaging in unacceptable businesses for the arms and to feed its fighters. Which is, with Hamas around, Israel has some ‘working relations’ with the Islamic counterparts… Without this common enemy, the focus of the hatred due to political drives of respective Islamic states’ mismanagement will have no choice but to be directed at the Jews… …

To be honest… if I were to be Netanyahu, despite all the cries to rid Hamas that is terrorizing the Arab world as well, will I really want to get rid of it?

Hmmm… …

Besides… The Palestinians in Gaza are like locked chickens in coops. Given Israel’s military power, it can conquer Gaza easily…

Most probably is, nor Israel can conduct a genocide and incur wrath of overseas Palestinians whining against the democracies around the world, nor will Israel want Palestinians to be ‘integrated’ officially into Israel by ‘absorbing’ Gaza. It’d be like trying to rid an empire of ants in the kitchen by simply taking the entire nest into your bedroom… …

So what if Israel conquers Gaza or wipes out Hamas… which is almost impossible since Hamas isn’t just in Gaza, and other Arab states won’t be opening their gates for Jewish crusaders to roam around freely. Without jobs and good prospects and proper education, another Hamas will form after the initial Hamas wiped out…

So… not important.

As for ISIS…

It is reported that some Singaporeans have gone over to aid the Islamic state, and recently they have raped and beheaded many Christian girls… Maybe I should also join ISIS for the raping~ But who needs to join ISIS to rape girls?

It might be a sadistic joke but the rise of such well-trained Islamic armies of horror isn’t really a bad thing. It’s not really because I detest Christians or I am looking to rape Christian girls… To be honest, from the way ISIS performed on field, I’d rate them better than the rookies in Ukraine last month. They are really well-trained in basic tactics and dealing with supposedly more lethal conventional confrontations. Of course, the lousy Iraqi forces were good for show but beat a convenient ‘tactical retreat’ readily is also a reason for their success.

However, just as tumors… a tumor is easier to remove when it is bigger than when it is hiding as a dot.

It is suggested that ISIS has a force of about 15,000… about 5,000 are ‘foreign talents’.

They want to conquer Iraq… they also want to take Lebanon… and they even want to take on China… …

I like well-trained soldiers, they are respectable on field… but I don’t find nonsense funny.

If ISIS were to be a 1,500,000 men armies with at least a swarm of F-16s, I’d take their ambition seriously.

Iraq is neighboring Kuwait, and some of the most important global interests are littering around… They may be great powerful hornets individually, but neither do I believe that praying to God will save the girls’ virginity or keep their heads, nor would I believe that religion can make anyone bullet-proof.

In order to maintain the armies, and to ‘groom’ more fighters from the younger impressionate generations, ISIS will need more… need more food, need more ammo, need more women… Which is, they will indeed be forced to ‘expand’. And to expand in their war declaration against the giants, they will necessarily threaten the interests of the super powers in this path.

In short, without diplomatic common sense, the future of ISIS is kind of doomed by attracting the wrong attention.

The rise of ISIS and Hamas and other future Islamic disturbances… I am not actually concerned at the moment because most experts will not look at the murders but the backers. Fact is, the rise of radical militant groups is usually based on gross economic mismanagement that is interlinked with a prolonged heavily skewed social administration. Even in Singapore, it will be naive to suggest that my smiling friendly neighbors definitely ain’t supporters or even Islamic militants…

The hoo-haas by Singaporeans of their killings totally miss the point that being against killing won’t change anything. In fact, blind one-sided hatred blinds any possible salvation, and Singaporeans are infamous for being both blind and politically daft.

Despite that I am not so concerned, I am fully aware of the ‘growth’ of Islamic militarization and their imminent spread to my doors. To be honest, Singapore is not immune, and is stuck among the Islamic neighbors, and with practically self-destructed political pillars that in turn delivers gross micro-economic mess and social blind extremism, Singapore is becoming a warm bed to such global menace coupled with reckless immigration policies over a decade.

Such issues are currently not my problem because I have yet the power to deal with them. But pure hatred only boosts hatred, blind fanatics only boost madness…

Given, I won’t really bother about Hamas or ISIS for at least a long while. There are also not God’s current interests even if ISIS threatens to take Lebanon… Taking Lebanon literally controls the arms deal in that region, controlling capable arms-makers not only means securing endless stream of cheap or free weapons and ammo supplies, but also ends up an exporter of arms while cutting the local supplies to opponents. Arms trade is very profitable… and very political; while ISIS may indeed take Lebanon, what concerns are not about the military concerns at the front, but at the ‘background’.

Taken that a gun can cost about less than USD 50 to make while selling in open market for about USD 2,000~3,000… Also such towns are heavily run by more or less gueriila-style militia units long experienced in trigger-happy culture. That’d be a good show…

From the beginning, I have suggested DNR to focus on mercs and those expensive items… such as tanks, aircrafts… Part of the reason is to force Poroshenko to scream for aid from the States so that the States can be stingy, the other part of the reason is, for every destruction of depreciated tank or aircraft, the need to replenish the forces with new and matching order for practical war will be costly, and that’d show the world why NATO won’t want to risk (eg) Typhoons against Russian forces as Obama himself is faced with rising pressures to take the easy way out to send weapons and troops into Ukraine.

PaperGenerals1So far Obama has been smart enough to resist chasing after an already rotting gamble. And Putin has insisted to move ‘aids’ into Ukraine, starting from Moscow which will take a few days… pushing events towards end of August when Kiev’s third waves of conscripts should be ready to be sent to Eastern Ukraine as replacements… As I have discussed in my Facebook entry, with already war preparation ready at Crimea and war machines prepared for ‘peacekeeping’ for at least from a month ago, Russia is already prepared, but the timing for entry into Ukraine is not ripe yet.

The best time comes when Kiev is relatively ‘hollowed out’, and when the siege at Kiev will be just next to winter, not to mention that commotions are breaking out due to conscription whereby the sons of elite families are ‘spared’, so rumored.

If the 280 trucks can push into Kiev unilaterally, 1,000 tanks can just push in later… …

There were talks about Putin having missed the best chance to send troops into Ukraine when DPR was ‘bigger’ while Ukraine units were much weaker and unprepared… On Putin’s side, I very much doubt he’d send his ‘green men’ from Crimea into Ukraine, or he’d send the regular armies into Donbass that early… Out of political consideration, the Muscovites and Co cannot win by themselves and there is an absolute need for them to realize they ‘need’ Moscow. Sending in troops that early only depreciates the ‘ROI’ of this investment when Moscow is actually the biggest investor of this show. And in normal Russian political culture, for the need to stabilize so many factions, there can only be one hero at a time… …

Ie. the best diplomatic ending for Putin would be that perhaps Igor’s command can conquer Ukraine and sign the Ukraine back to Russia by whatever referendum… Doing this will make a transition as smooth as of Crimea’s… … It is of course the best scene. Thereafter, the politically threatening rebel leaders can be replaced and removed…

The other scene, however, is that Donbass cannot be held, victory for DNR is remote… and nothing can be more politically disastrous than a leadership that performs miracles to a Russia that needs constant ideological doping, that’d make it very difficult to control situation back at home and to remote control the DPR-led Ukraine. Already the ‘militias’ are cursing Putin for his ‘cowardice’, so… if Ukraine must be taken by ‘peacekeeping forces’, the outright incompetency of the DNR has to ‘shine brightly’ to highlight their reliance on the ‘master’.

Simple master and slave political concern… …

So militarily or politically speaking, I have never expected an early move into Ukraine by Putin. Besides, Putin’s initial objective for Ukraine is obviously different from how I saw it… Without a doubt that by now, the need of securing Kiev in this game for future stability of an international nature is obvious for Russia. And I very much doubt that there will be meaningful ‘negotiation’ between DPR and Kiev… a Kiev pledged full support by the West… a West led by USA that doesn’t want to give up its leadership position due to its many global interests and risk the lobby of the powerful corporate-linked political colleagues… …

So… I am watching the finale of the show as I am preparing for the official beginning of the Pacific opera. Speculation is not important, I am watching how Putin will wrap things up. A slight miscalculation will turn a sweet victory into a future Russian debacle.

Hence while everybody is telling me the war is not moving smoothly if I were to cheer for the pro-Russians, of course I have to be honest that “everything is moving smoothly”.




































Red Scope二十几年前,老夫年幼……便估摸着此时战机将至,真的有人才的话,差不多也要开始出来了。到时聚集而救国。但小国也,人才凋零,特别是行动党玩忽那么多年,便是经济发展的人事处理也是乱七八糟……何况要应付国事的人才?就老夫一人……即便旷世奇才,独木难支矣……














如今工人党日益做大,其集选区管理不算太坏,更重要的是,如老夫预料,华而不实者开始充斥,大喜也。行动党若真Chun Sing接任,此人的斤两老夫相当清楚,必定不是大势的对手。以老夫悄悄跟进的国家数据等情况,李小龙主帅留下的班底完全撑不住。

最近那些很嚣张激进的Roy、Hui Hui一班张罗的国庆集会,来的人似乎不及百;基本上,Roy我也差一点儿就忘了。而老夫却利用这些傻子在默默打造着一面大旗……






June’s Russian Roulette


News just came in… … Slavyansk’s fight is still going on, but DNR’s casualties should be pretty steep. Half of the men have retreated… Can imagine what the DNR is currently facing… Probably the toughest fight ever…

Usually at this time, I’d be very excited… and worried for the defenders. And I am.

This seems like one major battle, and I am concerned about anything that could happen to the rear of Kiev forces… or the supply lines… … But so far from the battles, guerilla warfare isn’t what the DNR is much capable of. If two groups of snipers can make it to Kiev forces’ rear… what can happen?

At the beginning of this ‘war’, I had much concern about defense preparation with anticipation of the current showdown.

So far, DNR’s forces have been pushing on due to ‘reinforcements’ from across the borders.

This is to me as World Cup is to Kate

Mysteriously, Ukraine’s war actually affects Singapore’s political development. But there is no need for those morons to know… Not now.

Uwar2014jDuring which time when I have been attentive to the development in Ukraine, Nicole baby had a little incident… something that could have easily developed into something that could have destroyed her in the coming elections. I stepped in, and now no mood to talk too much about that.

Nicole baby is ok… for now.#1

She stepped into politics too early, capitalized on the anger against PAP, and now… stuck in a ‘support base’ who won’t take no for an answer. As an opposition leader, she is expected to be as mad as the madness PAP has successfully generated for everybody with decades of zombifying the population. I don’t think Nicole truly understood what she has gotten herself into… but she’d probably realize something about ‘leadership’ and ‘popularity’ from Roy’s madness.

Chuan-Jin was promoted to full minister… despite having done almost nothing for MOM. Perhaps he has done a lot, but as Heng… nothing much. Which is probably due to Emeritus Goh’s go-going-gone in the coming election. Chuan-Jin may be a full minister, but he is still a Mr Green for an anchor; while Tin Tin may be out to destroy Nicole, yet I have raised the FACT that with a much weakened Nicole baby, WP is likely to muscle in.

Only with a strong Nicole baby will a significant threat of diluting votes keep WP away from Marine Parade GRC…

In short… since I don’t think Tin Tin will like to face the strongest party of the opposition if they can’t even handle NSP, I am trading Marine Parade GRC for one Nicole baby…

There are many concerns for my move.

It may sound like an excuse to TS… …

But it’s still a fact that if Chuan-Jin can’t handle NSP, he can’t handle WP. And it’s a fact that Tin Tin wants to win…

Nicole Seah… …

Another article telling Nicole off appears… expecting her to join the madness to blindly fight PAP. I am not saying PAP is so ‘white’… but radical is radical is radical… And this madness must stop eventually.

I didn’t expect people to come in to cover her, despite of having what supporters, NSP folks, ex-boyfriends and so on. The new articles at such time won’t really have that much impact unless Nicole acts ‘abnormal’ again. It’s usually the critical period that intervention is needed. Of course…

…if the fire goes wild again, I’d have to step in again.

Moderate politics… is not for the faint-hearted, and least for rookies.

SillyboyRobert Teh called me a fence-sitter still… Roy’s supporters called me a coward…

So said, Roy has somehow ‘blocked’ me from his Facebook page against simple freedom of speech.

It doesn’t matter.

What matters… is what makes sense.

And some people have to suggest in their comments that I am infatuated with Nicole baby…


…the truth is… …

Honestly… …

No comment, busybodies.

Loong might think I wrote too long… but I have to… so that I can draw those morons to ‘hit at’ those points which their arguments won’t easily hold, and crush them direct. How can it be expected to be too short?#2

Simple psychology.

Uwar2014bDespite the mounting casualties in Ukraine, it has been calculated… In fact, everything has been going on pretty smoothly… almost to the dots. From the early days I looked at DNR’s defense preparation and videos of their fighting, I have already commented that once they meet the ‘real thing’, casualties will be pretty heavy. In fact…

I was surprised initially they could have held Slavyansk earlier on… and till today. The military struggle is only one small part of the major game…

But to be honest… with every difficulty DNR is facing, I feel heavy for them… …

I know what a real battlefield is like, the adrenaline rush, the need to stay sane… to feel for the many sent to the front against mercs who are usually retired specialized forces, and looking clueless at the tanks, and staring at a map of formations without experience to comprehend the next move… …

How many tattered corpses were I exposed to before I was allowed to train and sent to field back then…?

We were professionally trained… not the type of ‘qualification’ through skills-check and getting marks for shooting. There are a lot more to war… …

Without sufficient training, once the going gets tough… the first chicken leads to the demise of the entire pen.

I cannot expect the militias or conventional troops from Russia to do more… Mercs are mercs, and they are paid handsomely for good reasons.

If DNR is smart… their priority targets will be the mercs. The higher the casualties, the higher the fee per merc to be raised exponentially, and the faster Poroshenko will need to beg US for more money. Not to mention, the best equipment usually can be looted from the mercs… …

Eventually, Russia will win, it’s still the price of securing its important southern gate that matters, because this will affect more or less what is to come for Europe. May more innocent lives be spared… …

At which time… I really wish Kate would be around to watch the killing with me.#3

Anyway, this will lead to the true beginning of the Pacific show and the grand ‘war’ in Singapore can begin.

Nice… everything goes strictly in accordance to the script.


Hmmm… Siping dearie is leaving for Europe, and for six months. And it isn’t the part of Europe where I’d suggest her staying in for this period of European struggle. Despite whatever, she is still a good soul, and a few more months, the game in Europe will move into new gears… As Kate, she has been living in an unreal world… and the real world is approaching those stupid moronic Singaporeans… …#4

Yet on the other hand, her leaving this well of crazed fanatics could be better…  Like it or not, I am pretty worried about the way she got involved with Mr God. It’s not that ‘healthy’, but that’s still her freedom.

An uncle at Nicole Seah’s described me as a ‘youngling’ in his comment… obviously comparing me to 24yo Nicole.#5

Made me laughed till hair pain.

Age to me has somewhat lost its meaning…

before barberBMy bond with ole Siping is still based on our cordial friendship during teenage#6, and I really hate to see her praying to empty air like Kate. Though, it’d be only with the slightest thought of Kate that I’d feel a mysterious rage against churches, not others.

Hopefully, she’d be safe and sound.

After her return, it’d be about my time to do some travelling. The Pacific game would have started by then. USA might have become the number one player in energy, but by the time the nukes strike, many including Obama won’t be President. Their children will be happily reaping what their fathers sowed…

My ‘immediate’ concern is still this tiny well of crazy moronic toads…

Just read from TRE that DPM Teo suggested the economy cannot rely on increase in labor to grow… Beloved DPM Teo made a splash with his ‘What do you think?’, and I am famous for asking each and every politician cum wannabe:

“Yeah yeah, what are you going to do about it?”

It’s very similar to Nicole’s ‘she has nothing else to advise but direct the poor to the CDCs’…#7

While people lambasted her for her ‘outburst’ back then, I usually prefer working with such ‘honest’ people; If Nicole has been honest, ie.

DPM Teo has been years in the government, and had been photographed sleeping even in parliament, to be honest… with a lot of top ‘talents’ boasted even by PM himself will only make PAP even more desperately struggling to perform IF they called for ‘change’ but they are so apparently bloody stuck.

I have been on the cold bench for a while, and I am not on the bench happily all these years for nothing…

Without me in cabinet around this time, Loong is confirmed sinking with plenty of fails… situation is getting critically ‘dangerous’, and election year is closing in. And yes… #8

Tons of zombies are dying to skin the Lees alive.

Mr Lee never taught Loong that ‘in politics, you can lose everything’?

I know my importance in this game. And I hold my cards very very well.

The stakes are now higher and higher…

Global situation is changing drastically… fortune is going to go an about-turn.

I won’t go and curse Loong… or the Lees, I’d still be a fence-sitter as Robert Teh happily described me, and be the coward so many conveniently labelled me.

Why not?

I know what I want. I know who I am.

I am the only one in this known world who can reform everything in Singapore to normal; I am the next Father of Singapore.

Curse those zombies for making life hard for me, but without them… am I going to do the dirty jobs myself?

It is precisely because of people like Roy, Leong Sze Hian, Han Hui Hui… and those smarties in various parties that I can shake legs and smile at everyone… no matter how much insults they have for me. I know the figures… I can read. I am a finance honors, Roy… and I was with PAP folks almost all my life… You seriously think I don’t know the shits about CPF? LOL~

I read a joke recently, and laughed… It’s basically like this:


I have covered legal issues in this blog, I’d briefly talk about Roy’s case.


To be honest, Ravi is wasting his time in this current approach. Besides, Loong is no longer dealing with Roy… it’s with the crazed ‘supporters’. Letting Roy off now is a simple show of weakness and stupidity, those ‘supporters’ won’t support Loong for that but will cheer for Roy’s ‘success’ due to Loong’s stupidity; not to mention, Roy has made this world news by his own diligence, there is a global political standing Loong has to maintain.

While the court shouldn’t be used for political reasons… and true, internet has really no legal basis to begin with… but there is one thing not usually covered in domestic legal textbooks, which is… laws are really the items of sovereignty. There may be constitutions designed to prevent civil servants against suing the public for making complains, but this is not applicable for Roy’s case. And where sovereignty is concerned, the governance (and legal applications) will be in the hands of Loong…

Unless Roy can back his ‘attack’ reasonably, and explain how he had sincerely apologized… by doing a lot of ‘extra things’, he is likely to lose the case.#9

And Loong is likely to offer one of the most expensive lessons in recent years for the ‘supporters’.

Like I said… you can’t fend against defamation with assumptions alone.

Nonetheless… by taking ‘assumption’ of CPF management with that of CHC’s so seriously, it PROBABLY suggests PM’s ‘subtle judgement’ in CHC’s case that has been dragging real too long.

Churches… …

Steady… steady… …

Same old shit… across history. Being a moderate is not easy…

But I like to be myself. Because I just can’t stand nonsense.


4:30am… News came that DNR has managed to hold again, but I expected heavy casualties.

The other day, I had waited 12 hours… patiently, just for the news of Poltava’s pipe attack.

This morning, the arrogant cum pretty egoistic Lawrence Khong replied in Facebook private message, and blocked me… LOL~

  • Scope Guy

    Dear Mr Lawrence,

    I notice that you have deleted my msg.

    Now… if the PM deletes or bans me, that’s a mortal problem, despite he has the duty to serve and listen to the people and he’s not doing it.

    If you, as a pastor of a church, start doing such things, and people start making news of the way you communicate, instead of nicely enlightening the ‘lost’ or engage in a friendly discussion…

    FCBC is already a ‘famous’ entity online.

    There is nothing arrogant, Lawrence.

    If you cannot hold your grounds on your subjective judgement, if you are not prepared to face the world, if your ego takes too strong a hold onto you, you will shy more and more and more from the public.

    You can delete messages, you can ignore… but the world will still hold you responsible in various social media.

    And the world is going to change drastically very soon.

    I can’t be bothered about haters, because I know how to hold my grounds when they come. I seldom delete comments, even nonsensical ones, but only repetitive ones.

    As a pastor, I expect quality, Mr Lawrence.

    I do not know how much faith you have in Mr God… but Mr Jesus came for all.

    There is no need to be enemies.

    To be honest… my old valued friend is in FCBC… and I am very against her being part of the church. Christianity is not the problem, it’s always the mortals. But I shan’t stop her, not because she’d not listen.

    Mortal stupidity cannot be cured…

    She is a good soul. I feel very bad if her pastor can’t handle the faith.

    I can tell… you are not very ‘neutral’. Try to calm down and see the world as it is.

    You may go ahead and ban me. Choice… defines you, not me.

    No. I am not your enemy. I don’t see a need. We have no conflict of interests. And I have much bigger plans than such minute issues. To be honest, if that friend of mine isn’t in this church, I won’t really bother about Christianity.

    I was here in the first place due to an online ‘friend’s’ link to your… entry.

    Have a nice day, Lawrence.


    Lawrence Khong (FCBC)

  • This is my platform and I have every right to reject you

This chap’s ‘Mr Jesus’ is obviously an interesting variant to the usual version of ‘Mr Jesus’. I joined in the discussion on LGBT issues at his Facebook page… To be honest, he has been bombarded for hell a lot of issues by netizens, and the way he handled issues has been really… not-so-enlightening, so many netizens have also blasted him. And surprisingly, by nicely pointed out something in his legal pursue with MOM, he was ‘quick to judge’ that I am arrogant…


Yes, in what way was I arrogant? LOL~

Knowing that I’d have no end with this chap… I decided to ‘lure’ him in… And it usually works for hollow brains with too much ego to spare, and here we have. Pastor eh… …

sillypastorThis old chap is obviously a ‘one-way-communication’ expecting plenty of pampering, rejecting the world as he fancies, and preaching in his comfort zone… thanks to tons of mortal stupidity in the society. To be honest, he doesn’t wanna talk things nicely, I wasn’t the type who love to waste time with crackpots who can’t reason things properly as well, so…

And yes… I don’t like my friend/s to be exposed to such ‘enlightenment’ of his. This is ridiculous… because I have never come across a bible whereby Mr Jesus did things Lawrence did. And in the west, this is considered shameless, as in the recent story of those church-goers who simply rejected someone who appeared to be a dirty homeless, when the homeless turned out to be the one coming to take over the church.

Ok, fine… this is Singapore, the infamous cultural desert.

This reply is actually what I wanted, because… if she’d wake up, she’d wake up. If she can’t… there’s nothing much more I can do for her.

Mortal stupidity cannot be cured.

What is Lawrence the Great rejecting?

What is Lawrence the Great rejecting with the every right… given by God as a pastor? LOL~

My problem?

I have never the interest to join FCBC, despite I have visited it… and witnessed an aura of pretty skewed ‘holiness’… … It’s the same towards Roy and the other radical elements… I cannot shut doors on them, but I hate nonsense… I’d let them shut doors on me. Period.

I must… shut as many doors as possible in this manner… before the coming power race. It’d make things much easier.

Uwar2014fPeople like Kong Hee fatt cheuay, Lawrence the Great… they did a lot of things in the name of Mr God; imagine their followers in the political scene. Before the power race, there is a need to ‘clear things’ up before fanatics got too excited.

Indeed, it is his platform, and he has every right to… talk to himself, praise himself, and be his Mr Great. What a pastor. I care less about him if not for my ole friend. She is a good soul, but… easily misled since young.

Here’s hence my honest view about him, backed up by his own ‘behavior’.

And no… I am not what LGBT the FCBC has been known so against. I am 1001% straight, and I aim for the holes… those in the front, ie.

Politically speaking… as mentioned, I have never been that concerned about what super strong PAP, what rising WP, and what fuck popularity… … I am more concerned about such extremism in this cultural desert. The Old Father of Singapore has none-the-wiser zombified the population for years… which is why, Nicole has stepped in too early, and is now held hostage by her ‘support base'; meanwhile, I am busy picking out all those Kong Hee lah, Lawrence lah, Roy lah… and a whole bunch to let them distance themselves from me.

Before I step in eventually… plenty of things to deal with. And yes… I’d need to have a little chat with Loong after 2016, and… have a sweet date with Nicole baby… and some others.

Am I angry with Lawrence?

Nay. I am an archangel, he is merely a mortal… … It is expected that of a mortal, regardless what pastor or bishop or even the Pope… My priority is not about a few thousand haters generated by such mortal muddle-heads… Even if the world hates me… even if Kate were on the other side with the demons…

I do not need their love… I only need them to be selfish.

So… why should I be angry with Lawrence?#10

“Forgive men, they know not what they are doing…” It’s not actually about forgiving… Eventually, Christians have Judgement Day, so let Lawrence conduct his one-sided one-way-communication nonsense with Mr God on that day. I have much more important things on my list than to waste time on such stubborn mortal with a (self) blocked mentality and attitude.






其实要是他们都不来,那本座已经叫了,而且还会三顾茅庐去碰碰壁……日后不会理亏,然后就在2021以前召集一些其他人组织起来。到时行动党也差不多了……其实日后的局势,本座比任何人都清楚。Chun Sing七月有个CPF座谈会,到时本座打算去坐坐,但只是听着。主要目的就是看看这位Chun Sing傻乎乎的情况。




乌克兰战,俄罗斯军队却得到宝贵的实战经验,若能打下什么隐形轰炸机之类的,就能reverse engineer那些科技,把和美国战力的悬殊拉近距离。












美国要黑海的利益,进而巩固欧盟区的势力,对乌克兰的油管和Crimea对黑海的制海权自然是欲罢不能。但要全面封锁俄罗斯其第一障碍就是中国。如今中国直通中东,在泰国挖Kra Canal以摆脱马六甲海峡的依赖,要是此时和日本正面冲突,俄罗斯那里恐怕会吃紧。况且习总还在赶造他的巨型战舰……
































#1 Nicole baby is actually a political sad case… In my humble calculation about the rise of WP, it means that NSP must grow rapidly to counter WP’s competition… but Nicole’s ‘crowd’ at NSP isn’t much, and her support base is not ‘led’ by her but she is being led by the madness… and this madness will go on growing till PAP is destroyed since Loong won’t be able to handle, thanks to Meritocracy. Which is, Nicole is a talent… but very under-developed, and not easily to click with me due to her immaturity… and she is stuck unless WP wants her. But by now… WP is already loaded with ‘old timers’ and ready for the influx of ‘people of higher social status’ PAP has been trying to grab. So wasted… …

#2 It is also well known that high IQ people wrote novels out of molehills… Though Loong isn’t bright, but he is obviously not retarded.

#3 Kate is probably chasing World Cup, and I hate suckers (soccer). Not hard to know why a lot of women have been fucked by soccer players… …

#4 To islanders of this cosmopolitan… it’s all about blind pursue of money money and opening legs for more money… work work work to be poor. Even Hong Kong has mercs… But with the global situation changing and the start of the ‘Resource War’… Singapore inevitably will be implicated. Here comes the exciting era…

#5 The fuck I seriously look that young?!

#6 Like a brother… worrying over a little sister… … She is smarter and more exposed than Kate, but she is still just a mortal, and women are easily misled due to social influence. Her church is seriously bad influence. I have done as much, the rest will be up to her.

#7 Here is the lethal reality for local politics… Problems ain’t gonna solve by themselves. So… be patient.

#8 And super ‘lucky’ for Loong, a clueless Shamugam is placed in both Laws and Foreign Affairs ministries… LOL~ Lethal combination. Mr Lee Kuan Yew could be now having an headache…

#9 Roy is the ultimate epitome of stupidity… especially after Dr Chee exists. But he will be a good example to those ‘There is no need to fear the lightning’… Too many crazed fools won’t make things easy, because there will be much confusion among the supporters.

#10 I don’t really care about this Lawrence the Great whose many followers are as radical as his HOLY self. He ‘wars’ and ‘rejects’ with the right bestowed by Mr God while Mr Jesus engaged and embraced what sinners to offer salvation… From experience, there is no need to waste time with such egoistic muddle-head who happens to be stubborn to the core… The only problem I have with him is, I hate nonsensical influence from his church on my friend/s… We have enough nonsense on hand already. But without arrogant smarties like him… it’d be an Utopia, people living happily in acceptance of differences, and… there will be no opening to be the next Father of Singapore. LOL~ Irony irony… Talking to people like him is really a waste of time.

#11 Direct from Indonesia… it seems that the haze has returned, but the winds is sparing Singapore… for now. Pheeeew~

Fetish Frenzy: Make (Me) Love (You)
























博客之所以许久废置理由就是这段时期本座如先前提过的,将’black out’。俄罗斯是个主要情况,将影响新加坡未来的政局。这点一般新加坡人根本不会明白,也看不出来,更是防不胜防。以李小龙主帅的才能和那些‘价值百万的天才’,就算给他们一万年也只是如对丈八金刚……本座不愿意任何情况打扰了该发生的事儿……








































New faces for PAP come for Aljunied GRC and Bishan GRC…

Yeah, my problem?

Don’t care, not important…

But I did browse through… I know 1 got a scandal waiting to explode, but none of them will make any difference. In a way… our beloved PM is doing what he is expected to do… and giving up the game.

As mentioned way back, about this time, my focus will be on global development… because I have to, and by now… no matter how ‘ordinary’ Kate is, she should know why. Nothing will change in the domestic front… After all, you can’t expect significant positive change from idiots. Just a quick go-through for domestic matters…

MOE… moulding the future since 70s to now, PM Lee is recently telling off the online trolls for pumping Pinoys celebrating their Independence Day in Singapore… That’s education for Singapore, a huge very expensive prolonged wayang, and nice that Heng is still wasting time doing virtually nothing. Which is, he may have been very busy… on unimportant/useless things. The ‘future’ is finished.

MND… After Khaw celebrated a meager drop of homes sales or prices, people are still facing ridiculously high 99years-lease homes… And it is suggested online that BTO prices actually climb!!! Not to mention, after even Mr Lee Kuan Yew promised that home owners’ properties will not devalue… it’s becoming another promise as that ‘over his dead body will casino be built in Singapore’… Naturally, many home owners are not-so-happy to see their homes are worth lesser and lesser#3… and many homes are still collaterals with banks. Khaw has inevitably become one of the most mocked ministers in Singapore… for his complete incompetency in MOH and MND.

MOH… Gan takes over from Khaw and scandals broke one after another and the A&E fee charges ahead to like $99… That’s very ‘affordable’ to the commoners when they need to rush to hospitals. It’s virtually a screw loose in the wild situation as Gan looked ignorantly on and recently… MOH is promoting slimming with a car as lure… It’s about time to have their brains washed… Because who in the fuck will expect Singaporean holy fatsos to slim down for a chance to win ONE dangling car? New schemes are coming and more hospitals promised and building which, however, don’t make economic sense… Expect serious inflation to come.

MOD… People still getting killed for nothing… And a psycho was enlisted to kill himself recently… Well, that’s SAF, what do you really expect? The conscription was run in a total chaos thanks to fuck Meritocracy… where idiots are leaders, and they expect the army to fight during war under paper generals… whom nobody really bothers with. Give me a break, we already have one Percival, we really need more to wake some folks’ ideas up?

MHA… After ONE major riot, it was exposed that for like forever, the police force should be at least short of 1,000 police… and the case is still on-going, wasting time to the max… But ‘tactical retreat’ no longer appears so freely. Can’t imagine the time wasted having 3 major riots… with bloody results.

MOT… I must compliment that Lui has been diligently visiting trains and showing his face but… it is obvious that this military ‘leader’ can’t win the war… Worse, the PM assigned another idiot to aid him; and when’d anyone expect the high and mighty egoistic Josephine to produce anything? Go on dreaming… She has been a big fail every ministry she tried her hands in.

MOM… People discovered that the figures of low unemployment hid important critical issues about LOCAL PMET joblessness… PLUS it is obvious that the job figure is beautified by many who shouldn’t be working… aka your grandpapa and grandmama. And those who need quality careers… JOBLESS. And they expect the parents should be supported by the children. Good joke… uniquely Singapore.

MFA… Won’t work. Can’t work. Indonesia is a messy line, and after Shanmugam publicly said sovereignty should be respected and such, Russia just moved into Crimea… and now moving into Ukraine. Respectfully put, why the hack is a clueless Shanmugam placed in such an important ministry in this current setting? Why?


MSF… Chun Sing is going to try something new on 500 lab-rats or households to try eliminate poverty or something like that… But he’s likely to fail, and worse… too much time will be wasted on failure when there are much more important things to do… IF he knows what to do in the first place.

Ministry of Laws… One of the biggest jokes in Singapore’s history broke loose in anti-harassment laws regarding anti-stalking. If Japanese doesn’t read ‘The Frog Prince’, that’s alright. But Britons and English educated Singaporeans should read the title… One of the most anti-social laws trying to appeal to pRoPeR social behavior… in a cultural desert. Don’t play hard-to-get, else take care… According to the laws, you can’t send flowers if the girl rejected you, the frog will never become Prince again thanks to you-know-who.#4

MWE… ‘Ponding’ still happens, and there is next to nothing Vivian is going to do about the haze when there is. Even China is now setting up labs to fight its haze, and there is technology to fight the haze. Problem is, given the ‘ponding’, it was still stone-age digging and digging… and after spending millions to dig at the inconvenience of traffic, drought came for months… and nothing was done with the ‘garden city’ withering into almost yellowish nothingness. Soon, June is coming… the months of haze are coming… We are at the mercy of Indonesia, and MFA can’t do anything about it… as the Indonesian military suddenly said they never apologized to Singapore regarding the naming of their two ‘sampans’… after lip-service that Riau must change, Susilo B Yudhoyono is soon to be gone because he can’t contest for president seat due to constitution… but mostly because his PD is down down down, and can’t change the constitution if need be as well. Bye bye~

Bla bla bla… …

In a way, the government situation can be summed up as “Can’t work”. But that’s already quite expected and natural…  And in a few months’ time, our beloved PM will be on his last year all the way to election year 2016…

“Thanks to Meritocracy, my government is crippled and can’t perform… thank you, Meritocracy, for you give us a valid reason for getting so much to happily stay in our comfort zones producing about nothing…”

Rather blunt but true. It’s only thanking to Meritocracy that provides the only ‘reason’ why idiots are in positions drawing the juice out of the Singaporeans’ cracked brains feeding Ms Wee Shu Min and her likes to berate Singaporean fools… What other merits do some people have for staying around?

Go on feeding incompetency… … and see how long this situation can go on. LOL~

Meritocracy, I fuck it upside down, left right center like everyday… …

Of course, without brains they have nothing else to produce than Meritocracy.

While local MPs have become targets of jokes and mockeries for the big wayang, Meritocracy is actually a nation-wide brain-crippling joke. Culture-less and blind Meritocracy work together to produce a super snobbish ridiculous population that can’t compete effectively and efficiently and yes… maggots have grown to fat monsters trying to muscle in on the last piece of sugar and wiggling out with the most ridiculous excuse…


Even zombies need to feed. See?

Even zombies want their children not to become zombies.

Which economic slaves want their children to be slaves and not masters of their own worlds?

Referring to, I deem it necessary to say something.

I am not sure by the meaning of this line read “No matter how bad he was, he was still my child…”

What ‘bad’ was it that his mother was referring to?

Here was a man trying very hard to make it in Singapore, made multiple attempts, and even tried to have a family, and obviously he missed his daughter… and a man who had fallen to drug due to his woes…

The authority was after him, and for his years of attempts to make a decent living he became an outcast, and probably one with rather a bad temper…

To be honest, many people would be blaming the government for driving micro-economics into disaster and providing very little real aid than useless talk talk talk and setting up useless committees. In this ‘compassionate’ society, the man had no way to go, and he torched himself before the media of Malaysia representing a completely ridiculous ‘compassionate’ society whereby his own mother reportedly suggested ‘no matter how BAD he was’…

First of all, I was enraged when I got the news…

We are approaching the 50th National Day under PAP governance and leadership… years of talk talk talk talk talk talk… we have come to a situation where a man from a ‘land of opportunities’ has to die like that before the Malaysians, and many leaders and social activists are Christians.

In Christianity, death by suicide sends you to Hell.

Before we condemned the man… there are many many like him, some talented, some diligent, but most if not all are 100% educated true blue Singaporeans now stuck in life facing ridiculously high cost of living and confronted by the authority with a lot of promises which will always need the people to give them more and more 5 years to fulfill.

Why am I so angry…?

I called for economic reforms… for years…

I warned against turning on the tap for the flood of foreigners into Singapore without preparation while I was in PAP…

I also talked about the coming economic catastrophe which will burn more such Singaporeans as late Stephen… and so on.

I also made it very clear… things will get increasingly violent, and politics is about lives, and people can die.

And people are dying… and dead.

I made known to my MP about my anger reading such a death before the media of Malaysia…

I have to be angry.

For many years, oppositions and PAP fought… for what?

The raw fight for power is so crazy and despicable because there wasn’t really an ounce of care for the people but cosmetic shows and talks, and new bunch of ‘leaders’ churned out who are totally clueless and some… very willful thinking they have the power to fight dissidents will never resign.

‘No one will be left behind’ has been nothing but a slogan… because an incumbent that has been reckless and irresponsible in bringing in so many politically-useless and at times harmful ‘leaders’ cannot be expected to govern properly.

But here goes the same on other side of the Singaporean story… the oppositions too, are mostly a bunch of non-thinking hot airs… and many are still thinking that politics is simply to gather support and go into parliament… and people like Stephen Lew can die.


Ask yourselves, people… why shouldn’t I be angry when I look at the opposition people, including those children speakers going up the stage making speeches and they can obviously do nothing otherwise…

Neither sides have people who can do anything, and they expect me and the rest of sensible Singaporeans to support them so that they can enter the parliament for the fat pay…

Even Nicole Seah confessed… she had been thinking what to say so that people could vote for her when she can offer nothing more than telling those poor souls to approach CDC.

And more Tin Pei Lings are coming to the ranks of PAP…

And yes… so what you vote out PAP?

Stephen Lew will still have to die. You can still be the next Stephen Lew. You can be retrenched, you can have your savings and try be an entrepreneur and end up another Stephen. And your parents can tell you and the world ‘no matter how BAD you are’…

It’s not that I am not sympathetic I said this of the mother. This is the society after about 50 years of Meritocracy and PAP leadership. I want you people to stare hard at late Stephen Lew’s photo… because he isn’t the only one dead due to decades of mismanagement.

Government aside, when Stephen Lew is alive, what’d you have done for him? What would the WP and other opposition parties would have done for him? And what about the church, netizens and others?

Honeymoon years are already long over… It’s up to PAP to churn out story-tellers and clueless big shots to try occupy the parliament, but my message to those who intend to enter politics on the other side to replace PAP…

People can die, if you cannot govern, if you are immature, if you think politics is merely the ‘hearts’ and bluffing the people with hollow calls and all about popularity… if you are clueless, just stay away.

Stephen Lew torched himself to death…

It won’t be hard to realize that such ‘courageous’ desperate people will begin to realize they can make history instead by torching the ministers and social ‘leaders’ plus those CEOs of GLCs…

To be honest, I do not want to attack the incumbent, but I am known to be pretty vocal and stick only to reasonableness and condemn bootlicking that Singapore wayang requires. PAP is unlikely going to change, if Singapore is going to change… if more Stephen Lew won’t have to die and the people’s lives can improve… we LIKELY have to count on elements outside PAP.

The problem is, it’s already high time that people understand the need for leaders who don’t just have the hearts, but the brains to work. Leaders who told you leaders should serve with the hearts are usually leaders who are useless… qualified but useless, an usual issue of Meritocracy.

Next year will be 2015… the year running all the way to election.

Don’t let Stephen Lew dies in vain before the Malaysians. Understand that politics is no longer a joke as in the past. The world is not going to be the same very soon.

Leaders must have the raw capability to float this sinking boat… in my humblest opinion.

Remember, it’s not only about you, it is also about your children and their children.


A few days after a Stephen Lew committed suicide by torching himself to death in Johor… before the media of Malaysia hence, I decided to write this for TR Emeritus. I usually let TR Emeritus decide the title and let them edit… But this time, I let them decided the title but opted it not to be edited because the last piece I submitted for publication was kinda edited out of proportion.

So far, I am still not intending to crush straight against PAP, despite yes… PAP is obviously withering and dying… which is also, why the fuck need to crush against it especially since it is dying? It’s publicly obvious, and a very much publicly known point of mine that PAP is incapable of getting good leaders… something which I made known my thoughts freely to then MM Lee that then PAP branch secretary was like laughing (at my bluntness).

But today we revisit ALL my blunt shots, they are all valid, and important. Precisely why I have to ‘retire’ from PAP… because it is ‘dying’.

After I called for economic reforms… and wanting this ‘cabinet job’, the cabinet did try to yell reform reform reform, and only recently hailed successful economic reform by IMF only to be quickly shot down. And I am still taking my sweet time waiting to reform this fucked-up economy. I know very well… nobody in this world can reform the economy… based on old-world-textbooks.

Good news is, those stupid assholes chewing textbooks who think they are very smart nowadays shut up challenging me on this one… Because it really has become pretty ridiculous to argue against this need.

Recently as well, about the time TR Emeritus published this article of mine, the state media is promoting the government’s performance since election 2011… praising it out of imaginable proportion again.

There are of course reasons why I wrote this piece… as well as every other piece I wrote for TR Emeritus, all had their own reasons of mine chopped behind.

The proud Singapore story is now as fragile and weak as Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s body… which is beyond the usual wayang to mask.

I have to feel angry when I learned of Stephen Lew’s death…

…because from Lee Kuan Yew’s perspective if he were to be PM, this is a total national disgrace, a setback to his dream of perfect (proud) governance and leadership, and the hallucination of a greater Singapore with critical state mismanagement.

HoRose5Stephen Lew failed in attempts to make it in Singapore and had fallen subsequently to drugs and later wanted by Singapore’s authority as he escaped to neighboring Johor. Then he torched himself in Johor… after many others made news jumping into SMRT train tracks. #5

In real… I don’t feel much. The political mindset copied from Lee Kuan Yew signaled anger… due to the suffering of national pride by having a fellow Singaporean dying like that in Malaysia, a state where many Malaysians see Singapore as the better counterpart… Even recently, a clueless Kelly was telling me how good Singapore leaders are (as compared to Malaysia’s). Ignorance is bliss… just as Kate.

Seen too many corpses… deaths… I can only feel that much for Stephen Lew also because all along, I know that if I were to become the New Father of Singapore, many would have to die… their deaths will shake Singapore’s political stability, their anger to the point of death will blow not only PAP craziness but also WP and opposition morons up. As Nicole Seah confessed… she could do next to nothing for those poor souls but to direct them to CDC… and all she wanted to worry about was what to talk talk talk talk talk to garner votes and become the holy MP.

I don’t blame Nicole… Serious. She is only a child. Be it love, or politics, she is but a little kid in my eyes.

As Daryl… and LLL, Chen Show Mao and a horde of other wannabes, politics is merely a game of bluffing those daft Singaporeans to vote them into parliament… to do nothing. I didn’t fire a shot during NS, but I am an impressive marksman with pistols, assault rifles and sniper rifles… when I was at Nicole’s age, I had to aim at people in between their eyes and pulled the trigger, and was aware of global political development… plus under-table stuffs. When Siping was sitting next to me, I was training hard to master sniping… throwing grenades during weekends… and doing jungle training.

Nicole Seah… she represents the youths of peace… willful, ignorant, and take this peace for granted. They don’t realize that politics can kill… and is not always about laws laws laws… snobs.

These pumpkins are trying to enter politics to kill Singaporeans.

My politics is very simple… …

I lead. And I feed you a normal life.

Simple eh…

But you need raw capabilities for that. And you need to know what to do. And first, you need to let WP tries… and fails miserably.

Like I said, I only need to throw MFA portfolio to WP and it’s enough to ‘kill’ them.

People probably thought I was mad… …

Too bad, as ‘mad’ as I am, what I said usually, if not always, happens… for some mysterious reasons.

And I don’t need people to believe or even bother. Best if they listen and mock… … so that I can have a good laugh at them.

Gold… for instance… It is similar to US dollars and properties in Singapore. It was once said that US dollars can never fail, that Singapore’s properties will always be pricier than yesterday. Yet China is simply absorbing gold… at a very interesting price level.  Problem is, in today’s context, gold is no longer the sole commodity… nor that significant anymore, and more and more gold supplies throughout the decades since… Adam Smith making the price gold was absorbed rather… ridiculous.#6

In any case… Stephen Lew is dead… so was that San Sui woman (a labor woman who existed in early days when Singapore was a colony vowed never to marry but work like a slave) who committed suicide due to fear of been a burden to her children. Many others are dead too… in this ‘unseen war’. And many ‘leaders’ are Christians…

Shameless Andy Ong is a Christian… plus self-proclaimed leader.

Steven Lim… the hollow brain and heart trying to boost his ego with his income tax statement recently and had taken Kurt Tay’s $2,000 to market Kurt’s obviously hopeless ‘singles’… he is also a Christian.

And that shameless Jack Neo, the gangster or underworld leader of local movie industry… also a Christian…

These suicides are supposedly going into the accounts of Hell in Christianity…

Easter has just passed… Kate and Siping are Christians celebrating alongside with probably the PM and his honorable family as more and more Singaporeans are driven to suicides. #7

Know why I couldn’t be bothered about churches’ political influence in Singapore?

They can do nothing but pray and condemn endlessly as more and more fellow Singaporeans committed and will be committing suicides… That’s how patriotic cum holy they are. Kong Hee has made news pumping millions into his wife’s lavish career and life-style… the other churches have how much lesser money hoarded? And hilariously… Serina Wee shamelessly shook her butts in front of the media…

Serina is stylish… but I am totally disgusted by what she has done. And I don’t care about how her fans would react… …

In Singapore… even TT Durai has more ‘friends’ than me.

Let’s see… if Stephen Lew were to have made it… will he fund me, will he help me? Most likely he’s going to waste his life mocking me. LOL~

Which is really why I wrote a big piece on his suicide… while I can’t feel much for his suicide beyond my ‘political part’ of the mind would.

Telling people I am jobless literally sends all those Christians in Singapore to Hell… Serious. And I am doing a good job preserving sanity in Heaven. But most importantly… telling people I am jobless is really for the coming power race.

‘Nobody can see it coming’ is unacceptable to me. As the next Father of Singapore, as the Father and grand-master of economic reforms, I am providing leadership for a down and out Singapore. Not getting hard to tell now… …

The replies for this article at TR Emeritus showed something as expected… … the mood is subtly changing. People are beginning to wake up… to my advantage.

Slowly, my article will be tailored to ‘nicely’ push WP… and SDP, and all those Nicole Seahs to perform. It’s already granted to the people that PAP is wasting everybody’s time… and those who hated PAP will definitely want to go after PAP cadres’ coffers… But that’s another issue.

The immediate concern is the sudden outbreak of chaos… and me standing far far away, acting ignorant.

Stephen Lew must not die in vain… Of course…

He is the perfect example to let those Nicole Seahs stare at… … how can I let him and many others die and dying in vain? If mortal stupidity has no cure, at least it must be ‘controlled’.#8

Kra Canal is going to be dug… bypassing Singapore’s precious Straits of Malacca, affecting first our harbors… then our financial system… then… We do have a pile of unseen papers based on… now a 6.9m mouths, without natural resources, and many businesses are leaving. Everything is happening sticking to the script…

Want to be a political leader?

You think this is still those honeymoon years when anyone could be Cold-Storaged and sued and any Tom, Dick and Harry can be appointed as ‘leaders’?

Like I said more than a decade ago… the current fight is on ‘talents’, and the theme… ‘survival of a state’.

My mad little ‘joke’ back then isn’t looking so funny… after all.

Like I said, 2014 is a very interesting year… …

If I don’t take over power… things can go very very disastrous… to the point of pure demise.

I am not Loong, he can be as blur as mist and dense as iceberg, but I have to rise to power with sheer raw capability… because my father isn’t Lee Kuan Yew. To be honest… given my superior foresight understanding what are coming for Singapore and looking at these… morons fighting disgustingly for power to do nothing and wasting precious time… should I feel happy? Maybe Lee Kuan Yew would… but not me.

Let’s try to see if I can put these ‘junks’ to good use. Nicole may be clueless, but she still has some use. So are Gilbert Goh and others.

No job… because Loong has taken over my job… It doesn’t really matter who he’d pass the seat to. By 2021, situation will be a complete chaos.

I have no choice… but to be the PM of this moronic cursed island of smarties… …  If Kate doesn’t think for herself, think of her children.

PAP is already too wrecked by years of reckless abuses to be a viable vehicle for the rescue mission. What a waste.

Thanks to that fucking sacred cow Meritocracy… too many radicals… too many idiotic smarties… too many moronic mean maggots in my way to savage this cursed island.


…Kate made me realize that I should just dump them all to Hell. Why not?


Not sure why, Cecilia Cheung continues to make news, now claiming she doesn’t mind her next partner to be penniless… but he must be able to handle the publicity. I laughed.

If this is from a star in China… perhaps. But a Hong Kong movie star who doesn’t mind a penniless guy…? Kate Tsui said that… I wasn’t even sure if Kate Tsui meant it. But Cecilia would need a guy… a male character whom her children will receive regular doses of male influence and care from, not to mention, when a woman is upset, she needs a guy who can pamper her readily.

And Cecilia is no longer that little girl who was worrying about finances.

But when it comes to handling publicity… I probably fit the shoe better than anyone in Singapore.

In a way, I can’t be bothered about those morons.

When I read this news, it wasn’t Cecilia calling out for me… I was imagining Kate… …

If Kate were to be in Cecilia’s situation… world famous, backed by pretty big-deal ex-in-laws and ex-husband, embroiled in global sex scandal… and come with two children… she said “I only want a man who truly loves me, and I want a man who can stand all sorts of publicity~”

I’d be happy like fuck… …

I’d be heartbroken whenever I saw her two children with another man… but I do truly love her after all… if she were to be divorced, her asking for a man who can withstand media slashes will be like narrowing down her choice to… only me. Be it China or Singapore… or anywhere else, I am a guy who can stand alone, fuck care how others think.

Kate… ….

She has aged pretty fast.

In my eyes, I only see her… not her children, not her whatever… …

If only she were to be Cecilia Cheung.

But she isn’t.

Though recently at McDonald’s nearby, I found myself peeping at a lass twice… thrice… and I had at least caught a quick look at her for six times.

Know what that means…

No one… none ever since Kate had I ever taken a look at the same girl for more than twice.

She was a white Sunday girl… I subsequently realized that she could be from a nearby church going to the very few places in the neighborhood to grab a meal after service, and my place isn’t somewhere a tourist would like to haunt… and she wasn’t in jogging outfit so she shouldn’t be around to do marathon. She wasn’t alone… and perhaps was even with her parents, that was why I was held back from approaching her.

I can’t handle parents…

And for weeks, I have been trying to bump into her again.

Fuck… …

I seriously don’t know why I fell for Kate.

But I seriously know why she could totally replace Kate as the Queen… She was mesmerizing… totally my type. I really need to check her out. I like to know how she thinks, and everything about her.

I have been to many churches before… there were babes, but… it had been always the dick getting the feel. But this one is special… almost a possible complete replacement for Kate sent by Heaven to break the bloody curse. And now… I am not sure if she’s American or Russian.


I need her to get rid of Kate totally… I need her to stay with me like forever…

But what if she were to be just another goon… …

No guarantee she’d not be worse than Cat… … … …

But I won’t judge before I get to know her, because something about her beauty stunned me. It’s like a genetic lock unlocked. I yearn for such a girl.

On the other hand… old friend Siping has been acting pretty strange… Hmmm… … Been so many years since, bad influence from church and probably peers might have made her somewhat… different from that sweet little girl back in school days. I hope she’s alright. But I know something is wrong with her. It’s about the same with Kate… Kate’s thinking has been always problematic since the very first day we met; I was so attracted by Kate somehow, somewhat… but my powerful brains warned me against it. It has always been a battle between the heart and the brains when it comes to Kate… whenever I wanted to call Kate and chat her up and get a date, my brains stopped me.

As likely the only Singaporean who has advanced knowledge of classified things of Russia, China… USA, Europe and such… and with such incredible IQ, it was seemingly right that Kate be enticed by a… rather immature mortal dick for her mortal comforts. Everything that tends to God’s goal, I’d have to know… and nothing that Kate should comprehend.

Kate is but a mortal…

I was hopeful that Siping can be around for meals and teas and providing general company, somewhat a mortal way of socializing… … High IQ people have been known to have issues communicating with pig variants called homo sapiens. Not to mention archangels who see things from a very very long perspective due to our mutation. But I’d still be nice towards her, and see how. Women are very susceptible to even illogical preaching and peers.

But unlike towards Kate, I have no extra feel against the church when it comes to my old friend. Neither I felt anything when I recently met that sweetie at McDonald’s. For some divine reasons, Kate ignited a strange rage against Catholic faith the very first time we met.

Strange… …

HoRose4Otherwise, I am totally indifferent to religion. Our powerful intellect and logic capability means we won’t really accept unscientific things… I don’t pray that Loong messed up PAP… It’s all about logic, something like ‘action vs reaction’. While Loong is celebrating Easter, many Singaporeans governed by him had gone to Hell due to suicides and many more suicides to come… His wayang, a now established civil service culture, is working very well for the zombies to be motivated for the final push.

I like Siping when she was sitting next to me back then more.

Women logic… I’d never waste time on illogical logic.

[迷途老马] 马伊利和文章的情况,老男人其实懒得理……就是一个笨女人……就千千万万笨女人的另一个笨女人的小事儿。当年初涉北方圈子时,马伊利在网络战中还不算太红,但明显是主要被捧的对象。当时比较红的包括曹颖等。那是在auntie琼瑶捧红的赵薇和李安大哥的章子怡加入网络战前的事儿。当年的马伊利也在起跑点上,初期的明星博客多数都是三四线艺人亲自上阵或以枪手助阵,很少是真的演艺公司的保姆帮忙管理。现在懒得去知道情况……

















为什么老男人对张柏芝的感情生活感兴趣……就是因为她现在,经历那么多后,也在高喊寻真爱,除此皆不计较。但女人……老男人太了解一般女人。老张的经历和背景不一般,但她毕竟只是个女人……无论老张或THB或Maia Lee……





































一个天生会爱你一生一世的男人你要不要, 你会怎么待他?




[Pinoy Freedom Of Expression] Recently, a regrettable event occurred… bunches of netizens are bombarding Pinoys in Singapore for organizing an event celebrating their Independence Day. It was subsequently exposed that the Pinoys didn’t apply for a permit from the police. But the permit is small issue… and considering the matter, I have no choice but to support the PM’s stance that there is nothing wrong that Pinoys are celebrating their Independence Day in Singapore…

The consideration is not about right or wrong, but about politics… … Many of those actively opposing PAP are bombarding the Pinoys… making them a subject of the controversial population policy especially coming to May… when Gilbert is going to organize the regular protest. I do not want to offend those opposition folks… but…

Leadership is always about doing the right things, and standing on the right grounds. For without right reasons, politics will not move to make a better world. Party politics due to Mr Lee Kuan Yew has skewed this world without the need for any reasoning, Meritocracy unreasonably allocates ridiculous fail elements positions with concentrated resources…

So it’s more more more important that I have to be ‘straight’.

SDP has jumped in to condemn the PM, indirectly attacking the Pinoys… and showing its colors to the new citizens… a significant group of voters in future elections. While this might have won over some radicals vocal and active, it’d lose the majority sensible people. Regardless, even to the point of offending those in my Facebook friend list, my political hence leadership style shalt stay the same… standing ground on what is right, not how sentiment dictates.

Pinoys, as all free men, shalt have the freedom of expression especially to be patriots; and Singapore which is not at war with Philippines cannot deny that basic human rights and diplomatic common sense to allow Independence Day to be celebrated in Singapore. Nor when I was overseas that I’d be worrying about troubles for celebrating host state’s or my homeland’s national day.

Singapore Democratic Party should be the first to come out and call out to the opposition supporters to educate them about Pinoy’s (human) rights in the Republic… Instead, in an article published in TR Emeritus, SDP cited POLITICAL events organized by foreigners in Singapore which police intervened to suggest moral authority/legitimacy on a non-political (more of cultural) Independence Day celebration…

Let me be honest… Loong is a mess, we all know it. But… we cannot capitalize on radical sentiments banking on ‘bomoh-ish’ concept such as ‘moral whatever’ in the hope to gain political mileage.

Opposing for the sake of opposing, rallying support despite the deviant impact on the future is evil in itself.

If I need to support the PM, and Chuan-Jin on this one, it’s not because of party politics… because respect must be given to friendly state and its people, so it’s an ‘aye’. And yes, while I do not actually support foreign influx with such regardless attitude in preparation and lack of management capability, Pinoys as all free men and women shalt be free to be patriots.

Scope is still and forever a ‘moderate’. And if this means I will be losing ‘friends’ or supporters… so be it.

If we must savage the future of this cursed island… if we must deliver a better tomorrow for all… politics can no longer be pure party politics, extremism, unreasonableness and… weakness.

If we must re-vitalize the society and make things right… I can only support what is right, and be prepared to stand my ground and welcome any criticisms which I’d counter.

To be honest, other than a stupid permit, there is nothing wrong Pinoys are celebrating Independence Day in Zouk or China Doll, in Singapore or in Mexico…

Like I commented regarding PM Lee’s disapproval to those bashing the Pinoys for this celebration…

…MOE has been moulding the future since like from 70s… under about 50 years of PAP leadership and governance…

This is the people as the result of AIMS, of a lot of nonsensical smartalec maneuver, wayangs… … Well… …

In leadership, you only need to skew an inch to create a kilometer wide gap… enough for hordes of termites to break loose.

But without radicals created by the ‘decree’ of the Old Father of Singapore in this golden mess… there won’t be Mah Bow Tan’s ‘No one however smart will see it coming’, and there won’t be Khaw’s good buddy TT Durai, there won’t be George Yeo’s ‘kaki’ Jack Neo racking in millions for his junks… and I won’t be jobless in this land of fuck opportunities watching Stephen Lew committing suicides while the PM celebrated Easter…

Ironical but true… without those radicals… this whole island of idiots in a concerted mess, there won’t be the New Father of Singapore… yet at the same time, I cannot be too close to them. After all, I draw power from their selfishness and stomachs… their children and such, not from their stupidity.

If I need to have fans or supporters… I want a filtered group… of people who think, and think hard and produce substance. Because politics is almost always like this…

You are the minority governing a whole bunch of people who will never see eye to eye with you, and even hate you to the core… without the need for reasons. The only thing that guarantees your stay in power is simply your capability to lead them to a greener pasture… aka a better life.

That’s why I can’t really be bothered about Nicole Seah and Daryl Tan and even WP…

…I know how ‘capable’ they are when it comes to handling state contingencies.

KB[Might & Magic... starting from the humble but highly creative King's Bounty... With technology advancing, it seems that game-making creativity dries up...]


[Toy Stories] The long awaited Might And Magic X: Legacy arrived recently at S$52 per box… now you can get it at $42 in some shops. To be honest, I very much doubt the sales would be good despite this had been a pretty addictive franchise.

Watching videos of its beta before it is finalized showed a complete disappointment. The graphical presentation WAS much realistic than Legacy, Legacy’s presentation is a complete joke probably aiming gamers at around 12yo… Which is, it totally ignores the fact that many fans are already adults, the game isn’t growing up with the fans, and even teens who’d be the new blood for the game won’t probably like such ‘cartoons’ in Legacy.

It’s seriously retarded… especially the ‘act cute’ way of showing damage counts in bubbles.


The portraits won’t ‘react’, ain’t ‘alive’, and all you got now is the usual confusion in voices played when a situation was triggered.

Legacy is completely stupid… And the character customization is even worse than M&M 7… Not to mention, it’s no longer the cool science fiction ending.

It’s probably the first M&M sequel I am totally going to miss since I started out with the series.

Then come Wasteland 2… Even with the praises it received this far, the game has been pretty… stuck. And I have not yet watched the beta gameplay yet to catch up with the updates on the product. But from I read about the more or less completed version, it’s gonna be pretty disastrous. Wasteland 2 is probably now betting on the entire market of weak games to be game of the year.

Of course, there could be surprises. But Wasteland 2 seriously lacks the ‘rebellious stint’ in the original Wasteland. The real fix it needs is really to kill ‘boredom’ playing the game, and how to entice players to love ‘life’ wandering in the new world again and again and again… looking for more surprises and encountering more creative shits.

And now they are working on a DLC when the main game is really like fucked.

Shouldn’t they just combine the DLC to the main game, and try to improve on the game engines, such as giving it 3D portraits and such…

InXile seriously needs to consider how to entertain the players over days and probably months of playing, and re-playing the game. Fans are not fans for nothing. I have decided to nag a little bit more… because before Fallout 4 hits the market, Wasteland 2 is all we got.

Next time, if there were to be a next time, hire someone who really can help create wonderful levels.

So far, they are trying to make the interface prettier… If so, they’d need to prepare BETTER and MORE music plus sound effects. Maybe that’d savage situation.

In my expectation… I even hoped that Wasteland 2 will ‘rebel’ Fallout 2.

But Wasteland 2 is not finalized yet, so… there is still hope, despite a very very marginal hope.


The sentiment in Singapore has changed drastically and will be so further… But the real show still takes some time to arrive.

While Russia is preparing its next move, my attention is now elsewhere of the globe.

The collapse of PAP is imminent. The problem, however, has never been PAP but the common folks… and I laughed hard when I read NSP’s Jeannette (the new NSP head) firing against a judgement due to Women’s Charters. I commented, and wasn’t bothered how she and others thought. Not important… As I have mentioned, Jeannette’s appointment will make NSP some sort of nunnery.

She isn’t the sort of ‘lawyer’ you can speak ‘law-fully’ with… By that I mean, you can’t talk reasons with her. She already has her own fixed set of thinking… kind of women’s logic. The problem is, she is trying to push her agenda, to mold her political push based on such logic, so NSP is kind of a spent-force, and only Nicole’s fight with Tin Pei Ling for a GRC will be its main focus.

Well… people have died and are dying… and Jeannette is still out of touch with the environment as her logic indicates. This, however, eliminates NSP as a huge concern, so the coming election is truly a fight between WP and PAP. WP appeals to the common people while PAP’s snobs distance the party from the majority and stick not exactly tight to the top 20%, but problem is… WP doesn’t really want power to the people, and its goal… isn’t about the commoners.

For years… it’s just a bunch of smarties without much political virtues seeking for wealth and power due to PAP’s weakness.

Like I said… just throw them foreign affairs and that’s it for this ‘co-driver’.

As with Ukraine… like I said, again, that many interest groups eventually have to realize that it’s either WP which will be disposed off about as soon as it got into power, or me… who can offer a permanent and concrete political base for their interests.

So Mr Brunei has visited Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the Old Father of Singapore…

I love to tease those idiots… make them resist, and let them try hard and… they know they will fail. As more people died, more scandals broke loose, and people waking up to the need of capable leaders… and not those hoo-haas… … To be honest, Goh Meng Seng and his league of useless egoistic fools should just stay away from politics. But I know they will just disappear themselves… just as Mr Lee. The Old Father of Singapore is now very very weak… fragile, and soon… to be gone.

And nobody in PAP can ever summon me back to PAP thereafter.

Mr Lee is a snob, and a very lucky one. In his time, it WAS an era of easy business, and he started out with a bunch of capable helpers. However, it was soon that he took things easy, and ‘system’ came, and now… his son’s political career is down the drain.

One more year… there is nothing that Loong can do anymore. He’s gonna produce blank cheques, and Tin Pei Ling will go down as the biggest political sad joke in the history of Singapore, so much against the honorable rise of the jailed late S Rajaretnam… While Mr Jayakumar is still around, he’s… no longer someone I can have much illusion in. And people like Richard Hu are totally gone. Singapore has never been in such a horrible state of danger…

I watched with some sadness as shops closed down at JCube… particularly FranFran.

FranFran is exiting Singapore completely, May will be its last month. I visited the two branches for any discounted items… None I wanted. It sold cheaper designer photo albums and one design of notebooks I seriously like but didn’t buy; I bought a couple of the albums a few months back. Other shops at Vivo (Harbor Front) are also closing down… while Jurong East is still building a commercial strip… as the global business climate is going to be changed dramatically.

The eatery I liked to visit at the newly opened Westgate gave me a shock, because it too closed down.

I myself have recently slimmed down… without drugs, without much exercises and eating like a pig, and junk food is a major source of pleasure on the menu. And recently, Michelle Obama reportedly ‘decreed’ that schools in the states should issue smaller potion of food to the students, and junk food is banned.

Honestly, my reaction was “Is she crazy?”.

Firstly, it has been a national pride… or culture that fast food or junk food will be a way of life for the Americans, and junk food has made big names such as McDonald’s, Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chickens possible globally. So Michelle can ban them in schools, but those teens can still get them when they have graduated into society. And in the current work-life and socializing… junk food plus beer and such will be impossible to avoid for most people.

Not everybody has a nutritionist and a personal chef at home that you can come back from work with your dinner readily served.

Not to mention, junk food brands are now a lot cheaper relatively than… well, organic food.

Some time back, when REACH asked for ideas to fight against overloaded bed demand in hospitals, I messaged Mr Gan Kim Yong, the current MOH minister… telling him something like kill obesity and less people got sick and your problem solved… nicely.

After which, MOH conducted a session with what fuck industrial players and came out with what lucky draw to entice Singaporeans to slim down… without engaging my offer to help. Now the brainless sports council in Singapore said it is giving out $100 to Singaporeans for swimming and BBQ at its facilities and such…

They are all like Michelle Obama…


Firstly, during puberty, you need to eat… and you need to eat a lot for the nutrients, your brains need plenty of energy to prepare for exams as well.

Secondly, when you are aging, you also need to eat, if not even more because your body’s absorption rate goes down while ‘fat storing rate’ goes up, yet your nutrients will decide how fast you will be dying and how well you are going to stay alive. So you have to eat… in even bigger portion.

Then and again, if you swim, you may burn a lot of calories, but problem is… after which you’d feel more likely ready to eat a cow. And if you expect Singaporeans to swim, they bring along their entire family, and when the kids yell for food, thank God those freaking fast food chains are everywhere… They are even in Community Centers and schools. And swimming pools sell fried chickens and hot dogs…

Good news for getting even fatter and for those aspiring to get cancers…

As such, Michelle Obama is really like those bomohs in the sensational MH370 joke… when some fanatics tried to use coconuts to locate that plane. Not to mention, trying to fast can promote permanent gastric problems, and upset the body’s balance altogether. And if Michelle could think of cutting food, she will likely also jump into the well of belief that gyms can fight obesity.

But lower energy intake with higher energy output is a not-so-secret recipe for short-live, because weight-management is not simple math of calories…

For instance, beef… You need beef for certain nutrients, but for that it’d never be enough as compared to fried cuttlefish. I ate cuttlefish basically for my hair and skin maintenance… but beef and cuttlefish also come with one major problem…

High cholesterol, plus they give you weight problems.

Then some smartalec’d say… eat fish.

Fish has good Omega 3. But the problem is, many are genetically NOT programmed to deal with something from prolonged fish munching… Mercury.

Mercury is something you can’t easily get rid of your body, and accumulation will result in serious health hazards.

Then some smarties would suggest, just buy Omega 3 pills~

Problem is, I don’t buy Omega 3 pills. They are fucking expensive, and an unnecessary purchase.

In slimming, it’s never really about measuring calories or carbs… This is one ‘bomoh’ mistake Michelle is making alongside with the health minister and that sport council of Singapore. If it is so simple as energy calculations… I won’t be needed.

Now the issue is, my daily intake of calories, for instance, can hit as high as 3,000 and over. No why… I love junk food, and I like junk snacks… I can take pizza, additional chocolate sundae and a full set DOUBLE meats Big Mac meal from McDonald’s for dinner, and start chewing my tasty potato chips lazying at home watching videos; while in the morning, I will take meat and egg, and even milk. And I love chocolates, and all sorts of special menus. So I literally have been trying KFC’s bucket rice, those sushi, what green pepper burger, pizzas… whatsoever.

Bring it~

And I have been gaming for weeks… lazying in front of the LCD sitting the whole day without much exercises, and NO slimming pills… while my weight remains the same, and recently declining a little bit.

My result speaks for my mastery in weight-management.

And I have sufficient records PUBLICLY shown in my Facebook page to back my claims up. In fact, that’s what I am going to do… just eat while helping my trainees to slim down. Hence, if those students want to protest against Mdm Obama’s ridiculous idea about eating less, go ahead.

You can’t fight obesity with malnutrition~ This is way too absurd! Not to mention the energy needed during puberty is essential.

As I have mentioned to people I am ‘selling’ the slimming offer to, people must slim down easily… and rapidly. By which, it means that people must be able to live their normal lifestyle while they slim down at the fastest speed their bodies allow. The problem about fighting obesity is obviously that people prefer to live their lifestyle because that is what life is most comfortable for them, and they won’t usually want to change the routines.

It’s like people have to work, they feel tired after work and want a beer and chat up a girl and then have sex… Now, you insist that they go to the gym when they feel like having a good sleep… What’s the chance of that?

Yes… they may go once or twice, as they’d go for a swim, lost 300 calories and pump back 500 calories with one meal…

Which is why I am needed IF people need to desperately slim down in the shortest possible time.

Which is why Michelle’s effort is going to backfire. Fast food is no longer just a culture. It’s a very very affordable meal in a comfort zone and a rushing life. And many who need to slim down can’t afford to choose… They have no choices; no time, a fixed routine, a 24 hours day like everybody else…

And for the ladies… if they even care to admit, many who tried to slim down going to gyms, building up muscles to burn the fats (burning their nice boobs and butts, ie.)… suddenly realize they are aging faster than their peers. That’s so particularly after 30 years old.

No why. During exercises, you burn body’s natural reserves much much faster, and the balance lost easily. When you are young, it’s still easy for the body to re-balance, and repair kicks in fast. But once you have reached 25 yo… …

Not to forget, those ladies will be risking those sexy flabby skins~

And… if fighting obesity’s trying to avoid hospitals by working out, working your heart double or triple hard thus hardening your arteries during old age when your metabolism rate goes down critically… how much more and faster will that old lady be able to jog to maintain the same slimness as body tends to store fats faster?

This is pure suicide, and many ‘trainers’ are telling you this is the way…



I have no disrespect for Mdm Obama. In fact, I think she is a great woman. She’s a good mother. But she is still, after all, a woman. If she believes in something… she usually subscribes to her belief as women usually would. But when it comes to fighting obesity, it’s really about health care, and when it comes to health care, people can die… And fanaticism in such aspect is particularly dangerous because ignorance is a silent killer, and it’d take years before issues are discovered… if they are discovered at all.

When I read her news… I really went “Hahahahaha~”

We have a Steven Lim in Singapore, I probably eat more than him since I am a junk food lover… and he has to go out finding idiots to pay him to work while I am staying in a room playing games sitting for hours; and our weights show glaringly… He is becoming a huge bloating hippo while I am still at normal weight range after been obese for years. At age 38, the contrast speaks volume.

Now how many ladies dream of getting slim and attractive rapidly while maintaining their usual lifestyle… and tasting food the way they’d normally do it?

Why torture yourselves? Why torture those students by restricting their appetite?

From my Facebook page, it is easy to note that I eat that much that my weight can go up by 2~3kg a day… indicating I am indeed a big eater. Not only do I take chocolates, I love ice-creams… …

Actually I suppose the next blog entry should be a consolidation of my current ‘Slimming Diary’ pictures.

If you want an entire population to slim down, you have to give them something much much much more easier than exercises, slimming pills and fasting. Obese people have low energy level… You can’t expect them to force themselves to regularly work out. And normal people will be exposed to cheaper junk food and the pleasure of snacks.

I know.

I was obese for years.

And the need to travel for some people, means they can’t bring their food or gym overseas… They will have to be like me, able to maintain the weight while being free to do everything and to eat everything. And middle-age doesn’t mean you need to go fat.

I am 38yo. All my health readings normal… in fact getting better.

So I am the evidence that junk food shouldn’t be banned. I just had a big meal with ice-cream, extra drumlets at Texas Chicken at Expo area, Singapore, recently…

Bring it.

Yum yum yum~

Be it politics or slimming… I am probably one of a kind. People can listen… or they can look away.

My problem?

Americans, obviously your problem is not obesity, it’s ignorance.

#1 From this point in time, thinkers will decide the survival and demise of states.

#2 Possible capitalization of current events by fuel moves will have significant impact on… US’s economic attempts to ‘survive’, especially on China’s policies… and almost all major trading partners of Singapore, especially the over-stretched Japan that now cannot rely on nuclear power. Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and Israel are shaking also very hard…

#3 About tons of Singaporeans wishing to migrate… get the fuck out of this moronic cursed island of toads, just imagine the sentiment and their anger towards Khaw… and majority of MND’s problem is this group who have bought over-priced HDB flats as compared to new buyers…

#4 Interestingly, even my ex-comrades in PAP were laughing at this totally absurd ‘law’. It’s really a law meant for brats like the Princess in the ‘Frog Prince’.

#5 The first case of SMRT brutal suicide showed the messed-up of micro-economics that was already very critical… the man only had less than $20 in his pocket… Widely reported, but since then to now, situation degrades further. Election 2011 saw PAP forced into a corner and despite desperate fights, PAP lost ALL by-elections, during one when the government was recklessly trying to sell fare hike aggressively.

#6 Try to be a price-maker by absorbing huge quantity of commodity can be disastrous, tulips were once ‘precious’ commodity only that it couldn’t last… Gold, as many more commodities appeared since the Medieval days, is now merely another commodity, and China bought them at pretty high prices… as compared to when it’d be needed. As a basket of currencies, gold is no longer as ‘safe’ as before… especially during a time when people can’t afford them. It’s another Adam Smith sort of blunder in the making for China…

#7 Not a problem, since Mr Lee Kuan Yew reportedly suggested that he isn’t much a believer of Hell and such…

#8 Actually the most important part of this is… you can’t have a ‘commando’ unit among the angry dissidents if people ain’t ready to die… … Given gross prolonged mismanagement, since idiots can’t do anything, and being too used in honeymoon years… future leaders who bend on blind popularity by talk talk talk talk talk will be facing commandos… a pretty natural and convenient to get rid of useless ‘leaders’ other than useless elections.





































































Nomuscleok新加坡出名‘隆胸男’Kurt Tay的Facebook集中了网上的一票小人。这些小人占据着各大论坛,小人嘴脸具娱乐性,本座自然对隆胸男的Facebook感兴趣。在他花了八千新币讨了个老婆后就混了进去……不过这隆胸男似乎无药可救了。他最大的问题就是太过偏执,忠言逆耳,而且……也就是很普遍的新加坡人心态,只是他的心态偏执于比较无聊加不可理喻的狂热,而新加坡人一般的小人心态都是‘怕输’娇气加小气,狂热于世俗……如物质追求,盲目的攀爬之类。在隆胸男讨了老婆才混进去,主要就是看看这个’subject’能不能因此被‘动摇’。


这类人老夫在小人国天天遇,随手捉就一大把……当年在TCS(新传媒过去的名称)跑龙套时就遇到一大批……都是抱明星梦的天真无聊一族,到处自称自己是演员,到处称自己对演艺多么热爱。老夫当年就中国圈时就和某后台人员说了“什么艺术家?不就是一群把蛋糕搅到乱七八糟的艺术工人,艺术界的苍蝇……”。老夫不介意Steven Lim和隆胸男走芙蓉妹子的路线,但相当介意他们的神经大条……

闻这Steven Lim居然无耻到拿Kurt Tay两千新币说是帮隆胸男卖单曲CD……这单曲CD名副其实就单曲。便是周华健这类名牌也知道搞音乐越来越难赚,这Steven Lim也不是白痴,他怎么可能不知道隆胸男交出的两千新币根本无法回本……

不过就如此,隆胸男Facebook确实比较娱乐……Steven Lim不断胡搞,但Kurt Tay那里有老夫爱看的……那就是小人嘴脸。


这些‘粉丝’当中包括为人父母者,有已婚者,肥胖者,甚至空姐还有自称雇佣公司的,还包括什么基督教的……老夫看了一遍大概就明白了这些‘粉丝’的人格问题。这些傻子……本座天上天下唯我独尊,除非是凯瑟琳这些老夫在意的人,任凭这些小人揶揄老夫这个那个,如何攻击本座,本座也是哈哈笑,根本就不会在意。他们越小人老夫越觉得有趣。这些人……就是李光耀老爷子费尽心思整顿社会培养出来的,如今已充斥着各要害机关和社会重要关节中把其宝贝儿子的政权搞到乱七八糟……那Chan Chun Sing和马炎庆也尝过小人的问题。


眼下时局……却与过去不同。现在连吴佬都知道Inflexion Point,李小龙开始手忙脚乱,其实局势已到成熟的阶段……































2014财政预算老夫没跟进,只是稍微从论坛看了。真正重头的,是明年的MediShield Life……这场好戏交给如Leong Sze Hian这类大喇叭就行了。问题是,Leong Sze Hian的深度未必足够。毕竟他对全球局势和隐性银根全不知情,但让他当个‘会计’给新加坡算算明面儿账还是胜任有余的。这些人空有技术全无脑子,幸亏行动党已大不如前……否则李光耀老爷子早将他们全灭了。























































现在就等27日的IT Show看看这鬼公司会不会还有什么优惠。










赤天使……见过的死人和残肢比一般城市人多……多到习以为常。 其实我们都很有爱心,但之所以可以那么冷漠也是因为俗人太过可恶。老夫当年在国外处决垃圾的时候其实在开枪时还有些犹豫……不过如今的话,扳机将扣得相当‘顺畅’。但老妈若有意外,心里难免会难过的。























老张的情况比THB和隆胸男甚至Maia Lee还有趣……














NKF内乱其实老夫早就知晓。当时的李老爷子还对印尼的慈善腐败自豪着新加坡的井井有条……许八元却和杜莱相当友好……就如那糊涂蛋杨荣文和梁大狼百万导演一样kaki(Singlish: Very good pal)。这样的许八元怎么可以入阁?加上知其实力其实就是外强中干虚有其表,也是靠那鬼Meritocracy才抛弃祖国到了新加坡升得一塌糊涂……他的任免预示着钉子灵的登场。

老夫看人的锐利在大陆号称‘鹰眼’;也和老头子老早说了Andy Ong此人问题不小……Andy Ong其实也不过是老夫的一颗棋子,可惜太过嚣张跋扈加无耻。很多小妹妹还很崇拜他……嘿嘿嘿~

后来爆发Andy Ong连长期伙伴Douglas Foo都想不留骨头的吞掉事件……








“Don’t be complacent, things can go very wrong……”
















Reckless Foreplay

Valentine2014Weekend is a good time for sales but I can’t move out today. The first day on field was a good one to get a feel of marketplace, to warm up and find my old self back after all these years… Doing ‘road shows’ isn’t simple, because you will need all the key elements to succeed, and it have been years since I last did a ‘cold call’.

I didn’t stop anybody… just stood there getting a feel and distributing flyers.

I also talked to some fat folks about slimming randomly… and got pretty funny responses. Their conventional ideas of slimming reflect ignorance. In a way, it is a revelation why the market of fatsos is still that huge when there are tons of ‘weight management’ shops around. I felt like talking to tribals… …

So the market is indeed pretty huge, but the catch is to be my old self… when I could hit top sales for every product and service I pitched.

LoseweighteatingbTo be honest… I did feel rather ‘shy’… speechless… uneasy approaching the entire street of holy fatness… … But it wasn’t a wasted day, because the ‘pitch’ began to form at the end of the day, and I am slowly remembering the self who had been pushing sales in madness… …

I couldn’t stop anyone because I didn’t speak to anyone… I didn’t speak to anyone because initially, I didn’t know what to say… …

I still don’t know what exactly to say by now, but the field experience and the reflection plus the observation done these two days are helping to formulate a concrete one.

Yes. Tons of obese folks are waiting for me to help them…

It’s my duty to bridge the gap to reach out to them.

I almost forgotten…

My job had always been turning negatives… and zooming in on those who’d say ‘yes’. I was nearly demoralized by some weirdos who believed obesity is a way of life… … and some moronic skeptical jokers who were shutting themselves in the obesity traps for good… these were whom I had encountered back then when my sales had always been top three in the companies… … People with negatives, skeptics with smartalec defenses, and the crazy people with blockaded mindsets have always been parts of the sales game.

I need to gradually roll my self back into ‘full functions’.

The mission is to open up the people to a brand new world.

The more people I can ‘convert’, the more people will be helped, and… of course, the more deals I’d enjoy. It’s going to be win-win.

Loseweighteating2bSo I am taking a break after only a short ‘field trip’… but it is a good time for a break. It’s a good day clearing out the silly redundant thoughts and settling down the uneasiness… and examining what else I can do to improve on the flyers.

I have a grade A product… a market out there almost untouched with tons of fatties facing health risks and social lives killed, I really need to get mentally prepared.

Rejections ain’t that bad… if they help me grow.

It was probably harder because now I was doing sales for my own self… and I know I need to pick myself up, get the deals to start forming an elite team, then move into something bigger. It was the ‘stress’ for performance that had affected me that first day… it was the very desire to perform that is blocking progress…

I must cool myself down.

What I am doing is helping people…

I have to do it one step at a time… …

I must first remember how I did it back then… …

Loseweighteating3bMeanwhile… not a moment I didn’t think of Kate. Though… keeping myself busy while memory of her kept flashing means I’d have less time to actually bother her.

It’s nothing unusual that at such time I’d think of her. It’s precisely at such time that I’d want her by my side. It’d be wonderful if Kate would be right next to me, so supportive, so gentle, so… wonderful.

Though reality could well be…

…a blur queen nagging non-stop, shooting off in a brainless fashion in all possible directions as typical Singaporean cunts would and adding more pressures instead of pleasures, then things go nasty… …

The difference between a cunt and a wife is really that of a disposable tissue with dreamy design vs a sticky in-built massage system. The problem comes when it becomes a sticky tissue with dreamy design when it should be disposable…

Kate is a dream… … fueled by goddamned divine love for her. And she should stay a dream… forever.

Loseweighteating4bIn a way… experience with tons of Asian (morons) chicks produces the wisdom that some women are best left untouched, or… best touched and go. Kate is the type of women called ‘the One’ for me; which is, the girl I would have married no matter how horrible she’d be towards me. And that was the fucking risk…

I have no resistance against her, but amazingly, I don’t have ‘a reaction’ towards her whenever I’d think of her.

The kind of ‘attraction’ that’d get a big ‘reaction’ from me are exotic ladies from (eg) Iran… Israel… the type with sharp features, green cat eyes, sharp nose, and that sweet hot lips… The thought of babies as a result of such unions drives my already powerful libido to somewhat unimaginable level.

Kate’s a divine arrangement, the Persian babes are biological or mortal attractions…


I have recently added Kurt Tay and wife on Facebook, then decided to add more people…

The boobs-man’s marriage is the primary ‘attraction’. And yes… he doesn’t seem to know how to handle women. Human behavior as such interests me. While I sincerely wish the union can last, I am more curious… …

As for the rest added…

The year is 2014, and January is almost over.

Soon, internet will cease to be the main playground. Facebook has been restricting my freedom of expression for a while, and Mark should be responsible for that. Adding those folks kind of implies that I am eventually ditching cyberspace… that the priority of online activities is diving.

Even for ‘Ministry of Love and Justice’, it has become apparent that the blog is merely a personal playground, and the updates can happen once in a blue moon.

It is still within the one year period when I am abstaining from sex…

And my powerful libido is becoming a major challenge… …


[Pride Of Wayang] There was this Steph Micayle who declared she wasn’t proud to be a Singaporean…

Of course I am both hands up for her hot shot at the wayang!

But watching her video shows she is most likely a smartie… an immature smartie who boot-licked Jackass Neo who obviously produced junks only so valued by the suckers this Steph was talking about… Irony irony irony…

And yeah… what happened to his what pop group?

This pop group is basically made up of a group of junk-grade teens from ‘Ah Boys To Men’ who would have never made it in China if not for the suckers called Singaporeans… I was enjoying Steph’s moment of truths until she started the nonsense promoting an obvious junk… then licking the Taiwanese.

Taiwan also have tons of morons… narrow-minded morons who are not nice people but packaging themselves as nice people… aka hypocrites.

She was probably trying to lick her way through her entertainment career… …

Otherwise, what she said was a pretty neat piece.

Subsequently, the Wayang state media published some morons’ ‘feel proud to be Singaporeans’ articles… to prove Steph right. Instead of examining the issues and providing concrete solutions, it’s rounds and rounds of unproductive ‘retaliations’. It’s very much like someone who marched into Meet-The-People session and made complains to expect rounds and rounds of defensive finger pointing to the point of even accusing the resident to be the problem… which is so stupid and childish.

So despite of the Wayang’s defense, more will feel fed up, and recently, a survey shows about 60% young Singaporeans will love to migrate given the first chance…

How ‘proud’ Singaporeans are… …

Go on with the wayang, morons… …and see 80% of the people dying to leave, and continue to make the 20% yell how proud Singaporeans are being Singaporeans… …

It’s pretty much like Jackass Neo producing pro-family movies while fucking other parents’ daughters happily… …Steph gave me a creep when she licked Jackass Neo’s junk movies.

After the scandal… just look at what sort of craps the Jackass continued to promote, and his kind of thinking is completely disgusting. Though…

Singaporeans are narrow-minded and… stuck in a cultural desert. So be it.

There will be a time to deal with this cursed island of moronic toads… …

[Discovering Colombo] Jesse Colombo made news suggesting Singapore is in for an Iceland style crash…

I took a look…

At this junction, I have no wish for the Old Father of Singapore to know too much… or to have any risks of waking Loong from the slumber. In fact, from Low Thia Khiang to Nicole to Daryl to Gilbert… down to Kate and Siping and the many moronic smart alecs… I want them to go on living in their dreams… …

Which is actually why I don’t mind being ridiculed for since so long ago…

The more I got ridiculed the more I laughed and am entertained by mortal stupidity…

So I left some ‘trails’ to the old man… like playing ‘Donkey’ and see what his next moves would be… … So far, he always chose the same card.

He is most informed… most surrounded by the fucked Meritocracy army of ‘scholars’… he’s the best man for this game.

I also told Kate… a bit here and there… … For her… it’s really in the hope to test her reaction, and… to ‘educate’ her… instinctively hoping to reduce the distance between an alien and a mortal… I know it’s stupid of me.

I messaged Kate a lot of things… strange alien things she’d never ever catch any balls… which was why I never called her during those days.

She knew too much… at least for being an innocent third party. Luckily… she’s merely a mortal.

Jesse’s ‘prophecy’ is as accurate as MAS’s reply… a bit right here and there, then wrong here and there. He’d not be a threat to the development… I desire. With mortal brains… they can see nothing. And even recently, IMF is reportedly trying to hedge the Dollar risk with SDRs…


It was already calculated long long before…

Mortals are always doing things given the same shit options limited by their puny mortal brains.

It’s precisely because of those fools at IMF I can play ‘Donkey’ with the old man during this long long wait. He knows I am seeing something… but he doesn’t know anything, and the point is to keep it that way.

Mr Lee Snr has an advantage over Loong… He listens. Problem is, Mr Lee Snr messes up when it comes to HRM, and is a religious believer of Meritocracy, hence he’d only be all ears to ‘snobs’… … Too bad for him.

Loong… …

He’s absolutely green. If Mr Lee Snr can’t see it coming, Loong all the more won’t. Tin Tin shows it all. If Loong even saw something coming, how the fuck will Tin Tin be pulled in at such critical moment?

The stupidity of IMF comes ironically as a blessing to my humble inclination to take over.

One of the biggest fundamental mortal thoughts when trying to wiggle out… for IMF’s stupidity, can be illustrated by Loong’s naive thinking… of trying to solve economic problems in Singapore simply by dumping in the reserves. Just as Josephine’s big crazy talk about fighting inflation by throwing oil to workers’ basic wages… in such a tight economic environment.

I don’t need to gain credit by disclosing the whole joke…

Because the biggest credit I want… is the arrival of the tsunami to get the situation cooked, then… I’d become the New Father of Singapore. Otherwise, Singapore can go…

Forbes or MAS or IMF… as long as they are merely mortals… … nothing will stop anything. And in my humble calculation, events should fit in nicely at that precise moment… I labeled as an ‘injection point’.

The sad thing…

… is the Old Father of Singapore may not be around to witness the fireworks.

Like I said…

3/4 of the world waiting to be bailed out by the 1/4… based on dubious political platforms.

Don’t those idiots at IMF ever realized what would have happened to USA and its response to SDRs… in that new world, for instance?

“No one… however smart, could have seen it coming…”

Then… the world can prepare for… …


Like I always said… I am the only master key to stop anything. Problem is… why the fuck do I want to stop anything at all?

The only chap in this world who can do nothing to do everything… is me.

I’d love to see what Nicole baby would do by then… …

Only I will know what exactly will happen. But this is going to be something that even if you ask in this blog that I’d say nothing more than already ‘revealed’. Thereafter… the power race shalt begin.

Stop me… and Singapore dies. Period.


Stop me, and the world collapses… …

Like I said… one puny cursed moronic island for world peace… …

People are writing history after it happens… I am writing history before it happens.

AAngelScope[Pro-test] 25th Jan 2014, Gilbert organized another protest at Hong Lim Park…

By now, the ‘standard’ (usual) size of crowd is no longer the 1~10 at the beginning, or 10~25 people back then… it’s usually about 300 more or less the same folks.

Many more didn’t attend, including me. It’s not that we ain’t aware of what’s going on. But most of those dissidents are not the really hardcore activists; many are the so-called ‘middle ground elements’, and most of the opposition supporters only make the effort to come at election rallies, and by now… could be already more than half of the population eligible to vote.

As for me…

I am still and always a moderate. Before 2016, politically speaking, I do not see any need to be at the front-line.

In short, the crowd may be growing in size, but the ‘true elite leader-class elements’ are not around. Neither is Nicole baby seen at the gathering in those photos taken, but Daryl was there. As mentioned back then, about a decade ago… now is the time for the rise of opportunists.

It is also the most dangerous period for politics… because Loong’s failing, time is running short for him, and he has nothing else but the hatchet despite what honoring Nelson Mandela… and yes… he is still singing ‘Meritocracy’, so Loong’s a gone-case. Unless, of course, anyone expects Tin Tin to fly…

The crowd stood at about 300~400… an healthy figure. Observing the participants… given ‘that’ coming time of chaos, I am very confident we’d have enough elements for a nation-wide ‘burning sensation‘.

In merely a short span of a few years… the potential of a 10,000 strong crowd is finally possible. And 10,000 zombies can bring about anything… …

But be it chaos… or governance, the key factor is still leadership.

Nonetheless, given this development… if the incumbent were to insist on a ‘clean and fair’ election fight as so ‘marketed’ via the state media, the coming election will be really a good show. And yes… GRCs could be lost to the point that PAP be kicked out from the throne in that one go.

Which is… will Loong really want a ‘clean and fair’ election?

But first… will Loong let Gilbert and gang go on like this?

Once the hatchet comes swinging… that’s when the real show for this first page starts.

I am no enemy of the PAP… nor the oppositions. If there were to be any fight at all… my ‘fight’ is mainly about picking up the baton from an already dead dino… … So now, I am very much a bystander, and have to be so.

As for the theme of the protest…

…it’s not important.

[Star Kangaroo] During this period… in fact, during the entire of 2014, a lot of significant things will be happening, but mostly unimportant at least to me. The Anton Casey online commotion is not important… Tuck Yew’s has been long expected to be a gone-case, the housing situation is still in a mess… and Khaw seems to be celebrating a disaster in the making… and global development is on track… …

So hmmm… Cecilia Cheung has decided to migrate to Singapore.

In a way, she should have watched Steph’s video about Singaporeans before pinning her hopes too high. And if she reads this puny blog of mine, the future of her cozy stay may not be that simple at all.

No matter, she has already bought a neat property overseas for her ‘retirement’. So that says that much about the hoo-haas of Cecilia’s ‘I chose Singapore’.

Given a choice, I suppose she’d do better for her sons to relocate to Australia.

But it’s quite true that paparazzi is virtually non-existent in Singapore, and unknown to most online jokers who suggested those magazines would send people here for Cecilia, truth is those in paparazzi field ain’t funded to merely cover one lone ‘star’ with two kids. Cecilia isn’t essential news… unless she is involved in another Edison Chen’s hot cakes.

Nonetheless, while Singapore doesn’t have paparazzi morons, Singapore is filled with ‘walking zombies’ or ‘walking Stompers’ who also have no Privacy laws to bother them with. And given this is a cultural desert, attention-magnets like her are bound to be drawing all sorts of nonsense in the ‘new’ media, then forcing the old media to play the catch up game to report on her whatever.

Bad news for her… because her children will be growing up in such a cursed island of zombies.

Though… since my main involvement in entertainment field was from the North instead of Singapore, I have hence very little against Cecilia even due to Edison’s scandal. It’s really too common… or a ‘way of life’ in the circles up North; hence my attitude towards Kurt Tay and Steven Lim  are more accommodating as well. Unlike the ‘narrow-minded’ Singaporean jokers, Cecilia Cheung to me is merely another female ‘worker’ in this industry.

But her reported idea of finding love now is somewhat more encouraging than she used to be.

“He must truly love me…”

If that’s Kate’s only requirement… I’d fit in perfectly. Because she is the One.

Kate’s a typical Singaporean woman, Cecilia is a foreigner… and not an economic slave in this blind city of blind mad cunts. Given her background, her history of messing up may make her stronger in her search for love than Maia Lee. This is where I am most curious in…

Maia Lee also have two children, now declaring to search for decent guys.

Problem with Maia Lee is, she is just another typical Singaporean chick… She is not mature, at least of how I see it. Cecilia hence becomes an attractive mystery… THB didn’t change much after her divorce…

Like a Taiwanese woman told me…

“This is woman.”

I hope Cecilia’s declared requirement for her coming love interest isn’t based on Northern women’s insecurity due to her divorce and children.

True love… …

Many in Singapore told me this is fairy tale… … That’s why I can’t be bothered with local cunts.

Mortal thinking never fails to amaze me.

Soon, her kids will be reaching teenage… their libido built, and on this island of ‘mean zombies’ so bluntly suggested by Steph, that’s when the real show for Cecilia starts. Which is why Australia would be way more conducive for her children.

As for those social works she is doing…

…not an issue.

She has chosen to come to a wayang waiting to be burnt… soon enough.  The peasant class is formed and maturing… Chaos is imminent.

The battle of the sheep against the lions… the bloody battle of the sheep against the lions is imminent. Who will be the Lenin of Singapore? Who will be the next Lee Kuan Yew?

Gigi’s daddy, Cecil Chao, made news again thinking about increasing the bounty for any dick who can win Gigi over.

I seriously think Cecil is out of his mind.#1

I left a comment at that Yahoo news, and suggested this is ridiculous. Despite the love of a Dad to his daughter, it is disrespectful or ignorance to relation matters to blur things with cold hard dirty cash.

If Gigi really gets wet for a guy, without the bounty the juice will still flow. If a guy really comes for the bounty… he’s either stupid because marrying Gigi literally got a holding on Cecil’s massive assets through Gigi’s inheritance, or Cecil is making such relationship harder with the element of bounty that any guy who approaches Gigi may be feeding her an heavier pinch of salt than necessary.

Cecil should really let fate be.

Gigi is a girl, if she can be instinctively drawn to a guy, she’d be when that right Prince Charming comes. This bounty is pretty redundant… and stupid.

True love can’t be bought.

Her father’s way about relationship may be the real source and influence towards Gigi’s insecurity in men, driving her to lesbo-ism.

Gigi isn’t ugly, and her Facebook updates so far show she is very much a girl at heart. It’s not like she’s really condemned to lesbians. As an archangel, probing souls is not exactly that hard… …

So Cecil should take things easy, perhaps source for Prince Charming to bring them closer, but definitely leave the bounty out of this equation.

There are many tom boys in ladies’ outfit, Gigi is a girl in a tom boy’s outfit.

If she really can’t meet Charming, perhaps it’s better for her not to meet any fucker. Her pride means she’d get hurt easier in such a ‘forced’ or artificially engineered union than the rest.


Another unusually cold morning…

I was the one who talked about how a sudden Ice Age drove the great dinos to extinction instead of a stupid meteor, and suggested the coming of a new Ice Age…

The evidences of a sudden devastating drop in temperature of the Earth that drove dinos to extinction instead of a pollution from that great meteor hit are many. First, the survival of any creatures as massive as the crocodiles proved that such pollution could not have been the real killer. Such pollution of global nature blocking out the sun and giving rise to toxic environment is ridiculous because no small creatures could have survived in prolonged fashion of destruction, especially…

…the flying groups.

In fact, the creatures who remained from the destruction were all smaller creatures… and mostly are those who could withstand cold effectively, such as cold-blooded lizards, those creatures who could hibernate well and were efficient in energy conservation…

A sudden lethal drop of global temperature changed the plantations and wiped out the larger creatures overnight, even in their sleep… and explains why some fossils are discovered in still-motion instead of ‘burnt’ ashes.

Without wearing a coated layer of fat in such a short time as human beings could, mega size dinos gave way to mammoths with thick fur coats…

Very few fossils, if any, showed poisoned carcasses from the bone composition displays so far.

To be honest… I totally enjoy the chill mornings.

In galactic science, Earth’s responses to the Sun has a yet-to-be mortally discovered energy link that the archangels have exploited so far… It’s actually a ‘chemical trace’ in another form.

I won’t be surprised to wake up one day to a night as cold as 4~6 degrees… freezing many unsuspecting Singaporeans to death. Archangels can operate normally for a quite a while in a pair of summer shorts at near 0 degrees.

∞∞∞ ∞∞











这些人,能用的都能成一代大将,若不能为老夫所用……就只能为祸人间。匹夫之勇,若有英主调遣很难不名留青史,威震四方;匹夫之勇,若只是胡乱呐喊,如盗贼般杀几个小喽罗然后如Alex Tan一样被小配角恐吓逼退……

Alex Tan Zhi Xiang等等,毕竟有勇,毕竟有自己的野心,就少了本座主持。

老国父对这些人不会重视,也嗤之以鼻……根本不会想到去‘废物利用’,因为李老爷子对人事非常肤浅。但既然为国父就必须关乎天下个个分子。于本座,行动党一票人可与工人党一票傻子相攻……萝卜茶、Alex Tan等匹夫可用以前锋……Daryl、尼可虾能蛊惑民众之流可以为小组将领,Gilbert这类会为自己留后路而肆无忌惮的也有他的用处……还有那些有野心但治理实力虽匮乏但还是有些能力的都可为将……而愚民……











The Way坦白说……政经局势如此有趣,面对着市场,老夫必须集中精神……毕竟老夫所嗜,权也。但老夫很明白,此时行动党进入最后挣扎,也是最凶险的时刻。2016后,李小龙的情况就非常明显,wayang也遮不住Meritocracy带来的破坏,政府的能力暴露无遗……那时就是找李小龙先生聊聊的时候了。






李老爷子糊涂……他以为行动党垮了,人民还会因为‘实力’(Core Competency)再度让行动党上台。要是真看实力,本座如今早已是部长了~(狂笑-ing)




























本座……怎么可能是那个小人Goh Meng Seng可比呢?



所以……一将功成万骨枯……本座知道百姓自杀,百姓水生火热,知道内情,也明白局势将恶化……但本座就是按兵不动,就是让类似Chia Ti Lik和Goh Meng Seng这些自以为是的傻子去攻。



#1 Just as I expected…













Gigi’s soul is not hard to read… She can still be ‘converted’, but this will take time and the right ‘move’. She is still a ‘girl’, but her prince has not appeared. Hilariously… she needs an angel. Problem is, I am not interested in Gigi, else I’d be the perfect candidate for Cecil’s ‘mission’. LOL~ In a way, I am similar to Gigi… but I can fuck my way around instead if I can’t meet the angel… the replacement for Kate. Because… I am 1001% a man. I am much stronger than Gigi in this.

I Love Cunt Shooed Me



























I burst into roars of laughter reading Siping‘s reply…

She is smarter than Kate, but she is still a typical Singaporean woman. Though I still hoped she’d grow up to be exceptional. She’s got the foundation in her personality. But…

It was about a little thought on some ‘daily matters’.

Siping dearie still has that little girl in her. Actually, I have been reading her current Facebook page since we met again, and read her previous page before. As an old friend… LOL~ Sometimes I really found her pretty funny. She has been like that since school days.

She seems to be getting into deeper shits. It’s not much that I can do for her in this aspect. As towards Kate, mortals make their own choices. It’s easier to pull her away from hooligans than fake white knights. But what matters most is… this friendship may not last after all.#1

What a pity.

I was hoping she’d be around during retirement for teas and movies and such. I think it’s best to leave her alone for now. Despite the Pope somewhat confessed that Adam and Eve are mortal imagination… I know Siping is lost… as with Kate.

Catholic… … …

G20002A mortal will always be mortal, so it seems.

Even if the Pope were to declare God is fable, problem is… the mindset will still be the same. Fighting with women to change their minds will be disastrous. They will have to wise up themselves. What they won’t understand, they will never understand no matter if you volunteer to spoon-feed.

It’s not the religion that bugs me. Religion is used by mortals to fill up the void of unknown beyond mortal wisdom can reach to feel happy. For me, I have seen ghosts, so yes… I believe in ghosts; I have also seen an alien craft, so yes… I believe in aliens. Anything else, I can’t be bothered.

I only believe in logic and wisdom.

But women are… sentimental creatures. I love Kate, I have no choice but to accommodate her mortal stupidity. Siping was a good girl, I consider her a good old friend; she’s still a woman subjected to surrounding noises, not to mention, she’s like a sponge with a hard core. She’s like a sister to me.

Though looking at my own crazy, ridiculous cum moronic biological sister… mortal thinking’s flaw does freak me out.

At times, I really think my sister should be thrown to China back then… … But looking at Mum’s incorrigibility after Leon’s freak’s accident…

I give up.

In a way, if Siping were to be other women, I’d probably toy with her thinking for entertainment… like I did with those online smartalec idiots. But Siping is after all Siping. She was impressive, and she sat next to me everyday back then been a nice lass; perhaps after another ten years… somehow somewhat, she’d grow up, be more mature, and we can still go for tea, shopping or what.

Mortals are toys… They are expendables.

G20009If not for my lust for power and my aspiration to float this fucking cursed island of moronic toads to become the ‘New Father of Singapore’, this tiny floating cultural desert of zombies is also expendable.

Mr Lee Snr had started a governance producing countless of soul-less zombies non-stop for decades; Loong will not be the only chap to suffer and be stuck in a choice of lieutenants from a pool of zombies, so will I. That’s why I need those fucking zombies to neutralize each others, and along the way filtering out any gems for me to approach.

Nicole is not the biggest and brightest gem I have spotted, if she is even a gem, ie.

This guy… I have been observing him for a long long time. And so far, he has been making all the right moves… just short of entering politics. He is worth at least 20 Nicole Seahs, and 2,000 Daryl Tans. Let’s see how ‘crazy’ he is… …

I know what kind of people I need and for what, because I know what is coming for Singapore.

In the worst case, let’s just dump Singapore to those monkeys… …

Chuan Jin reportedly said he thought “PAP is going to govern in the near future“. In a way, I also do not desire a complete PAP demise so soon. As mentioned, it is best that PAP ‘dangles’ in power as Najib’s UMNO is doing, this ‘balance of power’ in Singapore will be better for my political interests. Things will get clearer after the coming election on why I want it that way.

However… PAP’s political capital has already been bankrupted in 2011, and performance of the government since has been really bad news. You don’t even need brains to make such an observation. The ball is now in the oppositions’ side, with WP taking the lead.

NSP… with Nicole not in Sec-Gen position, expansion is going to be limited.

Facing an electorate of almost 100% new gen with PAP’s brand tarnished that badly and governance has fallen to such lows… … Anything can happen. SDP should be able to catch up this round… though Dr Chee’s presence will hinder SDP’s election performance.

DPP is struggling. SPP is likely a spent force; at most Lena Chiam gets Potong Pasir. SDA… … very hard.

Nothing much recently… Nothing really significant, ie.

The coming election and term is really about laying the foundation for the rise of the true working next government.

PAP’s time is really running out… And Abe has already tested the world by declaring a date for Japan’s military freedom. Of course, Abe will try to hasten things. I also want events to accelerate. Premier Xi’s reform efforts will be hitting rocks; a lot of precious time will be wasted.

Premier Xi needs me desperately to succeed, but I need Singapore.

G200011Unlike the previous Tulip Era, now is not a Dutch solo-dance all the way to Hell… now is a 3/4 world economy’s dance expecting to be bailed out by the 1/4 based on highly questionable political foundation.

Japan will be revising its pacifist constitution by 2020, I ‘selected’ the 2021 election… Kate nor Siping will understand the underlying factor in our choices. Around 2019… something will happen, at least Abe probably sees it coming as well. Japan is now a major time-bomb to trigger the fireworks… when Kate is 60yo… that will be the last time I get to see her.

Thereafter, I’d have to escape from ground zero.

No matter, when the world is in confusion, I’d be giving these donkeys in this tiny madness called Singapore their final chance and the only choice. Mortal obstinance and resistance will be futile.

Currently, there are armies of zombies trying to be defiant. Fools… …

Either way… either I take over power or I evacuate… I still win. Just before Singapore becomes ground zero, I’d finish God’s assignment, and bye bye from this cursed state of morons. Loong has wasted all the time… … It’s still very funny that mortals choose suicide even though they are ignorant.

It’s rather entertaining.

The players should know by now… I am the only one who can change anything. To change anything, they WILL have to support my rise to power. They should know what are at stakes.

Of course… Kate’s going to be still blur blur.

One Singapore… for world peace. Not a bad deal, isn’t it?#2

Give me Singapore, and you can have your world peace. Nobody has to die. Everyone can be happily ever after. After 2016, even Blur King Loong should realize something is wrong. But I won’t be surprised he’d still be in the dark… …

Kate… …

Never mind, let those mortals chuckle and fool around. What will happen will happen. As long as when it is happening… I am the only one who can handle.


The older online opposition elements since YoungPAP Forum called me ‘Mini MM’… because I seemingly thought and talked like Lee Kuan Yew, and I could even mimic his style of giving a speech.

In a way… I know how he truly sees things, and his likely reactions to events. So much for observing him since such tender age. Of course, I am aware of his weaknesses and strengths; I see him more of a mentor than a friend. After all, when I was first politically aware around 1981, he was the face I was most exposed to, his speeches I was most often hearing attentively to and… in a way, he naturally is the leader I am most disappointed in.

At every junction when he could bring PAP further up… he took another path. He carried such hope for real ‘confidence for the future’ but he set the ball rolling to ‘Inflexion Point’. And I ended up career-less in his son’s ‘land of fuck opportunities’ now preparing to take over the mess that has started from his era and grown to become the avalanche which is killing his beloved son.

I once said… If I were to be Lee Kuan Yew indeed in his era, I’d be miserable… and I’d have to find another way to the top.

Now Lee Kuan Yew is dying… I’d be all alone watching the tsunami coming.

Actually, even if he is also an immortal, I doubt he’d be able to follow my eyes.

He is a lawyer… I am born a political prodigy.

Great minds think alike… but if he is able to think, for his beloved son, I’d already be the education cum manpower minister now fighting to float this broken boat called PAP instead of preparing to float this tiny moronic island called Singapore as the New Father of Singapore.

Lee Kuan Yew… the Old Father of Singapore is the last person who can blame me for idling as Singapore is marching into demise.

It is saddening that the old man is going to expire soon… but if he doesn’t leave the scene… …

Loong and TS and even Chok Tong may have the ‘records’, but without Mr Lee Snr’s life experience it is very much doubted they will reach any satisfying realizations. Besides, a heavy chunk of messages is ‘encrypted’. It’s not even meant for Mr Lee Snr to comprehend.

It was calculated to remain encrypted, just like the binary signature of the hacker.

Those records were never meant to change things. Though if the Old Father of Singapore was shaken awake and requested aid, I’d have no choice but to assist his blur son. Turning him down without strong reasons would be a rather historical bad news. But it was only 50/50 he’d seek help.

And it turned out that Mr Lee Snr was completely ignorant. So there goes his son’s political career… …

So here starts 2014.

G20004The two Fathers of Singapore… never need to fight, at least as how I saw it when Siping was sitting next to me in class and telling me to touch her hand. She was naughty. In my humble calculation… it never occurs to me that he’d last till PAP has to go… on its own accord. PAP will fall… because of Meritocracy… plus Control Management… and other things. Dynasties had fallen due to such ‘poisons’, what is so special about PAP?

Lee also witnessed the fall of Singapore in a paper general’s hands, so…

Still… at this time of his imminent departure… … the feeling has been quite different from the time I was figuring such a moment.

So what those morons called me ‘Mini MM’. I will never be him, he will never be me, and I cannot be him if I’d have to take over. Because there can only be one Lee Kuan Yew at any one time. Mr Lee Snr is very particular about power. Unless he is faced with a valid reason for my existence… I’d be destroyed. But I do have a very valid reason relevant to him for the existence. Despite of that… it is much safer to stay ‘weak’ and appearing submissive.

Chok Tong is a very sad case.

He was from a poor background. He studied when a lot of folks were not educated, and thanks to that toxic Meritocracy, he rose all the way to the top… And he took over the pen to write Singapore’s history. But he couldn’t.

Chok Tong had that precious priceless moment when he could make history… but he flunked.

He did not redeem himself either.

Loong… …

That moment I stepped out from the school gate was the moment he was destined to fail.

Nobody else in this world… this entire world can help him.

Cat messed up a lot of things… seriously messed up the plan. But… situation will not be changed by her folly, nor in the hands of idiots.

My first political ‘public’ appearance was at YoungPAP Forum… some time after Kate was lost to the fucking snobbish university life. I was there to investigate and keep track of internet’s influence of local politics. That was the time when PAP could govern online properly and avoid the current costly disturbances. But Chok Tong didn’t do anything and Ser Luck subsequently shut it down…

Yes. Ser Luck shut down PAP’s very own portal online that could keep Singapore’s political community in and govern from there… Instead of fighting against the online IT disturbances, Ser Luck simply threw the precious forum, the PAP gem of cyberspace cultivated over many years, into the bin in one shot. Then the elements were further pushed into various other forums and strengthen the forums’ positions… and subsequently developed into socio-politico sites such as Temasek Review.

This convenient move crippled PAP’s chance of online governance with insignificant repercussions at one go and threw the entire new media game right into the hands of opposition-controlled cyberspace. And as various ambitious individuals set up sites to gather political elements, the push for online opening up got louder.

I openly questioned Ser Luck’s move back then online. But what do you think I got as a result?

Laughably, now Yacob is trying everything to the point of been ridiculous to control.

Then Shanmugam said it’s ok to call leaders idiots…

I think those morons have already forgotten what I told them at YP Forum… about the future… the future that is now getting much much closer. If MM Lee really worked with ‘Mini MM’, situation will never hit such critical point. But ‘Mini MM’ knew… MM Lee would unlikely see the need to combine forces. He was already a victim of success who didn’t even know his son’s financial opening up was ushering in the first disastrous scandal of its kind… as the ‘Golden Era’ dissolved later to nothingness.

This is the main difference between MM Lee and ‘Mini MM’. I can’t tolerate nonsense very well, I don’t do extra things…

Siping may not understand. But the older jokers who were there those days should try to recall what I said.

They laughed and mocked and thought those were jokes… … and they wanted to throw ‘challenges’ at me, they wanted to debate…


With what fuck they can debate with? Kidneys?

Those morons are flooding the forum, and I was even attacked by PAP elements… LOL!!!

So I played along. I was cyber-bullied. But I didn’t care.

Those jokers were toys.

G20005I regularly collected data, and am certain about the real limits of online influence… that it will have minimum impact on my coming rescue mission. Recruiting online is useless because most of them are low-life smarties who are useless to the max, or super idealistic but naive, or they are just there to argue and argue and argue for the sake of arguing. Robert Teh is one such element. Goh Meng Seng was hopeless, despicable… Chia Ti Lik… bombastic piece of smartalec ambitious junk who didn’t surprise me when he couldn’t control his dick…

I knew the leaders were crappy hence they couldn’t handle cyber attacks properly and had suggested not to bother about online renegades. Problem was… the leaders were smartalecs, and their involvement directly boosted the credentials for cyberspace political engagement. Worse… they saw Obama’s Facebook success and tried to copy that in Singapore, and instantly realized that this only broke the illusion of PAP’s popularity because nobody in PAP really cared about the leaders, the ‘likes’ were scarce and online discussions were dominated by ‘very free’ opposition elements… … making PAP leaders looked like ‘leftovers’.

Of course, the P65ers blog just disappeared… discarded.

After a long long while, Cat’s friend Lyn invited me to start Facebook. So I decided to start one for fun.

The leaders were pretty blind copycats.

The ‘powerful’ PAP, an image carefully designed and protected for so many years was dumped by themselves overnight… …

As the economic balance was tipped off, as Chok Tong suggested the sheep need the lions to makan them to lead them, online noises got louder and louder and… they spilled naturally into the real world. Gilbert Goh eventually enjoyed the first major success in his political pursue by organizing online a gathering of about 5,000 at Hong Lim Park, and made world news.

But Gilbert was also blind, and became the victim of success… and killed his own trend.  When Daryl Tan made his maiden speech, there were only like about 200~300 folks at the park.

Those jokers at both sides are really just fools, and they expect me to work under them… Why? Seniority? Their big fuck ego? Social status? They have more money?

Isn’t it obvious that even for WP, at the end of the day if they cannot govern they will still be kicked out, and WP made the least noises, never organized huge events to my knowledge at Hong Lim Park but Singaporeans are behind it.

Anyway, things will be going bloody… …

WP cannot govern. Its role will be redundant once PAP ‘dangles’ in power or is removed.

All these elements, PAP or oppositions, must follow my lead.

G20007Political HR is very sensitive. Be it North Korea’s Kim or Premier Xi or Loong, no matter how much they need me, they must first recognize that need, and very importantly they must be compatible. Loong is obviously gone case, Kim cannot provide the basic security for me to deal with North Korea, Premier Xi… he’s an average chap in power, with similar starting ‘fire’ to perform as Loong, but this ‘3 mins fever’ (三分钟热度) may be over when he discovered that his attempts are going nowhere.

Premier Xi recently reportedly visited a shop to buy buns? The shop became popular, and for a moment Premier Xi was hailed. But only one day later… internet was spreading with ‘analysis’ using the cost of the buns he bought at 21RMB… targeting Xi on China’s impossible cost of living. And the bombardment will be heavier as Premier Xi tries to do more and moves himself into the spotlight, and eventually… the arrows will be all on Premier Xi developing into huge banners against him and China.

Like I said in a previous entry… Premier Xi needs to reform China for the coming life-and-death challenges, and he needs to take full responsibilities hence taking the challenges as the head of reforms, but it will end up he becoming the main target for anger, and a very powerful banner for future rebellions. Which is why he desperately needs someone like me to take over his reform cabinet and I handle the arrows.

But on my side… Singapore is already near cooked and ready to be served.

Seeing China’s efforts to move forward, unless Premier Xi can show me what Loong can’t… no matter how much he’d pay, I cannot be recruited. Across history, great men only work with great men for greatness. This is political human resource management 101. Loong fails because he has great ego and low on everything else, Mr Lee Snr is also not exceptionally smart.

PAP has this very very very stupid smartalec habit or ‘strategy’ which is laughable to high heavens. They cited Mr Lee Snr and to all competitors, if the competitor is good and have a good idea, they will try to ‘challenge it’ and kill the credit, then steal the idea. Which is… in Mr Lee Snr’s words “to destroy their policies in infancy”.

Which is… PAP is doomed in such ‘smart’ strategic mentality. Without Loong’s favor, anyone can be a competitor, and hilariously, it ends up nobody who can suggest good ideas hence will bother to come forward. Like in a communist state, if doing nothing gets the same thing but doing something risks wrong attention, why bother doing anything more?

This is an idiotic smart strategy of western nature. Foolish to the max. And it explains why Loong is crushing down with Reach and many ‘reaching out’ events to harvest public views. Not to mention that Loong grew up in an ‘all powerful’ environment taking orders from few. And party politics makes things worse.

In theory, I don’t mind even to aid North Korea… in economic reforms, dealing with diplomacy and grooming its military power and making North Korea rapidly the next super power in Asia. In reality I can’t, because Kim is ‘weak’. He is weak because who in the right mind will risk his neck for random dangers due to lack of leadership wisdom?

Even till now, just before his time is up, Mr Lee Snr is still a big blur sotong when it comes to political HR. His ‘dignity’ or snobbishness destroys whatever credits he built up. There may be a lot of ‘leaders’ in PAP… and oppositions, but… they are like the Prince White (太子小白), and Mr Lee Snr once without people like S Rajaratnam has no chance to absorb another ‘David Marshal’.  Loong is worse.

So the fate is sealed on PAP’s side, and actually on the oppositions’ side as well.

Regarding China… Cat and Leon’s accidents have left me with a very very very very very bad impression of China’s government, or technically speaking, of their local machinery. During Leon’s accident, I naturally would have to come in contact with various district authorities. At some point, I was bathing in pure anger… …

Well… I cannot tolerate nonsense that well.

Which is why when a recent invitation to explore government positions in Eastern China came to me, I declined to take a look. China desperately needs help. But I cannot trust such invitation. Even in the early days when China was at the crucial junction, I visited China to see where I could fit in… to pull China away from the coming dangers Premier Xi is now watching and experiencing, I didn’t trust anybody and tested the waters. Back then, the then Chinese premier paid very little attention on state development, and the entire state was in a frenzy of greed… personal enrichment as if those were the last days of existence.

People like myself cannot be recruited without something.

If possible, I’d even avoid China especially given China’s size, enriched governors or related people may think they themselves are talented or have enough talents, and I will be trapped once I have made a move. It’s the precise reason why I gave Loong a chance before but tested him… and he failed. A Loong who was thinking that he inherited a powerhouse in a political Golden Era would see no value in me no matter how he’d need me in his cabinet. Which is, if I were to be ‘luckily’ recruited, I’d be seriously stuck… and in North Korea or China, I’d risk be kicked easily to the graveyard… likely as a scapegoat for some morons’ failures.

Obama-wise… … The USA leadership is actually quite bombastic since Reagan’s time, and has been already engulfed with powerful NGO’s presence. Elements of little interests and capability towards the governance of the state tightly hug onto the government as visceral fat starving organs of health.

While Obama is smarter than Bush and more diligent… quite touching, but Obama is doomed to fail right from the beginning. I have already blogged the USA’s situation since Obama’s takeover. All his economic targets and policies are a big mess… No support, no risk hedging, no talented emergency response mechanism, no nothing, just pure blind simple “I want to raise employment, I want the greater growth, I want less consumption but more foreign investment, I want this I want that…”.

Like towards Loong and those oppositions in Singapore, my simple basic question is “with what the fuck can you support your goals?”.

Do you have any brains to begin with? Where is your governing talents? What are you going to do to support their recruitment and existence?

In the 80s to 90s, a ‘wayang’ was still possible, the people could still comfort themselves and bear with things. But now… once winter comes, people will need power, people will need food, people will need to fuck and they need a mate each to form a family, people will listen to your great speech… and look away, and got into a habit of looking away eventually, then… when they are hungry enough, they will rebel violently.

Loong took over power thinking situation of Singapore would never change. There will be heads for the rolling for any failures he made, and those sheep will ‘guai guai’ (Singlish: obediently) let him be, because he is in full control of the courts and police and GLCs and related hire the most people… … and Mr Lee Snr is there to back him up with the intelligence.

What can go wrong?

Who is Scope? He is just an arrogant piece of jobless junk anybody can push around…

Now the problem is… without this ‘clown’ situation becomes dire… because he holds the ‘master key’.

If you are not the leader, you shalt not be given the master key, and you will fail into history. Period.

If this island of zombies is not ready, they shalt not have the master key as well, and will be locked into a disastrous path and be doomed.

As I have said in YP Forum to a bunch of smart alecs… as the situation develops, I will become ‘valuable’ exponentially.

I have no money to show, I have no big fuck resumes to show, I have no high social status or anything fanciful, but I have the wisdom for the time.

Hilariously, some morons mocked some years later as Loong took over in his first term as I was watching Singapore approaching the gate of chaos… “So what now about your ‘wisdom’? What is the use of it?”

Very soon…

USA will find itself needing even more money, to burn money even faster. The next Obama will likely be seeing the need to cut even more and more and more and more expenses… shutting down this agency that program… and CIA may be competing for budget from a dwindling pond of liquidity, and the retired officers will be saving hard because pensions no longer apply… … The whole bunch of civil morons plus the retired arm forces will be forced to ‘work’ as economic slaves and start shops…

…but where are the jobs, and where are the customers?

So what is the use of wisdom?

The value for wisdom can get very very very very high… … especially when the world’s superpower sees its future of becoming the world’s super slave due to folly in an era of a rise of chaos… … When the cities go bankrupt, when the greenbacks finally… becomes a huge pile of waste papers in a time when the allies with security agreements want USA to fulfill the duty.

That means more gold… more and more and more and more gold needed for upgrading military toys, replenishing missiles and ammo, and sending out troops… plus the insurance, plus social securities for those ‘contributions’… …

There is one Scope.

How much is he worth?

He’s quite ‘cheap’…

All he wants… is full control of Singapore, a very tiny cursed fucking dot on the world map.

You can try not to give him what he wants… then the world collapses… he’d still get what he wants.

Like I always said… since many years ago. The world has only two choices eventually… but technically speaking, the world really only has one viable choice.

In reality, Premier Xi doesn’t have a choice as well. Neither do I.

All across the long corridor of history, great minds rose in the time of needs, not exactly chaos. Doors only open when the time comes, and great minds have no choice but to wait for the doors to open. Only in desperate times will our value shines brilliantly like no tomorrow.

I can’t help Loong because Loong is Loong. So he goes very well with Tin Tin and the likes.

Like I said so many times… what sort of leaders will have what sort of leaders.

G200010Now when even bird brains know what will happen to PAP down this path… … it’s even more important I stay on the sideline. There will be a job coming… a job nobody else can handle, but me.

Kate chose correctly.

I am going to become Superman, and no mortal women can handle ‘a dick of steel’ with super lightning pumping speed.

Actually, Kate doesn’t have the ‘internal beauty’ to see any value in me. To Singaporean cunts, their mindsets are epitomized by Laura Ong… …

Nobody in Singapore, if any at all, will envision a Laura Ong spreading her legs for Michael Pumper the cleaner. To snobs such as Goh Keng Swee and Mr Lee Snr, Meritocracy is like a sweet drug… Social status, certs and bla bla bla are more important than relevant abilities.

I wasn’t naive… how the fuck I was so close to PAP leadership during childhood and aware of so many junks when my peers were playing marbles and erasers that I didn’t know?

But what do I really want. That’s the whole catch.

My heart lusts after Kate…

My instinct, however… lusts after power.

It’s a torture after I saw her again. I went mad… …

Fucking God just fucking cracks a fucking joke assigning this fucker to the wrong fucker… … and He deserves my middle finger.

Not to mention… so many fucking mortals out of their fucking minds are created by Him to fuck around me in a fucking long wait for the world to be fucked big fucking time…

Without a bloody Hell, what is so special with an archangel?

If nothing can stop my lust after Kate, even her marriage…

What can stop my lust after power?

#1 It’s probably better to back off than trying to link up with her to remain cordial. Hopefully 10 yrs down the road, everything will be ok by then.

#2 USA needs nothing else than the piggy bank from Singapore. USA needs the piggy bank to deal with its own woes. Logically, USA wants Singapore for its self-interest, so why not sell Singapore to me…? The piggy bank is not going to help much, but I can help. And the price is Singapore for my humble assistance.

Only Gentleman.

[For the first time, someone else will be the cover-boy. This is Leon, one of three babies the household is taking care of. He is the most adorable among the three, so that'd be him here.]

I got loads of things packed into December and now I am here blogging…

Fuck it, here’s another entry.

The top most important issue is the arrival of Wasteland 2 Beta. And oh mine, I got a big shock that despite nagging that much that long… the game is really not that suitable for an old fan like myself. There are many things… the display pics ain’t animated for NPCs, the locations are rather lowly populated and some scenes don’t even make sense! And I was paying very very much attention on the travelling at the world map for random encounters which will make or break the game…

Basically, it’s good the beginning of a combat has now a more stylish introduction than a childish-looking bullet-shots display, but the word ‘Encounter’ may block the initial damage report done on the field if you start shooting first to trigger the encounter. That’s still ok… but best if they can freeze action while the word is still there.

The major problem of combat is, unlike Fallout 2, I noticed very very low frequency (if any at all) of naughty lines made by NPCs. And the battle field can be pretty squeezed in random encounters, plus there seems to be only ONE combat music for the entire repetitive moments of bloodshed throughout the game! Also there is no special effect for criticals made after Fallout 3’s for Wasteland 2, and those ‘huge’ display pics of foes which have NO animation were blocking too much of the right side, that hilariously is constantly telling us how tiny those display pics of our party members are at the bottom!

Our members’ tiny display pics have no animation but have included even their waists! That renders each display pic a blur portray of self on field. Which is, if two chaps wear the same color, you can’t tell them apart conveniently… you can’t even easily tell the sex. Why can’t we just have their faces instead?

The funniest thing is, a lady raider’s portrait has a male voice!

That’s so ‘beta’!

Add to that, the names should really be ‘upgraded’. ‘Myron’, ‘Charon’ and ‘Sulik’ are more stylish than ‘Tooth Smasher’, ‘Night Waste’ or what ‘Cold Blooder’… That’s so… childish!

Not only that, unlike Fallout 2, you can’t ever get those team-mates to communicate. And when the team does talk to anyone, the speeches are all in the same white, and it’s easy to be confused who’s really talking. This is uncool because I expect more talking heads and more interactions in-game with those team-mates since Fallout 2. Even JABIA has team-mates who can make noises at varied situations! And even that I thought that wasn’t enough… Now Wasteland 2 is giving me worse than Fallout 2!

I am not interested to have a mid-90s gameplay…

And unlike Wasteland 1, we can create ONE lead character and to choose a pre-made 3 others in Wasteland 2, and unlike JABIA, the choices for beginning NPCs are relatively few. And the customization is also pretty limited. I totally hate the idea of a portrait representing them on field instead of the current norm in current games that uses 3D animation for those avatars reflecting immediately what glasses and caps and masks they are wearing.

And the use of firearm skills is really hitting raw nerve. Despite my suggestion, Wasteland 2 doesn’t differentiate between melee/unarmed and firearms in that anyone who can fire a sniper rifle at level one can know how to basically load the magazine, pull the trigger and aim at point-blank with a pistol. How is it possible that I can fire an assault rifle when I don’t have the skill to basically send a bullet flying with a revolver? The point is, if you choose to unlock any firearm skill, all firearm skills should be unlocked for level 1!

I am pretty particular about this because I was first trained to fire off from a fucking heavy revolver then progressed to assault rifles then to sniper rifles. We learned the basics for loading, aiming, the need of the safety mechanisms, then to deal with the peppering style of assault rifles, then to the sniper rifles which need extreme precision for decent performance.

In a way, if you can handle an assault rifle you can also handle a shotgun at basic level.

So it completely makes no sense to me…

One of the shocking discovery during observing Wasteland 2 Beta is the print of ‘750 water’ at oasis. If that means the reserves, if the reserves of water won’t regenerate over time… that means we’d have a problem with in-game time to explore and do whatever we want and go wherever we fancy whenever we fancy, so there is a time limit hence subtly set with the water reserves to finish the game. This is real bad news…

I have also noticed that of the couple of various gameplays by various chaps, random encounters are infrequent. It is important to keep loots little and ammo scarce, but it is only because we should be able to earn those resources from random encounters… by choosing to murder merchants, to rob the slaves and civilians, to kill those raiders…

The problem is, I see many rushed into battles to discover their ammo couldn’t last to the end and they couldn’t opt to make any changes to this destiny before those battles without roaming the map and exhausting water reserves. In a way, this ‘open ended’ game is restricting those options subtly. And it’s really strange that icons for hidden oasis and perhaps other unimportant locations are so huge when they should be just dots!

The promise of a world map similar to Mount & Blade is rather… not seen in Wasteland 2. You don’t see other random creatures running about which you can avoid or purposely chase after to engage as in Mount & Blade, and you definitely don’t have such huge icons of oasis springing out to congest the path. And I feel very constricted especially when I recall the world map of Fallout 2.

And will those radiated clouds be randomly blown away or moving around the world map?

I am not sure what I can expect for Wasteland 2… And after I have watched the gameplays on Youtube, I must say I am kinda… disappointed. You can’t even shoot those monsters’ legs to slow them down as in Fallout 2. Those monsters will just dash out like some super heroes from nowhere right next to you instead of appearing in random waves… That makes combat even more boring than Fallout 2 when you could target legs or heads or arms to make your enemies drop weapons…

I don’t see how I can make a monster falls down by shooting at its leg and reward myself a big laugh in Wasteland 2…

I still see also that 2~3 miserable raiders dare to stop a team of 5 rangers for tolls…?!

Will Brygo Faran go solo to Needles asking those jerk gangs for protection money?

Many locations are so pitifully lowly populated that I am wondering… where are the graves? And this is since Wasteland 1! The Agriculture Centre with all those food farmed by farmers have a population of like… less than 20, and no children… and I don’t see they have any rest rooms or toilets… or even a workable transport using simple motor or ‘bicycle technology’.

They have no need to fuck?

They don’t even have a guard dog?! Do they?

Then Highpool is crying for help on the radio… as if there is a warzone… I haven’t watched the Highpool gameplay yet, but I SERIOUSLY doubt the ‘war’ will have many many corpses laying around and there is a decent resistant force to have lasted Highpool that long, and I don’t even expect the number of raiders or monsters to be more than 10 each encounter!

I also noticed a couple of bugs, and realized that many locations are too dark making the gameplay like some mouse exercises at each map scrolling around the screen for clickable finds. The insects didn’t even attacked those trapped scientists at the Centre, there is a chap who just won’t stand after he shot the rabbits and is turning directions in a rather unnatural manner… squatting.

The icon to exit to world map is simply hideous because it is so huge and so childish-looking. OMG~ Most fans who have waited since 1989 for Wasteland 2 would be now adults! And the children nowadays would be comparing Wasteland 2 to Fallout 3~ We cannot have Wasteland 2 that seriously mid-90s!

One major issue with Wasteland 2 is the lack of Easter Eggs and everything funny, naughty and ‘tasteless’… It’s not rebellious enough, and it implies Brian Fargo might have seriously aged mentally… … I can see the team trying very hard to make it ‘beautiful’, but the gameplay sucks because it’s not as interesting as Fallout 2~

Which is, for the first 1 hour of gameplay, they expect you to go through the normal customization people are now used to at Skyrim, Brink, Saint R, and so on… when customization in Wasteland 2 is really kinda limited relatively. Boring eh~ Then you expect people to go through the Wasteland 2 beginning right after they have been through the interactive cinematic of Skyrim, Fallout 3… and Wasteland 2’s intro is simply a chap briefing the guys with another moron constantly digging behind him. Argh~

And obviously… all my nagging for the perfect sequel has gone nowhere… …

Wasteland 2 is going to be boring as Hell despite the praises it is receiving so far…

Nothing new. Other than the graphics, it’s probably worse than Fallout 2. Brian seems to be ‘dry’… … in my humble observation. So far, the gameplays on Youtube should be around 2hrs. When Brian succeeded in making the production of Wasteland 2 possible, I had very high hope on the sequel. Wasteland 1 was a game of its time with incredible amount of energy invested in breaking rules and raising new ideas…

Wasteland 2… reflects a Brian now an aged man trying desperately to catch up and be relevant alongside Fallout 2.

Gaming world is merciless… If Brian cannot make it… people may still buy Wasteland 2 for childhood’s sake, but gaining more fans from existing children will be an issue. And it’d lose fans like myself over time, and the franchise to depreciate into just another RPG. It’s the same as Fallout 4. If Fallout 4 doesn’t come with improved in-game economy, and more realistic behavioral cycles and so on… Even for Fallout New Vegas, with random encounters gone… I see no point in collecting the Ultimate Edition.

New Vegas is boring… NOTHING NEW, the DLCs are crappy. That’s why I did a video for training using Fallout 3 and not FONV. The arsenal in FONV is ridiculously messy#1. It’s just another walk here and there and VATS-the-fuckers-out game. It was fun to see the 3 rockets of ghouls flew off, but that’s all… We couldn’t even hire a maid or bodyguard for our homes, and there are no thieves or raiders who’d disturb the homes anyway… FONV is pretty sloppy.

It started out as a cash cow with horrendous bugs! That showed.

[Just watched this... this guy's freaking funny! LOL!!!]
I supposed Brian wanted to build Wasteland 2 into glory… but if this is really what I was watching in Youtube…

This is not funny.

Wasteland 2 is not funny. People will remember that funny Myron, and they will be rushing into yet another boring combat repeating the same options in Wasteland 2, and… the game ends with those crazy memories of Fallout 2.

You remember how that fucker died in flame… dancing?

You remember how that moron’s torso got busted by a pile of leads?

You remember that ghost at Den?

You remember that stupid Talking Head?

So far, I don’t see one decent cinematic… … after 2hrs of gameplay. We don’t even have any animated portrait. It’s just another map, another day loading and pressing shoot, and getting exps… and kiss your ass goodbye to Marcus from Broken Hills. Can you even steal in Wasteland 2?

Haven’t seen any gamers did that~

I’m curious to see what Highpool has in store… Will I see a mad ass firing in dramatic fashion his huge nasty mini-gun in an explosive showdown with the raiders… and dying a hero in dramatic fashion with powerful sound effect as the team moves into Highpool?

Will I see a car being drilled into a huge display of mega fireworks?

What will I get to see?

bbnme12I decided not to nag anymore at the team. I’d follow through those walkthroughs in Youtube… … and pin my hope on Fallout 4. Maybe Bethesda will be as stubborn… and run the same old broken records. But as a gamer, I can always choose to play something else.

From the look of it, Wasteland 2 is likely to be a wasted attempt and really become the ‘grandfather’ of Fallout series. I very much doubt it is due to short of funding… but the ideas have run out on Brian’s side. I think Brian can understand people don’t want portraits, people want animated figure heads… for instance.

Say… will that computer the team is supposed to fix be blown up after 2 failed attempts?

Then will there be a secret tunnel exposed for a new mission?

Why isn’t there a motherfucker boss of those rabbits? Pikachu?

And remember those huge mega tomatoes launched at you in Wasteland 1? Why isn’t there a launcher of those tomatoes at those rabbits to be used? That’d be fun…

If that chap has been shooting at rabbits for practicing… Where can we find his personal store of ammo?

Do you see a monstrous carrot around?

Where did those raiders sleep? Where are the prostitutes?

Why do we need to radio in for promotion if there is no ranking to be ‘bestowed’? Such as…

“Oh Echo One, you have done a fucking great job, but you killed that old fatso, people now called you ‘XXX’, but congrats, your team has reached ‘rookie/expert/elite/the ace (bla bla bla)’ status (hereby granting them a bonus for whatever, or even an award…)”

The nice part about radioing in at Wasteland 1 is to check the promotion. Radioing in at Wasteland 2 should be done when the party has done something heroic or super for promotions and bonuses and such with the ‘leader’ as a benchmark for growth. Instead, it becomes a ‘repetitive’ event that can be totally wiped off to save time and bytes… You almost can certainly expect what to hear from the other side of the radio for the same promotion message… till you decide to quit playing.

That’s gonna be very very boring.

“Great you have radioed in to check your status, rangers! You have pumped the Scopitron so badly that our general wants to see you so badly for a promotion. A Meson Cannon is waiting for your collection! And you have now this perk that access…”

I’d be happy if the commander’s sexy mistress will now want to travel along… half naked. LOL~

Or at least…

“Congrats, rangers~ Your scores is impressive and at (now) level 9, you are the ‘Big Daddy’ (Kingpin, Giant, Peanut, God Fathers, whatever) of the waste.”

There are many ideas you can add in to Wasteland 2, but the team seems to be pretty dry… so this traditional radio in for promotion part becomes an white elephant ready for the slaughter… …

Something that I find funny is that the party can begin with a new NPC recruitment right away before hitting the world map at Ranger Citadel… That recruitment should be available IF the party suffers any casualty upon returning to the citadel.

Why can’t I just recruit her at the beginning? Why not?

Why must I travel in a team of 5? Naturally, 90% of the gamers will take her along given the beginning weakness of the party.

Last but not least, I am glad to see Wasteland 2 finally possible, but I seriously perceive the need to critically upgrade (or mod) the game. Hopefully they have withheld all the greatest of great ideas from the beta and it’s not merely for bugs-testing, and Brian still has time… and his last chance to do up the game before the final version. I hope he doesn’t forget that he has huge competition for the same gamers’ chips.

There is a serious need to redo the ‘introduction’… to make it hot and juicy.

The party can venture into the world map, hit an encounter right away with a ghost town of zombies with a kid called Leon running away with a doll called Ashley from ghouls… or geese… and there could be banners to be read yielding clues and hinting future quests in the ghost town, and with impressive music. And with high luck, you can even find something valuable in a ‘wishing’ well.

This game should be just another ‘chores-in-a-bundle’. Skyrim is a major fail because it has many many quests, but those quests are poorly designed… and minute in purposes and don’t shine. Excusing the bugs, Skyrim tries to excel in beauty, but… many locations are boring modified replicas of such ‘beauty’. I didn’t complete Skyrim basically because it’s very boring… I don’t even feel like exploring those many many locations.

Not to mention, the way you ‘grow’ in Skyrim is shamefully ridiculous. How the fuck you become more powerful by making leather jackets? LOL?!!!

Fuck you, Skyrim!

I can become a lvl 20 veteran fighter killing nothing but by polishing boots, stealing and mixing chemicals with shooting and melee skills at lvl 1 when the system will match me with creatures of toughness at lvl 20.

So fuck you for wasting my time, Skyrim~

I seriously don’t understand what’s going on in the skulls of game-makers nowadays. But Skyrim is not without merits. It has many cool ideas… such as marriage which is loaded with bugs and a hooking up process hilarious to the max, and a wand that attacks you by turning you into rabbits and such… But the fail is overwhelming, and I didn’t complete the game…

How time flies…

1989 till now… it’s really a long time.

I used to wonder what great relationship I’d have with a wonderful girl… …

I grew up… and realized girls are such major disappointments.

So now… Forget about relationship… just have a good fuck, dump and run after the next… … Why get hurt when you can have all the fun?

Sadly, I can’t be blind like the mortals… … I just can’t lust after the illusion of ‘family’, ‘marital status’ and bla bla bla… …

And fuck social norms.


At this period of time when I am busy with a new venture, Cat was back yet again with her ‘remorseful’ reflection (again) telling me how she had done wrong (again), how it could be our ‘communication issue’ and bla bla bla that she should have handled proper… …

I know what she wants… … or was hinting at.

It’s not the first time…

She went around spreading lies about me, attacking me, telling people how bad I was… So did my own sister… who kinda thinks she is my greatest competitor at home since young, always trying to boss around when she is really not that great.

Cat did all those attacks on me partially because she didn’t want other ladies around to favor me, partially to protect her own inferior complex for making all the nuisances and killing our relationship by making me as low as possible. She knew I am a good guy, she knew I had been good to her and had tolerated her nonsense beyond normal man could… Whenever she is in big shit, no matter how horrible she had attacked me, I’d be the one she found for help, and I’d usually help her.

In a way, I hate her ‘friends’. They not only are immature idiots who tried to be smart alecs, but reinforced her craziness which… allowed her to do what eventually destroyed her, and hindered my progress along the way. Now she is stuck. And my family hates her to the core.

To this day, I still try not to be too bad to Cat.

But reconcile is impossible. She knows what she has done.

She knows how I had been to her and she had been to me instead. But it’s not about not forgiving her… she has become a threat to my existence. I don’t mind still helping her a little. But she can no longer enter my life ever again.

And I don’t care what those fuckers around her think of me, especially that KPO Lyn… and her childish low-taste boy boy. Lyn is not a bad lass… she’s just unreasonable and childish, and she’s kinda crazy.

And it’s definitely not because of Kate‘s reappearance. And definitely not because of the other women… …

I love Kate. Kate has been hiding in my heart for like so many years way before I met Cat.

So after telling the world how bad I am, and attacked me this and that and all those smart alec lies and ferocious hurts bestowed upon me… Cat was telling me the same old bulls that she shouldn’t have done this and that.

I felt sad for her… despite all the damages I suffered.

Without me around her, she’d likely get into serious trouble.

She’s no longer young and mesmerizing… hopefully this will help her stay in a more peaceful state of life.

Kate is also aging like nobody’s business… Hilary too.

I got a new date later… that I suddenly find myself no spare time and mood to attend.


It’s definitely not I am not horny… I just want to finish things at hand. And… I have no short of cunts for the fucking pleasure to miss a few dates… a few girls. Let’s just say I am officially declaring a holiday for the dick. My last check at the drawer showed I have sufficient condoms available.

Always, whenever I made a new girl friend… I have hoped that suddenly the date will bring her friend… and her friend would be her… … But in reality, no matter how much my heart wants to, the brain warns against it.


It’s not because of what infidelity or social norms.

Right now, at this crucial junction… defined by Emeritus Goh as what Inflexion Point, I must concentrate. Part of me wants to help Kate to grow up and appreciate what I am doing; part of me knows very well, she isn’t going to be on par ever.

She is merely a mortal.

OMG outSingaporeans are living a ‘dream-world’. It’s about time to wake them up… but not fully even eventually. Not to mention, mortals are only that much wiser than those monkeys.

If I can move events in time… I might be able to avoid a direct fight with Kate. She knows I have her in my heart, but she is… not really going to understand what I am thinking… and doing. She can’t see what is to come… as Mah Bow Tan can’t. A lot of things are at stake, and her silliness can mess things up because I do care about her.

I do care about her… but I can’t do anything for her to change the destiny.

Eventually, she will be facing the same end as ole Siping and everyone else on this moronic cursed island.

Asian cunts… … I don’t want Asian cunts. I don’t need the silly version of ‘love’ from usual cunts. In a way, I am only looking for one.

And if I can’t find her… it might be better to remain sanely single in serenity.

Because of her… I fucking hate God. It’s probably why I felt the strange anger towards churches when we first met. I can still remember peeping at her through the classroom window with my head pressed on the desk… She was so funny… … The way she walked… the way she stood… the way she swung her fist and made the kick and stretched… the way she talked to me in her shaky voice, looked at me… the way she blushed… … and when she gave me the numbers…

I also remembered… Lee Kuan Yew has a son, Loong would become the PM roughly around now… and situation will be collapsing soon partly thanks to Loong… I was… figuring all these for many many many years over many many many times…

I love a married her.

She probably forgets about me already.

The SystemAt such a junction when Loong’s now fixated on the cross ready to be roasted, I kind of have more time fumbling through sweet memories of Kate. I was very very hesitant to call her… now when I will call her… I can no longer do so.

This is the last mile for PAP… and the lull for me to shake legs at the sideline and stay out of attention is going to be over soon. Very soon, I’d be busy fighting for the last hope of Singapore. At last… the time is coming… as so calculated for all my life… …

I lust after Kate… but I also lust after power… and more… I lust after a miracle to be stated in the modern history of mankind, of a great legend… made possible by me… by my rise to power.

I have ‘designed’ this story all those while.

“Nobody… however smart… could have seen it coming…”

I was hoping Kate would be single when I could meet her again… when the situation will be now on track. I kept her photo wherever I went in my wallet… with whoever I dated and fucked… …

It’s a lingering thought of an impossible relationship… because she chose correctly. How the fuck can any mortal understand what hack I am doing and will be with me through whatever all the fuck years…? The love story of an alien with a human is destined to be disastrous. I’d never be happy… just to be another ‘worker’ or economic slave working as a manager… for a fuck condo… for a meaningless life of pleasures and waiting to die as Mr Lee is now… and to rot without a majestic fight… …

If I must die… I must die only in the grandest brawl for the most honorable goal.

The New Father of Singapore… It is the dream since before I even attended primary school…

bbnme11It sounded very crazy… even just a few years ago, when Loong even thought he could just pull any shits into parliament. He is totally out of touch. But I did ‘sound the alarm’. Who in PAP can blame me? Even Josh knew…

I already did everything I should have done for PAP… and expected that everything will change nothing.

What sounded crazy is becoming so real…

Time to prepare for takeover… Basically…


Just push every trash to Low Thia Khiang, Nicole Seah… bla bla bla. They really think they can still lead by trying to be ‘diplomatic’ and part of a ‘Singapore Idol Contest’? What killed PAP will kill those incompetent wannabes… Then…

I hope those flowers Nicole and Daryl and chaps gave out at Little India won’t just end up in bins…




Kate… … If only she is not just a typical Singaporean mortal cunt… … if only… …

Hi Mr God… fuck you~




1. 人生沒有計劃

2. 容易暴躁

3. 收入少、花費多、不存錢

4. 缺乏做家事能力

5. 大男人主義

6. 長得好看但花心

7. 欠債

8. 與家人關係不好

9. 控制慾強




































你看看那个倒垃圾,睡大街蓬头垢面的男人,他名‘韩信’,那没钱的农夫叫诸葛亮,你说那个Laura Ong会为他们张开双腿还是为那个打着忙忙碌碌议员旗号的麦克性感呻吟?







男人被女人美貌吸引……是给女人一个机会找到一个能培养永恒爱情的男人。若因如此女人觉得可以美貌而挑剔男人的条件……这女人基本上是十赌九输定了。性爱毕竟不是爱情;性爱是需要的,但对女人而言那是吸引The One的‘享受工具’。







bbnme10[狮城暴动] 就在李小龙主帅想振奋行动党员,在党大会把自己的班子说得天花乱坠如何及格如何好的几个小时后,这个‘不是人民讲话党’的首领就迎来了新加坡久违的暴动……




尼可虾没第一时间亲赴现场,带领支持者去支援……反而学‘人民讲话党’花了不少时间在网上闲扯,呼吁不要到暴乱现场。随后又和Daryl Tan一伙人到小印度送花……(???)还号召什么筹款捐钱云云。

孩子就是孩子……小动作非常多,没一件实用的。在紧要关头,在可能的生死存亡关键时刻,在小印度当时新加坡人可能需要支援的时候……一心希望哄百姓支持投她票的尼可虾选择了‘投机取巧’的行为。也就是临阵的‘You die your business’策略龟缩了,然后到小印度送些没用的花……亮亮相,搞个事后诸葛亮的筹款……






















bbnme1[安力克] 说实在的,新加坡和国际局势顺利发展,本座松了口气,最近放自己大假去处理别的事情。







国内情况已经完全进入老夫久盼多年的状况,李小龙班底如此薄弱是不可能扭转乾坤的;加上那些……那举国的民怨和日益强盛的反对派势力,便是李光耀再来一场Cold Storage也已无济于事儿了。就如老夫先前所言……新‘反殖民地斗争和自由运动’将历史重演在这破岛上……不同的是,昔日带领斗争争取国家独立的行动党如今是反对派争取国家独立的反派。











其实什么警察逃跑,什么’tactical retreat’,老夫根本心里都不屑一顾。关本座屁事儿?不过要打发这些跳梁小丑就是了。












那个Seah老头子称的什么知名评论Leong Sze Hian等等,说穿了……就是要对行动党放话,攻击政府逞英雄,再说些有的没的让网上愚民爱听的,然后集结成势……









[This chick... she's really sexy in the way she expresses herself. Amazing charm... Look at the way her video is made... and her performance. Salute!]

[Important Note 2013] For own bio-chem understanding…

The essence of this finding is a series of molecular events that enable communication inside cells between the nucleus and mitochondria. As communication breaks down, aging accelerates. By administering a molecule naturally produced by the human body, scientists restored the communication network in older mice. Subsequent tissue samples showed key biological hallmarks that were comparable to those of much younger animals.

“The aging process we discovered is like a married couple — when they are young, they communicate well, but over time, living in close quarters for many years, communication breaks down,” said Harvard Medical School Professor of Genetics David Sinclair, senior author on the study. “And just like with a couple, restoring communication solved the problem.”

This study was a joint project between Harvard Medical School, the National Institute on Aging, and the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, where Sinclair also holds a position.

The findings are published Dec. 19 in Cell.

Communication breakdown

Mitochondria are often referred to as the cell’s “powerhouse,” generating chemical energy to carry out essential biological functions. These self-contained organelles, which live inside our cells and house their own small genomes, have long been identified as key biological players in aging. As they become increasingly dysfunctional over time, many age-related conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes gradually set in.

Researchers have generally been skeptical of the idea that aging can be reversed, due mainly to the prevailing theory that age-related ills are the result of mutations in mitochondrial DNA — and mutations cannot be reversed.

Sinclair and his group have been studying the fundamental science of aging — which is broadly defined as the gradual decline in function with time — for many years, primarily focusing on a group of genes called sirtuins. Previous studies from his lab showed that one of these genes, SIRT1, was activated by the compound resveratrol, which is found in grapes, red wine and certain nuts.

Ana Gomes, a postdoctoral scientist in the Sinclair lab, had been studying mice in which this SIRT1 gene had been removed. While they accurately predicted that these mice would show signs of aging, including mitochondrial dysfunction, the researchers were surprised to find that most mitochondrial proteins coming from the cell’s nucleus were at normal levels; only those encoded by the mitochondrial genome were reduced.

“This was at odds with what the literature suggested,” said Gomes.

As Gomes and her colleagues investigated potential causes for this, they discovered an intricate cascade of events that begins with a chemical called NAD and concludes with a key molecule that shuttles information and coordinates activities between the cell’s nuclear genome and the mitochondrial genome. Cells stay healthy as long as coordination between the genomes remains fluid. SIRT1’s role is intermediary, akin to a security guard; it assures that a meddlesome molecule called HIF-1 does not interfere with communication.

For reasons still unclear, as we age, levels of the initial chemical NAD decline. Without sufficient NAD, SIRT1 loses its ability to keep tabs on HIF-1. Levels of HIF-1 escalate and begin wreaking havoc on the otherwise smooth cross-genome communication. Over time, the research team found, this loss of communication reduces the cell’s ability to make energy, and signs of aging and disease become apparent.

“This particular component of the aging process had never before been described,” said Gomes.

While the breakdown of this process causes a rapid decline in mitochondrial function, other signs of aging take longer to occur. Gomes found that by administering an endogenous compound that cells transform into NAD, she could repair the broken network and rapidly restore communication and mitochondrial function. If the compound was given early enough — prior to excessive mutation accumulation — within days, some aspects of the aging process could be reversed.

Cancer connection

Examining muscle from two-year-old mice that had been given the NAD-producing compound for just one week, the researchers looked for indicators of insulin resistance, inflammation and muscle wasting. In all three instances, tissue from the mice resembled that of six-month-old mice. In human years, this would be like a 60-year-old converting to a 20-year-old in these specific areas.

One particularly important aspect of this finding involves HIF-1. More than just an intrusive molecule that foils communication, HIF-1 normally switches on when the body is deprived of oxygen. Otherwise, it remains silent. Cancer, however, is known to activate and hijack HIF-1. Researchers have been investigating the precise role HIF-1 plays in cancer growth.

“It’s certainly significant to find that a molecule that switches on in many cancers also switches on during aging,” said Gomes. “We’re starting to see now that the physiology of cancer is in certain ways similar to the physiology of aging. Perhaps this can explain why the greatest risk of cancer is age. “

“There’s clearly much more work to be done here, but if these results stand, then many aspects of aging may be reversible if caught early,” said Sinclair.

The researchers are now looking at the longer-term outcomes of the NAD-producing compound in mice and how it affects the mouse as a whole. They are also exploring whether the compound can be used to safely treat rare mitochondrial diseases or more common diseases such as Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Longer term, Sinclair plans to test if the compound will give mice a healthier, longer life.

No wonder… No wonder why my cell age is so fucking young!


#1 Bugs bugs bugs! Huge bugs! You have the weapons, you don’t have ammo~ and many cool weapons are available only at the last quest which you have to loot from the fallen. FONV is merely a map with a super rusty shade for gameplay. Things like roving merchants, some over-grown sheep and such do help. But over all, FONV is boring! Especially when it removes the random encounters idea in Fallout 3 when Bethesda should improve it.


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